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[Why are people still afraid of teaching about homosexuality as if it's something that can be taught or caught?]

That is precisely the point. It is something that can be taught, promoted or "caught" - not like a virus but like a bad habit especially to vulnerable youth with emotional insecurities. It is a deviant unhealthy behavior reflecting severe emotional retardation. Why on earth should any reasonable person accept the teaching and promotion of such dysfuntional behavior expecially in a school setting?

Any belief by the under thirty crowd that homosexuality is simply an alternative lifestyle choice is a perfect example of the affect of indoctrination in school and the media intended to promote this societal blight. Don't be naive and believe that abnormal, unhealthy and even destructive behavior cannot be taught to people who otherwise would not be inclined to behave in this manner. Terrorist suicide bombers are another perfect example of such an affect.

iceman, Catholic Answers Forums 26 Comments [5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11315

Oh I know I am so porbably bugging you, but here goes
heres the thing, I am HUGE creationist, totally believe six days create, 7th day rest....anyway, I also believe that dinosaurs were on the ark, and one step further I believe dragons were too, now I know that it may not be main stream but is certianly is biblical, in Job God discribes what many feel is a dragon...I do know that dragons have been seen as evil and sure I wouldn't be knocked over surprised if there are evil ones, but none the less i think dragons dinos stuff like that hanging over the side of the ark would really be an eye catcher!!

biblemommy, Rapture Ready 28 Comments [5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Nickstr5

Quote# 11314

[Excerpt from the Gospel of Nutrider]

Man again lifted his eyes to the Lord and said, "Lord, our men of science have told us that our emissions are greenhouse gasses and the climate will surely cause global warming. The ice caps will melt and the seas will rise, causing the end of man."

And the Lord sayeth, "Are these not the men that think they crawleth from the loins of chimps? Do they not know that when floating ice melts the level of water decreases, because ice displaces more than water doeth? Be ye not worried, for I shall destroy the earth in MY time, not thee by thy actions."

Man lifted his eyes to the Lord and said, "Lord, our men of science have told us that we should not drill oil, lest we spill some of it and contaminate the earth."

The Lord laughed with such ferocity had His hand not been upon the universe, it would have surely moved. "Surely thy men of science knows that oil cometh FROM the earth! How can that which cometh from the earth endanger the earth from which it cometh?"

Nutrider99, Free Conservatives 52 Comments [5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11308

[Further excerpt from long, batshit insane essay.]

I told her the truth from God's Word --It is a sin for women to wear men's apparel (Deuteronomy 22:5), and an even greater sin to wear immodest clothing that draws men's attention to the outward body, rather than to the inner heart (1st Peter 3:3-5). After I gave her the truth, she immediately became defense of the pants she was wearing by exclaiming, "So what? I don't think THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH WOMEN WEARING PANTS." I tried to show her more Scriptures, but she wouldn't be reasoned with. After talking with her, she said she had to leave for a church. A van then pulled up and I saw a bunch of women wearing PANTS!

Robert J. Stewart, When a Woman Wears Pants 82 Comments [5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11307

[Quotes from "Precalculus for Christian Schools"]

"Carl Friedrich Gauss first proved the fundamental theorem of algebra. There are many fundamental theorems: of arithmetic, calculus, and so on. These are so fundamental that many other theorems are derived from them. In the Bible, there are also fundamentals, without which Christianity would not exist: the deity of Christ, His substitutionary atonement, and the inspiration of the Bible, to name a few."

"A line can be described either by its slope (a ratio) or by its inclination (an angle). These terms describe the deviation from the horizontal, but the word inclination also has a non-mathematical meaning. Without Christ, man is inclined to sin. The Word of God should shape our attitudes (inclinations)."

"If you are given the length of two sides and the angle measure opposite one of those sides, you can use the law of sines to solve the triangle. However, this does not always determine a unique triangle. As a result, it is called the ambiguous case. Ambiguous means open to multiple interpretations. Some people say that you can interpret the Bible in any way that you want. However, there is no ambiguity in the Bible."

"A person is eccentric if his behavior deviates from normal. Jesus Christ expects His disciples to be eccentric, since living a Christlike life is not normal in this world (Titus 2:14). Likewise, in mathematics, conic sections are eccentric if they deviate from a circle. Eccentricity is a measure of this deviation. The eccentricity of an ellipse (e) is the ratio of focal distance (c) to the length of the sentimajor axis (a): e = c/a. Since c and a are distances and c < a, the eccentricity of any ellipse is 0 < e < 1.

