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(This time he chose as the best answer an answer he disagreed with but still ranked it as 5 stars)

Why are Christian WOMEN so afraid of their God-ordained ROLES?

GOD created man and woman for seperate purposes. Man is the primary breadwinner, woman is his helpmeet. What is so scary about that? Why do women reject the idea of submission to men if it is in God's plan??

"God made me a strong-willed, independent woman with a mind of her own. If he had a designated "role" for me that was nothing more than a slave to a man, he wouldn't have made me this way.

You have some serious issues."

No Rachel God did not make you that way stop using God as an excuse for your depravity.

Saved by Grace, Yahoo! Answers 41 Comments [11/18/2008 9:30:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Jax

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You people need to get a life and escape out of the realm of satans control. You know, I veagly remember one of Hitlers tactics of control..... The same idea of evolutionist thinking seem to be very prevelent here and working in the fields of science.

Teno Groppi, http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/ 34 Comments [11/18/2008 9:22:15 AM]
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Submitted By: NightJaguar

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["Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake,"]

Jesus, help us.

Those adverts are antichrist indeed...

King Arthur, RaptureReady 35 Comments [11/18/2008 9:18:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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(CTSTDT too?)


Why does it seem like such a bad thing that God made women to be submissive. Is it just our culture?

Why do women strive to go against God's will? When did it become a bad thing to have the man be in charge?


Feminism was started by the Rockefellers who wanted more women in the workplace for three reasons:

1) More taxes collected
2) Children taken away and put into propaganda filled "public schools"
3) Some women would put work above child bearing at all, thus sterilizing them (in line with evil eugenics plans)

Feminism is a deception and it's amazing how many have fallen for it, only to realize on the other side that it was a lie all along. I thank God daily that my wife didn't fall for it.

Saved by Grace/CJ, Yahoo! Answers 45 Comments [11/18/2008 9:14:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Jax

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[They deserve a medal for their persistence.]

There will be a dual terrorist attack on the US and the UK taking the form of fire from the heavens and a rising mushroom cloud, in 2008Heshvan (before 2008December3). The US arm of the attack will hit Westside Midtown Manhattan producing a man made mushroom cloud rising from the Hudson river. The UK arm will most likely occur on the same day but may be a few days later.

Lord's Witnesses, The True Bible Code website 66 Comments [11/18/2008 9:10:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Pato2747

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I don't know much about Britain, but I know enough to be thankful I don't live there! It's so secular, and the few who are religious are mostly muslim. It's certainly a fertile ground for Satan to create his antichrist, though the Left Behind books make me envision an eastern european man whenever I think of the AC. It never crossed my mind that the AC might be English though there's no reason he couldn't. As someone else said I always thought he would be someone who came out of nowhere and rise up like a rocket to rule the world. He would be kind of like a European version of Obama (I still can't believe we elected someone so inexperienced. McCain has probably been in politics longer than Obama has been alive!)
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CharlotteCow, Rapture Ready 69 Comments [11/18/2008 9:05:29 AM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One

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From a review of the film Dinosaur on the web site of the Child Care Action Project. This whole website is a giant steaming pile of fundie:

Protagonists might get the impression that a sub plot of the story is of togetherness during times of distress, portraying that all peoples of all races and ages can live and work together and can attain much more in unity than in division [Luke 11:17]. While this is true, the T-Rexes and other meat-eaters (pure speculation, by the way--we do not know for certain that any dinosaurs were carnivorous -- there was no death before the great Fall) did not flock with the plant eaters, so division was still present--and thankfully so (in the animal world, anyway). The last time what is now the predator by nature laid next to what is now the prey was in the Garden of Eden and there will come a day when this happens again [Is. 11:6]. Since the period of Dinosaur is between Creation and the Garden of Eden, no one knows for sure how predator/prey aggression manifested itself if at all. The Bible speaks of a time when the lion will eat hay like the ox [Is. 11:7], so carnivorous attacks on live prey will one day not be vital to survival and perhaps, long ago, were not.

Thomas A. Carder, http://www.capalert.com/ 34 Comments [11/18/2008 8:34:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Darwin

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Text of the Kieffe & Sons Ford Ad:

Did you know that there are people in this country who want prayer out of schools, "Under God" out of the Pledge, and "In God We Trust" to be taken off our money?
But did you know that 86% of Americans say they believe in God? Now since we all know that 86 out of every 100 of us are Christians, who believe in God, we at Kieffe & Sons Ford wonder why we don't tell the other 14% to sit down and shut up. I guess maybe I just offended 14% of the people who are listening to this message. Well, if that is the case then I say that's tough, this is America folks, it's called free speech, and none of us at Kieffe & Sons Ford are afraid to speak out. Kieffe & Sons Ford on Sierra Highway in Mojave and Rosamond, if we don't see you today, by the grace of God, we'll be here tomorrow."

