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Fundie of the Year Awards

Quote# 106060

Hello folks, running the Fundie of the Year awards over here.

Voting runs through 2/7. Get your vote in while it counts.

The Administration, FOTY 0 Comments [1/31/2015 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 106077

Regarding 2 Kings 2:24, we need to recognize that God judges the wicked. The critic might say, “But that judgment is too severe.” My reply is, “By what standard?” The critic has no basis for making any moral judgments at all. In his view, the two young men who were killed in 2 Kings 2:24 were simply chemical accidents. Besides, bears have to eat. Why does the critic complain that the Lord provided the bears with a full meal that day, rather than letting them starve? The fact that the critic values the lives of the people more than the bears shows that he really knows the biblical worldview is true. His criticism against Scripture is self-delusion.

Jason Lisle, Jason Lisle's blog 31 Comments [1/30/2015 4:30:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Tony
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Quote# 106075

No sport what I am saying is In the beginning God literally created everything Genesis Accounts for in 7 days. Then between the last day of creation (the rest) and the fall of Man your 4.6 billion (or whatever number your precious science wants to plug into that slot) happened, then about 5000 years ago (give or take) the fall happened and Man was expelled from the garden. So yes Adam and Eve were potentially in the garden for 5 billion years, or whatever number you need to plug into that spot. (Per the tree of life which they had access to.)
That is why the tree of knoweledge was so tempting to eve. (it was the only thing left in a garden the size of 2/3's of North america that they had not done/was an unknown.)

So Again a literal 7 day creation, but a very long period between the last day of creation and the fall of man which starts the geneologies found in scripture that dates 'man with soul' to about 5000 years.

Drich, AtheistForums.org 26 Comments [1/30/2015 4:30:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Stimbo
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Quote# 106074

The egalitarian ideology underlying MRA is exactly the problem we’ve faced from the beginning. Everyone who argues for “equality” – feminist or MRA – is part of this problem. It has never been achieved, and it never will. In fact, it is the main source of our struggles today. It has already served its purpose as a political litmus test/rhetorical device for far too long, and by now it has devolved into a pathological cult that inspires people to the stupidest and most backward kind of religious fundamentalist thought.

Do you think Creationism is silly and incredibly stupid? Well, how about the idea that men and women are inherently the same, except for “society?” Does that strike you as reasonable? If so, you might have a few blind spots here and there, to put it delicately.

There is only one kind of equality:

We are all equally subject to the laws of nature. Or, if you prefer to think of it in conventional religious terms, we are all equally subject to God’s law.

That’s it. Other equalities are purely imaginary. They do not exist, except in fantasy. They are what should be accurately called “articles of faith.” But they are faith in lies, which is harmful whether you think it’s merely irrational or inspired by the Prince of Lies himself.

So when I hear MRAs demanding “equality,” I don’t even think it’s useful or cute any longer. At best, it’s stupid, and at worst it’s a dangerous lie.

W. F. Price, The Spearhead 40 Comments [1/30/2015 4:30:17 AM]
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Quote# 106073

Anton LaVey's 'The Satanic Bible,' is as much God's Word as the new Bible versions. I'm talking about the satanic New International Version (NIV). I'm talking about the demonic New King James Version (NKJV), which is translated from the same corrupted Alexandrian manuscripts as the NIV. I'm talking about the satanic English Standard Version (ESV). I'm talking about the satanic new work of darkness of the Southern Baptist Convention, aka, the 'Holman Christian Standard Bible' (HCSB). I'm talking about the New American Standard (NAS) and the Revised Standard Version (RSV).

I mean it when I say that Anton LaVey's 'The Satanic Bible,' is as much God's Word as the new Bible versions. THEY'RE ALL FROM HELL!!! We need to get rid of most of today's pastors and replace them with genuine men of God who elevate and prioritize THE TRUTH above everything else. I don't care how successful you think your big church is, you are a total failure in God's eyes and a very bad church if you use and support the modern Luciferian Bible versions. All modern versions come from a DIFFERENT Hebrew and Greek source than the King James Bible does. Here's a helpful chart of the origin of today's versions and the King James Bible. Bless God, there is only one good Bible in the English language available today, and that is the good ole King James Bible.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 22 Comments [1/30/2015 4:30:05 AM]
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Quote# 106071

While a male teacher w/ female students and a female teacher w/ male students is physically the same thing, emotionally I think it would have very different consequences for the students.

Usually girls that sleep with their teachers think they are in love. They are probably infatuated. Drawing hearts and writing "Mrs. Teacher" and imagining their wedding dress. And if the teacher plays on her fantasies like "little girl I want to get married as soon as you turn 18 I'll leave my wife" etc. You get what I'm saying. I think there is probably more deception in this type of relationship. The girls are usually devastated when everything comes to light.

Now for the boys, these boys all fucked her at the same time! I doubt any of them were in love with her. I think they knew what this relationship was about. Sex. And I bet that's all they wanted. They probably didn't consider her their "girlfriend" if she's sleeping with all his friends. And it didn't say their ages but I'm gonna guess they were seniors. I turned 18 two months into my senior year. A 17-18 year old boy having sex with an older woman is a lot different than a 16is year old girl having sex with a male teacher. And if the girl loses her virginity to this teacher? I kinda doubt these high school senior football players wanted to "save themselves" for this teacher, the "love of their life". I only knew one guy who went through high school without having sex and he was super christian and everything. I know a few girls who made it to senior year and one who made it past that.

