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[This post is in relation to a convoluted piece of tumblr discourse about whether or not it's acceptable to talk about being asexual in public]

( one thing that gets me abt the "saying you're ace is tmi!" thing is like. what am i supposed to do should it ever come up in conversation? "hey, what's your orientation?" "i can't tell you, somebody on tumblr said i'm not allowed to talk about it." )

yeah, “i’m straight” works perfectly.

(i’m not straight, i’m aroace. no straightness if i don’t feel attraction. so riddle me this: what do I tell people when they ask my orientation?)

“i’m not interested”

i’m sure a lot more people know what that means

(Listen this is bullshit, a lot of ppl will ask us more questions if we say that or misunderstand, since a lot of people can be “not interested” for a variety of reasons. I have a better idea: we’re just gonna say “aro ace” if that’s our orientation, and you mind your own business holy shit)

“i’m ace by the way. aro ace. i gotta tell everybody that i don’t like romance or sex, unlike those icky allos. if you don’t care and don’t wanna know ur an aphobic piece of shit.”

nobody cares that you don’t wanna fuck or date. why can’t you people be lonely and quiet.


don’t break too many bones with your desperate stretching

but yeah

i hate you, i want you to be lonely and i think you and other aro aces like you are annoying as fuck

sorry, but my evil dyke ass is out of fucks to give about you and your equally irritating friends

Autisticbadger, Tumblr 18 Comments [2/26/2017 7:02:26 AM]
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*If it wasn't for the part about religious texts, I wouldn't have submitted this. Also, you'll have to log in to Ars Technica to view this, as it was downvoted to hell and back*

So, here's a thought.. 30-50 years ago few kids even thought about gay marriage let alone marriage in their teens.

Secondly, schools now basically encourage homosexual relationships in sex ed and other classes by promoting it as a valid lifestyle choice. If you teach kids that something is ok, while it is also illegal expect bad results... but I'm sure that is on purpose by the deviant powers that be.

Kids haven't been able to carry religious texts for years in schools... and yet they can carry thier smartphones full of cussing, race baiting and sexualization of thier peers without any oversight.

Thirdly, the second case increases over time to include peer pressure to commit homosexual acts or enter into homosexual relationships.

If you want suicide rates to go down... quite pressuring kids. A) into having early relationships B) have kids dress modestly but with the freedom to express themselves intact ... in other words pre-teens and teens show not be sexualizing their appearance. C) block their blasted phones from communicating through private apps some of that stuff that goes on there is probably 4chan-lite D) parents, parents parents,... they must be involved a good home is imperative to healthy development. E) Ensure that kids are engaged and interested in what they are learning... acutally I think a mix of vocational training, and *gasp* work, would vastly improve success rates. Kids that have busy minds and feel useful aren't going to seek out invalid methods of fitting into society when they are already well on their way to being productive socially functional adults.

Don't vote me down if you are against what I say.... I've lived a moderately sheltered life and have never even thought of suicide. Just because you were brought up to think the direction modern society has taken is good doesn't mean that is better than what I was brought up to think. I am happy despite the many problems of life can you say the same?

CB88, Ars Technica 11 Comments [2/26/2017 7:01:55 AM]
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Legalizing the killing of the innocent unborn in the womb is no less heinous a crime than if it was made legal outside the womb. Inside the womb, it is called abortion. Outside the womb, it is called murder. One is punishable. The other is excused.
The Bible teaches unborn life is a wonder work of God. and the unborn are accounted human, as a person named in God's census record. Earth time is for personal growth after birth. No one grows up in eternity. No one grows old. Every person is mature. There are no Pamper stations heaven.

The patriarch Job. after his trials (the destruction of his goods and the death of his children) had his possessions restored double. God gave Job double the lost animals and twofold his original wealth. Job. however, was given the same number of children. His family had doubled. Job had ten children on earth in time and ten children in heaven in eternity (Job 1:2; 42:12-13 KJV).


God has named the unborn child. The plan of God for the aborted child has not been thwarted. In eternity, the mother
will meet God and she will meet her aborted child. The baby will have become a mature adult.

