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What I don't understand is this: If somthing feels good, seems right and fits into what I want to do, then it must be okay. There are a lot of things in life that feel good, seem right and fit into your life that are not right. I am sorry, as a Christian, I don't want to judge anyone or deny anyone their rights but wrong is wrong. Homosexuality is wrong. I don't care if monkeys do it, Ellen Degeneres (spelling) does it, I don't care if the person I most admire does it. It is wrong. I now that when we all sit back and look at the design of the human body and see how perfectly man and woman fit together we must be in awe at the perfection of God's design. I don't care what you tell yourself during the day, but at the end of the day, at night when you are alone with your thoughts and your conscience, you know that the lifestyle you have chosen is wrong, if you are a homosexual. Birth defects and genetic disorders are not God's fault, they are a result of sin. Adam and Eve were created to live forever, perfect. But because of sin, through time, the flesh has become less and less perfect, thus you see disease, cancer, birth defects, genetic disorders and yes a love for that which is unnatural. I believe God loves us all, but does He love all that we do, NO! But Him being God give us all the right to choose. So if you choose to be a homosexual I can not judge you, but allow me the right to choose that marriage is between a man and a woman. I never thought I would live to see the day that Christians would back down from the Word of God because so many people say that we are judging. Let every man be a lie and let God be true.

nevercomment, ABC News 20 Comments [11/5/2008 3:26:05 AM]
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Submitted By: jenovatrix

Quote# 51156

I can tell you that God was not welcome in the part of Europe I just visited. I couldn't wait to get home again. Yes, the Holy Spirit resides inside of me but I could acutally FEEL the evil around me.

There was this one man who was a street man. He just happened to be wherever we were. He'd scream an pick at the air. His body was filthy. His hair matted to his head. His eyes hollow. I'm telling you this man had demons inside of him. He'd look at us and scream..." You'll never get me I tell ya." It was horrific.

He'd also mumble in what sounded like another language.

You're gonna think me crazy but I wanted to take him and help that poor man. I've since prayed for him but who knows.

Each time we'd see him I'd think of Paul and what he went through.

The demons knew Paul wherever he went and the demons knew me too. I could feel God's protection. At one time I actually thought of holding out my hand and telling those demons to release him but then I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to let HIM fight that fight. I was no match for them.

vmoon, Rapture Forums 38 Comments [11/5/2008 3:21:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich

Quote# 51139

Question: "Atheists, Why Do You Think Christians Are So Much More Successful Than Atheists At 'Surviving'? LOL!?"

Especially those Christians that, unlike Chinese and Russian atheist communists, don't murder anyone when they here someone disagree with their beliefs? (Quite a concept, survival by peace, isn't it atheists and Catholics?)

Here, I'll help you hope with multiple choice (you love those right?):

1. Their genes are more prevalent because they are more fit.
2. Atheist genes aren't as numerous as Christian genes because they are still looking for a way to become more survival of the fittesty, but don't worry, they'll soon adapt and assimilate the Christian genes by force or exterminate them for being not as survival as the fittesty.

Maybe Charles Darwin's genes have adapted in the dirt over the decades and have assimilated some maggot which evolved into a walking fish and then turned into a human and is about about to come out of the ground to give me an answer.

And if you think this was a rant, then see how much you enjoy reading origin of the species.

* 12 minutes ago
* - 3 days left to answer.

Additional Details

10 minutes ago
Oh and for you atheists who hate us Christians for not being 'smart' and 'wise' like you, hey, remember, like you say when you end up wrong as Satan:

"We're still learning! Progress takes time!"

Rolls eyes.

5 minutes ago
Ooops "here" should be "hear" (just tired, not less survival of the fittesty).

Daniel Knight, Yahoo|Answers 21 Comments [11/5/2008 3:14:54 AM]
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Submitted By: UberLutheran

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Why dont our country make athiests turn into christians by law?

