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re: day off from school for Yom Kippur...

Maybe up north ... my Bubba's worked for the local school board for over 26-1/2 years and he's never gotten Yom Kippur off. I would have to see the school's schedule to believe it ... isn't Yom Kippur a religious holiday? But schools can't celebrate Christmas or Easter anymore? This is ridiculous.

And as far as I'm concerned, if the kids are atheists or agnostics, they should be forced to go to school on religious holidays, seeing as how they don't consider themselves "religious".

HomeschoolrsRUs, FreeConservatives 41 Comments [10/15/2008 11:54:45 PM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

Quote# 49824

No it's not. Evolution is a theory that a kook came up with based on old bones and some observations while in the jungle. Evolution has been elevated to the status of real science but actually it hides behind biology's (a real science) hard work..

[M]-adman, alt.politics.homosexuality 28 Comments [10/15/2008 11:43:37 PM]
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Submitted By: Dysperdis

Quote# 49865

[On a video about prayer doesn't work]

Prayer works only if you are righteous. Like when I lost my pet bird when he flew away outside, I prayed with my family that he would return. 5 hours later, we found him across the street in a bush, unharmed... What are the odds? Less than 1%. AND, there were other instances in my life where prayer worked... the reason why it doesn't work for you is because you obviously don't have faith, which is a necessity for a prayer to work...

MarioLazar, Youtube 67 Comments [10/15/2008 9:28:31 PM]
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Quote# 49924

[In a "Truth For Youth" comic "spoofing" Harry Potter (called Hairy Polarity and the Sinister Sorcery Satire), our two "heroes" unlock the code for a door marked private by using the clue "Magic is all about..."]

Knowledge! That was the password. "Magic is all about Knowledge" WAY COOL!

Remember? It's what professor Dumbitdown said in the first book of Hairy Polarity!

Truth For Youth, Truth For Youth 40 Comments [10/15/2008 8:35:42 PM]
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Submitted By: TheOtherRainMan

Quote# 50060

Forrest Gump was a prime example of attemps of Hollywood to lower the threshold of acceptance of immoral and vulgar material. Under the humorous and warm front was graphic violence, very foul language, sexual material, some use of drugs and alcohol, and a suicide attempt. Worst of all was the 56 examples of Offense to God (the use of God's name, direct and euphemistically, with and without the three-four letter word vocabulary).(1) Although CAP Investigation Standards do not include acts of actual war as examples of unacceptable material, the Vietnam war in the movie was not an actual accounting of the war nor actual file footage -- it was Hollywood fanfare of gore and violence. Two sodliers were incinerated to the bone with bomb fire. Another was tossed by bomb blast.(2) These things happened in the Vietnam war, but the "soldiers" in Forrest Gump were not soldiers nor were they in Vietnam. Of other noteworthiness was nudity, physical abuse of a woman, child gang brutality against a disadvantaged child, and a child sneaking out of her house in the middle of the night to get into bed with Gump as a child.

Other examples of unacceptable material in Forrest Gump included living together out of wedlock while spouting "...doing nothing wrong," portrayal of sexual intercourse out of wedlock as acceptable, sexual foreplay in a car, drunkenness, and demonstration of how to use drugs.

Tom Carder, CAPalert 53 Comments [10/15/2008 8:33:11 PM]
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Quote# 49882

“Wall-e” was not a film for kids who believe in God. Although the animation was great, as would be expected from Pixar, the agenda was nauseating. Al Gore appears to have been the creator and director of the film. It was not for kids, and my kids did not even enjoy it. My 4 year old was ready to leave, unlike “Cars” or “Kung fu Panda”. This movie clearly showed the lack of belief in God by showing that earth was dead. It was so anti oil, nuclear power, consumers, and over the top pro green! There is a new religion that is in our movies and schools, yet where are the Christian voices defining this? “Wall-e” was a terrible film for kids and was done to further the agenda by the wealthy in the world who don't live as they preach. So much for a happy movie that my kids come out of with smiles and laughter as they did cars.

My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 2.5

Aaron Guzik, Christian Spotlight on the Movies 60 Comments [10/15/2008 8:27:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Ethan R.

Quote# 50058

If, as evolutionists claim, all of mankind evolved from the SAME primitive life-source, then how did we end up with 7,000 different languages? It is far more reasonable to accept the Biblical claim that God created all of mankind's different languages (Genesis 11:7,9); than it is to believe that some space-dust from a massive chaotic explosion somehow became life, and then took on intelligence, and then from the same evolutionary process ended up with 7,000 different languages.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 50 Comments [10/15/2008 8:24:00 PM]
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Quote# 50025

Would a loving parent torment his child forever and ever?