So I think the cases are (and should be) treated differently because emotional consequences are very different for girls than they are boys.

runnerupbeautyqueen, Drugs-Forum 16 Comments [1/30/2015 4:28:03 AM]
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Quote# 106070

“Because we were bringing Bibles to school people weren’t bringing guns to school, except for the deer hunters who left them in their trucks,” Huckabee told the audience at the 2015 Morris Cerullo World Conference.

"What has happened to our culture?" Huckabee asked. "What’s happened is we have lost our landmarks. When we reject the Bible as the objective word of truth, when we say that the Bible is no longer the standard by which we live and we make it whatever we feel, what we think, what we believe, then we have no landmark at all because that landmark is always being moved to accommodate our lifestyle rather than make our lifestyle accommodate the word of the living God and the power of the Holy Spirit."

Mike Huckabee, The New Civil Rights Movement 27 Comments [1/30/2015 4:27:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Doubting Thomas
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Quote# 106069

In Shannon County, women make $1.11 for every dollar men make, which must mean it’s a great place to be a woman, right?

Well, if you consider utter despair, third world living conditions, pervasive substance abuse, a woefully short average lifespan of 48 years for men (!) and 52 for women, infant mortality 5 times the national average and 80% unemployment to be tolerable, maybe so…

Surely, it must be a better place than Stamford, Connecticut, where the poor women suffer from the surfeit of rich, healthy, employed and comfortable men in their community.

I have yet to see feminists explain why the places with the highest income disparity between men and women are characterized by wealth, comfort and health, whereas those places where the women outearn men are invariably dumps inhabited only by those too hapless and defeated to leave.

Do feminists want the US to be more lke Pine Ridge in general, or more like Stamford? I’m not sure they can answer that question, because they have neither the knowledge nor inclination. All they care about is that they, personally, aren’t making as much as that guy in a suit they see at the local café. As for the rest of us, it doesn’t matter.

This is why nobody with any sense should listen to feminists when it comes to policy that affects our communities, cities, states and countries. They are worse than useless; they are selfish, destructive people.

Finally, I’d like to suggest something that could dramatically improve the lives of the Lakota Sioux in Pine Ridge: take some of those federal grants for women that go to employ upper middle class female college grads and allocate the funds to jobs for men in Pine Ridge. Surely, feminists can’t object to that, can they?

W. F. Price, The Spearhead 19 Comments [1/30/2015 4:21:36 AM]
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Quote# 106068

Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City says he is only controversial because he speaks the truth.

The eccentric pastor has made national headlines for a number of outrageous claims, including his belief that gay people are secretly adding human semen to coffee at Starbucks. In a recent interview with Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks, Manning refused to back down.

“Anytime anybody anywhere speaks the truth it becomes for those who oppose it controversial,” he said.

Kasparian noted that Manning had called for gay people to be stoned to death.

“I’m a preacher of the word of God,” he replied. “I’m not the one who wrote the scripture. Listen, Moses said that sodomites should be stoned. It’s right in the book of Leviticus. I’m not the writer of that. I’m just a preacher of it, so don’t blame me. If you want to be upset with somebody, be upset with Moses.”

Uygur asked Manning if he agreed with the views of Muslim extremists like the Islamic State jihadists, and the pastor agreed that he shared some beliefs with the radical groups.

Uygur also wondered why Manning had described drinking semen as “having a good time.”

“Well, you know, you are pushing me up against a corner here,” he responded. “A number of people think that semen tastes good. A number of people think that drinking semen is a good idea.”

“No, I don’t think that myself personally,” he insisted. “I’m just giving you the references of what other people say. You’ve got literally millions of people around the world that really think that the taste of semen is quite a flavor, and they seek it in the midst of other kinds of activities.”

Some “ingenious” individuals had decided to put semen in coffee lattes, he added, before admitting to having been tempted by the gay “lifestyle.”

Pstor James David Manning, Rawstory 33 Comments [1/30/2015 4:01:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Naturalistic Worldview
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Quote# 106065

Yup, a faggit is the same thing as a misopede.