Anonymous, Answer Bag 68 Comments [11/5/2008 12:24:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

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Parents Pick Prayer Over Docs; Girl Dies

Police are investigating an 11-year-old girl's death from an undiagnosed, treatable form of diabetes after her parents chose to pray for her rather than take her to a doctor.

An autopsy showed Madeline Neumann died Sunday of diabetic ketoacidosis, a condition that left too little insulin in her body, Everest Metro Police Chief Dan Vergin said.

She had probably been ill for about a month, suffering symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, excessive thirst, loss of appetite and weakness

The girl's mother, Leilani Neumann, said that she and her family believe in the Bible and that healing comes from God, but that they do not belong to an organized religion or faith.

"We just noticed a tiredness within the past two weeks,'' she said Wednesday. "And then just the day before and that day (she died), it suddenly just went to a more serious situation. We stayed fast in prayer then."

Madeline Neumann hadn't seen a doctor since she got some shots as a 3-year-old.

Leilani Neumann said she and her husband are not worried about the investigation because "our lives are in God's hands. We know we did not do anything criminal. We know we did the best for our daughter we knew how to do.''

Leilani Neumann, Live Science 51 Comments [11/4/2008 11:08:31 PM]
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Quote# 51158

[I'm no scientist but the Bible describes several properties of the earth that were not confirmed by science until hundreds of years after the Bible first made the claim, some not even until this century.]

Good post, Suzy! Here are three of my favorites:

1. The universe is expanding. ---
Originally Posted by Psalm 104:2
Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain:
(The first part of that verse could be a reference to the Cosmic Microwave Background, but that would be a guess on my part.

2. Submarine ocean currents.
Originally Posted by Psalm 8:8
The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas.
3. The Internet.
Originally Posted by Job 38:35
Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go, and say unto thee, Here we are?

AV1611VET, Christian Forums 34 Comments [11/4/2008 11:07:15 PM]
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Submitted By: JustinGG

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I would like to challenge you, my friends who practice such acts, to review the facts…

78% of all male homosexuals either have or had a sexually transmitted disease. 50% have gonorrhea. Homosexuals are 23 times more likely to contract an STD. 2/3 of all AIDS cases are from homosexual activity. How can you actually care about people knowing this, and then go and say that this is just an “alternative lifestyle?” This practice can bring DEATH into an individual’s life. That isn’t my opinion. That’s medical research.

In San Francisco, the disease rate for homosexuals is 22 times higher than anywhere else on the national Average. Lesbians are 14 times more likely to contract syphilis. 4 times more likely to have scabies, and have 3 times the risk for breast cancer. Less than 3% are over the age of 55, and only 1% die of natural causes. (old age) National Average is 42. Average death rate among ALL practicing homosexuals is 50% of the national population.

One writer calls it “biological suicide” since the rectum was not designed to handle sexual activity. During such anal friction the wall is ultimately torn and bruised giving sperm and germs direct access to the blood stream. Since the anal wall is only one cell thick sperm quickly penetrates the wall causing massive immunological damage to the bodies T and B cell defense system. This does not occur during vaginal intercourse because of the multi-layer construction of the vagina.

This is NOT an alternative life style… this is DEATH. Logically, historically, and medically this alternative sexual CHOICE is proven to be destructive. It is not an alternative. WHY?? cause is dangerous! AND it can not cause reproduction, and that is what sex is for, not JUST for fun. This goes without mentioning that most relationships do not last

Historically, I challenge you to look into any civilization that accepted homosexuality as a normal practice. It was just before their demise. This is true NOT just from a Biblical viewpoint. It is true from a HISTORICAL viewpoint.

Another thing, I am not homophobic any more than I am forniphobic. (Fear of people who practice heterosexual acts outside of a marriage covenant.) Fornication is wrong, but I see it as being just as wrong as homosexuality. I don’t hate or look down on homosexuals. I just want them to know the facts, and to know that freedom is available.

I used to be a PRISONER to fornication. If you feel like a prisoner to homosexuality, you can be made free. Follow the link for more information.

apaulo, Below Tops Secret Forums 40 Comments [11/4/2008 11:07:05 PM]
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Submitted By: Bizlow

Quote# 51459

[PDF file saying that the Earth's core being made of hot iron proves that hell exists.]


