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(Reacting to Obama winning the presidential election.)

When i saw this morning that he won such a sadness came over me. Even now tears are falling. I so fear for this country. It amazes me at how many in this country have been deceived. I too believe this is the beginning of the end for freedom in America. I hope all will be praying double time.

sharon112, Rapture Ready 19 Comments [11/9/2008 10:53:18 PM]
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You know deep down I knew "Osama" I mean Obama would win. It's just when it happened last night, it hurt so much. Last night made it official, that our beautiful country America had died

It was most disturbing if the polls were true than most people in the the US are falling for the brainwashing of the ungodly liberal media. Satan has been very busy. My rant here may sound like I'm overreacting but I think many people including those who are not from America don't understand how truly dangerous Obama really is. There is no question he will make the NWO come true. He stands against Christian values and morals. For crying out loud he's a muslim who has friends that are terrorists!!! I don't ever remember seeing any president being friends with terrorist and also thinks the constitution is wrong!!! Is Obama the antichrist?! certainly no, but he is the beginning of the end for America.

I do believe the rapture is definitely much closer than ever!! Dear Lord help to lift this burden off our hearts and keep are brother and sister Christians strong in the faith. We need to pray for each other now, for the saftey of Israel and for Obama's heart to be softened (and of course for the trolls running rampant around on this board).

Spiritual. Armor, rapture forums 27 Comments [11/9/2008 10:52:31 PM]
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When the news channel I was watching at the end showed all the masses of humanity cheering and screaming and crying waiting for Obama to come on the stage, I got the eeriest feeling . It was like a fast forward in time to the crowds worship of the AC. There were thousands upon thousands of people. The look in their eyes ( they showed lots of close ups of the faces in the crowds) was what gave me the chills up my spine. Adoring, but totally vacant. Like programmed androids. This is indeed a type and shadow of things to come.

IamHis, Rapture Ready 27 Comments [11/9/2008 10:52:26 PM]
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[talking about Obama]

hahahaha. wel god had him elected for a reason. there was this website (dont ask me i forgot) where this person came out and said that god told them that the person elected wouldnt be a true christian but they would come out of office as a true christian

Tanner Huff, Facebook 13 Comments [11/9/2008 10:49:58 PM]
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I thank God for the passage of Prop 8, it shows that not all Californians are kooks, and homo's. You can't stand for anyone to stand for purity and sanctity of marriage! God did not create Eve and Steve!

dan gore, E! Online 56 Comments [11/9/2008 10:45:06 PM]
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Since everyone else is chanting victory on their journals I might as well chime in with mine. Obama wins eh? Well I'm glad you all went out and did your homework on the man before you voted for him because I sure did.

He was sworn into senate office with his hand on the Koran instead of the Bible. You know what that means, yes? We do not have the first black president. Hell, I'd be estatic if we did. No, we have the first MUSLIM president. You know how it says "Under God, In God We Trust" on all our American seals? Obama must not of gotten the memo. People will tell you, "Oh, he just used his own personal Bible." Which of course was the Koran.

*edit* Why does this bug me? Because I'm Christian, our founding fathers were as well, and being it -my- country I want a Christian in the White House. I have no problem with freedom of religion, you can be whatever you want to be. But when it comes to my leader and my country, I'm pretty picky.*end edit*

[More WHARRGARBL on the link]

Jin-Saotome, DeviantArt 40 Comments [11/9/2008 10:44:57 PM]
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"Okay, Obama wins the election Tuesday night, November 4th. He OFFICIALLY becomes President Elect November 5th. Long story short, the day he becomes President Elect, the Illinois, evening (Nov. 5th) pick-3 winning numbers were: 666 I kid you not."

Eraserhead, Rapture Forums 26 Comments [11/9/2008 10:44:20 PM]
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[The topic is titled: The moon was Split?!... Eyewitnesses, Scientific facts....
OP's post is 100% pure crazy, highly recommended reading]

In conclusion, these arguments must be enough for any mind to be convinced of the possibility that the splitting of the moon occurred; now out of many evidences of its occurrence, we shall mention only six which have the strength of a six-fold consensus:

• The Companions of the Prophet, who were all men of justice and truthfulness, concurred upon its occurrence.

• All of the exacting interpreters of the Qur’an have agreed that the verse, The moon split indicates to the splitting of the moon with a gesture of Muhammad’s fingers, upon him be peace and blessings.

• All the truthful Traditionists narrated this incident through various authentic channels of transmission.

