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My passion has been horses since I was eight. I have just begun my show career, without a trainer. I know this is my desired path, but I feel that Satan is trying to stop me from fulfilling it. I know God revealed to me I would do well and he would bless me, but I keep running into these obstacles. First, I went from trainer-to-trainer and yet I realized I hated having someone 'boss' me about my riding. And now I am stuck on should I train myself and find a horse or should I go to a trainer again?
I know this is one of my many talents He has given me but I am confused on how to fulfill it. I know I have seen the jumper from my dreams - a gray gelding (male horse). I know he is the one but I feel I cannot afford him, because my mother has set me on a limit for $5000 and this horse is $32,000. I've cried to God and asked him why this can't be simpler and why can't I just have my horse? I need help but don't know where to go. Prayer and helpful advice are welcome.

Near, Rapture Ready 87 Comments [11/19/2007 3:27:35 PM]
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The books are bad news because the hero in the story is a "Student of witchcraft". There is a spirit at work behind this potter stuff that will draw children into the occult. This goes beyond fantasy in the spiritual realm something is at work. Real witchceaft and spells are used in the books by the way. Witchcraft is shown to be something good here to get into. It is bad news but I understand some will not agree, that's fine because I know better. This is one of the many ways Satan works is through entertainment.

Marilyn, MySpace 45 Comments [11/19/2007 8:04:26 AM]
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Submitted By: ninjacat11

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How does it oppose science? Were you there? Are you the God of science? Why can't you accept that we accept God's word for what it is? I believe it because it's in his word, is that not reason enough? Am I allowed to be a Christian? Honestly, this is why I detest evolution and would rather stay away from it's adherents. This stuck up attitude. Did Jesus rise from the Grave? How can you believe that someone rose from the dead after they had clearly died? Or are you more prone to accept the Pharisee's story?

Ishida, Foru.ms 27 Comments [11/19/2007 2:31:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Ricky

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They consider animals sacred due to their beliefs in animism - their ancestors are living in the monkeys that are stealing their cokes.
Their false gods are turning against them!

Buzzardhut , Rapture Ready 33 Comments [11/18/2007 7:14:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Christopher Lee

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Christianity is different from religion. Religion (including Atheism) is about how you can work to become like God (or good). Christianity is about the work the God does to make us more like him. If you think you can be a good person without God, then you have no reason to believe in Jesus.

God is love. The kind of love that is self sacrificing and unselfish. He has given you a choice. You can either accept his death on the cross as payment for your sin, or you can say he doesn’t even exist. You’re still alive, because God is giving you time to turn around. When your time is up, you will have no excuse.

Aaron, CoffeeGhost.net 43 Comments [11/18/2007 6:21:02 PM]
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The humanists and liberals that did their absolute best to steal this election are clearly visible right now. John Kerry and John Edwards were pawns in the hands of a corrupt party, the liberal elitist arm of the media and the liberal organizations of abortionists, sodomites, Hollywood corrupters, and other similar crowds. We are in a cultural war that has already been won in most of Europe and is evident all over the world. The lines in this moral war are not always perfectly clear. At least half of the votes (55 million plus) that were cast for Kerry/Edwards were not cast for Kerry/Edwards, but against Bush/Cheney and all of us that represent the religious right in America. Set it in concrete that they hate us more than they hate Bush/Cheney.

Joseph Chambers, Paw Creek Ministries 28 Comments [11/18/2007 6:13:53 PM]
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Nothing is so unfair to a homosexual man or lesbian woman than to say to them, "You were made that way." To suggest such is to remove all hope of change. The average lifespan of a male homosexual, if he does not contract AIDS, is 43 years. If he does, that is reduced to 39. (Family Research Institute.) Does the Heavenly Father purposely create a class of individuals with that kind of reduced life expectancy? To teach such is to breed despair and gloom, and to suggest that homosexuals and lesbians are second-class citizens.

Joseph Chambers, Paw Creek Ministries 58 Comments [11/18/2007 5:59:35 PM]
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"Then Allah said that they should fly planes into these two buildings for a reward of virgins. Allah is not the creator but is an imitator. This chapter or verse or whatever proves it. He is obviously not our creator because he does not believe in the son. The creator is our father, duh. Just like Jesus said. Allah is not God. He is an imposter trying to be worshipped........"

[That was an interperetation of the Qu'ran, just as the bible has been used to justify all sorts of killings throughout history. Spanish Inquisition anyone?]

"No, not the bible, but man and his pagan churches."

Randall, Evolution debate blog 15 Comments [11/18/2007 5:59:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Alex

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Gay militants are a huge problem in San Francisco. They invaded a church during communion dressed as nuns! This is disgusting behavior by disgusting people.

It's perfectly acceptable to hate these degenerates, and should be encouraged.