World’s Worst Ever Child Pornography Ring Had 27,000 Subscribers-251 Victims Identified, 243 Were Boys [article at Dailystormer]
A fag is called a perderast in France, where such concepts are not seen as separate.
Also in the better days in the US, the government specifically sought to teach people that faggitry = misopedia through educational film designed to make society safer.
In Esperanto, pederasto means fag.
American misopedes take their kids (adopted and natural born) to public orgies, claiming it is educational and liberal for young children
In recent news, Phillip Schofield got in trouble for asking David Cameron to arrest misopedes, because Cameron deemed it homophobic.
Holland, only 12 years after legalizing fag marriage (appropriately on April Fool’s Day, 2001), legalizes misopedia [link in Italian] [link in Portugese]
In the US around 300,000 children go missing every year, usually to high-level misopede parties who buy the children – often boys around 10 – for around 5,000 dollars each, then typically rape the boys to death. In such a crisis, the US refuses to establish a missing children’s database as the populace watch such silly and dangerous movies as The Lost Boys and Peter Pan which suggest that all the boys are “flying away”.
Some NAMBLA chapters meet at mainstream gay centers such as Philadelphia’s Gay and Lesbian Community Center. [1]
NAMBLA’s meetings and conferences always feature mainstream queer leaders and speakers. For example, Don Kilhefner, of the Los Angeles Gay Community Service Center, gave a speech to Los Angeles NAMBLA members on the subject of “The Significance of Man/Boy Love in the Gay Community.
The most comprehensive geigh networking website, the Queer Resource Directory ….links every geigh group in the country including NAMBLA and other queer groups that focus on young’uns.
NAMBLA marches in geigh pride parades with the consent of the geigh leadership.
Many of the homosexual movement’s most prominent leaders endorse NAMBLA and its goals. Geigh wrahters and big cheeses such as Allen Ginsberg, Gayle Rubin, Larry Kramer (founder of ACT-UP), Pat Califia, Jane Rule, Michael Kearns, and Michel Foucault have all written in favor of either NAMBLA or man-boy relations. Harry Hay, whom many consider the founder of the American queer movement, invited NAMBLA members to march with him in the 1993 “March on Washington” geigh rights parade. He also marched in the 1986 Los Angeles fag parade wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words “NAMBLA walks with me.”
Top mainstream queer newspapers and magazines such as the Advocate, Edge, Metroline, The Guide, and The San Francisco Sentinel have not only published pro-NAMBLA articles and columns but also many have editorialized in fayva of NAMBLA and MIPS with children.[1]

Janoklark, Knights of Banjo Hollow 56 Comments [1/29/2015 4:11:30 AM]
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Quote# 106063

the flying spaghetti monster is just a waste of time made by wankers, and it looks like a pile of their rank semen and ripped out balls. if you’re a woman you can be an atheist by not meditating, but for men it comes by masturbation. i have NEVER met a continent man who is an atheist. the silly world these atheists create is projected from their own demented minds. the reason they think God is the tooth fairy etc. is because they are too busy jerking off to take a minute to contemplate quietly and look inward.

of course any system can be made to look ridiculous, if the person presenting it has no clue what this system is based on.

for example, let’s assume british people cannot cook or make good tasting food, and thus cannot imagine what good tasting food is. they might call gourmet cooking a mythology, for example, and make fun of people who believe in good cooking as fatuous idiots who believe in the tooth fairy. they might make fun of gourmet chefs as having the superstition that if they study cook books they will attain knowledge of the mythical delicious food. they might smear poop on images of prize chefs, make fun of chef hats, and make porn with people in formal cooking clothes. they might then explain thus:

believing in good cooking is like believing in santa claus. people in chef school and studying cookbooks think that if they pay homage to good cooking, that they’ll be rewarded afterward by some mythical good flavor being, and that if they make a mistake they will be cursed forever with a disgusting feeling in their stomach.

or we could assume women are liars more often than not, and have no concept of honesty. in this case, women could start calling honesty myth, write a book called the honesty delusion, and say honesty is something idiots believe in because they think it’ll make them go to heaven forever, just like putting a tooth under your pillow gets you a quarter.

we could extend these analogies to anyone ignorant of something, who then tries to mock the things he doesn’t understand. quite simply, the stupidity of the spaghetti monster is the silliness of the wanker atheists who created it. it is a mirror of themselves.

atheists short-sighted, or blind, because they are wanking. this is shown in the folk knowledge that masturbation causes blindness, and also in the bible when Christ takes the scales off the eyes of a blind man (who is blinded by the sin of lust). they seek to debunk religion based on definitions and ideas of religion that are twisted, silly, or overly modern. they seem to be attacking the ideas of something an old lady said to them once in sunday school.

what they cannot understand is that God is not defined in our short, modern era. norms are not created in one generation, and norms technically do not define truth anyway. however the definition of God is true and useful as provided by traditional sources like the vedas an upanishads. atheists never read these sources. they are always reading modern bibles that were published less than 50 years ago (though Christianity has never been defined by what’s in the bible…the bible was only really collected in the way we see it today in 325AD). they seem to be clowns arguing on the other side against zionist clowns like tim hagee.

Janoklark, Knights of Banjo Hollow 39 Comments [1/29/2015 4:11:03 AM]
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Quote# 106062

Paraphrasing the admirable James A. Donald, the West of the 18th century considered women so lacking in continence that they would crawl through nine miles of broken glass to fornicate with their demon lover if not restrained by their husbands, fathers, brothers and pastors. In Egypt, a sexist, homophobic, hopelessly backwards Islamic society, girls living alone, beyond the reach of their family, are assumed to be whores. The Egyptians, I think, are not as backwards as we chauvinistically presume, since it seems their intuition about the behavior of unrestrained females has been more than comprehensively vindicated by the state of Western society today, where all girls can live alone (and do much more besides) — and where all girls are whores. Feminism failed. Modernity failed. We got women’s liberation and ubiquitous technology of unimaginable power and complexity, and the result was not a new Golden Age for civilization, but a new Golden Age for depravity.

“Modern,” “enlightened,” “liberal,” protestations aside, the situation in the West of 2015 is clear. Females can live alone, vote, run for office, commit infanticide, get away with murder, work men’s jobs, receive preferential treatment in universities and corporations, deny fathers their children, ruin innocent men with false accusations of rape & assault, and almost anything else they want to do — with the full support of the educational system, the media and the exponentially-expanding police-surveillance state. The dream of women’s liberation has been achieved, and then some. And then some. And then some more. And even some more after that! Females can live alone, unlike in Egypt. Females can live alone, and they do exactly what our 18th century forefathers, and 21st century Egyptian fellows a continent away intuited that they would do — they whore themselves. “Women’s liberation.” Women’s liberation is women’s prostitution. We should have known better.