Kieffe & Sons Ford, YouTube 55 Comments [11/18/2008 8:34:17 AM]
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If someone is an Athiest why would they tell the truth in court when they put the hand on the bible and say "I will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help your god?"

KiloWattKid, Answer Bag 18 Comments [11/18/2008 8:30:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

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The Endgame
Like many others, I believe the earth is likely to come to an end in 2012 for the following reasons:

1. A massive asteroid (the second-largest ever) will pass VERY close to the Earth in January. Numerologist Michael Drosnin (who is an atheist BTW) claims that, according to the Bible Code, an asteroid will collide with the Earth. He is the one who successfully predicted the assasination of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995.

2. The Earth will be home to 7 billion people, according to the US Census Bureau. This is significant as '7' is regarding a number symbolises perfectionism in the Bible.

3. On 21 December 2012, the Mayan Calendar draws to an end,

4. The sun will reverse its own magnetic poles as a result of reaching the end of its sunspot cyle.

5. The Prophet Malachy was given a series of visions in 1140, which foretell a motto for the next 111 Popes. Since then, every SINGLE papacy, without exception, appears to have fulfilled Malachy's unique prophecy for them. And, according to Malachy, THERE IS ONLY ONE MORE POPE TO COME BEFORE THE END. We all know that Benedict is a man of great age, who may die soon. So 2012 would seem like a reasonable date where there would be time for only ONE MORE POPE.

6. In addition, virtually all the Biblical prophecies have now been fulfilled. A suspect antichrist is shortly to take up residence in the White House.

There are many more reasons besides - http://www.december212012.org/


Is this simply too much coincidence? Never in the field of human history have so many discrete sources linked a common date for the end of time.

Perhaps now is therefore the time to think seriously about your life and what will happen to you when it comes to an end.

Garvan Ellison, The Garvanian 55 Comments [11/18/2008 8:24:03 AM]
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Submitted By: sandman

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The church elders are not in anyone's business. This is a belief of the church period. I can do whatever I want, because in the end, it is between me and God. I don't want to do oral sex because it just seems degrading and disrespectful to both man and woman. I won't judge you, so don't judge me and my church's beliefs. Oral sex is apart of sodomy. Those mystery juices don't belong in your mouth.

SadieAnn_1917, Yahoo! Answers 62 Comments [11/18/2008 8:18:54 AM]
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Submitted By: EL

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If being gay is natural, why the fuck animals are not gay? Maybe animals have more sense than some humans..?

(Homosexual behaviour happens in many many animal species.)

I have never heard of that. I guess gay people? are raising there animals to be like them.....

Methex, YouTube 56 Comments [11/18/2008 6:38:21 AM]
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"Edwards said the purpose isn't to argue that God doesn't exist or change minds about a deity, although "we are trying to plant a seed of rational thought and critical thinking and questioning in people's minds."

Okay, um didn't the Germans Higher Critical (1920's) thinking allow for what happened in WW2 and also the rise of humanism in our own country? It was what crept into seminaries across the country stating that anything that couldn't be explained rationally didn't happen; ie. the virgin birth, resurrection, literal 7 day creation, Noah's flood, etc. It is why so many of American Churches are liberal today.

LadyJ, RaptureReady 23 Comments [11/18/2008 4:19:07 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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Abortion is murder. The morning after pill leads to the death of the child in the mother's womb, which is also murder.

Birth control pills are a device created by men so men could have more sex with women and is one of Satan's deceptions, masking the true nature of love that God desired. Birth control is not Biblical and is anti-Christian.

If women were born pregnant, abortion wouldn't be a contentious issue.

Abstinence is God's only policy when it comes to sex before marriage and society would be much better if we publicly executed abortion doctors and those who rape and perpetrate sexual crimes against women instead of murdering innocent children.

Morgoth's Bane, Yahoo Answers 64 Comments [11/18/2008 4:13:36 AM]
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Submitted By: ChocoholicBec

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Oh you hurt me so. I get my view of atheists by how they all rock like bobblehead dolls to the same stimuli.

What part of nothing creating everything don't you understand?

You guys don't have enough i o n s on your numbers for nothing to get everything here. Or do you? How many numbers with i o n s on the end of them did it take for nothing to "create" everything?

0 x 0 = atheism when all is said and done.

Hmm, a mathematical fact.