"The concept of limit can be used to illustrate an important truth. Suppose you lived eighty years and there was no life after death; your life on the earth would be 80/80 = 1 = 100% of your existence. Now, let's assume that your life after death was eighty years long: your earthly life would be 80/160 = 1/2 = 50% of your entire existence. If life after death were 720 years, your life here would be only 80/(80+720) = 0.1 = 10%. Now extend it to eternity: (the limit as x approaches infinity) 80/(80+x) = O. In other words, this life is very insignificant in light of eternity. It is no wonder James said that life is "vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."

BJU Press, Amazon.com 46 Comments [5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11303

1 out of every 67 deaths in the WORLD is an American abortion
1 out of every 4 deaths in America is an American Abortion
Half of the deaths in the world are from abortions
Abortion is the leading cause of death in the world. It kills as many people as ALL of the other causes of death combined
We have lost more Americans through abortions (64 times more) than we did in all of our wars (12 wars) combined
The world kills more people through abortion than all of the deaths in the America combined (22 times as many)
The D-Day invasion of France (WWII) was the bloodiest in history. There were 53, 714 allied soldiers killed in the "Battle of Normandy." Yet, our world kills more people than that in just 9 hours through abortions
America has lost 589 soldiers in its first year of fighting in the Iraq War. The world, however, kills more people than that in just 6 minutes through abortions

I've noticed that a lot of people are practically doing backflips everytime they hear a human soldier die in Iraq, but looking at these statistics, that is dwindled in comparison. WHY aren't we OUTRAGED by this ATROCITY? WHY? That is MY question, I am simply AMAZED that people find this acceptable, and it is simply a shame on us all, for allowing such a tragedy to occur.

David, Myspace 35 Comments [5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 11300

As for the argument that believing in natural selection is believing in evolution, there seems to be a bit of flawed logic there. Natural selection is [basically] adaptation, genetic learning if you will. There's a big difference between the vast random changes required for the accidental life theory of evolution and the fact that change happens over time whatever the speed.[...]

I found it pretentious when scientists found the most recent 'missing link' fossil that 'shows' the transition from sea to land animals. The fossil shows structure both for living on land and in water, somehow that must equate to evolution when adaptation to its environment is all that can be established as fact.

TheLowlyTortoise, Christian Forums 22 Comments [5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: CousinTed

Quote# 11297

[Why does God not cure amputees?]

He does. They are called artifical legs.

NothingButTheBlood, Christian Forums 43 Comments [5/3/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Michelle

Quote# 11294

If you're straight and back the Gay Agenda, you need to realize that EVERYONE IS LAUGHING AT YOU. Why? Because it's quite obvious that you want to be in on a ground level civil rights movement so bad, that you'll attach yourself to any pitiful cause that comes your way.

Citizen, Sean Hannity Discussion Forum 29 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11293

[Lesbian mom objects to sex education pamphlet given to her young daughter that describes homosexuality as not a "legitimate lifestyle."]

When the gays requested "tolerance" meekly, nothing more than that, I knew it would not end there...
This sad escuse for a mother has proven that in spades. Pervesion is no longet tolerated. It must be deemed normal, or not discussed at all.

Me? I think they should all be back in the closet. All, that is, except those who keep their orientation to themselves...

Publius6961, FreeRepublic.com 30 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11291

C.S Lewis married his wife Joy when he was in his fifties. Their marriage was a truly happy one by all accounts. Lewis says they "feasted on love." Soon after they were married Joy got bone cancer which meant certain death within a few months. But Lewis asked a certain minister to pray for her, and not only was she healed, but bones which were eaten away showed clear signs of being regenerated. In any case all concernd including doctors believed they had seen a miracle. Joy lived for two more years.

Lewis was of course overjoyed at the miracle and the extra years with Joy.

But when Joy died, he referred to God as a "cosmic sadist" in his anger and grief.

This is a perfect example of the Spoiled Brat Principle. We are so entirely lost and ungrateful that even the greatest Christian apologist will complain- in spite of seeing a miracle.


