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I remember that I was 17 years of age. I was still in high school. My enjoyment after school was seeking the LORD and reading the bible. I remember one day that I would watch Benny Hinn. Every day after school I would watch him. When my family came home from work, they did not like this, so they would change the channel on me almost all the time. So I asked the LORD to make every channel TBN, which is the best Christian network out there.

The next day, my Mother turned on the TV to check the weather. To her amazement every single channel was TBN and had Benny Hinn preaching the Gospel.She tried to change it, but it didn't work. She called the cable company up and made a complaint. When the technician arrived, he could not fix the cable box and said that he has never seen anything like this before. There was no explanation of why the cable receiver was not working. Through this miracle, it testified to the reality of God, as he has the power to invade this physical world and is not restrained by what we believe, but moves upon our faith in him.

Stephen Choate, Speak God Speak 136 Comments [11/22/2008 8:47:41 PM]
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I have always believed that George Bush was so 'demonized' by the press...simply because he is a Christian. He has his faults...but long ago, before he became President...he was on t.v with James&Betty...and he gave his testimony...and it brought me to tears..he told of the exact moment he gave his heart to Jesus... it wasn't scripted, or contrived..it was sincere..he talked about his drinking days as well...he is a man of morals...and he prays to the same God I pray to.....to be a true born again President is to bring the wrath of the unsaved minions of politics...I am only sad that this bill won't last past the inauguration of the 'messiah'.....I can see a time when if you refuse to do an abortion...you will be imprisoned...Obama HATES babies.

pty, RR 59 Comments [11/22/2008 8:44:01 PM]
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Quote# 52681

I haven't read all the comments on here but I did read a handfull of em' and was quite disturbed by the lack of belief in Jesus Christ. Your comment was right on the money and I couldn't have said it better myself. I would rather believe and then be disappointed to find out that He doesn't exist than to not believe and find out that He does! Hell is a real place and I once read a quote that I will always remember.... "Earth is the only hell christian will ever know. However, earth is the only heaven a non-believer will know. "

Rickey Bueno, boston 30 Comments [11/22/2008 8:38:21 PM]
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Was there ever a sub-species of human beings as useless as atheists?? They define themselves by what they do not believe, and what they do believe is vague, and unable to withstand the rough and tumble of the real world. They tear down the Cathedral of Christendom, re-name it the ever-so-bland Western Civilisation, and build a 'potting shed' in its place. This little shed, unable to cope with the demands of real life, is now making deals with the Islamic world in the hope of fortifying itself and masking its weakness'. Apparently, in Atheist La-La land, the imperative to reproduce is simply one of many options - and not a very good one at that. You see, it interferes with that first demand of the perfect atheist life, the demand to fulfill oneself. This is obvious in the secondary status accorded to motherhood and childrearing and complimented by the introduction of the vile abortion and the norm of contraception. Self-fulfillment through career - and pleasure seeking - are more important than children and family they signal. Oh yeah?! You will pay through the nose for that spectacular, 'flying in the face of reality' gaffe, O Enlightened Ones.

For, since the introduction of legalised abortion and the invention of the Pill, birthrates in the developed, Secular nations of the world have plummetted severely, with catastrophic economic and social results. The final disintegration and collapse of Western Civilisation is within sight. To mask such a dramatic and perturbing scenario, and to rationalise their committment to the strangulating effects of abortion and contraception, the atheist powers that be are importing the children of other women to supplement their own dwindling populations. A type of self-induced ethnic cleansing of the most peculiar kind!! And of course, atheists wear a smile through it all, because hey, they are the clever ones, the 'progressive' ones who brought humanity out of the 'Dark Ages' of Christianity into the light, bright happy clappy, paradise of Atheism (albeit with the West facing its doom, but let's pretend its not.) And they are never wrong: never, ever, ever wrong - unlike Christians, you know!

Was there ever such a useless subspecies of human being as the eternally stupid atheists?

Amaqula, Has the Catholic Church been vindicated? 56 Comments [11/22/2008 8:37:26 PM]
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The United States was created for the express purpose of worshiping God and we are a capitalist society because we follow Christ's teaching. Capitalism, conservative and Christian, all the same thing.

