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Sarah - Yes, in my opinion "leggins" are just like pants, only tighter. If I were to wear them, I would wear them under a long skirt to keep warm or to keep covered if I was camping, etc. It is always good to submit to your dear husband as long as he is not asking you to go against God; I agree w/ the other ladies on this... and God will bless you for this. But what I would personally do is (if he really wants you to wear these & other things you might feel convicted not to wear out of modesty) - I would nicely sit down w/ your husband & say that God has convicted you to wear skirts & dresses so you can be more modest for your Lord and you ONLY want him (your husband) to see your body in form fitting clothes & short, etc. at home... and that you are saving your body JUST for him, and that you would not want to cause anyone else to sin by being uncovered or having on clothing that was too tight. And also ask him if he would please help you in your walk w/ Christ by allowing & aiding you in serving the Lord better in this area of modest dress. I know that your humbleness in asking him this favor will most likely make him want to help you here, and don't be surprised if pretty soon God is not convicting his heart too. People normally like to help & they LOVED to be asked for their help (they like to feel needed), I bet your hubby will want to help you in any way he can w/ this. Hope this helps & GL! God bless!!! :)

Dawn Rachel, Fundamentalist Baptist Forums 28 Comments [12/2/2007 5:55:22 AM]
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Quote# 31837

Dating couples go through a series of short-term and often unsatisfying relationships over a period of five or 10 years or longer. ... Dating also encourages sexual familiarity and experimentation. It isn't difficult to understand why an increasing number of parents feel this traditional model undermines commitment, exclusivity, and permanence in marriage.

The courtship model, by contrast, seeks to postpone emotional and physical entanglements until they occur with the probable husband or wife. The family is very supportive in helping to choose that special individual for a serious courtship when the time is right. Until then, relationships between the sexes are limited to group situations in carefully controlled settings. Physical intimacy for the sake of titillation and experimentation is considered to be most inappropriate. It is the ultimate in "saving oneself" for the man or woman with whom a lifetime will be spent.

James Dobson, Focus on the Family 31 Comments [12/2/2007 5:31:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random

Quote# 31822

The real enemy is Satan. He's the one that possesed Mohamad and caused him to come up with this anti- Christain, anti-Jewish & anti everybody else religion. Allah may be the god of the jihad, but it's Satan that is behind this false god called Allah. The Mullahs all know that as long as Isreal and the Jewish people exist, their religion is in danger of being exposed as false. Why? Because Isreal and the Jewish people are proof that the God of the Bible is the one true God, not Allah, the god of the Koran. The god of the Koran is the god of the jihad. The God of the Bible is absolute good, and therefore absolute moral perfection and absolute uncondional love. He is also absolute life, absolute light, absolute power, absolute knowledge, absolute wisdom, absolute understanding. He is also the perfect genleman and will not force Himself upon anyone (unlike the demon that forced itself upon Mohamad in the cave where he is suposed to have received his many "revalations", which ultimately lead to the writing of the Koran).

Jerry, MySpace 28 Comments [12/2/2007 3:53:12 AM]
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Submitted By: ninjacat11

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"Pope Benedict, in a new encyclical released on Friday, said atheism was responsible for some of the "greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice" in history."

"Atheism could be regarded by some as a "type of moralism", particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries, to protest against the injustices of the world and world history, he said.

Reciting arguments made by atheists, he said: "A world marked by so much injustice, innocent suffering, and cynicism of power cannot be the work of a good God. A God with responsibility for such a world would not be a just God, much less a good God."

History has proven wrong ideologies such as Marxism which say humans had to establish social justice because God did not exist, the Pope wrote.

"It is no accident that this idea has led to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice," the Pope said. Such a concept was grounded in "intrinsic falsity"

Pope Benedict XVI, Reuters Article 57 Comments [12/2/2007 12:12:30 AM]
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Submitted By: malendras

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I'm more than ready to go home.

The other day, on the day of the beginning of the Annapolis Summit, my DSIL's departure date to going to Las Vegas, NV, to fly off to Washington, DC...for which I told her to not be too surprised if her fellow passengers onboard her plane begin disappearing right before her very eyes, upon her return home flights. I told her that I too, may be gone as well, by the time she returns home.

My SIL, you see--is a firm Budist believer, who thinks Jesus won't mind if she is. At the time she told me, my mind went blank, but then later on...Jesus told me what to say to her about this, by quoting his words from the NT in the Bible. Now I'll have to look up His words, and show them to her IF I'm still around that is.

SisterNChrist, Rapture Ready 34 Comments [12/2/2007 12:11:48 AM]
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the ten commandments, the ten commandments 38 Comments [12/2/2007 12:11:06 AM]
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[Re: Are Leggings Pants?]

