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I'll tell you when to fight. You fight when the United States Constitution is no longer protecting you and it is not holding the government. I guess you could say that it's happening now, but aside from that. This country was founded on Biblical principles and was clearly blessed by God. We should rise up and take this nation back for God- however we have to do it. I'll be fighting when they outlaw my Christianity. If they want to come after me, bring it. If they want my guns then they better bring an army with them because God has given every individual the right to defend himself.

Ramadi_Warrior, RR 45 Comments [12/20/2008 10:38:41 AM]
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Submitted By: cc

Quote# 54533

Hi everyone. I'm a "newbie" at Rapture Ready. I appreciate the insight in regard to end times and the rapture on this board.
I first learned about the rapture watching Jack VanImpe 15 years ago. I'm in total aggrement with all of you here that we will soon be with our Heavenly Father
My question/concern is within the last 5 years I have developed severe hearing loss. Thankfully(praise the Lord) hearing aids help, however once I take them out at night I'm stone deaf. When I go to bed at night I worry if I will not hear the Lord "Come Hither"
Would anyone have any thoughts?

Scatty6105, Rapture Ready (Did you have any doubt?) 44 Comments [12/20/2008 8:29:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Kimby

Quote# 54559

if the bible is wrong, how could the ancients have known about an extremely rare stress symptom (that was recorded by luke if i remember correctly) jesus went through, known as hematohydrosis. why are dinosaurs mentioned in the bible? ......................

SaugenSieEs9, Youtube 42 Comments [12/20/2008 4:44:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Ronni Bom

Quote# 54422

Einstein was not an Atheist

"The more I study science, the more I believe in God."

"I believe in a Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the harmony of all that exists"

"God always takes the simplest way"

"When the solution is simple, God is answering"

"Science without religion is lame"

King Crusader, HolyCrusade.net 43 Comments [12/20/2008 4:14:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Techno Viking

Quote# 54557

Atheists hate us because hate is all that's available to them. They hate everybody. They hate themselves most of all. They cannot love because they reject God, who is LOVE and without love...there's only hate. No one can love without God.

It's very simple.

Also, because they are controlled by demons and serve Satan. God is the only protection against such. And of course the demons in them hate us because we tell the truth. The demons are doomed to hell for eternity and know it. They have no excuse because they were in Heaven before and had all that Heaven affords... and they rejected it. Now they want back in and they don't have that choice... they made theirs. And they want to drag as many of God's creation there with them as they can get. They lie so Atheists lie. They can not tell the truth. The demons hate so they hate.

Yuki Usagi, Christian Forums 53 Comments [12/20/2008 2:33:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Orlor

Quote# 54496

Call me a crybaby, but I truly have no trust or faith in the future generations, and in all seriousness, I could see our first angtheist president trying to illegalize religion due to "discrimination" against homosexuals.

Only Christianity though, Muslims and Jews can continue to be bigots all the hell they want for some reason

GeneralCortez, GameFAQs 39 Comments [12/20/2008 2:27:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Rhapsody

Quote# 54558

We recently purchased an Arabic/English Bible. However, upon reading the Arabic, I discovered to my horror that in reference to God it says Allah!!! This is a very popular version published by the International Bible Society. Does anyone here know of an alternative to this? Such as using the generic term for God "rabona". It is highly disturbing and misleading for the Arabic speaking world to read about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as Allah. Our God does have a name, but it is certainly not Allah. Any help gratefully received.

Shining Brightly, RR 94 Comments [12/20/2008 2:20:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich

Quote# 54580

Man I love all this Gay news! Why?? Because right before Sodom and Ghomorah were completely obliterated off the face of the Earth, God "rapture" the few. What percentage of those cities had true followers of God.

Lot couldn't even find 20 people out of probably at least 100,000 people?
Let's be safe and assume there were only 50,000 people. Let's say 5 people left with Lot. Even his relatives laughed at Lot!
That's 0.0001% of the population were spared!

What percentage of say a really really liberal city say Berkely or San Francisco has true followers of Christ. I would guess after living in both that it's less than 1%.

Norrin Radd, Rapture Ready 50 Comments [12/19/2008 11:58:43 PM]
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Quote# 54562

I'm tired of my son being taught that we came from monkeys in school. There's a pile of bricks in my backyard and I don't see it turning into a shed anytime soon! It really bothers that just because I can't afford to put him in a nice christian school, I have to have him endure all the nonsense being taught in public school!

The Bible plainly states where every living creature came from, and something should be done about the way it is ignored in today's teaching.

What are your feelings?

St. Vitalis, Rapture Ready 42 Comments [12/19/2008 11:50:01 PM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One

Quote# 54629

A woman in San Francisco along with many others
have lost there jobs, because it was found out
there position on proposition 8...The constitution
should protect the politcal opinions of everyone
...freedom of speech. what happend? Why cant these
folks face the music...i would like to start a petition to make homosexual behavior illegal and
punishable by law and imprisonment..they should
also be ordered to register as sex offenders.
who is with me?

floatinglizard, topix 55 Comments [12/19/2008 8:03:57 PM]
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Submitted By: Jax

Quote# 54464

And the King of having a Narcissistic Personality is Obama. I see it every time he opens his mouth.

ron4jesus, Rapture Ready 42 Comments [12/19/2008 7:25:04 PM]
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Quote# 54466

It appears on youtube you can say the F word. You can cuss and even do many sins. But you can't call Homosexuality sin. Christians believe that homosexuality is sin as it clearly states it throughout the bible. However youtubes policies say you can't call homosexuality a sin. This is what I did in this video. This is why I was banned. Everybody would agree that Youtube is more "Anti-Christian" than Christian. You can tell by going to atheist channels where they can say the F word and bad mouth Jesus Christ, even calling Jesus Christ a homosexual. Youtube allows that. This is pure Christian discrimination on YOUTUBES part. Youtube as you know doesn't believe homosexuality is sin. I do. So this was destined to happen. Here is the email below youtube sent me. You guys don't try to reactivate me I need a vacation anyways lol. I will be back again. My entire channel was backed up as we all knew this was going to happen sooner or later. I am surprised I lasted this long with youtube being more on the "Godless side". God bless you all it was a blast! Oh also very important. As you know the wiccans and pagans and atheists and satanists and homosexuals lol, did I leave anybody out? we all had our differences. They in no way were responsible for getting me banned. You guys know I strongly disagree with those lifestyles and believe in Jesus Christ instead but I want all my Christian brothers and sisters to NOT harbor any resentment to these groups as they were not responsible nor have they caused it.