If I miraculously became the Supreme God-Dictator of the West tonight, and upon finishing my gourmet breakfast of bacon, eggs and the finest Caspian caviar the next morning, I issued an edict that no woman may live alone, what would happen to the West’s marriage and divorce rates? The fertility rate? The bastardy rate? The amount of fornication, adultery, pornography and sexual perversion? The number of broken families? The number of kids shuffling between Mommy’s house and Daddy’s house on alternating weekends? (Or, more likely, just watching Mommy shuffle boyfriends while Daddy contemplates the taste of gun metal with a restraining order trembling in his hand.) What would happen to the rates of suicide, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, mass shootings, herbivore men, sexually transmitted diseases, eating disorders, self-radicalization, depression, gambling, drug abuse, obesity, cat-lady spinsters, gang violence, self-harm, ethno-religious tension (and violence), juvenile delinquency, social alienation and hollow shambling wrecks of human beings one missed medication away from walking off the edge of a thirty-story building?


Quite simply, if we put every woman back in the home, back next to the hearth, and gave her one son and one daughter to educate, civilize, inform, teach, nourish, protect, cultivate, cuddle, cherish and love, what would happen to our society? What if we gave her a fit, cultured, intelligent and loving husband who could teach his son baseball and read Cinderella to his daughter? A husband who didn’t spend his boyhood drugged out on ADD medications, his teenage years drugged out on cannabis, and his young adulthood drunk out of his mind? A husband who was taught to appreciate Beethoven, recognize Van Gogh’s Starry Night, recite a little poetry in French, and recognize a Biblical quote in Ancient Greek? A husband who was taught to shoot a gun, punch a drunkard, row a canoe, and hike up a mountain without complaining? Who kept a library where the television might’ve been, and who knew who his father was, his grandfather, and their fathers and grandfathers before them? Who worshiped the same God as his most distant ancestors, and lived on the very same land they conquered long ago? Who maintained and honored the inheritance bequeathed to him by his forefathers, both material and spiritual, and left it in better condition than he received it, and passed it on to his own sons and daughters? Might we see a resurgence of the stable, loving family? Might we actually see — trigger warning – a better society?

Dramatized wave. Hint of a bow. Knowing wink. “Ma’a As-Salaama!“

Mark Yuray, Social Matter 35 Comments [1/29/2015 4:10:54 AM]
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Quote# 106057

If you're going to have a list about the characteristics and warning signs of fascism, then it's best to have a completed one. Here are some more prominent warning signs of fascism:

• Love for one’s place of origin
• Desire for justice
• Rejection of weakness
• Immunity to liberal programming
• Healthy sexuality
• Respect for culture and aesthetics
• Knowledge of the truth
• Masculinity
• Disdain for stasis
• Passion for righteous violence
• Opposition to materialism
• Dreams of purification
• Freedom from degeneracy

And last but not least...Refusal to read ‘Fascist’ as a pejorative!

Covington, Straight 36 Comments [1/29/2015 4:08:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: Skybison
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Quote# 106055

B+ Blood Type: what it means spiritually – Beta 6th Thunder

B positive according to the Church of Smyrna in the 7 Churches of Revelation are interpreted as YAHudah’s progeny (Jews) but under 1st commandment curse. Progeny of Eve (ha Wah) before flood & Japheth after the flood

Smyrna – Myrrh for burials. Because of Eve’s adultery with SamaEL- Zeus (XES) in the garden she must die though the faithful will not die the second death. “Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die”

1) Reminding them that he, YAHshuWAH died but lived.
2) Your works tribulation and poverty are known (But you are rich) reference to Japheth
3) Also known are the blasphemy of those O’s calling themselves Jews, but do lie. True Jews are the progeny of Ashkenazi the grandson of Japheth.
4) Fear not the Devil will put some of you in prison (FEMA concentration camps just like Nazi Germany)
5) You will be tried with tribulation 10 days be faithful unto death and receive a crown of Life.
6) The overcomers will not be hurt by the second death.

8, And to the angel of the in Smyrna assembly write! Thus says the first and the last, who became dead, and lived. 9, I know your works, and affliction, and poorness, (but rich you are) and the blasphemy of the ones calling to be Jews themselves, and are not, but a synagogue of Satan. 10, Do not fear the things you are about to suffer! Behold indeed, is about to throw the devil some of you in prison, that you should be tested. And you shall affliction days ten. Be trustworthy unto death! and I will give to you the crown of life. 11, The one having an ear, hear what the spirit says to the assemblies! The one overcoming, in no way should be injured by the death second.

What happened to the House of YAHudah’s progeny through Shuwah’s daughter historically?

