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Quote# 113359

Today the Roman Catholic Church celebrates our Guardian Angels

Many people today, including Christians, are very sceptical about the existence of Guardian Angels, but the bible advises that we should listen to their voice. They are here to help us, but we tend to ignore them, and in doing so may well be under the influence of a demon spirit instead. (I feel that CS Lewis had a profound insight to the truth with his "Screwtape Letters")

When I meet up with my Guardian Angel in heaven, I will be giving a great big hug for a job well done!

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 18 Comments [10/4/2015 10:09:13 AM]
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Submitted By: NearlySane
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Quote# 113351

Let's not forget it is the Red Pope who green lighted the hoisting of the "palestinian" flag when he, Red Francis, declared a "palestinian" state. In July 2015 in South America, Pope Francis during his first mass announced that God had called upon him, instructing him “to revise the most sacred of texts, the Ten Commandments.” Pope Francis said the updated Commandments reflect the changing times and include some minor rewording of the existing rules as well as the addition of two new Commandments. The Fourth Commandment, which advocates that proper respect be shown towards one’s parents, has been reworded in order to include children raised by same-sex parents. Pope Francis said the Seventh Commandment, prohibiting adultery and, among other things, homosexuality, has been removed entirely, as instructed by God, in order to extend “God’s grace to all His children.” There will now be 11 commandments. A spokesman for the Vatican, Father Federico Lombardi, said the Eleven Commandments are currently being etched into marble by an Italian sculptor and, upon completion, will be unveiled to the world in Saint Peter’s Square following an internationally televised mass.

The Red Pope is on the march. Signs and wonders are next. Let him who has ears hear.

wickerwhite, WND 18 Comments [10/4/2015 9:07:48 AM]
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Quote# 113350

We are heading toward coast to coast disasters. Not only will we be hit with numerous terrorist attacks in multiple states but many multiple historic flash floods, tornadoes, sink holes, and unexplainable crop failures this coming planting season. We planted in unfruitfulness and we will reap unfruitfulness in our food crops. Droughts will also be coast to coast. Because we have left our fountain of living water we will reap death for want of water. Other nations will turn on us and betray us because we have turned on our God and his chosen Israel. The UN will sanction us and call us a nation of terrorist and a threat to world peace. Because we will agree with the UN on sanctions on Israel. We have planted seeds of destroying Israel now God will destroy us. Pray up saints. The time of harvest is upon us.

Tammy, WND 22 Comments [10/4/2015 4:58:59 AM]
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Quote# 113347

Too many have bought into the "New History" being taught which is a lie. 26 of the signers of the Constitution were ordained Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all were Christians to some degree.
again, not true. Our founding fathers were successful in creating a land where we are free to worship without interference from government. The US Congress was the first printer of the Bible and printed it to be used as a book for learning in the classrooms of our new found nation. The US capital held the largest Church service in a country for the first 100 years. Yale and Harvard were originally colleges founded to educate ministers and missionaries. We were never intended to be free from Christianity, we were intended to be free from government intervention.

frank neat, WND 27 Comments [10/4/2015 4:56:56 AM]
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Quote# 113346

Liberal Jews will get what they deserve. . .nothing has really changed with them from the time of Moses. . .they're more in love with the golden calf than their motherland.

SATCitizen, WND 19 Comments [10/4/2015 4:56:49 AM]
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Quote# 113345

On another front, while increasing numbers of Americans chafe at the belligerent deportment of the homosexual lobby, and amid the recent revelation that the Department of Defense has been facilitating the homosexual rape of boys at the hands of our proto-simian allies on U.S. military bases in Afghanistan, Obama said during a speech at an LGBT fundraiser in New York City Sunday that “our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights.”

Doubling-down again. In addition to the incomprehensible audacity of asserting that the capricious demands of this miniscule faction trumps the free exercise of religion as proscribed in the First Amendment, this is an object lesson in how those on the left employ legalese and constitutional relativism to advance malignant agendas.

Pray tell, what constitutionally guaranteed rights have been denied homosexuals in recent memory? Their perceived “right to marry” is a wholly subjective interpretation of law, and ensuring homosexuals anything under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment is a lube-slathered slope toward their legitimately demanding whatever their perverted little hearts desire in the future. Practical labs in fisting for kindergarteners, anyone?