[Have you ever wondered what's at the center of the stationary earth?

The scientists are agreed on 2 things about the earth's core:

However, they surmise that the center is SOLID IRON because seismic waves don't penetrate the core. They
cannot explain why iron does not MELT at such extreme temperatures:]


[The interior is too far down to drill, so we will have to rely on the one infallible guide to tell us what's at the center
of the stationary earth.

The Bible says that HELL is at the center of the earth!!

The Bible says that HELL is at the center of the earth and that it is composed of a FURNACE of burning IRON.

Most people laugh at the idea of HELL and refuse to believe that such a place exists. Most of the out-of-body or
near death experiences describe a pleasant sensation with visions of an angel of light or some kind of benevolent
being welcoming them to paradise.

Reports of people who describe a totally different and horrifying experience are often suppressed.]

Niall Kilkenny, Reformation PDF File 34 Comments [11/4/2008 11:06:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Jax

Quote# 51407

In creation, the power of God to create has always been an argument atheist-evolutionist can't win. So they will revert to making pics and cartoons mocking this power.

This site (fstdt) also promotes A-hole of the week award: http://www.fstdt.com/comments.asp?id=18932 Come and read how all Christians are A-holes. And we get entered in a A-hole competition just for being a Christian. I paste some comments here because they love to move stuff when linked to.

They pull these comments from other sites so they can mock, ridicule, and make fun of. Here are some of the responses:

My comments are in blue.

1) Yes. Forced sexual slavery is going to do a lot to reduce unwanted pregnancies and strengthen society. (Hitler thought the same thing)
2) Pimping for Jesus? (yep, can't reisit the trashing of Christ)
3) "Hell, if she is too stupid to keep a job, pimp her out to raise money for the kid." That took it to new levels of funditude. (His version of what true love is.)
4) I broke three retard-o-meters on this one. (Christians are retarded too is what he is saying)
5) Another anti-abortio activist whose true colors are revealed: he does not give a shit about the child, he just wants to punnish the woman for having sex. What true Christian would want a child to be raised by a woman forced into prostition? (Have anymore wise words for us?)
6) "No reason the taxpayer should pay for someone else's irresponsibilities." Which is exactly why abortion is a much better option than adoption. (kill the unwanted babies. Hitler did this as well.)
7) As well as we pay for all the parasites who preach you to go to Hell if you don´t accept Jesus or young boys dying in Iraq for somebody else´s responsibility. AND THAT INCLUDES THE IRRESPONSABILITY OF THE MAN, YOU KNOW. (we are parasites too. Break out the raid and start exterminating like Hitler wanted)
8) So, you're against abortion, but you're OK with forced prostitution. That makes you Asshole of the Week. Congrats! And, you can come back next week to defend your title. (Is that the top title?, or is there an evolution process?)
9) Die. Slowly. And in an excruciatingly painful way. (and of course you can't have a conversation without a reference to killing someone that does not agree you. Which happens to be all Christians. I wonder if they will name the new Christian death camps after that website?)

And the comment that gets my award for summing this all up:

10) Fundies: We don't give a shit about other people's lives.

And the comment I found on another page on that site that supports exactly what this whole section is about:

Are you kidding? I mean once in awhile, maybe. But do you know how time-consuming all this killing can be?

Issac, Y.E.C. Headquarters 41 Comments [11/4/2008 10:59:01 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 51556

Originally Posted by Ready4theRapture
"My prayer also is that she knew the Lord before she died."

"And also that they void her absentee ballot."
*praying smiley*

UNeverEverNo, RaptureReady 27 Comments [11/4/2008 10:56:34 PM]
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Quote# 51308

I'm only "treating people like shit" because they don't like what the Bible actually has to say about certain things.

