Quote# 31106

[During an argument with him where I stated that I didn't think either sex was subservient to the other. It should be noted that a "mangina" is derrogatory for a man who advocates women having equal rights to them.]

You should really make a song or tune, updated to reflect your magina status, replete with misandry (hatred of men) & feminism (worshipping the 'goddess'). LOL! Call it: HIGHWAY TO HELL TOO! (a play on 'two'). Additionally, you didn't read what I posted or the Scriptures. Woman was NEVER CREATED TO BE EQUAL WITH ADAM!! That was BEFORE the Fall. Get it right! Woman to be Man's HELPER; can you read???

[Also, for some reason, he gives a bad rating to any quote he argues against. And I know this is long already, but he immediately responded with this gold:]

The problem with most souls on this earth, is that they think they know better than the Creator Himself. So, in spirit, they are spiritual homosexuals, defying the God-given Order, Masculist/Patriarchal Order of our Father in Heaven. You mess with God's Word, He will mess with your mind, sending you strong delusion so that you believe a lie. Amen. (I just wish such polluted minds would die right now & go to Hell & stop polluting the earth with their lies & Hell-on-Earth.)

apostledbm, YouTube 44 Comments [11/12/2007 4:56:15 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Lithp

Quote# 31080

You must be pretty stupid to believe love is just a concept when all the psychological proof in the world proves it is real. I also say, here is evidence proving that God exists: In 2003, agnostic and Christian scientists and archaeologists found a series of stone tablets in a cave in a mountain in the Middle East. The had engravings written by Adam, Seth, Enoch, and other Biblical prophets. The writings of Adam dated back to around 2.5 million BC and told the story of creation and a series of other things which prove Mormonism right above all belief-systems. (Read the Book of Moses, Pearl of Great Price). The tablets and the writings in this book were almost identical, and were identical as far as prophesies and doctrine are concerned. Back then (around 2.5 million years ago), people lacked the ability to think creatively and understand "why", and because of the function of their brains, it was impossible for them to, so Adam was not just making it up, and he was not making up something to explain "why" things were. Also, the writings were that of a completely sober man's, so he was not high. This proves all Adam said to be true, so therefore God exists, and for your ignorant sake, Mormonism is correct. Also, if one of you people ever threatened to punch or hurt me or anyone else I care about because of our belief in God, I am a first-degree black belt in karate, so I would just shatter every bone in their nose and their lower jaw, and then they would be disfigured for about a month and a half like they deserve.

Anonymous, I Am An Atheist 55 Comments [11/12/2007 12:57:51 AM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 31100

[This souds very hateful... Wouldn't you consider hate a demon?]
Hate is a demon, but not righteous hate/hatred. Just as anger is a demon as well, righteous anger is not a demon. Yahvh commands: Amos 5:15 "Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate:" King David also said: Ps 139:21,22 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

apostledbm, YouTube 28 Comments [11/12/2007 12:52:24 AM]
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Quote# 31099

Atheists are generally Communists, or become so, because they have to believe in 'god' on this earth at least. So, their government becomes God; literally, an antiChrist BEAST government usurping all the functions of the Creator (just about - as many as they can absorb) & demanding servitude from the slaves to their System. Thanks for reminding me of that 'group' of devils.

apostledbm, YouTube 37 Comments [11/12/2007 12:30:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 31091

Here are other things I could do with the power of the devil.

1. Just to scare normal people, make the ouiji board pointer fly in the air and land on someone.
2. Tell people what they were thinking and say their words in unison with them while they speak.
3. Make candles light by thought while normal people were playing seance.
4. Floor turning ice cold in the middle of hot weather when calling spirits forth to attend seances. Also, cold wind blowing through a room - strong wind.
5. Pointing index finger at ones who scoff or defy power - terror would pierce them and they would flee screaming, sometimes never regaining sanity.
6. Causing accidents, rashes, confusion, coughing, etc. when sending curses on people.
7. Hearing male voices speaking out of women or vice-versa during seances or any other time of calling forth of demons.
8. Satan himself talking on the ouiji board to ones he wanted - telling all their life and terrifying them if they did not agree to be his.
9. White, filmy beings floating through the house, dancing in circles in the yard - many of them.
10. Flies covering windows in the coldest of winter - unnatural hum.
11. Walls sweating and hot in winter - like a fire in them.
12. Voices talking muffled conversations - coming from closets, drains, heat vents, stuffed animals, toys, dolls.
13. ALL PRANKS ARE DEMONIC - demons hide in joking and pulling pranks.
14. Unusual odors - gas, oil, sewer, smoke, electrical fire, etc.
15. Virtually anything is possible in the realm of the occult, if it is done for the purpose of fear, hatred, pranks, power and control. If done to be nice, demons will not obey.
16. Turning lights on and off without touching switches.
17. Causing people to feel as though bugs are crawling on them or snakes, mice, etc. are crawling on them.