Erik Rush, WND 20 Comments [10/4/2015 4:56:43 AM]
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Quote# 113344

Obama talks tough because he's a pink pansy. And he walks like he's some sort of bad @$$, when in reality he's effete and limp-wristed. Girlymen like him and Hitler are very dangerous, not in and of themselves, but in the ignorant masses they can gin up into a mob of malcontents.

Dawg_em, WND 27 Comments [10/4/2015 4:21:56 AM]
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Quote# 113339

A certain man had a wife and three children. The wife, becoming dissatisfied with housekeeping, and coveting money being earned by her neighbors, said to her husband, 'Husband, secure for me the social security number that falleth to me, and divide unto me a portion of thy trousers . .' With a reluctant heart the husband granted her desire and divided his wardrobe. Not many days later the wife donned slacks and, with tool box under her arm, waved good-bye to the children, and took her journey into a far country and there secured a man's job in a factory.

She made big wages, but she associated with the wicked and listened to the vulgar stories that they told. There was a mighty spiritual famine in that land, and she grew lean in her soul. The children turned loose at the mercy of the neighbors, soon forgot that they had a mother; but the husband remembered the duties of a wife and wished that his wife would return to her home. The husband dined on cold lunch meat, while the wife tried in vain to fill her stomach with the husks of the cheese crackers that fell from the canteen vendor's machine; and no man gave unto her the respect due unto a lady. One day at rest period as she sat engulfed in cigarette smoke and smutty stories, she came to herself.

She said to herself with remorse, "Here I sit, surrounded by vulgarity, and sacrificing the respect due a lady. At home is a deserted husband, while my children roam the streets unrestricted. The money I make seems small compared to peace of mind and soul." In vain she tried to smother her conscience with the thought that she was contributing to the family's economic welfare. So she said to herself, "I will arise and go to my husband and will say unto him, 'Husband, I have sinned against heaven and neglected by family in a terrible way. I am no more worthy to be called thy wife, nor the mother of thy children. Make me as the hired housekeeper.'" So she gathered her tools together and started home. And when she was yet a long way off, the husband saw her, and ran and clasped her in his arms, and the wife said, "I am not more worthy to be called thy wife, nor the mother of thy children." But the father said to the children, "Run and bring hither a dress, and the best apron. Put shoes on her feet, and rush to the meat market and get a steak of the fatted calf, and let us have a warm meal once more. For this, your mother, was lost, and is found. So they rejoiced and made merry." (Author Unknown - The Bible Friend)

John White, Mom of 9's place 28 Comments [10/4/2015 4:18:23 AM]
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Quote# 113338

We were not made to build the house, run the store, or office..It is the woman’s job to determine the atmosphere while the house is built…..Though it is not her job to run the store, it is her duty to make happy the one who does build the house and run the store. Ladies I don’t think we understand completely how the atmosphere is determined by us. A womans spirit determines the peace of the home, the spirit of the office, the unity of the church, the reputation of the pastor.. the health of her husband and the joy of her children. We are not the one whose name is put in the headlines on the paper. We are the one who makes man have a delightful place to be. It’s our spirit. Our attitude, our disposition.

John White, Mom of 9's place 9 Comments [10/4/2015 4:17:36 AM]
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Quote# 113334

He is like Obama. This Pope is anything but a Christian. He is pro-homosexual, pro-climate change, pro-abortion and extremely shady due to his jesuit background. I know he has not explicitly endorsed homosexual unions or abortion but he is paving the road for the Catholic church to eventually embrace these things and he knows what he is doing. My kids refer to this man as "Pope Poophole the Great" due to his love of homosexual lifestyle choices.

In His Love,
Apostle Dorie

His4Life, FSTDT comments 30 Comments [10/4/2015 4:15:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 113331

What hope is there for the world when it is filled with sin and false religion?

This is why I write about the great blessings that have been brought about by the Bible. What other hope does the world have? Hitchens thought the only hope was a world without religion, but then, if that world included the abolition of Christianity, it would be a world that was still filled with slavery, child sacrifice, cannibalism, illiteracy, scientific backwardness, disease, and on and on, because it certainly hasn’t been the atheists who have rid the world of all of these plagues. It has been fundamentalist Christianity that has improved the world.

Even now, atheists have barely made any contributions to the world’s problems. What I see them doing for the most part is traversing web sights and making snide remarks and ad hominem attacks on anybody who believes in the scriptures in any way.

What is the evolutionary hope for the world? What is the atheist Christmas?