G C, Y! answers 77 Comments [11/22/2008 8:35:17 PM]
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Quote# 52651

The gay agenda has become the greatest threat our christian nation has come against. With Hussein as president,these assfuckers will use liberal facism to overturn gay "marriage" bans which were voted in by the MAJORITY of the people. A currupt president like this should be IMPEACHED as soon as possible. The thing that sickens me most about Hussein Obama is the fact that he is in favor of homosexuality and dechristianization of the US. This is NOT what America is as the founding fathers of this nation were all Christians,and to change our Christian foundations is clearly an act of treason that should be punished severly.

Hot Dick, Youtube 33 Comments [11/22/2008 8:28:21 PM]
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[I'm saying that not all gay couples practice anal sex, that you don't have to be gay to take it up the ass and that there is several ways to tango.]

so your saying that people that are in heterosexual relationships want anal sex ?

I really don't believe that, In many of my relationships I don't think any of the girls I have dated would like it or even allow that kind of thing, they would most likely give me a restraining order, and I would't be for it anyway

but if a man wants to give his wife or girlfriend anal that eather makes him physiologically gay or bi not heterosexual

anyway if someone is truely heterosexual there is no need for anal sex

jlgx50, Taleworlds 79 Comments [11/22/2008 8:26:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Yoshiboy

Quote# 52621

The general rule is that discrimination is allowed. We discriminate every day when we change TV channels, buy one brand of soap over another at the supermarket, or choose friends. Certain exceptions to the general rule of allowing discrimination have been made. One exception is for "immutable characteristics", for characteristics one cannot change, like race or gender. Another exception has been made for religion since our country was founded on religious freedom and it is enshrined in our Constitution.

Homosexuality is not immutable like race or gender. Homosexuality is, by definition, a behavior. You are not a homosexual until you engage in a homosexual act. Liberals have created the term "sexual orientation" which is a meaningless phrase, a political euphemism, as if one's sexual urge is fixed at birth, like a board game wheel, in any one direction: a man, a woman, a dog, a vase. The best science can say at the moment is that a propensity for homosexuality is genetically inherited by some people. Then, environmental factors, such as overpopulation, work to catalyze homosexual behavior.

People should be judged by their behavior. Therefore, discrimination against homosexuality should be allowed. Churches should be allowed to discourage it. Children should not be taught it. Private groups and individuals should be allowed to exclude people who engage in that behavior. However, I believe it is morally wrong to discriminate against any individual based on that individual's group classification. This applies to homosexuals, cops, or even yuppies. But this would not make a practical law.

The purpose of marriage is procreation (but, it is not a requirement). Homosexuals cannot procreate

Taylor, CNN.com 40 Comments [11/22/2008 8:23:25 PM]
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Submitted By: Brainy

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Its not the math but the presumptions that the problem.
Creationism today would not say the waters of the flood would cover Everest.
First because Everest like almost all or all mountains on earth today are the result of the continents splitting/crashing during the flood year.
These mts poped up only then creationism says.

Whatever mts existed before the flood would of been small most likely. so a lesser depth of water would be needed to cover the earth. We can presume this. I would add also the oceans would not need to be deep but rather were carved deeper during the commotion of the flood year.
Creationism teaches a different looking planet before the flood so you can't just prove us wrong by ignoring our claims.
Math is for kids but research and analysis is for thinking men.

In fact i think they find shells on Everest. cause it moved up with the shells from below.

Robert Byers, RichardDawkins.net 37 Comments [11/22/2008 8:16:51 PM]
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Quote# 52821

<i>Oh noes! once_more discovers his FSTDT fame!</i>

One read of the comments from these lowlifes and it is understandable why normal people believe evolutionists are responsible for the degradation of our society. When the trash is taken out they'll be the first to go.

once_more, Topix 37 Comments [11/22/2008 7:39:24 PM]
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Quote# 52754

this was in response to a video about Jesus' return...

I showed it to my 6 year old daughter and was explaining to her that this was a person's interpretation of what heaven would look like. She was ECSTATIC....and wanted to die right now and go be with Jesus!