Answer : You make it sound like the child is innocent and that the parent is just being mean. If this is a comparison to us and God, then let me ask you some questions. Does God not give every opportunity to turn from sin? Did He not give us His plan of salvation through His son Jesus Christ?
Back to your analogy, what should a parent do with a rebellious unrepentant child?

superb9006, Yahoo Answers 50 Comments [10/15/2008 8:22:51 PM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

Quote# 49781

Morman Temple Weddings are very private affairs. You should be thankful you are not invited to the "temple marriage". The couple has to copulate in front of the church elders. (Kind of difficult because they get their special underwear that they can not take off.)

Prince Someday, Rapture Ready 53 Comments [10/15/2008 7:42:58 PM]
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Quote# 50052

(Obama is going to kill Christians? I must have missed that press release from the campaign...)

Nothing that Obama and his cronies would do would surprise me. He'd have to kill me to get me to stop living and promoting my faith in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He can't and won't stand me down, as I wear the helmet of salvation and the breastplate of truth.

JY11, Rapture Ready 73 Comments [10/15/2008 7:28:18 PM]
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Submitted By: sooze

Quote# 49812

President Clinton and Senator Obama are the same in one very frightening way, neither had a strong Christian man as a father. They are boys in a man's body.
President Bush and Senator McCain did grow up with strong Christian men as fathers and we can see their character.

Joseph The Carpenter, RaptureReady 43 Comments [10/15/2008 7:13:18 PM]
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Quote# 49677

If Hawkings is so convinced there is no God, why hasn't he put a bullet through his skull? Why would ANYONE suffer and die like that unless A. He knew that suicide was a mortal sin, or B. He was a damn coward?

God is a young earth creationist. Deal with it.
Liberals believe they descended from chimps. I think they did, too.

{his signature ^}

Nutrider99, FreeConservatives 64 Comments [10/15/2008 6:14:01 PM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

Quote# 49854

Atheists, please listen to this wise words?
now I am a simpel minded person but the greatest acheevement of my life is thinking of this moto.

"The Bible says it. I believe it. That SETTELS it.

Answer : THATS SO TRUE.....LIKE IT OR LUMP IT THE TRUTH is still the truth!!!

Fireball, Yahoo Answers 70 Comments [10/15/2008 4:53:30 PM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

Quote# 49810

Wrong. The flood was a result of the bursting open of the fountains of the great deep. See the ruptures in the earths crust, such as the bottom of the oceans floors.


When the underwater caverns burst open, the water under extreme pressure shot very high. Some became comets, some hit mars, some of the crust hit the moon. The water falling back was the rain.

Nick M, Theology Online 45 Comments [10/15/2008 4:20:47 PM]
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Quote# 49595

Jesus was mentioned in credible Roman records. What makes their records of Jesus less credible?
People don't WANT Jesus to exist.
Oh, yeah, and scientists could well be lying to us.

pastorb, WoW offtiopic 44 Comments [10/15/2008 3:06:38 PM]
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Submitted By: L

Quote# 49834

1.) My uncle is not a monkey.
2.) Scientist can't answer "where did that come from" to the minimalist thing they can think of.
3.) Humans created science, and evolution.
4.) I think if the world was billions of years old, we'd be a little bit more technologically advanced. My grandma didn't even have colored television, but look what we have now.
5.) The world in which we live in takes a genius, artist, supernatural being...not a rock that exploded.

[#4 is my favorite]

Tay, Yahoo Answers 49 Comments [10/15/2008 2:43:37 PM]
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Submitted By: Orlor

Quote# 49700

I am absolutely outraged! This doll should be taken off the shelves immediately! If in the airport they were forced to put up a "jewish star", because it was offensive to people practicing the jewish religion, next to our Christmas Tree why should we, as Christians, Americans, etc., be forced to put up with a doll teaching our children terrorism!

Freedom2Speak, kjrh 41 Comments [10/15/2008 2:06:59 PM]
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Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 49801

"Homeschool doesn't have this problem. Oh, but mothers have to be home to do something like that and it is hard to be happy without our independence and American dream of materialism. What could possibly be more important than the precious minds God has given us through family. Please Christians do not be deceived, families cannnot have 2 incomes and send there kids to "pagan" school and expect godly results. Don't be duped by the culture."

OneNewsNow (comments), OneNewsNow 31 Comments [10/15/2008 1:36:22 PM]
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Quote# 49716

(On Connecticut ruling same-sex marriage is a right)

It's sad how many people lack God in their lives. I for one hope that American society collapses, maybe then we can get rid of all these atheist, hedens, and non-believers. Hopefully, a new nation will rise from the ashes, one based on God and his teachings.

