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"I also feel there might come a time before the Rapture when we may have to move to a part of the country where the "government"does not want to go."

On the bright side, we would all be together, and it would make the Rapture a lot easier for God.

Robert, Rapture Ready 44 Comments [11/14/2008 11:29:04 PM]
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[Quote: "I do deny Jesus Christ. Fully and completely. And in the same breath I deny the easter bunny, the boogey man, santa, and the idea of hell itself... so no, my conscience isn't sweating it."]

Hey, you may want to listen to Barb. She is telling you the truth. Denial of the Lord leads straight to hell. Who else do you have paying for your sins? Who else is God Almighty? Who else proved it by rising from the dead? Look, in mockery, you raised an objection equating Jesus to Santa and the Easter bunny. But what you failed to mention, and I would love an answer for this, is that you are comparing a historical figure to mythical figures. Even the most liberal scholars who do their work admit Jesus was a real person in history. So tell me, please, I beg of you, why are you comparing a historical figure to characters that don't even claim to be historical?

Steve, MySpace 30 Comments [11/14/2008 11:20:39 PM]
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Quote:[Guys, like you I read mainly EVERY page from his www.change.gov website.]

Just be careful when you visit his web site, he is very hypnotizing. This should not be done by the weak-minded.

Joe Valentine, RR 30 Comments [11/14/2008 11:20:14 PM]
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Homosexuals have no right to impose their gay religion upon society nor do they have the right to overthrow elections and democracy.

MidNightRider2001, YouTube 54 Comments [11/14/2008 11:19:44 PM]
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Likewise, the anti-theist attempts to stamp out religion have failed. Alas, they continue to try.

Are we really that different?

Emmy, then my comment does not refer to you. It refers to those who have and still attempt to presecute and condemn religious people with the ignorant assumption that intellect and logic will somehow convince us all we are misguided.

Ashley- Advocate for Christ, Yahoo! Answers 19 Comments [11/14/2008 11:06:38 PM]
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I guess what's troubling me is that there are so few of us who fully understand what's transpiring right now. Why aren't there more Christians who have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to see what's being fulfilled? This is puzzling to me.

Sundial, Rapture Ready 34 Comments [11/14/2008 11:05:33 PM]
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[In response to a video from VenomFangX]

Very good Shawn.You really shut his pie hole. The evolutionists always have a picture of the primitive man as someone with low intelligence.Knowing how stupid the? man was, could he figured out in less than 3 days how to eat or drink?C´mon,if you don´t eat or drink for 3 days you die.Hey evolutionists,just because you don´t want to go to church, you don´t need to lie to people.Just disarm that stupid HLC .

argentinianguy, Youtube 46 Comments [11/14/2008 11:02:23 PM]
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[how does allowing gays to get married harm you, if you are straight?]

Because allowing gay people to get married would be the same as allowing pedophiles to marry children. After all, why shouldn't pedophiles be allowed to marry what they are attracted to? They can't help it, after all!

[Fool, how is a child a consenting adult?]

Your logic sucks. The point is that at some point, you have to define what is actual marriage and what is unadulterated perversion. Why can't people who are addicted to beastiality marry farm animals? The lunacy has to end at some point.

Oh and by the way, God makes it clear in the bible that homosexual behavior is wrong, and that people who encourage the behavior will be sent to hell along with them(just read the story of Sodom and Gamorrah.) So in that way it affects me very greatly. Of course, you probably don't believe in God, so this last point is lost on you.

[UT OH!! He pulled the his trump card!! The bible says it!! Come on man, not fair.]

Ok then, I'll give you another argument that has nothing to do with my belief in God:

In the United States, a little over one million people are infected with HIV. Of these people, 75% are gay/bisexual men who acquired their infections through sex with another man.

So basically, the male homosexual population is responsible for the vast majority of the HIV/AIDS problem in the United States. Thanks, but no thanks.

jtstevenson81-1, IMDb Board for Barack Obama 31 Comments [11/14/2008 9:54:56 PM]
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Liberals should be killed for trying take God out of America. This is a Christian nation and if the atheists, secularists, Muslims, and any other anti-Chriatian group don't like it they should leave. They endorse Satanic practices like abortion, evolution, and homosexuality and God will make them burn in hell for it. They claim that religion should stay out of the government but without religion people are just evil corrupt Satan-worshipping faggots.

rabidanimal42, YouTube 62 Comments [11/14/2008 8:41:16 PM]
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I don't think that preaching the Living Word of God is hate and I also don't think that saying "homosexuality is wrong" leads to hate crimes. Hate leads to hate crimes. We have freedom of speech in this country. In the true spirit of America: If you don't like what you hear or see, don't listen or look!

ChristiRenee, Rapture Ready 44 Comments [11/14/2008 7:51:35 PM]
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What hope does atheism offer?
In light of the word "hope" being used so much during this years elections, I was wondering...

What hope does atheism truly offer humanity?

I mean no disrespect to my fellow atheist's on the R&S. It's just that, I understand that different faiths offer hope is many different ways. As a born-again Christian I have the hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ. But to be honest atheism, as it pertains to giving hope, is an enigma to me.

Elder Greg (((SFCU))), yahoo crazys 38 Comments [11/14/2008 7:50:15 PM]
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Submitted By: CaseAgainstFaith

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On Earth right now, over 40,000,000 people have AIDS/HIV. These 40 million, sure to be dead, were all killed by homosexuals, who spread this disease. Homosexuals, who can't control their sex drives, have unleashed a greater holocaust upon the world than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Gays are sick, violent maniac killers.