Anonymous contributor, Demonbuster 56 Comments [11/12/2007 12:28:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 31089

The last time you had a demon manifest, did you print large signs and walk down the street in protest? Did you block bars and nightclubs to keep people out? No! You did some Spiritual Warfare and drove out the demons.

The last time you were under attack, maybe from your boss or someone else, did you protest? No! You did Spiritual Warfare and bound up all the demons.

With the abortion issue, would you see more results by protesting in a march, or by doing Spiritual Warfare? Many people are "praying" for God to intervene. God told US to intervene!

When is the last time you prayed something like this, - "Father, in JESUS' name I bind up all the demons involved in any abortion issue. I send the judgment of God upon anyone involved in abortions, from the nurse, to the doctor, to the judges, to the politicians, to the person protesting and supporting abortion, and anyone else involved in the murdering of babies (or old people)."

Stan and Elizabeth Madrak, Demonbuster 30 Comments [11/12/2007 12:27:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 31095

[on the topic of Masons]

It is a fraternity for men. They help different charities. At the basic level they do a lot of good and help each other out when one of their own is in need. At the higher levels they may be Satanic warlocks who control the world via the international banking system. I guess that about sums it up in a nutshell for you.

Autumnleaf, http://foru.ms 43 Comments [11/11/2007 11:59:31 PM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 31085

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.

God punishes all the wicked for what they deserve..babies are concieved sinful. They are enemies of God. They deserve death.

But Christ died for them. This is why, I hope, that the soul of a baby can be touched by the Holy Spirit through the Means of Grace that is the Gospel of Christ..

BreadAlone, foru.ms 50 Comments [11/11/2007 11:59:19 PM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 31094

[Why are people angry/violent toward homosexuals?]

i think 1 reason is most people that have morals,dont agree that two of the same sex is right.most christians believe in monogamy.god destroyed sodom and gammora, it is an abomination to god! homosexuals (many)cannot be trusted!mans spiritualistic practices is the downfall.2 of the same sex cannot be fruitfull and multiply,im not angery i seperate myself,i am against any sexually immoral practices!

forsonclan03@yahoo.com, Yahoo Answers 50 Comments [11/11/2007 11:37:25 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Zoe

Quote# 31088

[A dear friend of mine has just lost his partner of 30 years. His grief is indistinguishable from the grief of a bereaved heterosexual person in the same circumstances. Shall I tell him not to grieve, that he can easily find another outlet for his sex drive?]

And what is your point? But he felt grief, his grief make homosexuality a justified sin.

People grieve for the lost of dead animals just a much. Grief/human emotion is not how you discern the righteousness of God. Simply pick up the Bible and read it. God's righteousness in contained therein and cannot be found any other place. God's righteousness is not in man.

kkll4ever, CARM 28 Comments [11/11/2007 11:37:01 PM]
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Quote# 31090

The first deck of cards was made in 1392 for the insane French King Charles.

Some of the most common places you will find a deck of cards (besides our homes) will be with prostitutes, gamblers, thieves, murderers, in taverns, brothels, prisons, insane asylums, gambling dens, etc., but never at a prayer meeting.

The king represents Satan, Prince of Darkness, usurper and foe of our Lord Jesus Christ. The ten card is for the Spirit of lawlessness, in opposition to the moral law in the Word of God. In 1300, clubs were the chief weapons used by murderers, therefore this suit represents the Spirit of Murder and death by violence. The jack represents the lustful libertine, from pimp to adulterer and whoremonger, a moral leper whose chief ambition is to gratify sensual fleshly lusts. The queen represents Mary, Mother of Jesus, but in the card language she is called Mother of Harlots. The joker represents Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Joker means fool and therefore Jesus is held up to ridicule. The joker is said to be the offspring of licentious jack and the queen, Mother of Harlots.

All other cards also have hidden obscene and blasphemous meanings.

Stan and Elizabeth Madrak, Demonbuster 62 Comments [11/11/2007 9:38:06 PM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 31076

[In response to: "All you need to do now is quote that hoax about miners digging a hole into hell and your windowlicker status will be confirmed."]

"The only miners who have dug into hell recently were the few who went down into the Sago mine unrepentant. Even though they died in the mine, it was their sins that dug them into hell, not their shovels."

youarhellbound, FSTDT forums 23 Comments [11/11/2007 9:03:22 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Stormwarden

Quote# 31069

Jesus is not mentioned by name in the old testament, but he is refred to by deed many times, he is even quoted word for word, centuries before his birth.

skyyyguy, hannity forum 30 Comments [11/11/2007 7:36:13 PM]
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Quote# 31072

The videos below in my "favorites" are my favorite examples of liberal bias, wimpiness and destructiveness against America. REMEMBER LIBERALS ITS NOT "RACISM" ITS THE BIBLE! READ IT!

