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[[Eucharisted posted a link to TIME Magazine's 'What Happens If You're on Gay Rights' 'Enemies List'' with the following comment:
Read the rest here.

Folks, if this isn't a sign that the gay movement is out to harm individuals and shun those whom it consideres "anti-gay", than I don't know what is.]]

Let them bring it on. This just shows the world who these people are. I'm surprised they haven't started forcibly sodomizing religious leaders and proponents of Prop 8 yet to make their 'point'. i.e. homosexualist terrorism.

Neil_Anthony, Catholic Answers Forum 52 Comments [11/21/2008 10:07:34 AM]
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Bill Maher shouldn't even get to vote until he shows he is able to be a good husband and father (one of the scriptural reqs for leadership).

chuck2, Sundance Channel Discussions 47 Comments [11/21/2008 7:17:10 AM]
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A similar corpus of academic hokum was invented to support the "homosexual animal" myth, whose references in academia also find their genesis to about 15 years ago. Please understand that when two female wolves or two female hyenas share the chore of pup raising, this isn't a "gay marriage" no matter how much the mayor of San Francisco and Act Up want you to believe it is

SailorMan, http://www.cbc.ca 44 Comments [11/21/2008 1:11:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Illuminatalie

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Please do NOT let your children near anything written by JK Rowling ever again. Her books are purely demonic, and have been associated with murder, suicide and 'mental illness' in certain parts of the USA. My friend Fred knows of one case in Missouri where a child who read the 'Chamber of Secrets' turned into a 'schitzophrenic' overnight and had to be sent to an institution.

I know you do not believe in demons, but PLEASE JUST TRUST ME ON THIS and destroy those wretched books before they destroy you and your family.

Garvan, The Garvanian 96 Comments [11/20/2008 10:09:49 PM]
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You're a God fearing person right--so why do you want to destroy His creation? What's wrong with the way He made all the different races - why do you want to destroy them; namely the White Race.

Ever heard of the Tower of Babel? Was it not God who confounded their language, and separated them? It is YOU who wants to create the New Tower Of Babel; namely the blending of all races together; again; so that all humans will be one race of people, again.

You need to repent!

Soldatul_Vostru, StormFront 72 Comments [11/20/2008 10:09:10 PM]
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Submitted By: mngamojemo

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It's insane to say someone should be punished with a baby just for having sex. I personally don't have a problem with infanticide as long as it's the parents/mother doing it up to maybe age 2. Abstinence is utterly unacceptable to nearly any normal person. I see no problem euthanizing anyone in a situation where they are at an infants ability to reason and/or function. I certainly wish someone would have enough mercy to kill me if I was in that situation. People seem to have this unhealthy obsession with protecting babies. Guess what? The species is way overpopulated now - we don't need to worry about dying out barring a freak disaster (ie large meteor strike) or doing something stupid like nuclear or biological war.

MattShizzle, rational responders 95 Comments [11/20/2008 10:08:46 PM]
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This is just my opinion.The world wid web and google are not of God,they belong to the god of this world.No good can come from the web,it will ultimately destroy humanity.I dont doubt that the Internet controls the world more everyday.Something with so much power that is not of God,is to me a beast.I think google will one day own us and everything else and unless we are part of it,we wont be able to by or sell.Any thoughts?

Manipulated, Religious Forums 72 Comments [11/20/2008 10:04:12 PM]
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[Thread headed 'Online Charter for Religious Harmony']

The world doesnt need one religion or many. All you need is Bible believing Christians saved by Grace!

TexasThunder, Rapture Forums 47 Comments [11/20/2008 10:03:07 PM]
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Some insights for people who think Hell is unreasonable?
Ask yourself this question. Why don't we get mad at someone who steps on an ant, but we give 5-10 years in jail for someone who kills some dirty criminal, and life-in-jail (or death sentence) to someone who kills the president?

In all three instances someone murdered. So why the different punishment.

The only thing that changed in this scenario was the worth of the person/thing the crime was committed against. Wouldn't it then follow that crimes committed against an infinitely worthy person/thing would require an infinite punishment?

Tristan, Y!A 50 Comments [11/20/2008 10:02:45 PM]
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Let's prove atheism!!?