Is it Barack Obama? Is it the Dalai Lama? Is it communism? Is it a world without religion, as Hitchens believed? What is the hope of the world to you?

Diana Lesperance, The Narrow Way 26 Comments [10/4/2015 4:14:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 113330

I am Josh Duggar

I went to church with the Duggars the Sunday before this latest scandal broke loose. At church, the pastor invited the whole Duggar family to come up, sing a song, and share their testimony.

I sat there and listened to Jim Bob as he praised his son, Josh. He went on about how he was and is a changed man. He went on about how Josh is a great godly man, who no longer struggles with this sin. And Josh stood there, nodding his head in agreement as he held one of his children.

When I first heard that Josh had an Ashley Maddison account, I didn’t believe it. But then he admitted it, causing me to be filled with disgust.

I defended Josh on May 22. I wrote a blog praising him. I was filled with disgust, because what kind of person stands there and listens to their father praise them, when they know what’s truly going on. What kind of person lets their family, friends, and fans defend them, when they know the truth.

But then it hit me. I am that person. I am Josh Duggar.

Now sure, I don’t struggle with the same types of sins as Josh, but I still struggle with sinning, and I always will. Josh’s sins are not worse than mine. They are equal in the eyes of God.

I am Josh Duggar because I too let people praise me and defend me while I stand there acting like everything is fine. I put up this front and act like I don’t struggle with sin that much- especially the super bad sins that no one ever wants to talk about, because if I admit that I do struggle with them, I must not be that great of a Christian.

We believe that lie- that lie that the devil so loves to tell us! The lie that we have to keep our deepest, darkest sins to ourselves. Because if we ever confess, people will hate us.

But that’s not true. I think we often forget that we are ALL sinners. We forget that we ALL fall short of the glory of God. We ALL need a savior, that’s why Jesus came.

We’re not perfect, so I think it’s time that we stop acting like we are. I think we all need to be more vulnerable. I think we all need to be more open about those “super bad sins” that we struggle with.

Now this doesn’t mean that we confess them to the whole world. I’m not asking anyone to do that. What I’m asking is that we, as a church, start talking about the taboo sins. If we never talk about them, how are they supposed to be fixed?

What I’m asking takes humility. It requires us coming to the end of ourselves. It requires the desire for change.

But when we humble ourselves, when we lessen ourselves, Christ increases. Christ begins to shine through the darkness. He takes something so dark and broken, and turns it into something beautiful, something that can be used for His glory.

Today, let Christ turn your “deepest, darkest sins” into something beautiful- something to be used for His glory.

Julia Walton, God's Girl 22 Comments [10/4/2015 4:13:41 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 113328

Bill Nye Tells Women What to Do!

In a new Big Think video, Bill Nye, TV’s “the Science Guy,” states, “You can’t tell somebody what to do . . . ” and then proceeds to tell us all what to do. Later on in the short video defending abortion, he states that he wants to “encourage you to not tell women what to do,” but through the whole video clip he is telling women what to do—that they should abort (murder, really) a baby if they want to.

It appears that Bill Nye, ever since his debate with me at the Creation Museum last year and the enormous viewership it received, is increasingly being asked now to give his opinion on other topics regardless of his qualifications to speak to such issues. Now in this video where Bill Nye is urging people not to stop the work of abortion clinics, he attacks the Bible! He just couldn’t help himself as he has to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” as Romans 1 states such people do, and justify his own rebellion against God. And of course, in the Bill Nye debate over a year ago, I showed clearly that the debate between Bill Nye and me was really a clash of worldviews based on our different starting points—just as the abortion battle is a clash of the same two worldviews. It’s a battle over God’s Word and man’s word—the two ultimate religions that have fueled a battle that has been raging around us since the events of Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve trusted man’s word instead of God’s Word.

In this video, Bill Nye attacks the Bible because his starting point is that man determines his own worldview—that there is no God who owns us. Then using his religion, his starting point that all life is the result of natural processes, and therefore one’s worldview is moral relativism, he proceeds to plead (yes, plead) that women be allowed to abort their babies.

Now Bill Nye also tells us that saying we should not abort (murder) babies is “bad science.” And then he proceeds to discuss the sperm and the egg and what we’ve been able to understand from what is obviously observational science. As he did in the debate, he confuses beliefs with what one can observe. He tries to make out that discussing moral issues (like abortion) is on the same level as observational science that builds our technology. What a load of nonsense. This is why I spent time in the Bill Nye debate explaining the difference between historical science (beliefs) and observational science (based on the repeatable test to build technology, and so on).