• All the men of truth and sainthood, men of inspiration and spiritual discovery have borne testimony to the occurrence of this incident.

• All the foremost theologians whose way differ greatly from each other and all the learned scholars have nevertheless agreed in their confirmation of this event.

• The Community of Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, who, as established by an authentic Prophetic tradition, never agree on an error, have accepted on its occurrence.

These six evidences are as clear as the sun to prove the splitting of the moon.

Rikitatsu, Gametrailers 27 Comments [11/9/2008 10:44:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Lautsi

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A test for a man's soul?

Science cannot prove God either way. But can science prove the existence of a soul? This is where the subject of a life force (soul) comes in. If all that were to life was dead matter that is now living. Fixing what is wrong with that matter to sustain life would be much easier. But yet everyday in the medical field the unexplained happens.

People die, who should have lived. And people live, who should have died. The only explanation medical science has for this is one person's will to live was greater then the others. To come to this conclusion, you would also have to say that anyone who wants to live forever could do just that. But that is not what we see is it?

So we could conclude that when this life force leaves the living matter body, it turns back into dead matter and cannot be revived. Because matter can be repaired. Making the soul return to the body so that life can be sustained, is not obtainable. Therefore medical science will always have a problem explaining how some people died, and some people lived. But, is there evidence that a soul actually exists?

There were some tests conducted on terminal patients to see if the soul actually has weight that could be recorded at the exact time of death (if there was a soul that left, and had measurable weight). Doing this test, they found some interesting stuff. Regardless of how big or small the person was that died, the weight loss was always the same: 3/4 of an once. And it was always recorded right at the instant the person ceased to show any life signs.

Y.E.C. Headquarters, Evolutionist's Hate 24 Comments [11/9/2008 10:43:20 PM]
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[A young engaged woman is upset that her fundie pastor won't let her sing at her own wedding ceremony and won't let her pick her own songs to sing afterwards. She asked J. Budziszewski, a/k/a "Professor Theophilus", for advice. Unfortunately for her, he's at TrueU.org, one of Focus on the Family's many websites.]

Even after reading your letter several times, I'm not quite sure what you mean.

You say, "He told me that I am not allowed to sing in my wedding ceremony." Do you mean that he won't let you join in any congregational singing? Surely not. You say, "I have to wait until the singing is over and I walk up the aisle when the ceremony begins." Do you mean that the congregation is going to sing a hymn while you are in the back waiting to process in, and your pastor thinks it might be distracting for your voice to come booming out from the vestibule? But it would be distracting, wouldn't it?

I suspect that you don't mean any of those things. Could it be that you want to sing a solo, up at the front of the church, all decked out in your wedding gown? Would you then race to the back of the church in order to enter all over again, processing up the aisle. If that's what your pastor opposes, I'm with him. A wedding isn't an episode of American Idol, where the bride gets to make a spectacle of herself. It is a sacred rite uniting a man and a woman in marriage. If you want to hear a solo, let another lady sing it, and let her do it to glorify Christ, not you, giving thanks for His matrimonial grace. Do everything you can not to be a prima donna. The qualities that make a good marriage are mutual modesty and humility, not vanity and pride.

"Not only this," you say, "I am not allowed to choose my own songs (except for one) because he wants to choose the right songs — inspired by God. I was so upset when I was talking to him, I couldn't believe what I was hearing." Do you mean that your pastor is a control freak who says things like "The Spirit is telling me that we should use Wagner's wedding march instead of Mendelson's"? Yes, that would raise questions, I agree.

Again, though, I suspect a somewhat different story. Could it be that the control freak is you, and that when your pastor told you that all but one of your choices were unsuitable for a Christian wedding, you were bent out of shape? If so, then again I'm with him. There have to be standards for hymns. You see, they aren't "your" songs, they are the Church's songs. What if the bride insisted on Let's Spend the Night Together, What's Love Got to Do With It, and the theme from The Price is Right?

I'm afraid I've never heard of a "Jesus wedding." All Christian weddings are about Jesus. And I don't quite know what to make of your comment "I can't find anything on the internet about not being able to sing." I've heard of the motto sola scriptura, but sola interneto is a new one.

J. Budziszewski, TrueU.org, "Ask Theophilus" 56 Comments [11/9/2008 9:44:59 PM]
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Submitted By: GreenEyedLilo

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[Watch how this one's initial facade crumbles away, as he goes from "gay people are people" to "supporting gay marriage is CELEBRATING DEATH!!!"]