WaitingForHim, Rapture Ready 83 Comments [11/22/2008 7:21:55 PM]
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Submitted By: Skeptic Pete

Quote# 52632

A BAPTIST pastor has admitted telling Jewish leaders that Jews were "going to hell" and faced a fate "worse than the Holocaust" because they had not accepted Jesus as their saviour.

Mr Harris said his comments were made in a private meeting "in my lounge room" and admitted using the word "holocaust" but said it was Biblical language.

"I explained that I love the Jewish people very much and that some awful times were coming for them but I did not wish that upon them at all."

Baptist Pastor Kevin Harris, Article from SMH 26 Comments [11/22/2008 7:21:44 PM]
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Submitted By: Tepes

Quote# 52592

It seems likely to me that there wont be any more children after the Rapture, since with the faithful gone the satanist liberals will probably abort every conception. They get a kind of sick pleasure from it.

lovedbygod23, Rapture Ready 45 Comments [11/22/2008 7:18:08 PM]
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Submitted By: Jayme

Quote# 52727

one doesn't need a brain to have a mind...ask any developing embryo.

supersport, CARM 63 Comments [11/22/2008 6:09:06 PM]
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Originally Posted by Aveticus:
I dont' understand what is so bad about someone with some illness that is going to kill them in a slow and painful way to seek suicide? Why is it wrong to let them kill themselves in a pain free way opposed to dieing a horrible death.)

Because God is the Giver and Taker of Life. It is not for men to play God.

And with our technology today a person can be pain free or even put into a coma induced state so they do not suffer.

And this "power" of euthanasia will be abused. Especially like in other countries where the family gets to decide. (based on the burden the sick or elderly person presents to the family)

CaiperLane, Prophecy Fellowship 45 Comments [11/22/2008 5:45:47 PM]
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Quote# 52780

Once again, the moral fabric of our society is being torn away by those who wish to see it destroyed once and for all. And our court system is the vehicle that sinful acts use to drive their agenda down our throats!

But are we really surprised? Should we even be? Did we really expect more from individuals who are blinded to the truth about sin and what it's consequences really are? If you were gay, wouldn't you want to have the court system of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the home of the free and brave, stand up and shout that your lifestyle should not only be accepted but considered equal with others? Of course you would! That would ease the conflict that hides deep within your soul - you know, the part screaming inside your head "this is wrong!"

People, no matter what their age, do not like to be told they are doing something wrong. So, our society has come up with numerous ways to alleviate the feelings of guilt by finding new ways to make the guilt go away.
We have stopped taking ownership for our actions and blamed them on something else. And if we can't blame a sinful action on another individual, then we dig and dig until we find a way to explain our behavior away (such as "I was born this way").

This rant of mine is not just directed at people that are living in the homosexual lifestyle, but all things that we as a society have allowed to be considered "normal" behavior. Is your spouse abusive? Kill him and then claim "battered wife syndrome." Are you parents divorced? Become a drug addict to dull the pain, then blame your parents. Having an affair? Well, blame your spouse for not making you happy, or better yet, blame the person you are cheating with for being too sexy, or yourself just too weak to resist. Pregnant and don't want to be? Talk yourself into believing it is just an unwanted piece of extra flesh that has no significant value whatsoever and just get rid of it!

It is so sad what our world has come to, and I am a sinner still living in the flesh and see it! I can't even begin to image what our HOLY GOD must think! Is it any wonder that His wrath will be poured out?

AtWitsEnd, Rapture Ready 39 Comments [11/22/2008 4:50:57 PM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One

Quote# 52734

This world has become so full of contradictions. If a group of homosexuals were at a park and Christians surrounded them, cursed them, blew whistles in their ears, and assualted them, the Christians would of been arrested for hate crimes.

MyFathersEyes, Rapture Ready 81 Comments [11/22/2008 4:38:08 PM]
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Submitted By: Simple Plan

Quote# 52912

Woe unto the United States! I've been preaching for a long time that America's love for sin would eventually lead to our destruction as a nation. When a known Communist is elected to lead the United States, we are not far from joining China's oppressive regime. The average citizen has no idea just how Communist America already has become. Read Karl Marx's 10 Planks of his Communist Manifesto. Martin Luther King Jr. was a known Communist, involved in at least 60 Communist front organizations. Yet, every January Americans foolishly honor Martin Luther King Jr. as a great American. It is tragic.