Dear Sarah, I love that you asking for advice! I will try to give you what I feel God would want you to know. If I understand what you are referring to (leggings), they are tighter then pants are. They are made to almost look like tights only they are a stretchy material, right? Well I wouldn't wear my tights without a dress over and it is the same with leggings! They are to form fitting and therefore worse to be worn than pants. Now as far as wearing them underneath your dresses, that will have to come from your heart and your God's leadings. I cannot force my convictions on you and I would never criticize your personal convictions! So let God's word tell you, search the scriptures, take what God says and apply it to your life. That way you can never go wrong!!!

MilwMom, Fundamentalist Baptist Forums 23 Comments [12/2/2007 12:06:12 AM]
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What the heck is a tiktaalik,fancy arbitrary names impress no-one; indeed the equally absurdly named archaeopterix (Greek for old wing) impresses no one,the use of arbitrary names to make a fossil seem somehow real and mildly scientific is naive in the extreme. Lets just call this fossil an "old wing".In any case what we have is a single solitary example of a possible bird ancestor.The question is whether it constitutes absolute proof of dinosaur to bird evolution,or whether it is simply an odd variant; it requires tremendous imagination to suggest that this old wing could have produced the penguin, the hummingbird and the ostrich through viable intermediate stages. Give me a break

truth above all else, Christian Forums 30 Comments [12/1/2007 11:22:24 PM]
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witches are perverts who dont understand life. they sdhould all be hung by the neck untill dead

ladyanna, MySpace 56 Comments [12/1/2007 11:21:30 PM]
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Submitted By: ninjacat11

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demo cracy ----- demo N cracy ----- DEMONCRACY. Now you know the origin of democracy. It is none other than SATANOCRACY

Robert T Lee, Ten Commandments 72 Comments [12/1/2007 11:19:16 PM]
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The ungodly Russian revolution symbolized the triumph of the atheistic agenda in the East. China also fell to the Satanic atheists who controlled this diabolical regime. The hammer and sickle, the symbol of Soviet communism, has been a traditional symbol of the atheist death cult. Its origins trace back centuries. It is the very meaning of this symbol that has been covered up since its beginnings.

Prometheus, Amazon.com 29 Comments [12/1/2007 11:18:57 PM]
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To anyone here with a boyfriend or girlfriend:

If you wish to avoid lustful actions, never be alone together. If you're alone, thoughts will arise, temptations will occur and left long enough, you will fall. That is inevitable. The only certain way to avoid the situation is to avoid the conditions of the situation i.e. do not be alone.

skynes, The Fry Pan 44 Comments [12/1/2007 8:52:37 PM]
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Today's sicko society laughs and scorns the Biblical teaching of chastity, standards, virtue, and morality. In a recent movie--Happy Feet (which is clearly aimed towards children)--dancing is greatly promoted. What's very disturbing in the film is that the older penguins who are AGAINST Happy Feet's dancing are portrayed as old, harsh, unreasonable, mean, and foolish. This is brainwashing! Little children who watch this movie are subconsciously taught that dancing is acceptable, and anyone who says it's not is out of touch with reality. The truth is that dancing DOES corrupt society and should be shunned by every born-again believer in Christ. The Happy Feet movie also promotes whoremongering. At one point in the movie the leader of the penguins, Lovelace, says that he wants to indulge in romantic pleasures with his eight female penguin companions. He then asks, "Which one of you is first?" This is the godless immoral lifestyle that many rock-n-roll performers are living today. Rock-n-roll is a religion of sexual immorality! Throughout the Happy Feet movie, romance is stressed, and penguins are paired up for mating; but no mention of marriage is ever made in the movie. Clearly children are being introduced to a demonic lifestyle of sexual fornication, whoremongering, dancing, and rebellion against God.

David J. Stewart, Jesus-is-Savior.com 74 Comments [12/1/2007 8:41:33 PM]
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[more debate about how slavery isn't all that bad]

And in unrelated news, I don't see something wrong with owning someone. I don't think it treats him as sub-human. There are many authorities who have (by definition) authority to do a lot more than us, yet are they super-human? No. They are privileged for various reasons, often because of responsibility.

NocturnalSun , The Fry Pan 28 Comments [12/1/2007 8:20:25 PM]
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Maybe Warren thought she would change if she were confronted with all the aids/hiv victims because she is pro-homo. It sounded to me like she said it's okay to be gay, and if you get sick from it, the gov't will pay for your medicine. Warren was wrong! Weak Christians will see this as promoting her, and if she becomes president, the Muslims will own America in less than 20 years. They are counting on her to win. God help us.

emily, One News Now 19 Comments [12/1/2007 7:54:33 PM]
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Make him play with boys and with boys' toys and games. Let him play with guns, cars, baseballs, basketballs, and footballs. As soon as I could I taught my boy to play baseball and football. When he was about thirteen I bought him an air rifle. When he was fifteen I bought him a .22 rifle. Invariably, when someone admits to me he is a homosexual he relates that he played a lot with girls and participated in feminine activities.

