Quote# 51433

I think this country, or the ones running this country have lost their minds! What has happened to this country is that we have turned our backs on God and now he is turning his back on ours. We have allowed for his name to be taken out of everything, so he is going to giive us what we have asked for. To live in a world where is not mentioned or thought of. Now i am not speaking of myself regarding this issue, because I totally disagree with this whole thing of removing his name. I believe in God and all that he stand for. What can we do to change this mess that our leaders have put us in? PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

Dixiegirl42065, News.AOL 23 Comments [11/7/2008 7:23:45 AM]
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Submitted By: fcgroningen

Quote# 51669

[Regarding the passing of Prop 8 in California, which eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry.]

Shout for Joy, Sing HIS Praises!

The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has not let us down!

Everybody fought a valiant fight on both sides and I commend everybody for it! But you can't win if you take on the CREATOR of the Universe. You are a billion to the power of billion underdog if you do foolishly decide to take HIM on.

That's why I chose to be on HIS side, because HE'LL do all the heavy lifting and all you need to is sign on the dotted line! Easy as that!

Bert Lazo, Facebook 55 Comments [11/7/2008 6:14:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Sayna

Quote# 51516

Question: What exactly is the "gay agenda"?

Answer:Based on what I see:

To destroy any church or group of believers who take the biblical stand that homosexuality is wrong.

If this country allows as normal and legal homosexual union then any church who will not "marry" them becomes subject to legal action for refusing to perform the ceremony.

I know my church has prepared a draft amendment to our by-laws. The amendment will be that no pastor will preform any wedding for any reason for any person no matter if they belong to the church or not. It further states that the church facility will not be rented or available to any one for a "wedding" for any reason even if they belong to the church.

Should Obama be elected and carry through with his threat to eliminate the defense of marriage act these changes in the by-laws will be put to the church for a vote.
4 minutes ago

derius537, Yahoo Answers 29 Comments [11/7/2008 4:45:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Thejebusfire

Quote# 51533

IMHO, Obama and his supporters are enemies of the United States of America.

Read "Enemies: Foreign and Domestic" if you don't believe it. They seek to destroy our great country and replace it with a Marxist/Communist form of government. Telling us that we're "selfish" for not wanting increased taxation put him over the top, and now the cat's out of the bag.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Obama was the last POTUS and will be the final downfall of our country.

Thankfully, our Lord will snatch us up soon. Obama's legacy, if he wins, will be "...The POTUS that finally, completely destroyed our country."

GSR-TX, Rapture Ready 36 Comments [11/7/2008 4:39:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Hadron

Quote# 51395

What do you think the world would be like if the majority were Atheists instead of Theists?

I guess the atheists will find out when ALL the world will be atheist when the christians go with Jesus in the Rapture. And what will the world be like you ask? Read Revelation.....it tells us how HORRIFIC the judgments will be!! I sure am glad I will NOT be here. PS: You or no one else has to be here either.....it is a choice when we do not heed the warnings given in Revelation and other parts of the Bible. Your life, your choice, your being left behind or gone in the Rapture.

Bible.....we will be without excuse

connie, Yahoo! Answers 40 Comments [11/7/2008 3:12:22 AM]
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Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 51602


America as we know it will cease to exist. He will destroy it beyond recognition. No wonder it isn't mentioned in the Bible. Obama will make it go away. I am saddened for those who died for the freedoms that Obama will take away. I am sad for my children. Did we learn nothing from Hitler? Obama is Hitler redux. I am officially John Galt and will be shrugging HARD for the next 4 years until the brownshirts come to my home and personally make me knock it off.

Seemomgonuts, RR 63 Comments [11/7/2008 2:57:15 AM]
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Submitted By: cc

Quote# 51573

The World Hopes for Its First President

What a headline, I knew Satan had a good grip on the media but this is pretty blatant even for him. Would someone slow down the merry-go-round, I'm starting to get really dizzy!

Tres Wright, Rapture Ready Forums 22 Comments [11/7/2008 2:20:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Kelly

Quote# 51462

As the CEO of a business that employees 40 people, I have resigned myself to the fact that if Barrack Obama becomes our next President, then our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, I figure that the Client will have to see an increase in our fees to them of about 8% but since we cannot increase our fees right now due to the state of our economy, we will have to lay off six of our employees instead. This has really been eating at me for a while, as we believe we are family here and I didn’t know how to choose who would have to go.

So, this is what I did. I strolled through our parking lot and found 8 Obama bumper stickers on our employees’ cars and have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off. I can’t think of a more fair way to approach this problem.

If you have a better idea, let me know.

Anddra, Rapture Ready 66 Comments [11/7/2008 2:19:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Skeptic

Quote# 51665

Barack 0bama elected 44th President of the United States


In Bible numbers, 44 represents 'judgement of the world.' http://asis.com/users/stag/godcount.html

Coincidence? But Scary anyway!

barryinaustralia, Rapture Ready 33 Comments [11/7/2008 2:18:37 AM]
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Submitted By: a mind far far away

Quote# 51550

It seems to me that this election, MOSTLY on the part of the Obama supporters are downright MEAN, RUDE, CRUDE, AND ARE FILLED WITH HATRED!