Someone asked me after the election how I felt as a Caucasian about having a black President? I replied that Obama is also half White and that my main concern wasn't the color of his skin; but rather, his allegiance to Marxism and his Communist affiliations.

David J. Stewart, Jesus-is-Savior.com 67 Comments [11/22/2008 4:37:35 PM]
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Quote# 52890

Twelve Myths of Modern Science
As a biochemist, I have concluded that the greatest hoaxes perpetrated by the contemporary scientific establishment are:

1. Evolution.
Never observed, and therefore not capable of being classed as proper science.

2. Old Earth theory.
In spite of the Word of God, and all the geological evidence, the Establishment tries to convince us the earth is billions of years old in order to justify their theory of evolution.

3. Heliocentrism.
Watch the sun. Observe it with your eyes, and trust your instincts. And now tell me the earth is hurtling past the sun at close to the speed of light.

4. Solid Earth theory.
Disproved by geologists in Siberia in 2002. Findings covered up by the Establishment.

5. Existence of the Higgs Particle.
Entirely speculative. Based on theory, not proper science. Disgraceful, self-serving excuse for money-draining experiment in Geneva which jeopardises the future of mankind.

6. Vaccination.
So let's get this straight... to stop someone getting a disease you inject it straight into their bloodstream??? Yeah, WHATEVER!

7. Moon Landings.
Yip - look at the photos and see 'astronauts' leap out of their own shadows!!! In other photos, apparently flags can cast shadows but 'astronauts' can't!!!!!

8. Moon determines tides.
This particular myth was spread to science to boost the pagan cult of the moon god, which stems from the ancient belief that the moon had some sort of magical power. It is a light in the sky given by God as a gift to mankind - nothing more, nothing less.

9. Smoking causes cancer .
How the drug corporations love this one!!! An opportunity to make megabucks through the marketing of anti-addiction drugs!!! Odd that for centuries the Red Indians used tobacco to fight colds and flus... ie. it was a HEALTH BENEFIT not a HEALTH RISK. But apparently western 'science' knows best.

10. Satellites
Atheists mock Christians for believing in young earth creationism - yet these very same people believe there are thousands of little metal boxes buzzing over the earth communicating signals to computers everywhere!!!! Think about this rationally, folks. If something is put into outer space, it will float away. It will not simply hover above the earth. What a stupid and nonsensical idea!!

11. Psychiatry
A money-earning fad for the pharmaceutical industry and for failed 'doctors'. Psychiatry kills, simple as that. ALL PSYCHIATRISTS ARE BREAKING THE HYPOCRATIC OATH.

12. Global Warming
How could we forget this one? This is pure junk science. Thirty years ago scientists were telling us we were about to enter a new ice age, and now apparently the earth's temperature is rocketing!!!! What utter nonsense. Almighty God determines the temperature of this planet, and the only 'global warming' it will experience will come when he decides to burn it all in an almighty fireball, just like He says He will in the Bible.


Garvan Ellison, The Garvanian 159 Comments [11/22/2008 4:32:58 PM]
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Submitted By: sandman

Quote# 52637

God in His wisdom has placed a string of volcanoes down the inner west coast. These are much closer to Seattle and Portland (Oregon has been blue for some time now also). These volcanoes are all still active, just like Mt St. Helens. Scientists monitor them and know they could become active anytime. Just like the earthquake faults down the California coast, in due time God will execute His judgment on those who desert Him and turn to this kind of activity. The earthquakes, if they occur on the San Andreas fault out under the Pacific floor, will generate a tsunami that will hit the west coast with virtually no warning, in less than 30 minutes.

It will not be pretty, but judgment never is.

Ready for Departure

ReadyForDeparture, Rapture Ready 46 Comments [11/22/2008 4:30:55 PM]
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Submitted By: Jay-Sus

Quote# 52812

(in reference to the woman who has taught her 4 year old child that she is a "wretched little girl")

A lot of atheists heaping condemnation on Jean, but nary a one giving a reason for their judgement! What she has done (we are told) is an evil, disgusting, downright evil, evil evil, disturbing, despicable, morally bankrupt, chilliing, selfish, irresponsible, abysmal, vile and wretched thing by an evil woman seeking to obey an evil god. But no one has told us how these charges can be determined, or, exactly how and why they are bad.