Atheists claim that the universe come out from nothing, and then started evolving( change from nothing?)
So I thought we should do a little experiment to prove this falsehood:
Take a sealed glass tube. Using a vacuum pump, expel all the air. Spin it round in controlled environment of standard pressure and temperature. Stop spinning. What happened? Nothing!
Inference? Nothing can never come out of nothing.
Generalisation? atheism is unscientific.
Recommendation? There is God, read the Bible and pray. He will reveal Himself to you.

deonamihouse, Yahoo! Answers R&S 62 Comments [11/20/2008 9:59:48 PM]
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Submitted By: Pup

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Christians, why is the Name of your God: LORD on toilets?
In all the English, and sometimes not English countries, the Name LORD and LADIES is on toilet doors.
2 King 10:18 - 27 King Jehu destroyed the worshipers of baal and made toilets from the house of baal.
Satan managed to make us place the Name of our Lord on toilets.
When you see this, ask the owner to take it off.

Johann P, Yahoo! Answers 55 Comments [11/20/2008 9:59:16 PM]
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Submitted By: Caboose

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Spanking with a belt is NOT abuse. Spanking with something like that (a rod) by a loving parent is biblical.

HoneyBee777, RR 73 Comments [11/20/2008 9:58:35 PM]
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This is how Evolutionist start their fairy tales..."Once upon a time billions and billions and trillions of years ago"....and we all fell for it. The fact is this earth is a young earth and the bible indicates how old it is. but evolutionist reject the true age of the earth because then they might see the designer that made the first human being....Then theres the fossils they keep finding which indicates a world wide flood recorded in the bible which some refuse to consider.

Bonigee, YouTube 38 Comments [11/20/2008 9:57:22 PM]
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When do coincidences stop being coincidences?

Barack's Chicago power base includes the 60606 zip code.

6-6-6 only comes up in one out of every 1,000 Pick 3 lottery draws, yet it came up the day after BO's election.

In Nostradamus, the third and final antichrist will be associated with someone named Mabus, whose sudden death will trigger calamity. Ray Mabus is Obama's Middle East policy adviser. obaMABUSh

Obama is a great speaker worshipped throughout the former Roman Empire.

007ObiWan, YouTube 58 Comments [11/20/2008 8:23:35 PM]
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"Christians, what are your opinions of Christians who kick their gay children out of the house?"

[Best Answer chosen by voters]
if they act outside nature,they should be outside the house,too
oh yeah,give me as much thumbs down as you like,it just shows how sick and bestial this society has become

Ing palina, Yahoo! Answers 40 Comments [11/20/2008 7:55:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Jax

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[Ray builds a straw atheist to ask him 7 questions which he then fails to answer. The 7th answer is a particularly delicious slice of failure pie.]

Questions/arguments from a skeptic

1. God is Light, yet He creates the sun, for what purpose?

He created the sun so that we could have life on this planet. Without the sun, there can be no life.

2. God is Light, and He creates Himself by saying let there be light.

God is light, but the sun is created light. Science tells us that it had a beginning. God was its first cause.

3. God creates the moon as a light, but we know it is not a light.

We are aware that it merely reflects the sun's light, but it is a light that shines at night, as the Bible says. Haven't you heard of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata?

4. Why create a light before the sun/stars/moon? Surely God can work in the dark just as easily.

Again, God is light. He doesn't need anything to show Him His creation. The darkness it like light to Him (see Psalm 139:11-12).

5. God creates the Earth before the Sun, what gravitational field is the Earth sitting in?

Every planetary body (including the Earth) is surrounded by its own gravitational field, which exerts an attractive force on all objects. God created gravity, and He holds all things together by His own power (see Colossians 1:17).

6. God creates things in three days with "evening and morning" yet in order to have an evening and morning it relies on the Earth to rotate and the light source to come from a point, but God is everywhere.

God created every law of nature, and He is not bound by His own creation. He has power over thunder, lightning, earthquakes, the sun, and the wind, and even over you...as you will eventually find out.

7. Why did God only create radiation of a certain wave-length?

You will have to ask Him that one yourself. However, please realize that He will not even hear (take notice of) your requests while you have sin or doubt in your life (see Psalm 66:18). So don’t expect an answer (see James 1:6-7).

Ray Comfort, Ray Comfort's blog 60 Comments [11/20/2008 1:43:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Tomby Stone

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In yet another debate about the validity of Evolution...

There is more than a mountain of evidence to support Creation; It's called the Universe and all that is within it. That it is created, is self evident.
Just because you can't understand it doesn't make it any less true. Perhaps your not as smart as you'd like to think.