Every mother having undergone an abortion is even now loved and wanted by God in God's family more than the mother wanted and loved the child she aborted. God loves you and your Child. Jesus died to save both.


No child is an unwanted child. Pro-choice makes children perishable. Jesus alone was born to die. He was birthed. He died at the hands of men. No child should die at man's hand by abortion. Exercise you fingers, walking the Yellow Pages under adoption services, and your child can walk the pathways of life.


Abortion is a business; murder for profit . . . profiting at the expense of dying children. The death-dealing abortionist can and does command more money for killing healthy children in the womb than curing sick children to live in the world.
Abortion mills . . . America's death camps ... are a shameful blight upon the nation. They clutter every state in the country.

Politicians, preachers, and spokespersons advocating abortions are themselves beneficiaries of a right-to-life choice. Pro-abortionist can advocate abortions because their mothers were anti-abortion.

Abortion is a heathen practice, and man is never at liberty or given license by God under any condition to kill the innocent child. On April 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court sanctioned murder. God's law is no longer the law of the land. America cannot truthfully call itself a God-fearing Nation. Politically, paganism has prevailed and America will cease to be great to the degree America ceases to be godly.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are now free to bravely kill the most voiceless, innocent, and defenseless in America . . . unborn children. A death storm rages on the womb front. America's holocaust is abortion ... condemned in God's Word, the Bible ... the Book of Life.

All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made in him was life; and the life was the light of men.
-John 1:3-4 KJV

Steve Bates, Bible Crusade (book) 9 Comments [2/26/2017 7:01:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen
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The Nutty 9th

9th Circuit rules against Donald Trump’s constitutional travel ban proving once again their liberal bias. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

To see more Legal Insurrection Branco cartoons, click here.

A.F.Branco 2017 Calendar <—- Order Here!

Donations/Tips accepted and appreciated – $1.00 – $5.00 – $10 – $100 – it all helps to fund this website and keep the cartoons coming. – THANK YOU!

A.F. Branco, Comically Incorrect 9 Comments [2/26/2017 7:01:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris
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Anonymous, Whisper 13 Comments [2/26/2017 6:59:43 AM]
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Anonymous, Whisper 9 Comments [2/26/2017 6:59:31 AM]
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Anonymous, Whisper 7 Comments [2/26/2017 6:59:16 AM]
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Anonymous, Whisper 9 Comments [2/26/2017 6:59:05 AM]
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What if someone knocked on your door today, and told you that your life has been forfeited and they handcuffed you and took you away, never to be seen again? You knew that you had not done anything wrong, and you could not understand why your life was ending. You were innocent, yet your life was taken away from you. And later, after your murder, your body parts were sold for the purpose of scientific experimentation. How would you feel? How would you respond, helpless, bound, and deliberately murdered? What would your last thoughts be? Would you pray and ask God for justice for the wrongful taking of your life? Would you cry and scream to those murdering you? Perhaps you would say, "You can't do this to me. You have no right to take my life. I have a moral right to live my life. I have done nothing worthy of death. I have committed no crime. Why are you doing this to me?"

Irresponsibility, undesirability, and inconvenience are the usual culprits. At abortion's root is an immense disrespect for life, its origins and its originator, the God of all creation. It is the abuse of the creative forces innate in life; a gift from the God who is Love. Where shall we go when the recompense arrives? Under which rock shall we hide from an angry, omniscient, omnipresent God, in an attempt to escape His judgment for what we allowed to occur, because we accepted the unacceptable as the norm in the society in which we live?

Barbara Hendrix, Miracles in the Trash: The Aborted Savior of the World (book) 8 Comments [2/26/2017 6:58:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Denizen
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Aristotle expounded on the fall of Sparta at the hands of their women. It’s brisk reading and, to CH readers, offers familiar theories about the sexes. The ancients knew more about the nature of women than do our modern, plugged in Wiki warriors with the world’s PC knowledge at their fingertips.


Translated into New Shivvian:

“Hordes of pampered, ballcutting, materialistic, meddling, careerist, status whoring, slutty Spartan women riding the cock carousel and riding their hapless hounded hubbies, became self-sufficient property owners and heiresses of a few very wealthy aggrandizing men, thereby robbing Sparta’s beta males of the opportunity to establish affordable families of their own, leaving the city down the road with too few men to defend itself against invaders who themselves didn’t give a shit what proto-feminist Spartan women thought.”

