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Let Them Eat Tofu!

Even right-wingers who know that "global warming" is a crock do not seem to grasp what the tree-huggers are demanding. Liberals want mass starvation and human devastation.

Forget the lunacy of people claiming to tell us the precise temperature of planet Earth in 1918 based on tree rings. Or the fact that in the '70s liberals were issuing similarly dire warnings about "global cooling."

Simply consider what noted climatologists Al Gore and Melissa Etheridge are demanding that we do to combat their nutty conjectures about "global warming." They want us to starve the productive sector of fossil fuel and allow the world's factories to grind to a halt. This means an end to material growth and a cataclysmic reduction in wealth.

There are more reputable scientists defending astrology than defending "global warming," but liberals simply announce that the debate has been resolved in their favor and demand that we shut down all production.

They think they can live in a world of only Malibu and East Hampton -- with no Trentons or Detroits. It does not occur to them that someone has to manufacture the tiles and steel and glass and solar panels that go into those "eco-friendly" mansions, and someone has to truck it all to their beachfront properties, and someone else has to transport all the workers there to build it. (And then someone has to drive the fleets of trucks delivering the pachysandra and bottled water every day.)

Liberals are already comfortably ensconced in their beachfront estates, which they expect to be unaffected by their negative growth prescriptions for the rest of us.

There was more energy consumed in the manufacture, construction and maintenance of Leonardo DiCaprio's Malibu home than is needed to light the entire city of Albuquerque, where there are surely several men who can actually act. But he has solar panels to warm his house six degrees on chilly Malibu nights.

Liberals haven't the foggiest idea how the industrial world works. They act as if America could reduce its vast energy consumption by using fluorescent bulbs and driving hybrid cars rather than SUVs. They have no idea how light miraculously appears when they flick a switch or what allows them to go to the bathroom indoors in winter -- luxuries Americans are not likely to abandon because Leo DiCaprio had solar panels trucked into his Malibu estate.

CRASH, theology online 43 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: quantumspirit

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Why do atheists kill so many people?


Communism is a direct consequence of atheism. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Of course I don't think all atheists are monsters, but by the very nature of what they stand for -- or don't stand for -- they often can't help themselves because they simply do not have a moral backdrop. It happens all over. The prisons certainly are not full with born-again Christians. They're bursting at the seem with villains who are infected with moral brain-rot. Of course there are exceptions but generally people who commit violent crimes are lost people.....likewise countries whos people commit wide-spread heinous, immoral, murderous acts are also non-Christian and spiritually lost.

So the question is...why do communists/atheists/non-Christians murder so many people?????


4. 61,911,000 Murdered: The Soviet Gulag State
5. 35,236,000 Murdered: The Communist Chinese Ant Hill
6. 20,946,000 Murdered: The Nazi Genocide State
7. 10,214,000 Murdered: The Depraved Nationalist Regime

8. 5,964,000 Murdered: Japan's Savage Military
9. 2,035,000 Murdered: The Khmer Rouge Hell State
10. 1,883,000 Murdered: Turkey's Genocidal Purges
11. 1,670,000 Murdered: The Vietnamese War State
12. 1,585,000 Murdered: Poland's Ethnic Cleansing
13. 1,503,000 Murdered: The Pakistani Cutthroat State
14. 1,072,000 Murdered: Tito's Slaughterhouse

15. 1,663,000 Murdered? Orwellian North Korea
16. 1,417,000 Murdered? Barbarous Mexico
17. 1,066,000 Murdered? Feudal Russia


With this understood, the Soviet Union appears the greatest megamurderer of all, apparently killing near 61,000,000 people. Stalin himself is responsible for almost 43,000,000 of these. Most of the deaths, perhaps around 39,000,000 are due to lethal forced labor in gulag and transit thereto. Communist China up to 1987, but mainly from 1949 through the cultural revolution, which alone may have seen over 1,000,000 murdered, is the second worst megamurderer. Then there are the lesser megamurderers, such as North Korea and Tito's Yugoslavia.

In sum the communist probably have murdered something like 110,000,000, or near two-thirds of all those killed by all governments, quasi-governments, and guerrillas from 1900 to 1987.

supersport, theology online 44 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: quantumspirit

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If all you are doing is surviving, you are basically the Devil.

Gottservant, christianforums.com 39 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Flatworm

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Ghosts are suppossed to be souls that don't know they are dead. So they are stuck to this earthly existense. Lost between the living and the dead realms.

But stop and think: what makes us think that God loses souls? that He can't grab them and put them where they belong?

Has some people "seen" ghosts? What they "see" is really a demonic spirit trying to foul that person into thinking that somehow God isn't in control. Another purpose is to make you want to try to communicate with a dead loved one. And that is absolutley forbidden.

