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Quote# 111346

Corrupt Edmonton Police Service has a new series of bar posters trying to shame men from putting the moves on drunk girls.

I have fixed the posters for them.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child, The Third Edge of the Sword 19 Comments [8/1/2015 5:07:11 AM]
Fundie Index: 20
Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 111345

You don’t need to prove the existence of God to unbelievers. That is so not your job. If God wants to confirm His reality to some snarky little soul, He’s more than capable. It is an utter waste of time to get uptight over what God haters say. These folks are just lashing out in anger as a response to God not being who they want Him to be. They are caught in a classic battle of wills: they want to define the terms of the relationship, God is refusing to let them, and now they are trying to find some new way to manipulate Him by publicly defying Him. It’s like the pesky brother who wants his sister’s attention. Since she isn’t giving him any, he starts poking her with a stick until she lashes out at him. To the brother, negative attention is better than no attention. He just wants to be focused on.

Vocal atheists come in two basic varieties: those who scoff that there is no real evidence for God, and those who claim to have once been Christians, yet now they realize the whole thing was a sham. And while they claim to not be trying to shove their beliefs on anyone else, they are so very bothered by those who do believe. Why? If we’re all going to die like dogs and that’s the end of it, what does it matter if we spend our lives caught up in delusions? Don’t these people read their children bedtime stories? Don’t they watch movies and read books? Fantasy can uplift and inspire. If they really believe Christianity is a delusion, they ought to appreciate the fact that it instills a sense of morals in people. What’s the alternative? If we all decide that this life is it, then there is no justification for practicing any degree of self-restraint. We should all be robbing and ravaging each other every day because all that matters is right now.

Atheists like to promote themselves as freedom fighters who are trying to unburden the rest of us from unhealthy delusions. But what do they have to offer us instead? A brief, pointless existence? That doesn’t sound like an upper. Believing that one’s existence is devoid of all meaning will drive us into suicide. If human life is nothing more than the result of some freak collisions of random molecules, then how can it be said to have any value?

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 20 Comments [8/1/2015 3:39:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
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Quote# 111344

Atheists pride themselves on being logical, and yet there is nothing logical about trying to denounce God’s existence at the same time as you cherish His values. After all, the atheist doesn’t want you to come to their home and gun down their loved ones. But why not? God is the One who tells us murder is wrong. If God isn’t real, then His entire moral code must be thrown aside as a complete joke. If God isn’t real, then there is no real purpose in humans trying to organize themselves into lawful societies. We’re all selfish beasts at bottom, so we ought to just go with that. Why should any of us show any concern for the other fellow? If God isn’t real, then we ought to be defaulting to that old “survival of the fittest” mindset and start tearing each other to shreds. Let the man with the most guns and the largest supply of bullets win. It is only fear of Divine judgment that motivates us to respect God’s moral code. If there really isn’t going to be any day of reckoning, then we should all be letting our lusts rule over us.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 17 Comments [8/1/2015 3:30:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
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Quote# 111342

(On an experiment that created double-sized ants)

This is the latest attempt by atheist scientists to prove macroevolution, but really all they've done is show that microevolution exists, which we already knew.

They haven't shown that ants can turn into coyotes, as the theory of evolution predicts.

Job's Folly, National Post 18 Comments [8/1/2015 3:29:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 15
Submitted By: Randomosaur
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Quote# 111339

If the USA were still a civilized nation, it would declare war on Planned Parenthood and eradicate the ghouls. #PPSellsBabyParts

Vox Day, Twitter 20 Comments [8/1/2015 3:00:09 AM]
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Quote# 111337

It’s never okay to kill non-combatants in war. Never. The Law of Armed Conflict, a series of international agreements concerning the conduct of warfare, and which my fellow vets and I have had drilled into us constantly during our service, forbids such and correctly labels it a war crime.
The first principle of LOAC is distinction: “In order to ensure respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects, the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives.” This is why civilized, responsible combatants wear uniforms – to show the other side who it’s okay to shoot at.
The problem is, not since Vietnam – and even then, not all combatants – have our enemies distinguished themselves from the surrounding civilian populace. The NVA wore uniforms; the Viet Cong did not.
Nor do the terrorist pieces of shit we’ve been fighting since 2001. They deliberately hide among civilians and illegally site warfighting equipment in LOAC-protected civilian structures…so that when we respond to their attacks, WE’RE the bad guys in the international press and among the American left – exactly as the terrorists want. NOTE: Placing military equipment in a protected structure – school, hospital, etc. – causes the structure to lose its protection under LOAC. Therefore, we’re free to blow the mosque to hell…and we’ve done so when warranted. And there’s nothing the terrorist-lovers can do about it.
America is a civilized nation, and despite what some believe, we fight wars in a civilized manner.

Your-uncle-dave, tumblr 18 Comments [8/1/2015 3:00:01 AM]
Fundie Index: -4
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Quote# 111330

On his radio program yesterday, after wondering if President Obama will begin executing his opponents, right-wing talk show host Michael Savage promoted his new book, “Government Zero: The Inside Story of the Progressive/Islamic Takeover,” along with a previous book that he wrote about his dog, Teddy.

As it turns out, the two subjects are related, as Savage claims that the “progressive/Islamic takeover” under Obama will lead to a Sharia law ban on dogs. (According to Omar Sacirbey, “while many Muslims believe scripture approves canine companions, many also believe scripture discourages Muslims from keeping dogs in their homes.”)

“Even when the communists run the country, I guess people are going to still love their dogs, unless they ban dogs,” Savage said. “You never know with the Islamism creeping into the country, there is only one religion that hates dogs. That’s an embarrassing fact, that’s an inconvenient truth. There’s only one group of people who hate dogs and he’s bringing in 100,000 of them a month.”

This led Savage to rail against Obama for making remarks supporting LGBT rights during his recent visit to Kenya: “Now he’s in Kenya lecturing his homeland about gay rights. This is beyond belief, the audacity and insanity. This guy, we have a word for it in the street that I can’t use because it’s not a family-friendly word. This guy is a crazy man.”

Savage added that the president’s comments on LGBT issues reminded him of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Later in the program, Savage said that Obama is sounding exactly like Hitler except for his tone, leading Savage to offer his own bizarre impression of a Hitler/Obama hybrid.

“If he screamed it like Hitler, you’d say he’s a bad man, but he speaks with a forked tongue so smoothly,” he said.

Michael Savage, Right Wing Watch 13 Comments [8/1/2015 2:56:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda
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Quote# 111327

So many people today blame God for the problems in their life. Interestingly, God was to blame for Job's calamities (Job 42:11); but Job had no right to accuse God. There is an important truth to be learned here. God has every right to make our lives miserable, and place us in fiery trials that rob us of our loved ones and joy. Who are we to accuse God or call Him unjust? We must not judge God. We are His creatures; God is the Creator . . . “Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?” (Romans 9:20).

The problem with humanity is that we expect God to respond to every situation the way we would; but God doesn't think the way we do, which is plainly stated in the Scriptures . . . “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” God does things very differently than we do, which makes the workings of God a mystery. My mother used to often say that “God works in mysterious ways.” She was right.

David J. Stewart, Soulwinning.info 15 Comments [8/1/2015 2:52:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
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