Jack Hyles, Jesus-is-Savior.com 77 Comments [12/1/2007 6:44:34 PM]
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Demons cause more than one type of expression on the faces of the people whom they possess: There is the glassy-eyed look and stare of the epileptic; the feminine look in the male homosexual; the masculine look in the lesbian; the look of education and sophistication; the look of innocence and truth in the liar, etc...

Robert T. Lee, Ten Commandments 40 Comments [12/1/2007 4:01:29 PM]
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Quote# 31800

Atheists worship the creation, not the Creator. How brilliant is that?

They know God is real, they just tell the lie that they don't believe. They have no fear of God, because He hasn't struck them dead with a lightening bolt yet, but the day is coming soon, when they will scoff no more. Be assured of this truth.

Sweet Suzie 777, Yahoo answers 37 Comments [12/1/2007 12:40:10 PM]
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Quote# 31798

<In response of a question asking "Is there any reason to treat any religion with respect?"

Absolutely not! God hates ALL religion!!!

Halfadan, Yahoo! Answers - R&S section 53 Comments [12/1/2007 11:18:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Shaun K

Quote# 31795

[A response to Knight Errant’s rant on Liberals.]

Knight Errant, Well said ! And IMO they are pro homosexual, pro abortion,pro ethnic entitlement groups, pro feminism, anti-family, anti-christian, pro legalization of drugs and pro-amnesty for illeagals. Plus they want every aspect of our lives under THEIR oversight and control, and God help any one MAN who gets in their way !

Topped 3, Rapture Ready 29 Comments [12/1/2007 8:07:31 AM]
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Quote# 31793

[On a girl that was jailed with and raped by multiple men. Note: this portion of the post is colored white to make it less visible, just highlight it.]

This is why it tells us in the Bible to protect women and to keep them under guidance. This kind of thing is liable to happen if we get too femenistic.

Drkfire, Naruto Forums 34 Comments [12/1/2007 8:03:18 AM]
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Quote# 31796

[More words of wisdom about the evil Liberals.]

You forgot to add:

Give condoms to children.
Go to jail for spanking your children.
Light sentences for child molesters.
Legalizing gay marriage.
Legalizing late term abortion and partial birth abortion.
Amnesty for all illegals.
Total entitlement society (from cradle to grave).
Gun control.
Fairness doctrine.

Basically, liberals have a utopian view of the world. They call themselves secular progressives and do not hold to fundamental views.

mercyandgrace, Rapture Ready 34 Comments [12/1/2007 7:29:50 AM]
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Quote# 31789

Jesus said....?
"I am the way the truth and the life, no man can come unto the Father except by me...", Seeing how jesus made this statement how can anyone think there is any other way to God?

Cynthia H, Yahoo! Answers 41 Comments [12/1/2007 5:08:35 AM]
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Quote# 31791

ehmm gay people is not OK, and if you think Im bad person for thinking this then you are sick too..

I have right to not like them and actually hate them.. cause they are whats wrong with humanity...

you are just brainwashed by the media how bad people are who DONT like gay people, I mean wtf? male+male doesnt **** work... tell me if you went to afrika and say 2 lions doing eachother what would be your reaction?

I hope gayness doesnt evolve anymore untill Im still on this planet cause it already makes me sick...

and yeah Im still 19..

I think admin gonna delete my post or this topic because you can speak your mind this days.. freedom of glitch is all BS..

and yea Jeff is good exaple how this world works... if this kind of crap happens in gaming.. im not gonna start about politics lol

GameServant, GameSpot 44 Comments [12/1/2007 5:07:41 AM]
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Quote# 31778

"[To a woman complaining about her spouse refusing sex]

The ultimatum that you propose seems pretty gentle to me. If I were in your shoes, alternative (b) would be a divorce. (Or is that what you meant by "move a bed roll elsewhere"?)

As I said in another post, sex is the center of a marriage. In fact, it is the reason for marriage. It is the only thing you do with your spouse that you can't (mustn't) do with anyone else. A spouse who refuses to have any sex at all has strayed from his marriage vows just as much as one who is an adulterer. He is just as unfaithful, although "faithless" might be a better word.

If marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church, then an adulterous spouse is like a Christian who becomes a Muslim. That's bad. A sexless spouse is like one who becomes an atheist. That's just as bad. Either way, they have strayed from the faith/marriage."

GrantUsGrace, The Marriage Bed 34 Comments [12/1/2007 1:24:53 AM]
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