MidNightRider2001, YouTube 43 Comments [11/14/2008 7:49:47 PM]
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homosexuality is just as sick as marrying a dog or a dead body, it is beyond sick - satanic is more like it

zaktuta, YouTube 37 Comments [11/14/2008 6:28:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Straub

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Use: to address those who most need to wake up to God's existence. Especially appropriate when following on from a derogatory comment (e.g. ROTFL etc.) to a serious post.

WOTFP = Writhing on the floor praying. A sharp riposte to those who don't understand the stakes at play.

Pete Rooke, Religious Thought 63 Comments [11/14/2008 6:27:05 PM]
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I cannot believe we are discussing whether or not gays can marry or not! The Bible is quite clear, in the Book of Leviticus - the penalty. Let's stop the idea of gay rights, and instead round up these anti-American criminals and at the very least hold them in detentiion camps or prisons, and decide or not decide to execute them.

militaryutahguy, Youtube Comments 64 Comments [11/14/2008 6:27:03 PM]
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You WON'T BELIEVE THIS!!! I found an entire document that dissproves evolutionary evidence and supports the 'intelligent design' / creation viewpoint. Go to www.answersbook.org and TyPE in CHapter 92. (real, scientific evidence). It shocked me!!! HOW does evolution explain this?! Also has quotes from TOP scientists (incl. Einstein and Newton) that show that even THEY doubt the realism of evolution... It's probability of happening is like 1 in [a number followed by like a million billion something zeroes].

CAN WE RISK IT??? If evolution/ big bang really is incorrect, can we ignore the possibility that God may actually exist? Meaning we're risking our eternities and the possibility of ending up in hell?

Scientists are humans with flaws and shortcomings just like us. No one can say they are 100% correct.


They've disproved the "embryonic recapitulation" theory (which used to support evolution") BUT they KEEEP printing it in bio textbooks for students!!! ??

I'm starting to REALLY doubt this theory..... YOUR IDEAS???

bootylicious, Yahoo! Answers 50 Comments [11/14/2008 6:26:33 PM]
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[11,000-Year-Old Temple Found In Turkey]

This is so beautiful. It needs to be saved and shown to people who visit there. No one except God knows how old it is. The works standing alone almost look like a cross. How about that! Why do men continue to say they know how old something is? One day you will be surprised to find out, you are all very incorrect. Thanks for sharing.

Merrie, smithsonianmag.com 35 Comments [11/14/2008 6:24:41 PM]
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[Why do christians think they control marraige when people still have to get a marriage license from the state?]

Marriage between a man and woman is symbolic with the relationship between a believer and Jesus Christ. It is not to be tainted.

FROG E, Yahoo Crazys 46 Comments [11/14/2008 6:22:30 PM]
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Submitted By: CaseAgainstFaith

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[Why did God create trillions of planets that serve no purpose?
There are trillions of planets that will never be capable of sustaining life...why did he create them?]

They are an expression of his glory. He wants us to look at how small we are, how big the universe is, and be amazed that God is even bigger.

C. L. Richardson, Yahoo Crazys 40 Comments [11/14/2008 6:22:09 PM]
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If people wanted gay marriage to be legal, shouldn't they make polygamy marriages legal too?
In the sense of "freedom", shouldn't they make Polyandry and incest marriages legal also? what about inter-species marriage or what if I wanted to marry a tree?

Captian Galatic, Yahoo 48 Comments [11/14/2008 6:20:51 PM]
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[On Prop 8]

its protecting traditional marriage. You know, where a man marries a woman? yea that kind. marriage is a sacred ceremony, and its not supposed to be used loosley, by all these divorces and gay marriages. im afraid people are dont get that. and its not even complicated. let the gays actually fight their OWN battles. they must be pretty weak to have to have other fight for others rights when its wrong.

WolfLvr12, deviantART 32 Comments [11/14/2008 6:20:45 PM]
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(in regards to an anti-landmine ad featuring a girl stepping on a land mine during a soccer game)

jesus decided her to die...therefore she did

god bless

carefreeforever, youtube comments 45 Comments [11/14/2008 6:20:40 PM]
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Submitted By: Edward Lehar

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[When did the impression occur that our Founding Fathers are Christian?]
Answer - they were BElievers.....why are you quoting them....this isnt history?
it wont make you any less a sinner getting death for it..

Fireball, Yahoo Crazys 14 Comments [11/14/2008 6:20:36 PM]
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Submitted By: CaseAgainstFaith

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How can you name a channel Christian Skeptics? Isn't a skeptic someone opposed to religion. Yes. I am opposed to religion, and I'm a Christian. Christianity is not a religion, but atheism is... so it is my intent to prove to you Christianity is not a religion, and that it is backed up with "many infallible proofs."
This channel is for Christians who are skeptical about atheism, darwinism, and all the other distractions, distracting us from what's important... Christ.

AJ of christianskeptics, YouTube 24 Comments [11/14/2008 6:15:51 PM]
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Quantum Mechanics works at the very small level, while gravity generally works at very large scale.Generally this doesn't matter; except you have to decide *which* theory to use when making a prediction. The equations of quantum mechanics and gravity cannot be combined; one of the two theories must be wrong. But do you hear scientists admitting that evolutional theory might be wrong? No!

cheetah100, Youtubz 33 Comments [11/14/2008 6:13:08 PM]
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