I feel that children have the right to be raised by both a male and a female parent, who are married, insofar as is possible. I've heard that adoption agencies have pulled out of states where gay marriage is legal because they were being forced to place kids with gay parents, and I don't think it's right to force them to do that. But if we accept that they're "married," then what leg do the agencies have to stand on?

I think that gay people are people, but I don't feel that a homosexual relationship is the same thing as marriage, and I don't feel that it deserves the same societal and legal sanction. The family is not just another relationship between two consenting adults. It's the foundation of a healthy society. All that the argument about "Marriage is no longer sacred" does is point out how far we've fallen. It's not pointing out my hypocrisy, because I'm not in favor of those things either. I feel that insofar as the traditional family is no longer the most fundamental unit of civilization, we have become weak and vulnerable. And I don't think that is a good thing.

This document (LINK) explains how I feel about the family. It's a religious document, but I don't feel that this is about imposing religious views on other people. I feel that it is about preventing a grievous error, and keeping our civilization from celebrating as good an act that is a crime against nature. I've heard of how toxic chemicals can make male seagulls no longer interested in mating with females, and that's how I view this in humans: as a thing that is not just morally wrong because of the people it hurts, but is also unnatural, and akin to sterility. And if we publicly embrace and value that -- which is separate from valuing the people themselves -- then it's like celebrating death.

Tachyon, Furtopia 38 Comments [11/9/2008 7:52:40 PM]
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Speak for yourself friend. I don't vote for murderers. Obama took advantage of a nation of retards who got ticked off at Bush, and rightfully so, yet can't distinguish between one bad representative and an entire political party.

JRB, Theophiles 23 Comments [11/9/2008 7:44:13 PM]
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But while we're all nervous about four years of dictatorship of the elite, there are two good things to come out of this:

1. We managed to snatch Missouri by a few thousand votes, ending its status as a "bellwearer" state. At least some of these votes are undoubtedly due to the fact that our church has been campaigning so hard against the influx of liberalism. At least in America's heartland, Missouri, Christianity stands strong.

2. Proposition 8 has succeeded, banning "marriages" between sodomites in California. I know you don't like the Mormons much, Garv, but I say hats off to them here. They pumped $15 million into this important campaign and have kept the Devil at bay for a little longer in the state of Sodom and Gomorrah.

"And the LORD rooted them out of their land in anger, and in wrath, and in great indignation, and cast them into another land, as it is this day." Deuteronomy 28:29

Fred the Bus Driver, The Garvanian 31 Comments [11/9/2008 5:58:35 PM]
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yur frickin gay........now our country is screwed, gud job putting a frickin muslim that won't even respect our flag into the white house, just wait in a couple of years this country will be in a shit whole......how could you vote for someone who supports abortions and gay marriage......
idk......he wants to take guns away, like i jus said this country is screwed thanks to you retarded frickin people, because of you not just our generation will suffer but all generations to come of l suffer from this, the only reason you bought into his crap is because he's a good speaker.......Guess what? Hitler was a good speaker too guess what happened to his country...wow!!!!!!! So great job voting for the frickin muslim. If you were a real christian you would not have voted for him because it says in the Bible it talks about being gay as a sin, so voting for it would also be a sin, prolly even a bigger sin and also it says not to kill , well Obama is for abortion, same wit dat. So great job!!

John Groen, Facebook Group 39 Comments [11/9/2008 5:54:49 PM]
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America has just elected to almost absolute power..a man who believes in murdering babies...a man who will not befriend God's chosen people...a man who will end free speech for anyone who differs with him...it is truly an historic event..and most of all..I pray for all true born again believers inside the boundaries of the United States....my prayer is for God to protect you..and that your freedom to worship without fear remains...

pty, Rapture Ready 39 Comments [11/9/2008 5:54:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Leth

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Now, now Antitox, don’t throw in the towel so easily! This "obama youth", are arrogant, blinded, little twits, that believe they are entitled to everything! And will believe everything! They haven’t even a clue (a lot of them) of what obamaones policies are! We are "sages"!, with wisdom. No riding off into the sunset, share your wisdom! Its tough, and takes a lot of patience to sit down with them and listen , before interjecting your wisdom, but you can do it! I listened to my 20yr old niece go on and on about how wonderful obamone was, like air leaking out of a balloon for an hour When she was done, I smiled and said "wow, that’s great! Now can you share with me what his policies are?". Enter...bland glaze across her face. From there, I patiently, explained to her what obamaone was all about! So, if you can, get out and engage, speak up to these misguided youth! You hold the wisdom

