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Again with this site.. how are all of you?
I have no excuses this time, so I'll just reply. Science =/= Evolutionary theory. Science has done much, no arguing that, but has the theory of evolution really improved your lives? I'm interested in your responses. Something more interesting than telling me to kill myself or insulting me or my ignorance of science.

Uyru Ishida, FSTDT Comments 42 Comments [12/15/2007 12:52:44 AM]
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CHILD MOLESTATION IS PROOF OF DARWINIAN EVOLUTION. Because prior to molesting a child one must first tell it lies while it's young and convince the child it's the truth so they will grow up thinking that they are worthless and they're the one's to blame for all the problems. This will break them down, so they too one day will become the next generation of Child Molesters......The same philosophy is used by the EVOLUTIONISM COMMUNITY to promote DARWINISM! Beware all!

curtuslove, youtube: Ben Stein on O'Reilly Factor about Intelligent Design 42 Comments [12/14/2007 11:16:32 PM]
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Submitted By: jason

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[Religious people have caused untold death and suffering throughout history. Brush up on your history.]

Just because history is on my side doesn't mean that you need to ask me to go back and read history.

Think of it this way, the "why do you act in a moral manner" function is recursive. You're trying to make your way to the exit condition. You will never exit the recursive loop with an atheist world view. This is because "Because I said so." isn't a valid exit condition. That would be because anyone can apply that ambiguously and after that there really isn't much left to talk about is there? That's the point I'm trying to make. It is an ends versus means argument and doesn't make the case for a creator or any deity. The majority of people can instantly see the case for a creator based on the contingency of existence. The debate comes down to the nature of the creator/creative force, etc. But out of this debate comes practical issues. Issues that many atheists who are actually very interested in moral behavior (that's a good thing), cannot adequately side step.

nuknight_01, UCFSports.com 20 Comments [12/14/2007 11:11:40 PM]
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Submitted By: Tommstein

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Nope, even atheists, upon Jesus' return, will arise and bow to Jesus and confess he is Lord. That includes every atheist on this forum - all of you will bow down to Jesus on that day. Then He will throw you into the pit of Hell.

ElijahFalling, Christian Forums 47 Comments [12/14/2007 11:10:56 PM]
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Ben Stien will go down in history as a great and courageous man! His movie will bring in well over 100 Million Dollars at the Box Office regardless of the massive and critical attacks upon him. He will awaken the Jews that this subject is not just a BIG MONEY MAKER, but if the Jews don't stand up to this Evolution Fraud, then Hitler is still alive and well living in the fevered minds of radical international control freaks behind the Evolution Conspiacy. Good on Ya Ben!

MsLatosi, YouTube 25 Comments [12/14/2007 10:58:34 PM]
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We wanted to post a quick update on our progress. Jesus gave Dad the idea last night to rotate our trailer tires. So, this morning, Dad and John rotated the tires before we left. We stopped mid-morning for gas, and Dad checked the tire. It was definitely showing wear but still holding out. We stopped mid-afternoon, and Dad was amazed at the condition of the tire. It’s really not showing much more wear than this morning, and we attribute that to prayer.

Sarah, Titus2 25 Comments [12/14/2007 10:55:19 PM]
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[in a previous paragraph, he mentions how all natural explanations fail]:

Curiously, the magi seem to have been the only ones who saw the star—or at least the only ones who understood its meaning. Israel’s King Herod had to ask the magi when the star had appeared (Matthew 2:7). If the magi
alone saw the star, this further supports the notion that the star of Bethlehem was a supernatural manifestation from God rather than a common star, which would have been visible to all.

[If the magi alone saw the star, maybe it means the story was sodding made up??]

Jason Lisle, Ph D., Answers Magazine (not a forum, I know...) 18 Comments [12/14/2007 9:31:06 PM]
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Therefore, if we're debating on belief systems and their overall benefit or cost to humankind, I have to say that a Christian belief system is very benign or beneficial. That would have to be intrinsicly true.

nuknight_01, UCFSports.com 20 Comments [12/14/2007 9:17:03 PM]
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Submitted By: Tommstein

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The way girls treat their brothers can affect how their brothers will perceive masculinity, how they will view their wives, how they will treat their children, and what kind of stand they will take in our culture. In a time when families are fragmented and dysfunctional and pop culture is at war with manliness, there are growing numbers of daughters who are taking a stand to encourage their brothers to become men.

The young women interviewed in “The Return of the Daughters” reveal how they went from merely “tolerating” their brothers to developing dynamic, mutually edifying, best-friend relationships with their brothers. Their brothers give testimony to how their sisters have helped strengthen and inspire them to biblical manhood.

Anna Sofia, Visionary Daughters 26 Comments [12/14/2007 9:16:51 PM]
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I don't think people have a problem with other people's beliefs. It's much more the tone with which atheists proselytize that gets people's feathers in a ruffle.