RejectedDreams, DeviantART 39 Comments [11/4/2008 10:52:15 PM]
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Submitted By: spoonorca

Quote# 51112

(Referring to Richard Dawkins)

He's their prophet of the false religion called atheism, not pointing to a god.
Really pointless if i say so and very foolish.
Man worshiping the creation rather than the Creator.

Barachem, RaptureReady 27 Comments [11/4/2008 10:51:59 PM]
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Quote# 51188

As darkness set in on October 31st, the clan of Druids would put on their white robes and hoods. They would carry sickles and Celtic crosses as they began a torchlight procession. At the beginning of the procession, a male slave was killed and dragged by a rope fastened to his left ankle.

The Druids would walk until they came to a house or a village where they shouted the equivalent of “trick or treat.” The treat was a slave girl or any female to be given to the Druids. If the people refused to a girl as a “treat”, blood was taken from the dead slave and used to draw a hexagram or six-pointed star on the door or wall of the village...

If the house or village gave a girl as a “treat”, the Druids put a pumpkin with a face carved in it in front of the door or gate of that place. Inside the pumpkin was a candle made of human tallow to keep evil spirits away. Thus, the Jack-O-Lantern was and is a sign that you have cooperated with Satan.

The treats or female victims were taken to Stonehenge where they were raped and killed and then sacrificed on the sacred bonefire until only glowing embers were left...

Pastor David J. Meyer, Last Trumpet Ministries International 69 Comments [11/4/2008 10:45:13 PM]
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Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich

Quote# 51424

21 Demon Test Questions

Do you have a demon? Take this short quiz to find out if you are at risk.

1) Do you sometimes exhibit uncontrollable outbursts of anger or violence?
2) Have you experimented with two or more forms of the occult?
3) Have you been sexually violated (raped, incested, molested)?
4) Do you sometimes manifest behavior not consistent with your normal personality?
5) Do you abuse alcohol or drugs to escape painful past experiences in life?
6) Do you commit immoral or illegal acts, contrary to your customary values?
7) Have you ever attempted or contemplated suicide?
8) Are you sometimes overwhelmed with feelings of severe depression and hopelessness?
9) Do you indulge in self-abusive behavior such as anorexia, bulimia, cutting or self-mutilation?
10) Have you experienced life-changing trauma from which you haven't recovered?
11) Do you know of ancestors who committed murder, suicide, or sexual perversion?
12) Do voices tell you to commit illegal acts, blaspheme God, or indulge in immoral acts?
13) Have you asked Satan to take your life in exchange for something?
14) Do you live a fear-based life resulting in paranoia or multiple phobias?
15) Have you experienced emotional or physical abuse from your biological parents?
16) Have you been emotionally or physically abandoned by either biological parent?
17) Have you felt repeated, disabling episodes of rejection or depression?
18) Have you failed repeatedly in significant relationships?
19) Have you failed to experience trust and lasting love from a significant other?
20) Do you consistently experience serious health or financial issues?
21) Are you significantly hindered in prayer, worship, Bible reading and church attendance?

Bob Larson, Do You Have A Demon? 61 Comments [11/4/2008 10:42:37 PM]
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Submitted By: Lucifer's Penis

Quote# 51456

The binary code proves that atheists are wrong. If you start with zero (0), you can't go anywhere. You have to start with one (1).
1 + 0 = 1; 1 + 1 = 2. The Bible is right!
FEAR of God is the beginning of wisdom, dude!

AcePilot101, YouTube 62 Comments [11/4/2008 10:33:57 PM]
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Quote# 51242

Ha! Now that's funny. Is there anything more pathetic and contradictory than those in the professional atheist industry? They cannot even give credit to the Christians who built the successful Western democracies which gave them the right to vent their spleen. Like the spoilt children of a millionaire they think they personally earned their ease. Of course, they're teenagers, with a lifetime of maturing ahead. A 67-year old man like Dawkins can't be excused.

Byron in Wahroonga, Melanie Phillips-The Bus to Planet Hedonism 21 Comments [11/4/2008 10:30:54 PM]
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Submitted By: Nick

Quote# 51214

To quote a friend of mine, "If America is foolish enough to elect Obama our president, it gets just what it deserves and will soon pay high consequences."