Here’s the connection: B+ are the Progeny of haWah (Eve) whom at one time going back to the beginning were RH- meant to live in a B- body. Then after the reboot of the flood they entered the matrix through Japheth and later brought in under YAHudah through the Daughter of King Shuwah (B‘s). Over the course of incarnating here over thousands of years they failed to love the creator in a manner in which YHWH could receive. Since YHWH will not share his glory with another (as he shouldn’t have to) the B+ allowed themselves to worship Satan. The reasons why or how don’t matter. Today you are referred to as Gentiles. The A, B, and AB positives are the fulfillment of YHWH’s first Commandment. They are the result of the Law in which YHWH says; “I AM a jealous God Visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children to the 3rd and 4th generation for those who hate me and offering mercy to those who love me and keep the Law”. The only way this can be interpreted is as a generational curse. Blood barriers of Genesis 3:15 apply here. Rhogam is a drug that breaks these barriers and helps fulfill Mat 10:34-36. The assembly of ha Wah’s (Eve) Temple- blood type has been blended with Satan’s seed.

See: B- blood type and what it means spiritually and the other blood types for more info.

Each of the blood types has generous clues as to who they Biblically are. It’s coded if you know the Bible 7 Churches of Revelation can be easily understood. Here are the B’s:

Now the clues for the B+’s are similar. YAHshuWAH observes that they also enjoyed Japheth’s blessing of being rich. And assures them he sees the Blasphemy of those claiming to be Jews but are in fact the congregation of Satan. There was no V or J in Hebrew so if we closely look at the name Eve a better translation would be Ewe in modern English. A ewe is a female sheep. Therefore the name Jews should be Ewes a reference to B- ha Wah, (Eve) who also had the blessings of Japheth.

YAHshuWAH tells them the Devil will put some of them into FEMA camps, that they are to be tried 10 days and to Hold onto his NAME, YAHshuWAH (not jeZeus- Xes = 666). These Overcomers will receive a crown of LIFE and will not by any means suffer the second death.

The B-‘s (2nd created Thunder) are reminded that they are neither hot nor cold but lukewarm as was ha Wah (Eve) was with YHWH’s commandment about eating the forbidden FRUIT of a certain Tree of animals (Book of YAHshur 1:20). Now picture the 7 candlesticks and on the right side from the middle, the B-‘s are in the midst of the right side between Adam and Cain exactly where YAHshuWAH says they are neither Hot nor Cold.

The B-‘s of Laodicea are urged to remember that though they have the blessing Noah had given to Japheth/Ashkenaz (Gen. 9:27) of being enlarged-increased they are in fact actually blind, like Isaac who despite all he had inherited from Abraham ended up blind because he loved Esau’s venison (Gen. 27:1-5). And naked because of Eve’s not following YHWH’s commandment of a certain forbidden FRUIT that causes death. She had not been tempted with an apple it was animal flesh that causes cancer (Rev. 16:15).

YAHshuWAH tells the B-s if they don’t clean out their eyes and learn to sit at his Passover dinner table of mercy (bread) and not continue to eat at Satan’s table (fool sacrificed to Idols), they will be tried in the fire and temptation of the Great Tribulation to earn their white garments so the shame of Eve’s nakedness (Gen 3:7) may not be seen. These B-‘s having to choose death over the NWO Mark of the Beast as seen in Nazi prison camp photos with some burned in ovens and others laid out for burials in mass graves. These Overcomers will sit with him on his throne.

I would like to point out when I received my blood type testing kit from Dr. Adamo’s Eat right for your blood type website it arrived with a pamphlet. According to this pamphlet there was not a single blood type B amongst the Native Americans, proving the awesome power of YAHshuWAH to separate the House of YAHudah Betas from the House of YAHshurun Alphas. Science knows this that’s why they have already given convenient accurate blood types ABO labels.

8dayruddyman, Godlike Productions 21 Comments [1/29/2015 4:08:15 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
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Quote# 106054

A negative according to the Church of Ephesus in the 7 Churches of Revelation is interpreted as YAHqob’s name given to YAHsef’s children, Manasseh & Ephraim- YAHshurun (not Israel- Isis Ra El). Progeny of Adam before flood & Shem after the flood

Ephesus – Desirable: Desired by Satan- XES (666). A- Adam not touched by Satan in the Garden

1) Can’t stand those that are evil. (Canaanites- Gog)
2) Didn’t believe the false apostles Paul, Mark and Luke (Indians hard to Christianize)
3) Had endurance because my name YaHWeH (not Jehovah- Jesus XES)
4) Left first Love (animals)- Adam named them before ha Wah (Eve) was created Genesis 2:19
5) Do first works = Provision of Food first page of Bible. Also Genesis 3:18,19
6) YAHshuWAH commends them for hating the deeds of the Nike Laoitans (Evangelists of Zeus XES = 666). The Cherokee would rather have lived on reservations. White man speak with serpent tongue (Gog)
7) Overcomers of longsuffering Adam will eat from the Tree of Life in YHWH’s garden

1, To the angel of the assembly in Ephesus write! Thus says the one holding the seven stars in his right hand, the one walking in the midst of the seven lamp stands golden. 2, I know your works, and your toil, and your endurance, and that you are not able to bear evil ones; and you tested the ones calling themselves apostles, and are not, and found them liars; 3, and you bore, and endurance have, because of my name, and you tired not. 4, But I have against you, that the love of yours, the first, you have left. 5, Remember then from what place you have fallen, and repent, and the first works do! But if not, I come to you quickly, and I will move your lamp stand from out of its place, unless you should repent. 6, But this you have, that you detest the works of the Nicolaitans, which I also detest. 7, The one having an ear, hear what the spirit says to the assemblies! To the one overcoming, I will give to him to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of my God.