Besides that there are some obvious logical pitfalls to atheism. One possible logical problem with atheism is that if there is no God, then what ultimately forms the grounds for the claims of right and wrong? Is right and wrong formed upon the consensus opinion of the moment? If you change your mind that something such as unilateral warfare for profit is no longer wrong and everyone in the room agrees with you, then it's no longer wrong? If you've ever heard Chemmie pontificate, then you'd realize that right and wrong in his mind are as simple as what he thinks must be true. Same seems to be true with Tommstein. Ack!

But just because there are logical inconsistencies, which are possibly axiomatic in nature, with an atheist being preoccupied with right and wrong, it does not mean that they are in fact not preoccupied with it. And that's fine. But if they ever truly realize the liberation from morality that their position allows them, then I'd be worried. Sure there have been Christian tyrants. But their actions are in opposition to their professed beliefs. An atheist tyrant is doing what is allowable under his belief system. Two quick examples are Pol Pot and Stalin.

nuknight_01, UCFSports.com 25 Comments [12/14/2007 9:15:27 PM]
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Submitted By: Tommstein

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The argument comes down to what can be known by reason and what must be known by revelation.

I had relayed this previously in a computer sciencey fashion. If you have a recursive function such as void why( int reason ); When does the function return? What would be the exit condition?

nuknight_01, UCFSports.com 23 Comments [12/14/2007 9:15:05 PM]
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Submitted By: Tommstein

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[Thread title: Is this country ready for a woman president?]

Is this country ready for a woman president? I think a woman leader puts a shame on this country

BuzzardHut, Rapture Ready 36 Comments [12/14/2007 9:13:58 PM]
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[Religious people have engaged in all kinds of horrors throughout history, like the Crusades and the Inquisition.]

To prove that you have no idea what the hell you're talking about, why don't you go ahead and enumerate all of the atrocities. How many people do you actually think died during the reformation? Please I'd love to hear this. You're just digging a hole for yourself because you have no clue about religious history. You just choose to rely on your favorite fallacy of the moment. Hey you kept on crying "Crusades! Crusades!". I answered your question. You're an imbecile.

nuknight_01, UCFSports.com 15 Comments [12/14/2007 7:41:16 PM]
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Submitted By: Tommstein

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Most genres of music have their suggestive songs. There was just a study where it was found that a good percentage of country music songs are about drinking. So, it is hard to avoid. But like I said, I'm trying my best!

A good example right now of a song sending the wrong message is a new one by Brooks and Dunn called "God Must be Busy." It's about all the different problems in the world and they're not solved because God must be so busy he just doesn't do a thing about them. Anytime I hear it and they get to "God must be busy" I say to the radio....no, that's NOT why!

FrankBeMe, Rapture Ready 28 Comments [12/14/2007 7:40:54 PM]
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[In your view, what makes the two strands of the double-helix come together?]

same thing that causes heart cells to become heart cells and liver cells to become liver cells and pancreas cells to become pancreas cells soon after the moment of conception ------- it's called the mystery of life.

["Mystery of life", eh? Those of us with a some education in basic biology and chemistry call it "hydrogen bonds".]

[That would be grade 11 highschool biology, the class I am currently taking. I guess you never made it that far huh sport?]

tell me more about -- and give me a picture of exactly what this is....also what makes these do what they do?...and don't you dare resort to ignorance.

supersport, CARM 15 Comments [12/14/2007 7:40:08 PM]
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[Everyone knows that religious people have engaged in all kinds of atrocities throughout history.]

You keep on telling me what common knowledge your mythology--oops I mean sense of history--is. Face it. You're making it up. The facts don't fit your "fairy tale". Additionally, you wish to fallaciously reason that the misuse of religion is an indictment on Christianity. Have you not seen democracies misused for kickbacks and other corruption, should we throw that out as well?

Here's a hint. If you're going to try to make some vague reference to prove your point, at least know what you're talking about.

nuknight_01, UCFSports.com 14 Comments [12/14/2007 7:38:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Tommstein

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[The Crusades, Inquisition, and other horrors were done by religious men.]

The argument that these atrocities show the necessity to either do away with the church or that there is no God are fallible. First, let us construct an analogy. Has a democratic society ever done great harm without cause to a group of people? Absolutely. Should we then abandon democracy in the US? No. Then why do people point to the Crusades and Inquisition as a reason to shun religion? Poor reasoning I suppose.

nuknight_01, UCFSports.com 20 Comments [12/14/2007 7:19:13 PM]
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Submitted By: Tommstein

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I did NOT say the killer was an atheist. However, I did mean... and still do believe that the young man was influenced by the hatred AGAINST CHRISTIANS spread by atheists today. That belief is stated in the first sentence of my short message -- "Some say Christians are dangerous... and some non-believers take that message to heart."

I believe if there was not so much hatred for Christians being expressed by atheists today, this deranged young man might not have told his friends how much he HATED Christians. He might not have found the fuel he needed to twist off and decide to murder innocent people.