Mommytoa3rdgradeboy, RR 51 Comments [11/7/2008 2:17:01 AM]
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Quote# 51698

Yes it is. Time to make plans I guess, thinking about selling off most of my stuff, make it easier to be on the move, so to speak. I just thought America had more time, I was wrong.

Kiss our great country goodbye. There is a reason this has always been an End Times board. We knew that time was growing short, we just always wanted God to give us a few more minutes. Our minutes are up. IMHO

Hard to be upbeat really. I am taking Obama and Biden at their words, now is not the time to hope he did not mean them, Hitler did and we should believe Obama also.

But remember, everything is for your own good................

RaptureReady 7, Rapture Ready 41 Comments [11/7/2008 2:11:01 AM]
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Submitted By: Cap'n Mel

Quote# 51445

Ya ain't whistlin; Dixie. There would be no restraints whatsoever if he got in and with a democrat ruled congress.

It is frightening to think of everything the Muslim would enact.

He even wants the Coca Cola song to be our national anthem! This guy is SO NOT American.

antitox, Rapture Ready 60 Comments [11/7/2008 1:37:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Laura

Quote# 51532

I am against gay marriage as i see it defying Gods law and all laws of nature.. i can not honestly believe that God created men for men and women for women ..its not natural-which is obvious.. people need to realize that u can not act on all ur thoughts and feelings.. say someone thinks they are in love with 2 men ..is that ok ?? how about with a child?? how about animals?? not to be gross .. but i am saying that if u let ur standards down b/c some people are confused about love and perversion..then whats gonna come next??????? And also.. it is wrong to compare discrimination against homosexuals to discrimination against races ..ur "sexual preference" is completely different than ur race.. being homosexual is a choice made out of confusion.. on the other hand your ethnicity is something u are born with ..
Think of your gender as a gift from God and appreciate who u are !!!

Lyla, Subzero Blue 18 Comments [11/7/2008 1:36:16 AM]
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Quote# 51351

[Get a load of this latest piece from Byers ... especially the part where he thinks that "ice" and "frozen water" are two different entities ... I kid you not ...]

The timeframes must be short enough to fit biblical chronology. Creationists differ but this one sees the "ice age' starting some 4 centuries or so after the flood, by tree ring count, and lasting a few hundred years and over with a sudden melt.
Now there are issues about glacial covering of earth. i believe one creationist has suggested the "glaciers" were not ice but frozen water. that is they were not created by weight of snow but massive frozen water from rain and snow.
Yet their movement would need explanation and other details. The source of the megameltwater events, a famous topic in geomorphology here, would be explained better if the "ice" was just frozen water mostly. However I'm just suggesting this.

I didn't know the rock this erratic came from but its fine what it is. A rock from volcanic or heating/melting rock with a source in sedimentary works for me. These rocks all from the great results of the flood year.
We just quicken the pace of moving continents and their crashing/splitting and here and there volcanic outporings under or above ground, though covered by water, and so metamorhic (sp) rock.

Then a glacier or moving frozen ice or meltwater picked up a piece and dropped it downstream.

Robert Byers, Richard Dawkins Forums 25 Comments [11/7/2008 1:35:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Calilasseia

Quote# 51648

I don't really understand what you all are fretting about.
You were so convinced McCain would win, it didn't happen.
Now you are all so convinced Obama will lead America into destruction, what makes you think THAT will happen?

Oh, and you can stop praying, it didn't help McCain, it won't help you.



Well, since you've publicly admitted you're an idiot, I doubt if you would understand that either.

Hi, troll. The blind will lead the blind. May the Lord have mercy on your soul.

I feel deep pity for you and will pray for your soul, because you obviously don't know what awaits you if you don't turn your life over to Jesus Christ. I know that you think it's funny to come on a Christian website and taunt the members, but someday you will stand before a just God and account for every word that you've written.

Various, Rapture Forums 36 Comments [11/7/2008 1:27:29 AM]
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Quote# 51343

(Is anyone else thinking "lobotomy" here?)

A woman was asked by a coworker, "What is it like to be a Christian?"

The coworker replied, "It is like being a pumpkin." God picks you from the
patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. Then He cuts off the
top and scoops out all the yucky stuff.
He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed. Then He carves you a new
smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see."

JadoreAdonai, Rapture Ready 78 Comments [11/7/2008 1:27:13 AM]
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Submitted By: sooze

Quote# 51593

I am struggling with the emotions and thoughts inside of me. I prayed and prayed and prayed--even fasted that God would intervene. Now I am struggling with how to react. I don't want to be mad at God. I just feel a little betrayed. I just don't know what to do. I hate feeling this way. I am surrounded by people who hate righteousness. I feel like God didn't answer my prayer, but I can't blame Him. I don't want to blame Him. (Please forgive me, Lord. ) I truly feel so badly for John McCain and Sarah Palin--they were treated so badly. I just want to cry. They are good people, and because people love evil so much more than good, they cheat, lie, deceive, and do all sorts of evil to elect one of their own. I have alot of praying to do, but I am a little faith-shaken right now. I mean...who or what do you believe now? I guess I can't say that God didn't answer my prayer, He just said, NO. And how do you answer those gloaters who won? Have you seen the video of all the Obama supporters outside the White House?