What happened to the House of YAHqob’s namesake historically?

Here's the connection: When the Giant White Assyrians (Aryans) took the House of YAHqob's namesake (YAHshurun- not Israel) out of the Promised Land, where did they go? Why did Hadrian and Antonine build guarded walls across the border of Scotland and England from sea to sea? The Picts known as Baa-Barians to the Romans were told they could assimilate into our Roman Society on the English side if not don't come back into Europe. The Roman’s pushed them out of Europe and into North America. A land never before inhabited (2Esdras 13:39-48). Scotland is the only country in Europe that did not expel the Jews and mentions their connection with lost tribes in the Scottish Declaration of Arbroath. James Adair (buried in NC) wrote a book published in London in 1875 called “The History of the American Indians” in which Adair makes 23 different arguments on why the American Indians could have never been anyone but the lost tribes of YAHqob's namesake. The Apocryphal book of Esdras (Ezra) says they were taken to a land never before inhabited by man. YHWH said he was going to raise his Messiah up through the Assyrian Cedar of Lebanon (fruitless tree). The white man on the Shroud is clearly fulfilling (Ezekiel 31). YAHqob's namesake blended with Satan's seed. Again in North America; (Manifest Destiny) get on the reservation or assimilate. YHWH will take away any bias based on DNA at judgment and that is why even his first born priests the AB-'s are born into bodies with Satan's DNA. When the B- Jews fled Europe across to North America this provided the opportunity for YAHqob & YAHudah's namesakes to be blended fulfilling the Prophecy of Ashkenaz, Japheth's grandson living in tents of Shem.

Each of the blood types has generous clues as to who they Biblically are. It’s coded if you know the Bible 7 Churches of Revelation can be easily understood. Here are the A’s:

The A-‘s (1st created Thunder) are reminded about their first Love in Revelation 2:4 and that these offspring of Adam have left their original love. Adam before ha Wah (Eve) was made as his help meet had all the beasts of the field and birds brought to him in order that he should name them. These were Adam’s first Love even before Eve was created (Gen. 2:18-20).

The A-‘s of Ephesus are urged to remember from where they fell though the EssiYAH just told them and correct the matter before their placement on the menorah is moved out of its place on the right and moved to the left side. You can’t say you love these animals if you eat them. Loving to eat them is a sin for those who are provided bread and fruit till the day they return to dust (Gen. 3:18,19). These were sheep, cows and chickens to name a few.

When YAHshuWAH tells that them they persevered because of his name they would have had to have known it. Remember YAHqob gave that name to the Northern Tribes lead by YAHsef’s 2 sons Manasseh and Ephraim. The House of YAHshurun (not Isis Ra El) eventually settled in North America. What did the Native American’s call God? Not Jehovah and not Jesus. They called God YaHWeH proving they knew the Tetragrammatons’ of God’s name. This is why they were very hard to evangelize by Zeus’ (XES) Lay Evangelists, the Nike-Laotians.

I would like to point out when I received my blood type testing kit from Dr. Adamo’s Eat right for your blood type website it arrived with a pamphlet. According to this pamphlet there was not a single blood type B amongst the Native Americans, proving the awesome power of YAHshuWAH to separate the House of YAHudah Betas from the House of YAHshurun Alphas. Science knows this that’s why they have already given convenient accurate blood types ABO labels.

Now the clues for the A+’s are similar. They had a Name that was alive but now they’re dead putting them in the same family with the A-‘s. They are urged to remember where they receive and heard. This is a reference to Exodus reminding them about the lesson of the Quails in which the flesh eaters all died from murmuring about having to eat manna (Angel’s bread) for 49 years in the wilderness.

It also points to the Generation Curse of the first commandment as to being in danger of having their name blotted out from the Book of Life. Only a few did not spot their garments. You’ve heard the cliché your body is a Temple. YAHshuWAH after his resurrection stopped the slaughtering of innocent animals to atone for another’s sins. You’ve heard you are what you eat. If that reap sow concept is true then we can see why A+’s have animal DNA to overcome.

8dayruddyman, Godlike Productions 10 Comments [1/29/2015 4:08:07 AM]
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Quote# 106053

From a Catholic children's book, "The Sight of Hell":

Look into this room. What a dreadful place it is! The roof is red hot; the floor is like a thick sheet of red hot iron. See, on the middle of that red hot floor stands a girl. She looks about sixteen years old. Her feet are bare, she has neither shoes nor stockings on her feet; her bare feet stand on the red hot burning floor. The door of this room has never been opened before since she first set her foot on the red hot floor. Now she sees that the door is opening. She rushes forward. She has gone down on her knees on the red hot floor. Listen, she speaks! She says; "I have been standing with my feet on this red hot floor for years. Day and night my only standing place has been this red hot floor. Sleep never came on me for a moment, that I might forget this horrible burning floor. Look," she says, "at my burnt and bleeding feet. Let me go off this burning floor for one moment, only for one single, short moment. Oh, that in the endless eternity of years, I might forget the pain only for one single, short moment." The devil answers her question: "Do you ask," he says, "for a moment, for one moment to forget your pain. No, not for one single moment during the never-ending eternity of years shall you ever leave this red hot floor!" "Is it so?" the girl asks with a sigh, that seems to break her heart; "then, at least, let somebody go to my little brothers and sisters, who are alive, and tell them not to do the bad things which I did, so they will never have to come and stand on the red hot floor." The devil answers her again: "Your little brothers and sisters have the priests to tell them these things. If they will not listen to the priests, neither would they listen even if somebody should go to them from the dead."