If you came out of the closet decades ago your father would give you a pounding. Now, the news media and teachers work to make parents feel guilty about their disdain for their child's homosexuality, when they should, justifiably feel disdain for their disease. Coming out of the closet is encouraged! It's unbelievable that a good portion of the US actually encourages people to flaunt their disgusting lifestyle. New York City and San Francisco have parades dedicated to these disgraceful people! Just unbelievable.

Barach Velvel ben Lazer Eliazer , JTF Forum 38 Comments [11/18/2007 5:55:21 PM]
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"This is kind of annoying - I get so mad sometimes at the way atheists react to anti-evolution links

they just flat out reject them without any reason. at all.

You understand that there are several anti-evolution sites all over the internet (or at least, thats what i heard) and what are most atheist doing about the facts being displayed on these sites? Nothing. They just ignore them, and when i show them a link. they just look at the link as if it was the most pointless thing in the world, but they don't give a reason for looking down upon it.

no,I'm not trying to convert anyone to Christianity, i would be way over my head trying to do that without the help of God. cuz only God can truly trance form someone and make them Christian. And God has told me not to use this forum as a matter of converting anybody.

I'm just sorta mentioning something i noticed."

53590, Youthink 38 Comments [11/18/2007 1:26:22 PM]
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Submitted By: malendras

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homosexual is deviced by man alone. it is so unnatural and such a regression.

elilai , hannity forum 43 Comments [11/18/2007 10:09:45 AM]
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[On nuking the Middle East]
I know theres innocent people over there but you got to do it for the greater good of western society and lets face it they don't exactly go out and condemn the terrorist actions.

No one can seriously sit there and tell me they consider an arab life as much worth as an american life.

Mr STD, MySpace 44 Comments [11/18/2007 10:09:35 AM]
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Submitted By: ninjacat11

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He should have been given an award, not a suspended sentence. I feel like pulling off those headscarfs myself. Muslims simply do not have any right to enter Western countries and expect to bring their dark culture with them. If governements don’t force Muslims to comply, then people will ultimately have to do their job for them.

Tezza, friedbrains 58 Comments [11/18/2007 4:37:23 AM]
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Of coarse evolution and all historical sciences can't be testable in most or all aspects. This should be self evident.
Yes the past is open to deduction from clues like a crime scene however the scientific method can not be applied to the big conclusions.
All one needs to pay attention to is whether the scientific method can and is applied.

This is why it seems every graduating class turns over some previously solid idea in evolution . Like PE.
Its easy when the original ideas had no tests to back themselves up.
Origin subjects are always about interpretation and then accumulation of data.
Just read carefully the posts here in this thread and you will see all the tests are based on premises themselves. Like fossil sequence and DNA stuff.
In the end origin subjects unlike laws of gravity can not be directly, repeatably tested. Origin subjects are like crime scenes. Here you will find the evolutionists are intel;igent, hard working Scotland Yard detectives. The creationists are Sherlock Holmes. Correcting and correct.

Robert Byers, IIDB 34 Comments [11/18/2007 3:31:23 AM]
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Quote# 31319

If the dino was 110 millions years old, he would not be found anywhere near the surface of the Earth. He would be under miles and miles of dirt and sediment and likely decomposed to microscopic particles.

Even villages excavated from several thousand years ago are covered witn many feet of dirt.

Think folks! Think!

Cameron, Rapture Ready 40 Comments [11/18/2007 3:27:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Christopher Lee

Quote# 31315

6th grade was my first encounter with indoctrination. I was a young, pre-teen girl, being told I didn't have a choice but to sit quietly and listen to my teacher teach evolution. I was told I couldn't counter each 'fact' with the fact I found in the Bible because "I might offend someone who doesn't believe in the Bible". Well, I was offended and no one cared. I am guessing the teachers felt my Biblical belief was a mere fantasy and I needed to 'grow up'. Too bad for them. That crying child has grown up to a college student with a mission; change the world, one classroom at a time.

Kristen, http://www.expelledthemovie.com/ 70 Comments [11/18/2007 2:57:52 AM]
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[The vultures begin to gather over the Saudi gang rape.]

Clearly, in many criminal events there are no clear-cut victims and criminals, quite often both sides are guilty. Saudi law clearly criminalises unchaperoned one-on-one contact, as a public safety measure, designed to prevent the occurrence of exactly this kind of situation. Saudi Arabia must be congratulated for their low crime rate. Scurrilous attacks on the judiciary such as the one committed by the alleged victim are deserving of punishment.

Mike from Sacramento, BBC News 38 Comments [11/17/2007 9:47:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Encolpius

Quote# 31314

To all the heathen (hearthen, people of the hearth, or earth; a.k.a. heathen) on this board who are constantly taking shots at the Christians, the Bible, and God Himself: did you read the above passages?

Do you understand what this means? If not, let me explain something to you.