In this video, he states to those who oppose abortion, “I understand that you have deeply held beliefs.” Yes, we do! We admit that! We do believe the Bible is the Word of God and that God created us and owns us! We do acknowledge it is God who sets the rules and determines right and wrong! And we do admit that humans are made in God’s image, and murdering one made in God’s image is sin!

But Bill Nye—you too have “deeply held beliefs.” Admit it! You wouldn’t admit it at the debate and you won’t acknowledge it now! You need to admit you have a religion called humanism—that you believe everything happened by natural processes and man determines right and wrong. You need to admit that your “deeply held beliefs” determine your worldview which is why you are telling women what to do—they should abort (murder) a baby if they want to!

Bill, like all those who have rebelled against their Creator, I urge you:

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9)

You can watch the Nye/Ham debate on YouTube, own a copy of the debate on DVD, or you could get the boxed set.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis 40 Comments [10/3/2015 3:43:24 PM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 113324

"Planned Parenthood." What a terrific spin on something that actually has absolutely nothing to do with parenthood or women's health. Guess "Death Camps For Unwanted Children" just didn't have quite the same deceptively innocent ring to it. Go figure.

The Last Trump, Christian News Network 32 Comments [10/3/2015 3:39:02 PM]
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Quote# 113323

Pamela Brown you can Pray for this Godless Pope of Rome all you want, Your really only praying for the Devil himself because that’s all you’re Pope is the Devil ! You see, Satan can’t cast out Satan ! You waste time praying for this Pope this man of sin, this son of perdition that thinks he is Jesus Christ and in the end you will be with him in the lake of fire. Either follow the Pope of Rome or follow Jesus Christ it’s you’re Choice Holiness or Hell ? You can’t follow both and get to Heaven. Without Holiness no man shall see the Lord !

Gregory, Now The End Begins 16 Comments [10/3/2015 3:38:52 PM]
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Quote# 113322

Understanding God’s word and will does not have the requisite of knowing greek and hebrew. If it did, then all christians would be fluent in those. Thoses were the languages of the day, which is why the manuscripts are in greek/hebrew. Koine greek is a dead language, even at that. Now that there are other languages used in the world today, greek and hebrew are no longer needed, so perfect translations for all necessary languages have been given by God, of which the english version IS the KJV. God will not confuse his children with continuous versions in the same language, which say different things. You can be assured that is a scheme of satan, trying to (and succeeding to) deceive.

Jim, Now The End Begins 23 Comments [10/3/2015 3:37:55 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
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Quote# 113321

The pope expects the adoration of “the faithful”. His false humility is a joke and his call to “spread the wealth” is only designed to incite the masses. As far as I have seen, there has never been a pope who has given a true gospel message.

A catholic’s faith is in his church, not in the Lord Jesus Christ. If the catholic is truly saved, it is probably because a saved man or woman witnessed to him, and the Holy Spirit moved upon his/her heart.

I do not think that it will be long before Bible Believers will be outlaws. At this present time, we who hold the KJV to be the true and perfect word of God are probably the smallest of all minorities.
There are some that “prefer” and “use” the KJV but, when pressed, will tell you that there are mistakes in the text.

When you hear a man say; “The original manuscripts say (such and such), it will tell you that he has issues with the authority of the word of God. “…from such turn away.” (1 Timothy 3:5)

The catholic church is a master of confusing people. To take away the foundation of the faith from people is it’s greatest weapon. If you can get people to believe that there is no perfect bible, you will have created a mushy, sissified, worldly “christianity”.

mike watchinski, Now The End Begins 15 Comments [10/3/2015 3:37:16 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
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Quote# 113320

The one who has known the religion which Allaah revealed, entered it and practised it, then rejected it, despised it and left it, is a person who does not deserve to live on the earth of Allaah and eat from the provision of Allaah.

By leaving Islaam, the apostate opens the way for everyone who wants to leave the faith, thus spreading apostasy and encouraging it.

The apostate is not to be killed without warning. Even though his crime is so great, he is given a last chance, a respite of three days in which to repent. If he repents, he will be left alone; if he does not repent, then he will be killed.