Tomorrow if anyone says anything to me about it, I will just tell them that WIDE is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter in that way.

Camelknees33, RR 35 Comments [11/7/2008 1:08:47 AM]
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Submitted By: mrs. antichrist

Quote# 51527

AN ISLAMIST rebel administration in Somalia ordered that a girl, 13, be stoned to death for adultery after the child's father reported that she was raped by three men.

Amnesty International said the al-Shabab militia, which controls the city of Kismayo, arranged for 50 men to stone Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow in front of about 1000 spectators.

A truck laden with stones was brought to the stadium for the killing. Amnesty said the girl struggled with her captors and had to be forcibly carried into the stadium.


The girl's father told Amnesty that when he tried to report her rape to the militia the child was accused by the administration of adultery and detained.

al-Shabab militia, Brisbane Times 27 Comments [11/7/2008 1:03:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Phil

Quote# 51611

As I wept and said to my husband " they don't know what they've done"
He held my hand and said " God is in control".

My fears are for this nation. All we can do now is pray that the precious Holy Spirit will inhabit Pesident -elect Obama. If He doesn't, well we can look up, for our redemption draweth nigh. And pray pray pray for Israel.

PurpleRobe, RR 45 Comments [11/7/2008 12:47:48 AM]
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Submitted By: mrs. antichrist

Quote# 51574

Part of me is shocked and another part is not. This country will never be the same again. One bright thing is that GOD is coming back very soon to get us out of Obama Land. I watch these people on TV and they are just so blind and stupid. They have no idea what they just did. They are worried about there wallets, just wait till we get more taxes, more censorship and a free for all life style. We are going under judgement.

ron4jesus, Rapture Ready 30 Comments [11/7/2008 12:46:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Baskerville

Quote# 51440

I don't make anyone look bad, snivelling liberal christians make themselves look bad, they are wrong and Christ can see through their wishywashy 'going through the motions. I am just telling people the truth, even if it hurts, then I'm sorry you got buthurt.True Christians are easy to pick out because they publicly claim to be them no matter what, and are truly happy because God fills their life with joy and show it to the rest of world I am a person who follows God's Word, has seeked salvation in Christ alone, and displays God's love to others every chance they get.

Jayden's Momy of 4&1 on the way!, Yahoo! Answers 22 Comments [11/7/2008 12:37:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Jax

Quote# 51564

(as Obama is the projected winner of the US presidential election)

I am expecting some weird weather patterns if this guy gets in. Better start stocking up on candles and get that pantry stuffed. That saying God Bless America may not be very popular after this one.

homefirst, RR 34 Comments [11/6/2008 11:42:39 PM]
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Submitted By: Redneck Bimbo Governor

Quote# 51233

[Someone starts a boycott B&N campaign because they are allegedly forcing all established bookstores in the mall to close when the new B&N store opens, this is in the comments section]


I don't know of any large bookstore that doesn't have a sodomite abominable section. The section glorifies sodomites - Genesis 13, 19; Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy 21, 23, 27; 1Kings 15:11-12, 2Kings 23:7, Isaiah 1:18, 3:9, 5:20-23; Psalms 73, all of Psalms; Proverbs 10:27, all of Proverbs; Romans 1:26-27, etc. within Romans; 1Corinthians 6:9-11, 18}, 1Timothy 1, 2Timothy 3, 2Peter, Jude 7, Revelation, etc, etc, etc! - and has even more lies ABOUT HISTORY, every day life and what sodomites practice (Eph 5:11-13) and do to innocent children (Gen 13:13, 19; Lev 20:13) and to teenagers than the nea, aclu, charles darwin, g brock chisholm and karl marx!! Instead of boycotting, customers continue to patronize those open sewers. It is pathetic. We outnumber that disease ridden, child molesting, dirty, abominable group by a minimum of 49 to one. Yet we give them our business. This must cease if civilization is going to continue to exist. Garbage is extremely popular nowadays. Look at how many have a one-eyed monster: the television.

Consult The Rock, Ripoff Report 32 Comments [11/6/2008 11:34:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Gressil

Quote# 51624

Maybe we will suffer through this horrible election and then we will be taken home and out of here soon. I'm going to cling to that hope.

arewethereyet, RaptureReady 32 Comments [11/6/2008 11:30:50 PM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

Quote# 51361

The timeframes must be short enough to fit biblical chronology. Creationists differ but this one sees the "ice age' starting some 4 centuries or so after the flood, by tree ring count, and lasting a few hundred years and over with a sudden melt.
Now there are issues about glacial covering of earth. i believe one creationist has suggested the "glaciers" were not ice but frozen water. that is they were not created by weight of snow but massive frozen water from rain and snow.
Yet their movement would need explanation and other details. The source of the megameltwater events, a famous topic in geomorphology here, would be explained better if the "ice" was just frozen water mostly. However I'm just suggesting this.

Robert Byers, RichardDawkins.net 19 Comments [11/6/2008 11:29:50 PM]
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Submitted By: Gareth1984