1. Why would God want to heal anyone if he gets called names by Christians anyway?

2. Why should we believe all the skeptics need is proof, when it makes little difference to Christians thenselves?

3. Why should we believe a skeptic would not behave as Lewis did- or worse, at first very grateful to God, and then calling him names?

4. If Jesus came back and healed all the terminally ill patients in the world for two years, you would do what exactly, and for how long?


BTW, this thread neatly nullifies the "Why does God hate amputees?" and other rhetorical questions.

radorth, Christian Forums 23 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: CousinTed

Quote# 11290

[After being told by another member to stop posting articles which are irrelevent and/or derrogatory to other faiths in the non-christian religions section]

ok, let me get this point across to you, I will continue to post PRO christian sources, because that is what god told me to do, and if you don't like it, than you don't have to be there, just turn your head to my threads if you don't approve of what I am doing, but stop this stupidity.

BigChrisFilm, Christian Forums 30 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: CousinTed

Quote# 11289

such rhetoric can only persuade the most limited and mathematically unsophisticated minds.Such an artificially contrived string of gibberish does not compel anyone to accept that an infinitely impossible event(abiogenesis lets say) can become possible

truth above all else, Christian Forums 15 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: CousinTed

Quote# 11286

We all know, whether we admit it or not, that global warming is a scam and that all the price increases on gasoline are just to hype up rhetoric for the enemy(i.e. libs, dems and Al Quaeda).

telit laikitiz, Free Conservatives 27 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11285

[Explaining how divorce is so much worse than rape]

According to Deut, rape is only bad (except for the violance aspect) in that it goes against marriage. Divorce is a much more public, obvious affront to marriage than rape. SO I stand with my original answer.

oliveplants, Christian Forums 41 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Mandy

Quote# 11283

[To potential da Vinci code fans]


ellerjd, IMDB 36 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Jaded_Revenge

Quote# 11282

Science is a weak little kid on the block, that is hearing impaired, and 94% blind. The bible is like the hubble telescope, and a master computer, and a time machine rolled into one. It goes to the past, and the distant future in a cosmic rolls royce. But those who are not concerned with the bible, and just science must accept their huge limitations.

dad, 123 Christian Forums 58 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11280

[Defending Christian child sacrifice]

Druids sacrificing children is an abomination but god asking for child sacrifices is acceptable.

"The firstborn of thy sons thou shalt give unto me."
EXODUS 22'29

qohldr, BBC Religion 44 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11278

[A post about gay marriage and raising children]

Now, the Christ said that if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. If your hand causes you to sin cut it off. I say that if your, you know what [penis], offends you, cutting it off may be an option.

Imagican, 123 Christian Forums 29 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Cosmo

Quote# 11276

But all the knowledge we attain on earth is meaningless unless there is a use for it in heaven.

God does not care how much we know unless it is used to advance the kingdom of God.

The bible says that he will meet all our needs.

All the "knowledge" we attain will be done away with in heaven, so we only need to find out what heaven is all about and teach that.

Soulja †, Myspace 21 Comments [5/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: clemsecon

Quote# 11273

[How to know God is real]

First leave the skepticism at the door because it is just going to get in the way.

Guerrillasaint, Atheists Anonymous 38 Comments [5/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11271

You do not understand the mind and abilities of God.
Not that I know them all but I have an idea.

Can you formulate an idea?
Can you make make that idea materialize?

God can too.

Can you scientifically let me know you have formulated a thought within your mind without showing me material evidence that you had a thought?

wanderphillos, Christian Forums 16 Comments [5/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: CousinTed

Quote# 11270

[If everything needs a cause, why not turn that logic around and ask what caused God?]

This logic would only aplly to the ones that need such logic, since we do not need such logic to understand god, we don't need to worry about that, but since you need that kinda logic to not believe in god, you are the target audience for such a debate, not us.

BigChrisFilm, Christian Forums 39 Comments [5/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: CousinTed

Quote# 11262

Homosexuality is inherently a dead-end and a deviation from human (and other animals') design. It frequently results in physical and emotional damage, entirely separate from any such damage claimed to real or imagined discrimination.

ThomasMore, Free Conservatives 22 Comments [5/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 11257


Upon my knees, Oh Lord, I serve Thee, Myspace 59 Comments [5/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Mandy
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