Oh, that you could hear the horrible, the fearful scream of that girl when she saw the door shutting, never to be opened any more. The history of this girl is short. Her feet first led her into sin, so it is her feet which, most of all, are tormented. While yet a very little child, she began to go into bad company. The more she grew up, the more she went into bad company against the bidding of her parents. She used to walk around the streets at night, and do very wicked things. She died early. Her death was brought on by the bad life she led.

Father John Furniss, Saints Books 36 Comments [1/29/2015 4:07:52 AM]
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Quote# 106049

I want to publicly thank popular atheist, Jaclyn Glenn, for the exposure she has given to "Evolution Vs. God." Her first review received over 650,000 views.

No doubt most of those who watched were atheists. God only knows how many backslid because of her disastrous effort at damage-control.

The first review didn't work so she tried again, and this one has had over 190,000 views.

Watch Jaclyn go into panic-mode as the sacred cow of Darwinian evolution is shown to have no scientific basis.

This is because it's not me that couldn't find evidence for the belief. It was four leading evolutionary scientists (from USC and UCLA) that are floundering. So her frustration is understandable.

If you watch, be ready for her potty-mouth (see Proverbs 11:22).

Ray Comfort, Facebook 36 Comments [1/28/2015 4:08:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris
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Quote# 106046

Wow, a whole web site of people bragging about being "former christians" who now stand up and shake their fist to the heavens declaring that the sun is not shining. And they brag about their hope being an eternity of darkness. Wow, what a hope and inspiration you are to everyone! The belching of reprobate minds.

I am so grateful that my Savior, Jesus Christ brought life and immortality to light. The hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ gives light and hope and inspiration. Atheism brings nothing but darkness, death and depression. After all, it has been totally enforced in the USSR, China, and Cambodia. Oh how dark these self deluded "enlightened minds" become when they turn from God to experience "the blackness of darkness forever" In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I implore you all, turn to Christ Jesus before that darkness comes.

Al Mahan, Friendly Atheist 34 Comments [1/28/2015 4:06:30 AM]
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Submitted By: AJ Williams
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Quote# 106044

D-bag, you are not relevant and now want publicity, good for you, grow a pair and find your own fame. The newsboys were not a "big"band when u were with them. But now u want to take what ever tiny bit of credit you can and get 15 min of fame? No wonder you're an atheist and an unintelligent small minded being. Enjoy finding out the truth one day! Last time I checked the movie never said you had to be perfect so son who say that missed the boa but you have missed it ever since you claimed to be "atheist" all I can say is wow

Get ur own identity, Friendly Atheist 21 Comments [1/28/2015 4:06:04 AM]
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Submitted By: AJ Williams
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Quote# 106043

I’m not sure gun control is even all that relevant to the situation. It’s just a push to do something to finally secure that permanent victory the Obama coalition is dreaming about. Killing a bunch of little kids doesn’t require an AR-15; a lever-action .30-30, a six-shooter and a hatchet would do the job just fine. But that isn’t the point. This is purely political. To weaken support for the Constitution, you have to find an angle, and the 2nd amendment looks like the weakest link in the chain of the Bill of Rights. Get rid of that, and it will be easier to throw people in prison for “hate speech,” which is really the top priority for the left. In order to jail us for what we say, they have to first take away our right to defend ourselves.

So I propose a little test here. If they really want gun control, that’s fine, but each and every restriction on citizens must also apply to the men tasked with keeping us in line. If we aren’t allowed to have high-capacity magazines and body armor, then the police, who are also subject to our laws, should not have them either. What does “equality” mean if one class of people – government employees – is not subject to the same laws as the other?


So fine. Take our guns. But give yours up, too. The arms race in the US is a direct response to the rise of the police and prison-industrial state. Why doesn’t the left ever mention this? Why, because the cops are their very own paid mercenaries. SWPL city dwellers depend on these guys to intimidate the minorities in their coalition — to keep them in their place. As the US grows increasingly fragmented, they will depend on them even more.

This gun grabbing is about empowering the state at the expense of citizens who believe in a free yeomanry — it’s about building an America under the thumb of a new Praetorian Guard. Fools. They are giving up our collective liberty for a little bit of precarious power, and they aren’t by any means putting a halt to future violence, which will come in spades when people realize it’s the only tool left that works in our hollowed-out, uncivil society.

W. F. Price, The Spearhead 36 Comments [1/28/2015 4:05:47 AM]
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Quote# 106041

As the Islamic invasion advances, mosques are proliferating across the United States at breakneck speed. And there appears to be no end in sight.

Since 9/11, the number of mosques in America has grown by 75%. The timing of this is no coincidence. Mosques are a symbol of Islamic supremacism. Islam attacks. Then it plants a triumphal mosque on the battlefield. And another. And another. And another.

The proliferation of mosques is also a sign of our incomprehensible response (or lack thereof) to the threat of Islam.

War has been waged against the United States and what have we done? We have welcomed the enemy with open arms. Dhimmitude has paved the way for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of new mosques since the day nearly 3,000 Americans were murdered in the name of Islam.