Doxiemom, Rapture Ready 34 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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boy, get YOUR facts straight!! Hitler was the second Antichrist! he was no Christian or Catholic, you should have heard his rants against Christianity. you tell yourself what you want to hear though, that's what the Germans did, and you see how they ended up. dumb teenage athiests...grow up and get an education.

#186077, Fstdt! Comments 53 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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in the media, men are made to look like ignorrant and stupid. The feminist movement is satanist. Do not get me wrong, I dunno which to insult or put women down, but face the facts:

-Getting women to go to work was not a positive thing for women right, as many women love to believe. I is a scam by to illuminati to tax the other 50% of society.

-Getting women to leave the house is made so that they no longer have kids staying at home, instead children are being teacher in government sponsored mind control camps we call schools.

-Women are weaker than men, on average. They are more succeptible to brainwash and give in faster, because they are smaller and weaker. Long ago, women wer protected, remember *women and children first*? the illuminati wished to control the women and tricked them... how? Well the same way the devil always does: lie and create a false illusion of problem to then supply a solution. They told women that they were dumbed down and the society protecting them was an insult, and it was treating them badly. Women asked for an independance and now, they have the joy of stressful work life! what happens? Abuse at the office. And they cannot defend themselves!

-women are given this false idea of independance and motivated to go out on there own. What do we have? break up of society! I see many single parents and more and more divorce. Why? Because we are fooled into seeking more and better and loose what we already had. Divorces should not happen. People had set up good structures in place and once the *family unit* is divided, we have easily manipulable host. divide and conquer! A household divided amongst itsefl cannot stand!

the destruction of families and abuse of women is a great problem in our fast pace hell society and it has illuminati manipulation written all over it!

Azrael, The Resistance Manifesto 42 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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I understand atheists very well. We are all born with the belief of a God, atheists pretend this doesn't exist, it's like a "Fad". Of course these kinds of dishonest behaviors of lying to oneself is often associated with other perversions(like homosexuality).

Trinidad and Tobago, CARM 45 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Just by the fact that jesus is they only one ever attacked constantly is enough evidance for me as a christian to beleive the bible. every cult out there all have one thing in common...they all teach "Another way" besides christ. this junk is not new..

drum32671, discovery.com 41 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: upallnite

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In rape trials, the victim is almost always asked a question something like, "What were you wearing?"

Jesus said in Mat 5:28, "But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."

Here is the point I want to make: modesty is essential. Rapist are attracted to those who are immodest. How often do we hear about kids and teens being kidnapped, raped and murdered. Then we see pictures of the kids only to see that they were not modest at all. Jean Bennet Ramsey was dressed, as a little child, like a scaled-down adult protestitute. What should we expect from the dregs of society? My point is simply this: I believe that if you knowingly dress in a way to attract guys, you are as guilty of adultery as the guys are. You are committing adultery with them. [emphasis original]

Bro. Randy, T4C 86 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Missa

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You are right, as individuals, we are not to resist persecution for our faith. As a nation, we are not to allow God's country to be overtaken by muslims and pagans. When you study the entire Word of God, you will see the origins of this conflict: Isaac vs. Ishmael. From there, the conflict grew. Ishmael choose not to obey God and fathered a nation which is, to this day living in rebellion to God. Second, God promised the seed of Isaac a nation and a certain parcel of land. Over time, the Devil, through the hand of the Muslims, have progressively taken that land from the children of God.

Now, we continue to see the results of Ishmael's rebellion. As a Christian nation, we must respect and support Israel. Becase we worship Jehovah - the God of Israel, we must reject the god of Ishmael. Because we reject the false religion of Ishmael, Islam, they have delcared war on us. This is a war we must fight.

As a nation, though, we are not fighting the religious war against Islam. We are fighting a war against terrorism. This is a war we must fight, but it is a war Christ will win!

Bro. Randy, Teens4Christ 44 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Missa

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Before & After

Welcome to Gap Astronomy 101.

Attached to this thread are 2-dimensional visualizations of the "heavens ... of old," compared to the "heavens ... which are now." (2 Peter 3:5-7) Mercury, Venus, Earth with habitable Luna, Nibiru along with its satellite, otherwise known as Mars; and Tiamat, which is known in the Bible as Rahab. Judging by the scriptures, I would have to conclude that Tiamat/Rahab was the "capitol planet" of the interplanetary federation led by the Archangel Lucifer. Light from the Sun combined with light from a young star, Jupiter, provided a relatively temperate climate on Tiamat. The environment on Callisto was also quite pleasant!