How could someone vote for a man who refuses to put his hand over his heart win saying the Pledge and will not wear a American flag. Once he was being interviewed and they asked him about his faith and he said:

"I'm very proud of my Muslim faith," and the reporter replied:
"I thought you were a Christian?" and Obama said:
"Oh, yes, I am."

I'm not sure that is true, but if that is, that is disturbing.

OverTheRainbow, The Town of Odyssey 26 Comments [11/4/2008 10:27:54 PM]
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Submitted By: Smith

Quote# 50922

First of all the policy of the seperation of church and state is not a guiding principle of this nation. It was merely a comment made by Jefferson in a private letter to a friend, which has been harped on by liberals. Secondly there is no need to utter profanity to get your point across. Thirdly Obama never states examples either, he merely throws out pretty words which any liberal will refuse to examine lest they be deemed not liberal enough. Fourthly, not sure that is a word but it works, Obama's so called branch of Islam is openly devoted to destroying the "white race", and Christianity. His religious leader has made this point many times in his sermons. Fifthly, again it works, the First Amendament only states that the government may not establish laws respecting a religion, or forbidding it. It does not give carte blanch for evil. The final point to mention is that this is only the latest in a series of talks on the issue. Watch them all for the whole of his argument.

Demendred, Myspace 15 Comments [11/4/2008 10:27:23 PM]
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Quote# 51193

I went through a very painful process of having some teeth extracted a few weeks ago, due to them rotting on the inside. (It's a hereditary thing plus I have a calcium deficiency.) I came down with a nasty case of dry socket and infection from that, which was excruciating.. Part of my jaw bone was exposed to the air for nearly a week. Those wounds have since healed, but I'm not out of the woods yet. The remaining teeth are looking pretty bad too.

Some of you may remember me saying that if God wants to he can cause new teeth to grow in place of the old. Well, last night I was running my tongue over the area and I felt a bump. I looked in the mirror and the bump is red. It's a little off-center from the place where my last tooth was pulled. I poked at it with my fingernail, and there is a tiny pinpoint right on top of the bump that is not covered by gums. There is something hard and pointed there. It could be the tip of a new tooth, or maybe just a fragment of the old tooth that the dentist forgot to remove that is now working its way out. I don't know yet and I'm not jumping to any conclusions. But I still say God can cause new teeth to grow if he wants to.

So, new tooth or not, by His stripes I am healed. I'm already thanking Him for that promise. I will write an update as soon as I get in for x-rays, to see exactly what is going on in my mouth. (It may take a while.) Fortunately, my new house is about half a block from the dentist's office. So I won't have to burn gas and money getting myself there. Truthfully, I didn't know there was a dentist in that town when we bought the house, because it looks like just another house. It's one more thing to thank Him for.

God bless you all!

KingdomComic, deviantart 20 Comments [11/4/2008 10:25:29 PM]
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Submitted By: seraphicreverie

Quote# 51216

[Nope. I refer in particular to those [deaths] caused by the Catholic church's opposition to safe sex. ]

You're an infected little shit aren't you? You get all those hideous diseases because of your life-style, and then you blame the *Catholics* for the consequences?

Piss off, you disgusting excuse for a human being.

[A few posts later in the same thread.]

The sheer hate and bile that atheists show online by itself would indicate people who shouldn't be placed in charge of anything.

Those who all but murder their fellow man in usenet would gladly do the same in person if the chance occurred.

All the best,

Roger Pearse

roger_pearse, talk.origins 16 Comments [11/4/2008 10:14:25 PM]
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Submitted By: David

Quote# 51115

I've tried to explain it before, but liberals have a certain narrative that they follow. They only care about hatred towards others if it fits that narrative. People they see as victims are "protected" and will trigger outrage if they are insulted. Other people who don't fit their narrative, get treated as second class citizens. Christians happen to be part of that group.