4EverHis, RaptureReady 40 Comments [11/9/2008 5:21:54 PM]
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Excellent post, brother. As somebody here said, we serve the Living God, not a country. Yes, it makes me sad that my country has, in effect, died. Life here is not the same as it was even 15 years ago.
Our freedoms are being eroded, those who do the right thing are being attacked. Evil reigns and rules. But, we are told to take heart for "I have overcome the world." (Jesus). We know how it ends and who wins. I saw a picture of Jesus standing at the gates of heaven, and the caption underneath said "I never said it would be easy, but it will be worth it!" How true.

Ort, Rapture Forums 25 Comments [11/9/2008 3:51:59 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.

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[On LGBT legal challenges to California's Proposition 8]

These gay radical groups are rabid about this. What a testament to how they behave. They are the haters; they are the bigots; they are the liars. Shame on them. If the courts overturn this initiative, pandemonium will break out - and anarchy will rule the day. The gay agenda has believed in their rhetoric so much, they can't think or even see straight - no pun intended.

Rolln4him, The Christian Post article comments 27 Comments [11/9/2008 3:36:13 PM]
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I do know that a spiritual battle will start next year around Sep...but that is only because my boyfriend is helping me train so that I can fight in that war...I know that sounds weird...but its basically using energy...you can control your energy...and there are other things out there that you cant see...my eyes are starting to awaken...but believe what you want to ...not many people understand what I am talking about...and yes I am a Christian..so really I dont know where I fit in.

kerr_star101, Y! answers 30 Comments [11/9/2008 3:27:03 PM]
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Quote# 51777

okay i just went on the messiah obama website that was being mentioned, all these people need a psychiatic evaluation they are all nuts, what these people are saying is truely shocking, i just do not get it

Jacksmom, Rapture Ready 23 Comments [11/9/2008 3:26:19 PM]
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The reason the Obamination of Desolation won was that grossly uninformed (and misinformed) voters believed the lies and myths from the DNC's propaganda ministry, the media. The press is liplocked on the dick of the Magic Lawn Jockey.

Fact: the drive-by media are solely responsible for the Obammunist being the POTUS-elect.

DoctorDoom, FreeConservatives 31 Comments [11/9/2008 2:31:50 PM]
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[Holograms are a sign of the antichrist, apparently.]

This could be how the AC appears to everyone in the world. I don't think that Obama is the AC but the fact that this interview took place on the same night that Obama was elected is probably more than coincidence.

ALS6347, Rapture Ready 20 Comments [11/9/2008 2:27:51 PM]
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Submitted By: JR

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Originally Posted by Warrior of the Word
He explained that the ham came from a type of black-hoofed Iberico wild pig that wanders around eating acorns, "which turn into delicious fat in its muscle tissue, and also make it really healthy for you." That drew a chuckle from the reporters Obama had brought along. "All I know is it tastes good," said Obama. "That was delicious."]

Obama is a pork eating muslim to throw us off the trail

(running around hysterical screaming smiley)

BuzzardHut, Rapture Ready 40 Comments [11/9/2008 2:18:46 PM]
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"He'll (Obama) start with killing babies, than work his way to elderly and disabled. Than when the economy worsens he'll blame Christian like Nero of old. I am convinced more then ever we are at the end and BO is the anti-Christ, the rapture is not far away."

HistoryB (Super Moderator at jesuspowerchristianforum), jesuspowerchristianforum 37 Comments [11/9/2008 1:40:49 PM]
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When it comes to anticreationist debate tactics against creationists there is always a different standard (bias) projected toward any creation evidence or comments. For the anticreationist, his evidence for evolution is always broad. But when creation evidence is compared to it, the anticreationist will always demand absolute evidence. Which is something that they cannot produce themselves, but will require from others. It is good to point out that their standard for creation is not the same standard for evolution when this happens.

Anticreationists are frequently uncivil and even hostile. Many of them often come into a forum lying from the very beginning, are easily angered, and complain if they are not heard. They are experts at guilt trips. Some are swift to use cuss words and are also swift to call other people names. And always have to have the last word. Engaging in a discussion with such a person requires diplomacy that is not natural to the human condition, and may only be available to someone truly able to demonstrate Christ-like love.

Creation Wiki, Creation Wiki 26 Comments [11/9/2008 1:38:42 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.