<<Diagram of Brent's delusion and bible verses>>

When the Archangel Lucifer led his Angels to rebellion, judgment was poured out upon his dominion. The first event, I believe, was the removal of Nibiru from its orbit. God cast this planet into outer darkness, but not without colliding with Tiamat in its path. Tiamat was utterly destroyed. Today, the asteroid belt stands as a testimony of God's Judgment. Venus, Earth, Luna and Mars were bombarded with a portion of this planetary debris. In Psalm 89:9-10, the writer compares the destruction of Egypt to the annihilation of Tiamat:

<<More silly bible verses>>

The Angelic race which inhabited Venus, Earth, Luna, Mars, and Tiamat, and ultimately rebelled, were annihilated during this series of natural plagues. Notice that I didn't mention Nibiru? Well, it is my belief that some remnants of this Angelic race survived on the planet Nibiru and remain there to this day. These creatures will return in the last days and will, along with the Antichrist, establish the final kingdom foretold in Daniel 2:41-43:

<<More silly bible verses>>

Several thousand years passed by before fusion within the Jovian core ceased, leaving Jupiter as a large, gaseous planet. With exception of Venus, the Solar system plunged into an ice age. Earth remained lifeless and frozen for thousands, or possibly millions of years.

<<another bible verse>>


<<another bible verse>>

During the six Creative days (of 24 hours each), God restored the Earth, Sun, and Moon, to their present state:

<<Another one of Brent's bogus diagrams>>

Any thoughts?

B®ent, Christian Forums 43 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Jeremy PC

Quote# 21382

["Are you saying god created 2 completley different species of human like creatures? Us AND them? And dont EVEN say Neandertals were exactly the same as us."]

The Neanderthals were actually humans who had bred with apes. That explains why they were so different and why regular humans oppressed them and eventually killed them off. Normal humans considered them inferior and treated them badly.

GodNeptune, Total War Center Forums 44 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 21380

Evolution would have you believe that we evolve to survive, this is a lie. If it were true that we evolve to survive we would never develop a sense of a constant, something which science bases itself on. That is why you must believe in Creationism.

Gottservant, Christian Forums 46 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Jeremy PC

Quote# 21377

[Absolutely hillarious, creation vs. evolution on GODTUBE. he has no idea what he is talking about.]


Charlie, GodTube 24 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Crembels

Quote# 21376

Although I firmly believe that pants are mens clothing and should not be worn by women, to deliberately wear some that "culture" (although it is wrong) has defined as womens pants, goes against this verse also:

[Deut 22:5]

It is an abomination to God. And crossdressing (although yes I believe all pants are mens clothing, the fact that society accepts these as being womens pants means that men should not wear those particular styles) identifies you with homosexuals and other such wicked and perverted people.

katyanne, Teens4Christ 60 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Missa

Quote# 21374

I see the biggest factor being the fact that if a muzzie prosetylizes here in the states, nothing happens. Same thing in Israel. If a Christian or a Jew does likelwise in a muzzie nation, their heads are separated from their bodies.

JBG, Free Conservatives 21 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Kill Whitey

Quote# 21372

If a girl dresses imodestly...it is just like baiting a hook. She is tempting someone to take a "bite." She should not be advertising what she doesn't want to sell.

Mrs. Kellie, T4C 57 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Kill Whitey

Quote# 21371

It is well documented that the name 'rock and roll' was used to describe fornication in the back of a car. Even today, there are songs and phrases such as rock your world, let's rock, etc. All of these terms have dual meanings. One definition they all share is to fornicate.

The term later came to describe a style of music that caused otherwise proper young ladies to act or move their bodies in a lude, seducive way. This style of music caused them to commit acts of fornication.

Bro. Randy, Teens-4-Christ 91 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Heather

Quote# 21370

if a girl dresses immodestly and does it to lure a guy in and then she decides that she doesn't want to do anything with him after tempting him and she tells him no but he still "rapes" her then do you think she is guilty too?

i believe the answer is yes she is guilty just like the man of commiting sin!
that is what half of these girl that go around crying "rape" have done
they chose to dress the way they did to get a guy to sleep with them then all of the sudden when they felt "uncomfortable" they decide it is rape when really they had the intentions all along to sleep with the man

Tiffany138, Teens-4-Christ 84 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Heather

Quote# 21363

[article about man being arrested for trying to cash a check from God]

The 21-year-old Gary resident was arrested Monday after trying to cash a check for $50,000 that he said was given to him by "his Father," Hobart Police Detective Jeff White said. The check was signed "King Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Servant."

Kevin Russell, NWI Times 40 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Raistlin

Quote# 21353

(In response to Largo, FL city manager Steve Stanton announcing plans to get a sex change - which led to city commissioners voting to fire him:)

Mr. Stanton is not a role model. He's proven that. I think for the sake of our young people today, you need to do what's right, and that's terminate him. ... If Jesus was here tonight, I can guarantee you he'd want him terminated. Make no mistake about it.

Rev. Ron Sanders, St. Petersburg Times 98 Comments [3/1/2007 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Martha P.
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