It's really funny how everyone is going to such great lengths to brand ME a spreader of hate simply because I had the nerve to point out the TRUE spreaders of hate... atheists.

Guess the truth really does hurt the guilty.

smartmouthwoman, allforums.net 29 Comments [12/14/2007 6:27:04 PM]
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I've been reading "So Much More" by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin. It's a pretty good book, and I agree with most of their stuff, and have been able to think upon some things I never really thought about before. As with all books written by man (which is every book except for our King James Bible) there are some things that I feel are wrong. I like Anna Sofia and Elizabeth's point of view about college, where they say that nobody really benefits from college because it is mostly just state indoctrination. I also agree with them on their analysis that short term mission trips are not something anybody should really pursue, much less a young lady. I agree with their conclusions that such trips are not usually beneficial.

Mrs. W, Beautiful Maidenhood 18 Comments [12/14/2007 6:26:35 PM]
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Why you may ask? And how long is long you may also ask. Well, if you read in the New Testament you will find the part where the woman wiped Jesus's feet with her hair. It was an act of love and a sign of submission to God and it showed her being humble. So, a woman's hair ought to be long enough to wipe the feet of Jesus, should she have the chance or else she would miss out on the opportunity on the account that she was being selfih and wanted things her way. It doesn't matter what we want but what God wants us to do according to the Bible. God gave us His Word for faith and practice for our everyday lives including every area in our lives. If I claim to be a christian and against feminism I ought to be living like it according to the Bible. God's Word is my standard thus I want to live like it.

Karla, Maiden Waiting for Her Beloved  33 Comments [12/14/2007 2:42:34 PM]
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The Arkansas Legislature scrambled today to rewrite a bill intended to protect storm victims after Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister, objected to language describing such natural phenomena as tornadoes and floods as "acts of God."

Mr. Huckabee said that signing the legislation "would be violating my own conscience" inasmuch as it described "a destructive and deadly force as being 'an act of God.'" The Governor, a Republican, said the legislation was an otherwise worthy bill with objectives he shared.

...Governor Huckabee's explained his objections in a letter to the bill's authors, saying: "I feel that I have indeed witnessed many 'acts of God,' but I see His actions in the miraculous sparing of life, the sacrifice and selfless spirit in which so many responded to the pain of others."

Mike Huckabee circa 1997, Pam's House Blend 34 Comments [12/14/2007 8:55:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random

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You see God can do anything.

I don't believe in evolution... I believe in creation.

And as God does the creating... and can do anything... whose to say that He is not still creating.

For all we know we may discover a new animal tomorrow that God created last week.

I'm sure that you will find this funny... However you cannot disprove it.

Gary51, Christian Forums 49 Comments [12/14/2007 8:23:48 AM]
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Submitted By: David

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Tax payers have spent more than a Billion Dollars supporting your Religion of Evolution based on Lucy the 3 foot monkey, Pig Tooth Man, Human skull with Ape Jaw Man, Circular Reasoning Fossil Dating, Dozens of fraudulent facts in our school books, censorship of all opposing science that inadvertently supports the probability of other theories, and all you have to offer us is Hitler's, Stalin's, &
Chairman Mao Tse-tung's governing ideology that justifies selection for extermination?

CurtusLove, YouTube 31 Comments [12/14/2007 6:12:01 AM]
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If people are so unhappy at being parents, it is no surprise if they are constantly brow beaten by anti family writers like yourself.
As a liberal intellectual you no doubt find your greatest joy in robbing people of meaning in their lives. Is this because you are bitter yourself? Do you care how many people you might tip over the edge into depression? Does it make you feel better?
Personally I and my wife live for our kids. There is nothing greater nor more significant than founding a family. Every joy comes from the children. The ramifications in creating a family are that you are actually creating thousands of new wonderful people in your own image, far into the future.
The greatest peace of mind is in knowing you have followed the eternal laws of nature. That you are a winner just like all your millions of ancestors.
There is joy knowing the golden thread continues and a smugness that the childless are natures' losers on the road to genetic extinction.

Keith Bentham, Times Online 36 Comments [12/14/2007 6:11:43 AM]
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[Mayor of Olean, NY allowed a Nativity scene to be placed in front of city hall. A Wiccan symbol was placed beside it until someone ran over it with their truck. What was that about freedom of religion? Rapture Readians respond:]


"It's good to see "accidents" like this."

By His Grace:


Teach Me:

"Makes me mad that a wiccan symbol was allowed to be placed near a nativity scene. Couldn't they either do it before or after and let us have just these few days???
Good grief."


"OH bummer!
NOT! I just can't feel bad for them wiccans...."


"Good for the man with the truck. Witch craft is condemned in the Bible and doesn't need to be displayed with Christianity."

Various, Rapture Ready 40 Comments [12/14/2007 5:48:34 AM]
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