I understand that you cannot force gay people to love the opposite sex. But why go after a religous act such as marriage. Why do they have to get married? Especially if they do not follow Christianity. I would not care if a gay couple spend time together in private but I would be lying if I were to say that I would be comfortable with gay acts in public.

Well, this is a sad day for me indeed. Thank God there are alot of Roman Catholics in NYC. They would never allow this to happen. Well, as long as they don't get married under the church. Then I would really lose it.

And gays, spare me your little sermons on constitutional rights, myths, bigotry etc ....My opinion is one I would never change. No matter how many of you fags try to force it down our ****ing throats.

SuperMario, city-data.com 55 Comments [10/15/2008 1:35:40 PM]
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Quote# 49748

Rapture Ready force to shutdown under an Obama administration?

Those who study Obama's background and aware of the Anti-Christ people who are behind Obama realize this is a possibility.

I believe that he may use his well known Gestapo tactics to shut down Bible believing churches who speak out against homosexuality. He will make teaching creationism or intelligent design illegal in schools. He will probably make home-school illegal. He will probably make pro-Life organizations very difficult. Take tax exempt status from Churches who preach Jesus is the ONLY way. If You thought the Clintons had thugs in their administration, just wait till Obama's folks take over. They will make the Clinton gang look like saints!

Don't laugh at this scenario - Hussein's associates and friends are terrorist, wackos and thugs - ACORN, Bill ayers, Saul Alinksy (wrote a book dedicated to Lucifer) , Jesse High Jackson, Bill Mahre, Oprah Goddess Winfred, all of Hollowood, jeremiah Wright, Hammas, the list goes on! The facts speak for themselves and are easily verifiable.
The sad thing is most Americans are ignorant and can't connect the dots.

Of course if the Rapture happens before Hussein gets in power then this site will probably be non-operational.

Norrin Radd, Rapture Ready 68 Comments [10/15/2008 1:34:56 PM]
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Submitted By: JR

Quote# 49668

Why do Atheist think their Evolutionism arguements are wiser than Christian?
Biochemical cells cannot multiply or evolve over time, the nature of the nuclease is not to create hard matter but to sustain the health of such cells, this is something Evolutionalists have over looked, time after time after time after time. Evolution is physically, chemically, biologically IMPOSSIBLE. Yet Evolutionalists think their arguments for Macro Evolution are valid; ONE word: Carbon Dialysis.

Proof wrong.

Wayne J, Yahoo Answers Religion & Spirituality 40 Comments [10/15/2008 1:28:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Phoenix

Quote# 49742

Had to quit watching when the lady O'Rielly was interviewing started talking about the staff holding the child until it dies. Heartbroken and enraged are the only words I can describe my emotions right now.

Heathern Godless liberals are the scourge of this nation.


bgrasspicker, Rapture Ready 21 Comments [10/15/2008 1:27:27 PM]
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Submitted By: cc

Quote# 49823

[Folks, protect your irony meters.]

Stay away from this stuff, it powerful, it is more powerful then drugs to some people, and its growing in all directions. Wicca, yoga, crystals, new age garbage, Oprah. All religions of man, made up by man, to reach some kind of man made god, and we all know how useless a man made god is.

fishersofmen, Rapture Ready 59 Comments [10/15/2008 12:16:20 PM]
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Submitted By: Empress

Quote# 49769

I'm only 30 years old and my husband is 37. We have so much to be thankful for, and we are. But we have both discussed that we are just ready to get out of this sinful, sad world. For years, I kept thinking things might get better. They just seem to keep getting worse.

cameobrio, RR 51 Comments [10/15/2008 7:35:56 AM]
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Quote# 49727

Please take this caution in the right way. I too have told my kids about the Rapture, especially when they would ask about their grandparents dying. I told them that I hoped we'd all go to see Jesus without dying.

Now, my story:

When my grandmother was a little girl (8?) she and her friend came home from school together to the farmhouse. No one was there, which was very unusual. They went out to the barn, all around the fields, and began to worry that the Rapture had happened and they'd been left.

They ran to Grandma's grandmother's house; it was empty. They ran to the friend's house; it was empty. They ran to Grandma's grown-up sister's house and found Naomi. Phew!

They were absolutely panicked! You may want to address that sort of thing.... My mother said her mother had bad dreams for the rest of her life about 'missing the rapture.'

BlessedAssurance, Rapture Ready 38 Comments [10/15/2008 5:07:01 AM]
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