I hate to make this about race, but it is. Most liberals will say that to defend themselves, but you wont EVER see them attacking a region tat is seen as non-white. Christians, Catholics and Mormons get it so bad because they are perceived as being white.

Look at how Romney was attacked by the media for his religion. Has anyone ever seen that as acceptable? Of course not, but since it didn't fit the narrative, it was free game.

Dronetek, Liveleak 13 Comments [11/4/2008 10:10:04 PM]
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Quote# 50919

[From the article How to Share Your Faith Using High School Musical 3: Senior Year]

One of the best ways to keep focused on God is to run to Him in prayer whenever you feel stressors pressing in on you. Another thing that can help in tough times is to memorize some key Bible verses that speak directly to the whole area of feeling stressed out. Check out this link to find some verses to help you whenever you feel anxiety overwhelming you. Pick out one or two key verses that really speak to you about God’s promises and memorized them.

Then when anxiety comes crashing in, mentally and emotionally lift your anxiety up to God and give it to Him. Ask for His help and His comfort. As Jesus followers, learning to lean on God and cling to Him is a road that takes a lifetime, but He is always there to hear our prayers and surround us with His presence.

But what about your friends who don’t know Jesus? How can you help them face a stressful, uncertain future? By introducing them to your friend and comforter—Jesus. So as you talk about HSM 3 with your friends, amp up the conversation and turn the talk to spiritual things. Here are few ideas to get you started:

• Talk with your friends about what kinds of things each of you fears about the future. What punches your buttons and sends you spinning? Big decisions? Relationship drama? Money woes? • Do you feel like you live in an uncertain world? What is your source of stability? Family? Friends? Faith? Finances? • Ask your friends how they deal with anxiety when they’re stressed about the future? Listen, then share honestly how God is a source of strength and peace for you when you’re stressed. • Have you experienced the drama of a long-term relationship break-up? Whether it’s something like your parents’ divorce or a romantic smash-up, it hurts when people we care about are no longer in our day-to-day lives. Share God’s promise to “never leave us or forsake us” is real in your life.

Try using HSM 3 as a vehicle to talk to your friends about the best long-term relationship of all. When you know the One who holds the future, the future’s not as overwhelming!

Jane Dratz, The Christian Post 30 Comments [11/4/2008 9:45:33 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 51138

(on a suggestion that The Lord's Prayer should not be read at the opening of Parliament.)

HOW ironic that Senator Bob Brown wants to scrap the Lord's Prayer, for the reasons it should be kept. Its profundity and truthfulness transcends religion and belief. Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and agnostics can all equally delight in its universal relevance.

Martin Bell of Balgowlah, NSW, The Age letters 24 Comments [11/4/2008 8:38:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Halo

Quote# 51187

(in response to a picture of a closed Mcdonalds restaurant)

I don't eat or support McCrappy meals...especially since they support homosexual agendas.

xiao-feng-fury, deviantart 37 Comments [11/4/2008 6:52:04 PM]
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Submitted By: seraphicreverie

Quote# 51178

tdf155, The 1st Amendment states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of gievances." Breaking it down, the first part DOES NOT MEAN separation of church and state. What it says and means is that Congress shall not make a law that creates or establishes a required Church, such as the British did when they created the Anglican Church, or the Church of England. It also states that congress shall not prohibit the free exercise of your faith, as they are trying to do, especially if you happen to be Christian. The second part says we have the freedom to voice our opinion, and congress shall make no law to prohibit it. And the press can say or write whatever they wish... which mostly is slanted very liberally in an attempt to not report the news, but to create the news, and pursuade people to believe the falsehoods and slant that they speak. And the last part gives us the right to peacefully assemble to protest that which we feel is not right... Unless of course, you are a pro-lifer outside of an abortion mill, in such case, you will earn a trip to jail for exercising your constitutional rights. So, even though it grants us rights, if we aren't being politically correct, we are still subject to persecution.

sportsfan34205, tbo 32 Comments [11/4/2008 6:47:26 PM]
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Submitted By: L