CH is fond of recapitulating the axiom that women are perishable and men are expendable, and this is true in the whole and assessed over discrete blocks of time. But perturbations in the male population caused by long term fluxes in the expendability side of the equation will lead, as observed and noted by Aristotle, (a thinker so great you could jam the writings and wailings of all of history’s leading feminists and mangina suck-ups into a single fold of his cerebellum and it would scarcely amount to more than a fleeting musing in his daily mental output), to the ruin of a nation.

Biologically, men are indeed the expendable sex. A population group (i.e., a nation in the old timey sense of the word) can withstand short term shocks to its total number of men; it doesn’t take but one man to munch a few celery stalks and pop a few zinc tablets and carry on in his duty to impregnate an army of patriotic women and repopulate the countryside.

But given enough male expendability over time, and the first order axiom of fundamental sex difference starts to break down. For although a single man can, conceivably, star in a version of Boogie Years and spread his seed to the four corners of the country to rebuild a stricken population, that single man is also critically vulnerable to overrun by hungry barbarians who get word of a land where they can dine on honeydew and drink the milk of paradise for the low low price of one man’s scalp.

Feminists, equalists, open borders nutjobs, and assorted degenerate misfits ought to keep in mind that their beloved “progress” comes prepackaged with the seed of their destruction. CH (and Aristotle) will slap on the warning label; now it’s up to them to heed it.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 7 Comments [2/26/2017 6:57:54 AM]
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Quote# 124902

"You hacker will bun in hell for eternal life for you have sinned against God. And to claim that it was all a lie is also a sin. You will be punished for surely, for I am for real! I am a prophet of the lord, and I will get my own way! You are not who you say you are, and however dare you call yourself a real believer in Christ! A hacker is only been sent by Stan as a lie to make me look like a fool, but I same not a fool, but it is you that is a fool for hacking my account in the first place. You a will be surveying in the flames of the eternal claims of hell! You dare take me on when I have Dog on my seed! I am a protest of the lord and his give my power above all you you. Donut dare take me on again, for hacking is a sin, and will be punished as such."
(Remember this guy? Also,he has a book called Prayer Warrior. At this point, I am not so sure that Old Tommy Brown is a troll.)

Thomas Brown/Believer In Christ, Tv Tropes 11 Comments [2/26/2017 6:56:58 AM]
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[A gunman who shot dead eight people in an upmarket beauty salon in California is said to have gone on the rampage after losing a custody battle over his son. Scott Dekraai, who is the former husband of one of the stylists, is said to have shot a total of nine hairdressers and customers at Salon Meritage, a beauty salon just blocks from the Pacific Ocean in the upscale seaside resort of Seal Beach.

His ex-wife, Michelle, is also reportedly among those who were killed. The 42-year-old, who used to work in the military, had allegedly threatened violence after losing a court case against Michelle - who was using the name Huff - over the custody of their seven-year-old son, Dominic.]

The problem is twofold. First, the family court system is totally unjust. Second, there is simply no other recourse for the man who has been forcibly robbed of his children by the unholy alliance of ex-wife and family court. I have zero sympathy for any woman who would utilize the force of the law to deprive a man of his children, no matter how unhappy the marriage. In fact, one can quite reasonably argue that it is in the interest of women to demand a more equitable family court system; this should become more apparent when "winning" a child custody case amounts to a potential death lottery.

The ironic thing is that society tends to applaud a man who do anything and pay any price to get back his child. There are movies entirely based on this premise. So, why should it surprise anyone that increasing numbers of men are willing to resort to breaking the very law that took their children away from them? Throughout the West, the Muslims have shown the way: threaten sufficient violence in a credible manner and the law will be modified according to your will.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 12 Comments [2/26/2017 6:55:44 AM]
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Submitted By: David
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The ironic thing is if the standards were applied equally, we're among the only men that are NOT rapists.