If we don’t put an end to this madness, we will ensure the continued assault against us – an assault that, ultimately, will spare no one. (Do you hear that, dhimmis? That includes you.)

Mosques pose a dual risk to Americans. First there is the nature of what is preached inside the walls of the mosque. Second is the nature of the walls themselves.

As to the first point, recent studies show that 80% of mosques preach jihad (through sermons and/or materials) and that more than 95% of Muslims attend such mosques.

But the horror doesn’t end there as one considers the issue of funding. While many Muslims claim they raise the money for mosques within the local community, there is reason to doubt this assertion in many cases. Common sense alone would cause one to question how, for example, tiny communities of Muslims could raise millions of dollars to built gigantic mosques. Common sense aside, there is evidence that shows that 80% of mosques in this country receive funds from Saudi Arabia.


Do you see a pattern here? It’s the same pattern we see with all aspects of the growing Caliphate as Islam spreads outward from the Middle East to engulf more and more nations. And toward that end there is the ever-present mosque – a place where jihad is preached and in some cases, a place from which the jihadist attack is launched. (If the idea of having jihad attacks launched from mosques across America does not seem plausible, in addition to pondering what I just wrote, look into the 3 stages of jihad.)

[All hyperlinks in original]

Carol Brown, American Thinker 24 Comments [1/28/2015 4:02:35 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP
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Quote# 106039

Rabbi Levin: Hurricane: Global Warming or G-d’s Warning?

Tens of billions in losses, 50 dead, scientists say that Sandy is the worst N.Y. hurricane in 800 years! Some insurance policies still call this kind of occurance an ACT OF G-D. But where are our religio-conservative leaders to interpret what’s happening?

Remember when Dr. Falwell and Dr. Pat Robertson attributed 9/11 to the homosexual agenda and abortion? Guess our leaders have a huge problem doing that now.

After all, the dirty secret they don’t tell us is that Romney supports homosexual adoption and Boy Scout leaders, homosexualization of the military, “domestic partnerships”/civil unions, homosexual K-12 mandated school curricula, homosexual youth day proclaimations, $50 taxpayer funded abortion in Massachussetts, and the list goes on.


Here’s a traditional Jewish/Torah approach to the hurricane and the election:
1-G-d multitasks. There are probably various reasons for the hurricane. Each person should repent for his/her personal shortcomings.
2-Days after same gender marriage began in New York, we were hit by Hurricane Irene. Days before the national election, (no significant repentance in NY or anywhere in the US,) Hurricane Sandy hits, further damaging our fragile economy. In 2 days: An earthquake in California, an “almost” tsunami in Alaska, Hawaii and Hurricane Sandy in the East. Sleep on…
3-Daily, millions of Jews recite Psalms 147 & 148: (147)”He who dispatches His utterance earthward; how swiftly His Commandment runs! He who gives snow…scatters frost…hurls His ice…before His cold, who can stand?...He blows His wind…the water flows…”


What should G-d fearing people do?

A. Repent personal and communal transgressions.
B. Defeat pro-homosexual union legislation and referenda especially in the states of Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.
C. Do not vote for any candidate who supports an anti-G-d or anti-family agenda or legislation.

If Obama wins and the Senate is Republican, they can act as a strong loyal opposition, hindering much of the Obama agenda. However, if Romney (a wolf in sheep’s clothing) wins, even a Republican Congress will not significantly oppose Romney’s anti-family efforts. The results would be morally and spiritually catastrophic. It could be the end of the religio-conservative movement!

D. Urge your conservative and religious leaders to speak out and lead!

Forward this statement to your e-mail lists and urge them to do the same. We must defend His values.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, RabbiLevin.com 30 Comments [1/27/2015 4:30:07 AM]
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Quote# 106036

(Regarding a news article suggesting that NASA found DNA, or some of the building blocks of it, in space)

finding meteoritic trace amounts of these chemical compounds are tantamount to finding gold in sea water. just another nasa ploy to keep program funding's flowing, they're playing you like fiddle and you don't even know it.

snowtracks, AtheistForums.org 27 Comments [1/27/2015 4:22:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Stimbo
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Quote# 106035

Seriously, is there something mentally wrong with you? Thinking that a school full of sluts and frat stars getting slain by an incel is a bad thing is characteristic of a normalfag mindset. Our ONLY hope for ever getting to fuck multiple hot sluts is if there are enough incels in the western world who snap and cause bloodshed. It's the only way that sluts and alphas will realize and accept that there are serious consequences for allowing so many males to live their lives in misery.

NewGenious119, http://sluthate.com/ 63 Comments [1/27/2015 4:21:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Xaszatm
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Quote# 106034

"Gravity pulls things down. Therefore, down is natural. Airplanes are violations of nature and must be eliminated. Standing upright is immoral and counter gravity. Pushing people off cliffs is good!"

I was reading the evowiki and found this in their response to the creationist claim that neo-darwinism is the main cause for nazism, marxism, etc..

following the laws of gravity does nothing to help us as a species, but killing off the weak supposedly helps nature give us species that are more fit. In the creation model, this would not be the case since we believe natural selection to be what the litteral meaning of the word implies, a selection of DNA. It is not beneficial in the creation model, while it is in the evolutionnary model.

RichardT, creation wiki 28 Comments [1/27/2015 4:07:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Tony
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