If the punishment for murder and espionage (also known as high treason) is death, then what should be the punishment for the one who disbelieves in the Lord of mankind and despises and rejects His religion? Is espionage or shedding blood worse than leaving the religion of the Lord of mankind and rejecting it?

None of those who bleat about personal freedom and freedom of belief would put up with a neighbour’s child hitting their child or justify this as "personal freedom," so how can they justify leaving the true religion and rejecting the sharee’ah which Allaah revealed to teach mankind about His unity and bring justice and fairness to all?

Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, Islam Q & A 28 Comments [10/3/2015 1:24:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 13
Submitted By: Paul Milburn
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Quote# 113319

.i'm glad i don't live in Calif anymore...that's why they don't get enough rain...TOO MUCH SINNING.

Fireball, Y! answers 20 Comments [10/3/2015 1:24:35 PM]
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Quote# 113318

never heard of him or his wife both should haven been aborted! I'm sure their
books are nothing but brainwashing liberal propaganda like most of these liberals
teachers and politicians are doing to our kids but if they had their way their would
be no kids because they support MURDERING BABIES before they are born!
boycott them both and all the left wing liberal progressive companies! I DO!
p.s. he looks like a pervert and she looks like a lesbian.

Samerica, Mother Jones 15 Comments [10/3/2015 1:22:25 PM]
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Quote# 113317

Spiritless Humans

Empty people. Puppet people. Cardboard cutouts. Drones. Organic Portals. Background characters. Why do these terms even exist? Because out of necessity they had to be invented by those who independently noticed the same puzzling phenomenon, one for which there is no official name: some people seem to be missing something very important inside. While they are not necessarily any less intelligent, successful, or physically healthy as anyone else, they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness.

Over the years I have received emails from readers who came to this same conclusion. They noticed that some people were strangely one dimensional and hollow inside. This observation is not hard to miss, but it is easy to rationalize away, especially with modern society being so heavily brainwashed with the politically correct but unrealistic concept that everyone is completely equal in every way, which ignores functional differences due to environmental, genetic, and most importantly, metaphysical factors.


It seems not all humans have spirit. Therefore they have no self-awareness, individuality, wisdom, empathy, creative intelligence, or conscience. What further confirms this hypothesis is that, as will be discussed below, one may observe a total absence of destiny, synchronicity, symbolic dreams, spiritual lessons, soul growth, and karma in their lives. This is to be expected if they have nothing permanent in them that survives death and reincarnates, because only spirit can gain from such things. Without spirit, they are temporary beings whose awareness forms shortly before birth and dissolves shortly after death. And if so, then for them, spiritual life lessons serve no purpose, karma from past lives does not exist, there is no higher Self acting as chaperone, nor would they have genuine interest in anything that serves a purpose beyond their current mortal existence. Therefore it is to be expected that they be particularly materialistic, worldly, and mundane in their ambitions; observation confirms this as well.

Tom, Montalk.net 16 Comments [10/3/2015 1:21:59 PM]
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Quote# 113315

Perhaps the greatest flaw with evolution is that it totally disregards the sinful nature of mankind and his inherent greed, lust and desire for power. Evolutionists do not recognize the concept of sin. Modern psychology doesn't even define the term "sin."

The reason why evolution is taught in public schools is because Satan wanted to remove God from the classroom; thus, morality ceased to exist in the minds of children. Is it any wonder why America is so messed up today? Yet, the reality of sin cannot be denied. Just look at the horrible things people do to each other. The Bible calls it "sin." Sin is violating God's Law. Only a dishonest fool would deny the existence of man's sin-nature.

So where did that sin-nature come from? How could lifeless stardust bring forth life, and then develop intelligence? Even wealthy people who have everything they could desire still commit horrible sins. It is more than just a matter of survival of the fittest. Mankind is inherently prone to greed, lust and hatred. If, as evolutionists claim, the universe evolved from lifeless stardust, then where did the sin-nature originate? Evolutionists cannot explain this phenomena.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 27 Comments [10/3/2015 6:05:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
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Quote# 113303

Is Polygamy Next?