Since the definition of "rape" has gone from "sex without consent" to "sex a woman does not enjoy" that makes all non-incel straight men rapists. The idea of a woman enjoying sex is for the most part male fantasy. Women use sexuality to get things (money, attention, etc.) but hate the act itself. That's another reason I want a sexless relationship, neither of us would enjoy it. I'm too black pilled to play such a childish make pretend game. If I'm gonna LARP I'd rather do so on the computer as a good looking 2d character from a Mongolian toilet repair series.

But I find it ironic that men who have engaged in intercourse (Or "piv" as millennials call it) an act that is inherently uncomfortable (and often painful) for a woman, who would rather be doing anything else... and then come here and call a group of kissless hugless virgins "rapists". And of course those comments get le upboats because this is reddit.

(Emphasis original)

_Ryo_Hazuki, /r/incels 21 Comments [2/25/2017 4:19:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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…this is deeply disturbing…

They say The Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted Jesus

Will you Help me do something about it?

I deeply regret to inform you that right now there is a page on Facebook, with the headline:

The Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted

That is the most terrible insult to Jesus and Mary that I have ever seen or heard!

So I am rushing this message out to you, because I believe you are a person who dearly loves Jesus, the Son of God, and Mary, His mother.

And I’m asking you to help us defend their honor by taking this action:

Tell Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg:
“Take Down This Page!”
Saying, “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted”

Will you? Please listen to me: I can’t take it anymore! Because...

Jesus and Mary continue to be brutally attacked on Facebook!

Let me quickly give you the full story:

We protested this same brutal attack upon Jesus and Mary in July of 2013. And in response to our protest, Facebook took the offending page down. Yes – they took it down…for a day or two. Then it went back up!

And right now – today – the insulting page is still up.

There simply wasn’t enough pressure kept on Mr. Zuckerberg. It’s that simple.

So what must we do? You know! Yes! Keep the pressure ON! Protest NOW!

You love Jesus. And naturally you love His most pure mother. So I challenge you to show your love by protesting this blasphemous Facebook page.

Are you with me? Will you join me in this protest? And then get everyone on your email contact list to join you?

My friend, to express your indignant yet respectful protest, here’s the message we’ll send to Mr. Zuckerberg:

“Please enforce your hate speech policy and remove the “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted” page from your site.

It offends over a billion Christians worldwide. Facebook should not be a platform for bigotry. Mr. Zuckerberg, please take down this page!”

If you will join us in this peaceful protest, we will be able to send to Mr. Zuckerberg a pile of at least 125,000 petitions. (Think of that! So many reams of paper to list all those names. Now that’s a goal.)

And just imagine what will happen when a UPS driver off-loads this pile of protests at the Facebook lobby at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California!

Mr. Zuckerberg and his Board of Directors are going to feel tremendous pressure to follow their own Community Standards guidelines.

So let’s get those 125,000 petitions!

Oh friend of Jesus and Mary, this “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted” Facebook page is a vile and vulgar offense against God Almighty and the honor of Jesus and Mary.

If you agree, PROTEST NOW, and then be sure to SHARE this protest.

With God’s help we will be able to get this hateful and blasphemous page taken down permanently. Will you?

We must stop the giant social media site Facebook from continuing to carry this brutal attack on Jesus and Mary.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but the page has a top banner headlined with the blasphemous message…

“Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted.”

That blasphemy is bad enough, but…

…it is matched in blasphemous messaging by an image of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a fetus: complete with umbilical cord (as if still in the womb, hence He should’ve been aborted)with a bloody crown of thorns with His five bleeding Sacred Wounds of the Crucifixion and with the word ‘YAHWE’ tattooed onto His arm; evidently to make sure people understand exactly of Whom they are referring: the Son of God and His most holy mother.

On top of that, Mary is pictured…

… with a cigar hanging out of her mouth.

And last but not least…

…a smaller picture on the left shows a traditionally veiled “Mary,” nine months pregnant, with her robe pulled up over her most holy womb, swearing with a four-letter word as she looks with implied anger, irritation, and revolt at her pregnant belly.

My friend, how can we just ignore this? We can’t!

Godless, impure, sexual, and mocking language, comments, and opinions are made throughout the entire page especially directed against Jesus, Mary, and Christianity.

