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A number of Christians have come to believe, because of recent prophecies, dreams, and visions, that I-35 is the highway spoken in Isaiah 35, verse 8: “And a highway will be there, it will be called the way of holiness.”

… [Heartland Ministries’ Hill] believes God has an awesome plan that starts along I-35. “Let’s draw a line in the center of America, set people on fire, get young people saved, get moms and dads saved, get churches on fire, get holy, and watch how it affects the rest of America.”

“What do we expect to see?” [said Cindy Jacob.] “We expect laws to be changed in cities. We expect righteous leaders. We expect a movement, a reformation that will literally sweep the face of the earth.”

Hill, Jacob, et al, right wing watch 50 Comments [12/1/2007 12:41:48 AM]
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If evolution has been occurring throughout all of history, shouldn't there be at least one documented case of a creature turning into another? Is it not mildly perplexing there is no hard evidence that any animal, reptile, fish, bird or plant has evolved into another one? How is it possible and acceptable there is not one change of any phylum, class, order or family into another on record? There is no widely accepted proof any species has ever changed. The fossil record strongly supports Scripture which states that each species reproduces after its own kind. This is an unfortunate fact for evolution which requires life to be in a continual state of disarray and change. The Bible is not only verified by the fossil record but it is also confirmed by modern scientific observation and experimentation.

Evolutionists will point to a handful of questionable fossils and declare them to be solid evidence for evolution. Creationists point to the millions of fossils which compose the entire fossil record to validate divine creation. To the unbiased observer, the preponderance of the evidence points to divine creation and away from evolution. The only problem is the majority of people are biased. People believe what they want to believe. Many are not even interested in what the facts are because they could be contrary to what they already think.

Anon, Anointed-one.net 29 Comments [12/1/2007 12:14:21 AM]
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Evolution is falling apart today. The theory of evolution is crumbling in the face of total lack of evidence. However, you might not hear about it because many people in this world simply find the only alternative to evolution, a divine creator, completely and totally unacceptable. If we were talking about any other subject, evolution would have been abandoned long ago, but atheists do not want to believe in God so they must believe in evolution by default, regardless of the fact that it does not have one leg to stand on. If evolution is a lie, then there is God. There is a moral standard. There is accountability for your actions.

Anon, Anointed-one.net 33 Comments [12/1/2007 12:11:23 AM]
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if your married and trust God

he will feed all of your family

rubbers seem a way of getting around the repercussion of sex

tom roberts, Rapture Ready 38 Comments [12/1/2007 12:10:40 AM]
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