She's committed child abuse, but no one has given us a moral foundation for why child abuse is wrong. Who determines that it is? She's told that she should follow scriptural mandates and just murder her child, but with only a presumption that murdering a child would somehow be wrong. Who determines that murder is wrong? Who determines that Jean's god is evil? What exactly is the standard by which he is to be judged?

The hypocrisy of atheism in making these determinations is that it cannot be made without appealing to Jean's God. But because they cannot accept the reality of Jean's God, the only option left is for atheists to appoint themselves god and therefore the judge of everyone else. That's why Froggie assumes that he can call Jean to the dock and demand from her an answer. Froggie assumes that he is not required to answer Jean's God, but insists that she must answer his.

In the end, these atheists know their hypocrisy, which is why they travel together across the internet in a pack of cowards until they find a loving mother sharing a moment of tenderness with her child and cowardly atack her. When their cowardice is exposed, they can only express hope for their shining warrior and strongest expression of their folly, the intrusive and oppressive state, to intercede for them and save us poor, deluded, evil Christians from our sinful selves.

anonymous, The Virtuous Woman 51 Comments [11/22/2008 12:39:35 PM]
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Submitted By: seraphicreverie

Quote# 52705

Atheists: Have you really considered the full implication of your views?

The Atheists on R&S just shrug their shoulders and say " I know of no God, therefore no such God exists."


This blithe indifference and insouciance cannot go unpunished in the arena of intellectual and philosophical discourse.

The Atheists need to understand that there are consequences to their denial of the divine. They have chosen to refute the harmony of the cosmos and the natural order together with its laws, they have chosen to reject the purposeful creative power manifested in their very selves.

When you reject the fact that life has its origin in the divine, you present a dark and void alternative...a material and anarchic universe, blind and meaningless.

Is this what you really want?

Nathaniel Winthrop, Yahoo! Answers 60 Comments [11/22/2008 12:33:41 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Voice of Logic

Quote# 52579

What the LGBT community is really demanding is the same respectability for their sexual activity that straights seem to enjoy. Well, sorry to bust your balloon, but the truth is that we straights enjoy respect because of the societal responsibility of transmitting life to the next generation that we take on, not because of the sexual activity that we partake in.

Dan In Calgary, http://www.cbc.ca 47 Comments [11/22/2008 12:29:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Illuminatalie

Quote# 52718

When we get to heaven, and IF we are able to take our adoring eyes off of the Lord, we can thank Pres. Bush in person.

caligal, RR 62 Comments [11/22/2008 12:08:35 PM]
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Submitted By: cc

Quote# 52593

Put Faith In God, Not “Missing Link”

A rubber gorilla suit. Lost somewhere between the Olympics, hurricanes, and political conventions was the story out of Georgia about the latest Bigfoot hoax. When the hoax was finally uncovered, it was probably one of the least imaginative deceptions of all time.

Two men claimed to have found the body of a Bigfoot and hauled it away while other Bigfoots watched from a distance. The men placed the body in a chest freezer and filled it with water to create a giant Bigfoot ice cube. After holding a news conference to announce their discovery, they submitted DNA for testing. The DNA was proven to be from an opossum. Regardless, an eager Bigfoot researcher paid an undisclosed sum of money for the freezer and its contents. When the ice melted, the large object inside was nothing more than a gorilla suit mingled with road kill. As elaborate hoaxes go, this one was not so elaborate. Nevertheless, intelligent, educated people got caught up in the enthusiasm and wanted so badly for this to be genuine that they fell for it, hook, line, and gorilla suit.

This wasn’t the first attempt at producing a missing link between modern day humans and our so-called Neanderthal ancestors. Java man, Nebraska man, Piltdown man, and a whole list of others have bypassed normal scrutiny in a desperate effort to prove the theory of evolution. The few specimens that are still considered to be legitimate were fabricated from bone fragments and teeth which, given enough artistic license, could become anything one wished. That’s why a living remnant from a bygone era such as Bigfoot is the Holy Grail for evolutionists.

Pastor Mike, The Pastor's Pen 35 Comments [11/22/2008 11:52:32 AM]
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