So we must defend their honor.

Tell Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg:
“Take Down This Page!”
Saying, “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted”

We’ve been successful in getting YouTube to remove blasphemous videos in the past! We can do it with Facebook too.

Remember: The Facebook Community Standards page affirms:

“Facebook does not permit hate speech, but distinguishes between serious and humorous speech. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their…religion….” [our emphasis]

And yet, here is an entire page devoted to blaspheming and mocking Mary’s holy and divine pregnancy…this is definitely a page based on attacking Christianity in general and the Catholic religion in particular.

And, it seems obvious, with the evident intent to demean and insult the faith of Catholics and Christians.

And to abort Jesus, the Lord?!! Words cannot express…!!!

Isn’t that "hate speech"?

It is in my book.

Thank you for speaking out. And may Our Lord Jesus Christ reward you!

And don’t forget to SHARE this petition with your contact list.


America Needs Fatima

Robert E. Ritchie, America Needs Fatima 11 Comments [2/25/2017 4:19:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Denizen
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unknow, Whisper.com 17 Comments [2/25/2017 4:19:12 PM]
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Quote# 124885

Rape holds us back

Rape was only made to withhold us, lower value males to have our sexual needs fulfilled. During all history the guys took what they could by force or by desire, it didn't make a difference because the goal was to breed and create life. This normie society made up restrictions to restrain us from our rights. They cucked us. Our enemies are not the females, they have no other use than to spread their legs, our enemy is the society and the cucked restrictions aka laws who were put on us to restrict us from our true freedom. Morals and laws are only made to hold us back from going rouge. They brainwash us since kids, we are perfect mindless drones until we snap. If you follow laws and abide by moral code you are a cucked slave of the elites.

irrelevantincel, /r/incels 32 Comments [2/25/2017 10:08:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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A number of years ago,a terrible mid-winter air disaster occurred in which a plane leaving the Washington D C airport smashed into a bridge spanning the Pontomac River,plunging its passengers into the icy waters.As the rescue helicopters came,attention was focuses on one man who again and again pushed the dangling rope ladder to other passengers rather than be pulled to safety himself.Six times he passed the ladder by.When they came ,again he was gone.He had freely given his life that others might live.The whole nation turned its eyes to this man in respect and admiration for the selfless and good act he had performed.And yet,if the atheist is right(no Heaven)that man was not noble-he did the stupidest thing possible.He should have gone for the ladder first,pushed others away if necessary in order to survive.But to die for others he did not even know,to give up all the brief existence he would ever have-WHAT FOR? FOR THE ATHEIST THERE CAN BE NO LOGICAL REASON.And yet the atheist,like the rest of us,instinctively reacts with praise for this man’s selfless action.Indeed,one will probably never find an atheist who lives consistently with his system.

billpuntonsghost, Iron-Bru 25 Comments [2/25/2017 9:43:10 AM]
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Quote# 124882

(Note: I've de-linked the self-whoring 'buy my shit or just give me money' links again this time, but if I see them again in another post, I'm deleting it altogether. You all should know better, and if you don't, you shouldn't be submitting quotes in the first place. Subtle, polite hints about this apparently haven't gotten the point across. –shy)

Aiding and Abetting

Some say Judge Robart may be to blame for future terror in America if his ruling against President Trump’s travel ban isn’t overturned. Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

A.F.Branco 2017 Calendar <—- Order Here!

Donations/Tips accepted and appreciated – $1.00 – $5.00 – $10 – $100 – it all helps to fund this website and keep the cartoons coming. – THANK YOU!

A.F. Branco, Comically Incorrect 10 Comments [2/25/2017 9:42:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 124881

Once again witches are at it, uniting together to cast a 'binding spell' against Donald Trump, his administration and anyone who supports him. This is interesting. One must ask themselves:

What is it about this man (Donald Trump as president) that has witches and evildoers so upset?

If you as a Christian can't see by now that this is CLEARLY a spiritual war taking place for the nation and the world, you are spiritually BLIND when it comes to spiritual things! It can't get any clearer at this point.

When have witches ever come together in unison to stop any American president??? And since when have Christians ever had anything at all in common with witches?