I'm sorry if it causes you cerebral discomfort to hear or see that offered up as the root of all atheism's sandy bottomed assertions.

I'm sorry pal, a sparrow is not an accident caused by another accident that was a mistake that became something improved out of the accident.

And humans are worth even more than sparrows.

Now . . . where'd I hear that before?

But if you want to believe in atheism, far be it from me to stop you. I can see how angry it makes you when challenged. I'll be going now.

Polycarp_fan, Christian Forums 50 Comments [11/18/2008 3:52:43 AM]
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Submitted By: David

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Sorry Tom. Hell does exist. You haven't looked hard enough for the truth. You've only looked for information that affirms what you want to be true. Not believing in gravity won't make it go away.

harvardlaw95, YouTube 41 Comments [11/18/2008 3:43:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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It seems that evolutionists are now prepared to concede that the sun is NOT fixed in the sky, but is, in fact, constantly moving.

So now we hear half the truth, but when will we get the WHOLE truth (ie., that the sun circles the earth)???

Also, what evolutionists haven't explained is, if the sun is indeed moving, then WHO is doing the moving, if not Almighty God???

Garvan Ellison, The Garvanian 58 Comments [11/18/2008 3:42:10 AM]
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Submitted By: sandman

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The whole thing about Atheists is that hate God, that is the base of their "mind set" by being Atheist they prove God's existence, for they connot be Atheist unless they have somthing to Atheiate. They are eaten up by pride and or live vicious lives. They wish to be free of God so they can enslave themselves in sin. No Atheist has every searched for the Truth. They deny God and therefore deny Truth, and by denying truth they deny their very existence.If they truly look for God they will find Him

AngelicDarius, Youtube 66 Comments [11/18/2008 3:41:58 AM]
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I have been married to a man for over 25 years that is constantly critical of me and verbally abusive. We cannot have a discussion about anything without him flinging personal attacks or belittling my thinking processes etc. My husband is not saved and the enemy uses his tongue as a weapon, this is a spiritual battle not flesh and blood. Jesus is my warrior and my Defender and even though my husbands critical and negative words continue to hurt me I go to Jesus and He helps me. Until Jesus decides to do something different in the situation I will obey Him none the less. He never fails to bless me in ways that enable me press on.

eve_anne_gelical, Rapture Ready 53 Comments [11/18/2008 2:25:12 AM]
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Submitted By: sooze

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there are according to my local radio station in l.a. a big protest tomorrow on prop 8 and this is really annoying me. i mean this prop passed - and this should stand but people are not letting this go and trying to force their beliefs on the majority of california who voted yes for prop 8. this really needs prayer still and it is a HUGE spiritual battle going on in this state.

AWillow, rr 43 Comments [11/18/2008 1:09:25 AM]
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God does not believe in tolerance for all.
Hell is the proof.

Bobby Jim, Yahoo answers 47 Comments [11/18/2008 1:06:09 AM]
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Submitted By: El Honk

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["There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."]

They're not even sure in their own faith is what gets me...

disciplefogod, RaptureReady 60 Comments [11/18/2008 12:43:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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you likely have a very sensitive child who feels extra remorse and guilt. If so, don't try to talk them out of it, it doesn't work, they only think you don't understand the level of their depravity. they are sensitive to the awareness of their own sin and are completely aware you don't know all the bad stuff inside of them. they don't believe they deserve to be saved.

so tell them that they are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! they DON'T deserve it and that the sin inside is evidence of that. so instruct him to get on his knees every time he has doubts and THANK God for giving him what he did not deserve.

Valerie, Rapture Ready 41 Comments [11/18/2008 12:29:14 AM]
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Submitted By: sooze

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Lets make gay marriage ok, Then lets make it ok for me too marry two women. Then lets make it ok for me too marry my sister or brother. Hell why not make it ok to make it where i could marry my dog or my sandwich. Where do we draw the line. God Libs are soo stupid. Example: Partial birth abortion is good. Death sentances for murderers is bad.

Libs claim to be tolerant but then they destroy anyone who opposes them by labeling them as a racist or a homophobe.

gakeeler, gay marriage comment 56 Comments [11/18/2008 12:07:08 AM]
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So I am the ignorant one, but you believe that homosexuality is not against nature. Any 5th grader knows that a penis does not fit into a penis and a vagina the like. But you think thats natural. Even if you approach this from an evolutionary perspective you still lose. Homosexuality does not propagate a species, therefore it would be a rejection of the evolutionary process. But it is my opinion that gays can do want they want in private, it is their free choice. I am just against gay marriage.

germanicelt, YouTube 52 Comments [11/18/2008 12:03:32 AM]
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