For years I’ve been saying that once you open the door to redefine marriage, where do you stop? Well, that’s already starting to happen since the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision to legalize gay “marriage” in June. After all, if “love wins,” as gay “marriage” activists say, then by this line of thinking why shouldn’t “love win” in cases of polygamy, bestiality, and pedophilia? As soon as you get rid of an absolute standard—God’s Word—anything and everything goes with regard to marriage. It’s just like Scripture says, “everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

Well, the Browns, a polygamous family made popular by the reality TV show Sister Wives, says the SCOTUS ruling “shows that laws restricting consensual adult relationships are outdated, even if certain unions are unpopular.” Now, the Browns are currently in court “defending a legal victory they won in 2013, when a federal judge struck down key parts of Utah’s law banning polygamy.” The Browns are not seeking to have polygamy legalized, but just to uphold this court ruling that would allow them all to live together without fear of arrest. But court cases like this raise the question of when a polygamous family will decide to fight for the legalization of polygamy. With the redefinition of marriage by SCOTUS, why shouldn’t they be allowed to marry since the new philosophy in our culture is “as long as they love one another”? Again, without an absolute authority you can’t call anything right or wrong!

But polygamy—and other perversions of marriage—are wrong, and we as Christians can say so because we have the authoritative Word from the Creator of marriage. You see, Genesis describes the creation of marriage. It is not something that evolved or that society or a government invented. It’s an institution created by God,

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it. (Genesis 1:27–28)

Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man. And Adam said:

This is now bone of my bones
And flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called Woman,
Because she was taken out of Man.

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. (Genesis 2:22–24)

In Matthew 19, Jesus quotes from Genesis 2 (one flesh) as the basis for marriage being a male and female—one man and one woman (Matthew 19:4–7).

Some erroneously believe that the Bible endorses polygamy because of clear occurrences of it in the Old Testament. But the cases mentioned in detail actually point to the sinfulness of mankind and negative consequences of such situations. God created marriage, and He designed it for one man and one woman for life. Because we have the absolute standard of God’s Word, we can authoritatively declare certain behaviors and practices to be wrong because our Creator says that they are wrong. As Christians, we need to boldly stand on the authority of God’s Word and defend biblical marriage as we act as salt and light in a dying world. You can also read this article on the Answers in Genesis website about whether the Bible condones polygamy.

Those who reject God’s Word as the absolute authority have to live inconsistently in this world. If there is no absolute authority, then who draws the lines in regard to moral issues—and why? Who sets and standards and why? Ultimately, the culture will become like that described in the book of Judges:

In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes. (Judges 21:25)

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis 38 Comments [10/3/2015 5:18:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 113299

In the early seventies I heard a mission appeal at Sunday Mass, one of many in those days, but this one moved me so much that I was inspired to give a £10 donation, which in those days was equivalent to over £100 now.  To avoid embarrassment I tried to fold the note up small so that the collector would not notice it among the coins and £1 notes, but he did notice and gave me a strange look with raised eyebrows.  Though I was unaware at the time, I have since discovered that 15 years later I married the niece of the missionary priest who gave the appeal.  I recognised him from the photos taken in Kenya.  Though it can't be proven, I feel that divine providence was at work.  My wife's uncle was in heaven when I first met her - I feel that he must have put a good word in for me to marry his neice!

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 18 Comments [10/3/2015 5:08:42 AM]
Fundie Index: -3
Submitted By: Nearly Sane
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Quote# 113298

A 50-year-old man in northern India has been killed in a mob lynching allegedly over rumours that his family had been storing and consuming beef at home.

Mohammad Akhlaq was kicked and beaten with stones by a group of men in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh state on Monday night.

Mr Akhlaq's 22-year-old son was also seriously injured in the attack, and has been admitted to a hospital.

Six people have been arrested in connection with the incident. Police are probing who spread the rumour.

Slaughter of cows is a sensitive issue in India as the animal is considered sacred by Hindus, who comprise 80% of the country's 1.2bn people.

Uttar Pradesh is among a number of Indian states who have tightened laws banning cow slaughter and the sale and consumption of beef.

The beef ban has also provoked outrage with many questioning how the government decides what is on their plate.

Mr Akhlaq's family said the family had stored mutton, and not beef in their fridge. The police have taken the meat and sent it for testing, reports said.


His 18-year-old daughter Sajida told the newspaper that a "group of more than 100 people from the village" reached the house on Monday night.

"They accused us of keeping cow meat, broke down our doors and started beating my father and brother. My father was dragged outside the house and beaten with bricks," she said.

"We had come to know later that an announcement had been made from the temple about us eating beef...There was some mutton in the fridge...The police have taken it for examination."

Dadri lynch mob, BBC News 31 Comments [10/3/2015 5:08:06 AM]
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