I know that right now you think its funny to laugh at me and my brothers when we come against homosexuality, abortion, and all manner of filth that this country is mired in. I understand that you think its funny and all that... However, if you understand the passages above; then you will understand that one day there will be no more laughing.

One day in the near future, the HEATHEN WILL BE FORCED TO OBEY!!! When Messiah begins His reign on this earth, there will be no more mocking/laughing at Him and His Word. There will be only FORCED OBEDIENCE to His authority. Justice will be swift and instantaneous. And this will be a glorious thing!!!


I like the sound of that.

ShieldOFaith, Foru.ms 82 Comments [11/17/2007 9:46:48 PM]
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Quote# 31311

[Excellent point. The Bible can pretty easily be used to support a variety of arguments, many of which conflict with each other.

That's why I tend to let reality be my final arbiter. If someone has a Biblical interpretation that does not agree with reality -- be it creationism, geocentricism, condemning homosexuality, etc -- I don't buy it.]
Which is exactly why you are a false teacher.

zaac, foru.ms 27 Comments [11/17/2007 9:14:12 PM]
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Quote# 31313

We usually campaign during the presidential election years! It's really sad that people don't vote for the guy(NOT gal) that is going to lead our country!

Yankee@heart, Teens-4-Christ 28 Comments [11/17/2007 9:12:48 PM]
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Quote# 31312

[Using Jesus as a home invader deterrent]

This is the doorway to my bedroom. The guy in the picture is Jesus (artist's conception). So if some night... Someone breaks into my home... And comes upstairs to beat the crap out of me...

He's gotta get by Jesus first.

This truth works on more than one level... It even works without the picture.

Malott, Malott's blog 74 Comments [11/17/2007 7:16:46 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Jacob

Quote# 31305

i posted this for discussion yes but not to be ridiculed.Other religions are wrong because..okay Jesus(Gods Son) died,rose three days later to join His Father in Heaven.Did any other gods do that? Those gods are going to hell,that,or they never exsisted.We were brought into this world with sin.Adam(who is ALL of our ancestor,including Eve) went against the Lords rule.To not eat the fruit of 1 specific tree.i believe in Him and all the things He has done.
why are you people against Him?
What EXACTLY did He do to you,specifically? Why not be against another god?!How come,if someones a Christian,they`re looked upon as freaks or whatever?
God had to let Jesus die so the promise could be fulfilled.He couldnt just stop the making of the promise to us.And God and Jesus are watching all of us.They know our thoughts..everything!! YOU WANT FACTS?!?! Look in the King James Bible!!Not the NIV. Also, how come there are different versions of the bible..How come they arent changing the Quran? HUH?Because people know Christians have something..so they change everything..
AND people call catholics CHRISTIANS when they arent..Catholics believe that you can still sin after youre saved..you cant it`ll just be against you in Heaven if youre saved.You wont get a crown(s) for the good things youve done..unless you have done good things.
Im going to tell you all who dont believe in God or Jesus..you are going to hell forever..and you will burn and when you cry out and ask to get out of the burning flames..you wont be able to say that no one warned you.you like it now just wait to see how much youre going to hate it when you get there.
If Christians didnt love they wouldnt tell you lies and say,'oh youre okay..you dont belive in God soo im just not going to try to help you from going to hell cuz all you`d do is laugh in my face..you pathetic being'..think about it..most Christians take ridicule and humility for sticking to what they believe. If someone made fun of you and abused you for what you believe in what would you do?

smileyloverl, Gaia Online 48 Comments [11/17/2007 6:14:43 PM]
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Quote# 31303

I know what you're thinking...

"This guy is full of it"

But hear me out. I was taking the subway home today and noticed two dubious looking fellows out of the corner of my eye. One of them then approached me and asked if I had a cigarette. I sternly said no because I don't smoke and never will. After staring me down for a few seconds he walked back to his friend. I assume he thought I was lying. So there I was, my heart racing, knowing I might have to defend myself if worst comes to worst. I noticed them staring at me, saying something to eachother. So I just put my head down and put it in god's hands. I said a quick prayer and when I opened my eyes they had left.

Just a small example. Have a little faith, and good things will happen for you..

Boogie_J, GameSpot 52 Comments [11/17/2007 6:14:37 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: ninjacat11

Quote# 31310

Uhm, OK, applied science..? What do you mean by that? We see life around us, there is a God, he told us that the OT was true as we have historically accurate accounts of Jesus written by his disciples that we have evidence for that too. So then, are we going to disregard what God tells us to be true?

Wheres your applied logic?

windmill, foru.ms 27 Comments [11/17/2007 4:21:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Voltaire

Quote# 31306

You cant have something from nothing; its a fundamental concept of science...

Law of Conservation of Mass states that matter is neither created nor deystroyed, only transferred.

EXPLAIN THAT, EVOLUTIONISTS! How was the universe created, then?

camel2on64, GameSpot 49 Comments [11/17/2007 3:45:01 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: ninjacat11
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