He is then asked:Examples of this evidence, please.

1.Open your eyes.
2.Look around you.
3.Choose something.
There is your evidence.

once_more, Topix 48 Comments [11/20/2008 1:30:30 PM]
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If you people think Christians are so retarded, let me ask you, Why would 2.1 billion christian people be? deluded and only 1.1 billion people be perfectly sane, it makes no sense

beepbeepcar123, YouTube 68 Comments [11/20/2008 4:38:12 AM]
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[. . .] I find it ironic that darwinians are now backing off of evolution and pointing to a greater intelligence. Instead of pointing to God...they are pointing to intelligence on other planets. Who put that intelligence there? They say darwinianism started there...but no proof whatsoever...just empty faith.

webdog, Baptist Board 58 Comments [11/20/2008 2:03:19 AM]
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Submitted By: PT

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Original question by WaitingForHim

My 6 year old daughter just woke up from a dream - and she was scared. I asked her what her dream was about - and she said that in her dream - she saw a huge, bright light above me...so bright that she couldn't even look at me - and then, all of a sudden, I disappeared.
[Yeah! dancing smilies]

I wonder if she's prophectic? [Hmm smiley]

Response by Barachem

A dream after which your 6 year old daughter is scared is most likely not good and probably either product of her imagination or a demonic attack.
This looks also like an alien abduction dream as well as the rapture, but the weird and alarming thing is that your daughter didn't disappear as well.

WaitingForHim + Barachem, Rapture Ready 69 Comments [11/20/2008 1:59:04 AM]
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The new age folks know about the rapture and are just waiting for us to get outa here so they can have the world to themselves. That's not just internet hogwash, either. A coworker was actually mad to see me at work the day after Y2K, she was so sure that was the day.

GloryBound, RR 54 Comments [11/20/2008 1:31:28 AM]
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(Discussing an article entitled "Packs of robots will hunt down uncooperative humans"):

It is eerie, but not surprising. We have everything from the government listening to phone calls to computers keying in on key words, I mean, robots chasing folks, of course it is going to happen. The AC will control us like we have never seen and in my opinion, BO (Barack Obama) and his administration will usher in the beginning of this.

brethorn, Rapture Forums 65 Comments [11/20/2008 12:23:34 AM]
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Anecdotal myth. Link me with a single internationally-recognized academic paper with supporting empirical data validating this claim. Isn't it amazing that until only recently, the word "homosexual" was never included in the World Jewish Congress-sanctioned Encyclopedia of the Holocaust? Yet over the past 15 years, a whole corpus of historical revisionism was invented to retrofit homosexuals as Holocaust "victims". Forget the fact that an estimated two million German homosexuals served in Hitler's armed forces, a leader who himself was homosexual.

Pogomutt, http://www.cbc.ca 42 Comments [11/19/2008 11:12:04 PM]
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Submitted By: Illuminatalie

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[Commenting on the role of religion in American legislation:]

OP:Well, then should Hindus be able to have a law enacted prohibiting the consumption of Bee?
JR: No, but I'm not Hindu.
OP:And then Muslims prohibiting the consumption of pork?
JR: No, but I'm not Muslim.
OP:And then Jews the consumption of seafood?
JR: No, but I'm not a Jew.
OP:At the end, you wouldn't be able to eat anything because every religion forbids something else,
JR: Thankfully I follow Christianity, not all religions.
OP:How would you like it if they were all telling you that sin is much worse and much more important than nutrition?
JR: I would be apathetic.
OP:Or do you think that you should only have to follow your own religion, and they should follow theirs?
JR: No, I think everyone should be Christian.
OP:And why should I follow your religion?
JR: Because Jesus is awesome and because you're a sinner.
OP:Why should they if you don't follow theirs?
JR: Because they should convert.

J2R, AARM 53 Comments [11/19/2008 11:09:54 PM]
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this man has astounded many. the entire world is practically falling to his feet worshipping him. i believe with all of my heart he will continue to arise in power just as the Bible tells us and he will go on to the new holy roman empire aka the europian union to become the EUROPIAN UNION PRESIDENT! THEN hell on earth begins! it is falling together TO perfectly between the new world order forming into place right be4 r eyes and the mark of the beast forming into place all at the same time!

Vessel4MyFather, YouTube 61 Comments [11/19/2008 7:28:03 PM]
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Submitted By: Simple Plan