I really need for some of you to wise up spiritually, get your head out of TV and La-la-land, and get with the program! Some of us are out here fighting against real dark demonic forces that are being unleashed against the church - and many within the church are content making Oscar predictions and actively working against those of us who are warring against the devil!

C'mon man! Where are my REAL TRUE spiritual warriors at?

It's time to take this walk with Christ seriously, and stop sitting by the sidelines like a spectator. Because while you're sitting contentedly by the sidelines trying not to offend anyone, the witches are out there casting spells against you and your family too.

What - you thought if you kept quiet and minded your own business satan would just leave you alone? Nah family: YOU are in this fight too, whether you want to be or not! War has been declared, battle lines drawn and its time for you to show up for active spiritual military duty.

These witchcraft binding rituals will include 'calling on spirits and demons of the infernal realms' to bind Trump, make him unsuccessful and cause him and those who support him in any kind of way to fail.

Though we know that no weapon formed against us as Christians shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17), it's important to know why we were given that scripture in the first place. It was because weapons would indeed be used against us!

And if we are to come out on top and be successful against those hoping for our downfall, we must know how to use our superior power that we have available to us in Jesus Christ. (I talk about how to avoid witch spells and such in my ebook 'Diva Goddess Queen.' Order it now if you don't already have it.)

The Bible also tells us to pray FOR our leaders - not against them. President Trump is our leader whether you voted for him or not. It's not hard to tell that if witches, LGBTQ'ers, feminists and satanists are against him, he's obviously God's choice for the office at such a time as this. He needs our prayers. And we need to cover each other with our prayers too.

And if witches want to see him fail, why would you as a believer be aligned and agreeing with witches and 'spirits and demons of the infernal realms' hoping for his failure too?


Mack Major, Facebook 14 Comments [2/25/2017 9:42:48 AM]
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Quote# 124878

Anonymous, Whisper 23 Comments [2/25/2017 9:42:10 AM]
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Quote# 124877

Anonymous, Whisper 15 Comments [2/25/2017 9:41:57 AM]
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Quote# 124876

Anonymous, Whisper 16 Comments [2/25/2017 9:41:48 AM]
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Quote# 124875

Anonymous, Whisper 19 Comments [2/25/2017 9:39:47 AM]
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Quote# 124874

Anonymous, Whisper 10 Comments [2/25/2017 9:39:29 AM]
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Quote# 124873

Police may be given power to arrest anyone involved in a peaceful demonstration that is merely suspected of turning violent.

Republican senators in Arizona voted for SB1142 this week, which proposes expanding the state’s racketeering laws to also include rioting.

It will permit police to arrest people who are at least involved in planning a protest.

“Wouldn’t you rather stop a riot before it starts?” asked former police officer and Senator John Kavanagh during the debate, according to the Capitol Times.

“Do you really want to wait until people are injuring each other, throwing Molotov cocktails, picking up barricades and smashing them through businesses in downtown Phoenix?

“You now have a situation where you have full-time, almost professional agent-provocateurs that attempt to create public disorder.

“A lot of them are ideologues, some of them are anarchists. But this stuff is all planned.”

Fellow Republican Senator Sylvia Allen added: “I have been heartsick with what’s been going on in our country, what young people are being encouraged to do.”

Americans have recently protested after a Los Angeles police officer fired his gun while surrounded by teenagers.

Police also made arrests when 75 demonstrators refused to leave a Dakota Access pipeline protest camp.

Many of the 230 protesters arrested during Donald Trump’s inauguration last month, some who faced charges of felony rioting, claimed they had done nothing wrong.

Democrats in Arizona accused their rival politicians of trying to stifle First Amendment rights, and pointed out there were already laws criminalising actual rioting.

Senator Steve Farley said: “[It] will have a chilling effect on anybody, right or left, who wants to protest something the government has done.”

Republicans voted by 17 to the Democrats' 13 in favour of the bill on Wednesday.

It will now go to the House of Representatives for approval.

The Independent has contacted Arizona GOP chairman Jonathan Lines for further comment.

Arizona GOP, The Independent 22 Comments [2/25/2017 9:39:15 AM]
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