LatteLiberal, YouTube 17 Comments [11/11/2007 7:35:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: shanz

Quote# 31075

[about Iran]

i dont care how nice it is...
it is time to nuke them, in the name of god and peace on earth.

news_corp, hannity forum 48 Comments [11/11/2007 7:33:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 11

Quote# 31067

Abortionists are the scum of the earth. They lust over the death of innocent children. You guys are exactly like the nazis; fantasying about ripping brains apart, terring legs out, dreaming about babies cryng when they are torn open.

You guys need some serious psychological help. It's because of idiots like you that Hitler was able to dupe Germany. The antiabortionsts are like Shimler who actually had morality.

johanovich777 , YouTube 38 Comments [11/11/2007 7:33:05 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Tristan Krawczuk

Quote# 31071

God said we should kill all homosexuals. Dogs and humans.

LatteLiberal, YouTube 43 Comments [11/11/2007 6:40:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: shanz

Quote# 31070

(The earth was created 6500 years ago and it was made to look like it was more than 4 billion years old in what looks like a 14 billion year old universe. That is much more likely than a book written by bronze age goat herds being wrong.)

And certainly much more likely than some story about a lizard turning into a snake.
Remind me: Did you ever get back to me with an answer about when a snake actually stopped being a lizard? That is, how exactly it changed from one species to another.
And how that happened?
And I don't think that you ever came up with a credible answer about why it was better to have no legs? Or shorter legs, at least?
I don't think that you really know, do you?

Makes a bit of a mess of your so - called theory of evolution, doesn't it?

Mr Woolf, C4forums 29 Comments [11/11/2007 6:40:29 PM]
Fundie Index: 12

Quote# 31074

We know the rapture is coming...

any day, right?

If I get the urge to view porn, I just imagine that trumpet blowing while I'm in the middle of watching that and doing my thing...And you KNOW, one of the biggest questions every believer is going to be asked when we meet each other in heaven will be "What were you doing when the trumpet blew?"

Angyl, Rapture Ready 65 Comments [11/11/2007 6:40:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 10

Quote# 31084

I got a problem with our children being taught by authority figures that it's okay to masterbate because they claim it's better than them fornicating. I nearly don't doubt that it's a conspiracy against our children to get them to sleep around. Prisoners and mental institution patients are forbidden to masterbate. If they're caught, they face punishment. It's that serious. Why is that? Think about it. Because it turns them into a sexual threat.

When you stimulate yourself, the endorphines in your brain are released and cause you to crave sex more and more. The more you masterbate, the more sex you want. It's like doing drugs. When you don't masterbate, the less you think about it.

gardner, The Way, The Truth 33 Comments [11/11/2007 6:39:53 PM]
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Quote# 31061

The fact is that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. This proves that He is God in human flesh. This means everything He says is right, and if you disagree with Him you are wrong.

He has declared that homosexuality is an abomination. So it is.

So no matter how many "points" you write about, they mean nothing at all if you are going against what HE has said.

You are wrong, HE is right!

ShieldOFaith, foru.ms 60 Comments [11/11/2007 6:29:55 PM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 31093

[A woman asks how to come out to her fundie parents]

Well first you can get a 5 gallon bucket of water to freshen up with then put your head in 3 times and pull it out twice... And then you ask Satan why is hell full of gays, bisexuals and catholics...

tumorian01, Yahoo Answers 45 Comments [11/11/2007 6:13:17 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Zoe

Quote# 31058

ANY sexual activity which attempts to bypass reproduction is a sin. God joined the creation of life together with the pleasures of sexual intercourse. Birth control and abortion attempt to defeat the creation of life that is entwined by Nature's God with the reproductive act. So does masturbation." http://www.goodmorals.org/sterile.html

Unknown, Goodmorals.org 33 Comments [11/11/2007 6:10:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Ruby

Quote# 31062

I have to agree about the S.A.D. diet! Standard American Diet!!! All prepackaged sugar and fat!!!! Now I ask you...Did they have dorito trees and fruit loop bushes in the Garden of Eden???? I think not!!!! They ate raw fruits,vegetables,nuts and seeds!!! Read in Genesis what they ate in the Garden!!! I can assure you it was not 1-800-Dominoes!!!!

MARCYLYNNDAVIS, weight watchers vegetarian 32 Comments [11/11/2007 5:48:30 PM]
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Quote# 31053

"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians."

Pat Robertson, Christian Coalition, Abortion.org.au 37 Comments [11/11/2007 4:44:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Ruby