[Note: Shockawenow didn't get his youtube account suspended because he called homosexuality a sin, he got suspended for setting up his official website to phish other youtube accounts.]

Shockawenow, Shockawenow.com 37 Comments [12/19/2008 7:18:37 PM]
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Quote# 54503

[when asked a series of questions about her completely illogical views on gay marriage]

1. I define marriage as the deep, lifelong, committal love between a man and a woman.
2. I've looked up the definition in the dictionary for marriage and have seen clearly what I stated above about a man and woman. I believe this to be the case just as much as it's impossible for a Christian to have a bar mitzvah, it's a Jewish initiation.
3. My personal experience with homosexuals has been bad. I was part of a group of them that were very promiscuous and they teased for being a goody two shoes to the point where I ran away either to end my life or finally have sex,(I was slow to develop physically and by that time I had no self esteem.) I've been in treatment for the last two years and have run into more types of people than a average person would in a lifetime. When I think of homosexuals I think of promiscuity.
4.Yes, it has to do with my beliefs, but that is not all of it. I'm not using God's commands as evidence, I'm debating my belief. An argument is an argument no matter what background the person comes from.

skinnybrunette20, gURL.com 50 Comments [12/19/2008 6:36:12 PM]
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Quote# 54446

High Desert Church Mocks O Holy Night
Dec 12

The prophetically named High Desert Church has a Student Ministries pastor named Tim Kuhl who decided at some point in his career to serve as an archetype of everything that is wrong with evangelicalism. This YouTube video serves as a useful one stop place to explain why I could not be paid to attend one of these freak show churches at any price. Tim Kuhl is featured on YouTube at his church, “singing”/lip syncing the well-known mockery version of O Holy Night for the entertainment of the rabble attending.
As one commenter put it, it’s no wonder the world laughs at Christians. Even they don’t take their own faith seriously, because they worship a god who is just like THEM.

billiefan2000, Rapture ready 18 Comments [12/19/2008 6:33:36 PM]
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Submitted By: stupidroro

Quote# 54354

Associating Atheism with Darwinism is a good step for you. You are beginning to see the light.

Darwin was a Theologian, and evolution has never been proven, in fact, there is simply no empirical evidence for it. Evolution is the religious dogma of the Atheist.

So, the only "Atheistic" nations you come up with, believe the lie of the General Theory of Evolution.

I think you can see why these issues are closely related.

Peace bro.

("You're spewing nonsense, bible-mucher.")


Yes, the truth sounds like non-sense to those who believe a lie.

That is a universal truth.

BreshiBaraElohim, Youtube 29 Comments [12/19/2008 6:31:50 PM]
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Submitted By: InfectedwithRage

Quote# 54546

I was listening to the Hallelujah Chorus of Handel's Messiah recently and thinking about what atheists have as an equivalent. An equivalent? They don't have a Bible, they don't belong to a Church, they don't have a relationship with God, and they don't have their own music. That's because they have nothing to sing about. Without God, atheism would have no reason to exist.

Ray Comfort, Atheist Central 89 Comments [12/19/2008 5:51:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Aratos

Quote# 54584

There are different kinds of terrorists. There are the terrorists who physically terrorize and destroy things and bodies, then there are mental terrorists, who destroy hearts, thoughts and minds. Atheists are mental terrorists...they have not only chosen to destroy their own their own heart and mind, but many of them treat their atheism as a religion and attempt to destroy others' hearts and minds. That's why so many atheists seek out Christians forums like this -- they're on an evangelical trip, a mission to destroy.

supersport, CARM 49 Comments [12/19/2008 5:03:38 PM]
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Quote# 54595

The bible does not contradict it self, we only are ignorant to understand.

hollowface, flyleaffans.com 49 Comments [12/19/2008 4:45:28 PM]
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Quote# 54625

[On Obama]

I haven’t slept well since January, when I first saw him, instantaneously recognized Evil, and loathed him– ll in a nanosecond. When I say “loathed,” I mean, “Me mongoose, him cobra.” Very primal, instinctual stuff. Indeed, I’ve shown elsewhere that “Obama” is an anagram for “Mabus,” Nostradamus’ name for the third anti-Christ, whose profile in Revelation he fits.

BUT, neither he, his vicious wife, nor his puppet masters have come all this way for him to stop when he’s standing on the threshold of the White House.

Mary, Texasdarlin 71 Comments [12/19/2008 2:43:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Kentucky Guy

Quote# 54569

"But gay teen and young adult suicide, and ruined lives of heterosexual partners of homosexuals who believe your lies - those things are certainly harmful and you not only don't care you lobby for those things to happen."

Their suicide comes about because of GUILT associated with rebellion against God and His will. Satan rejoices when an unbeliever ends his/her life before discovering Christ.

bornagain001, YouTube 38 Comments [12/19/2008 2:19:37 PM]
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Quote# 54489

* Moral depravity: The history of the atheist community and various studies regarding the atheist community point to moral depravity being a causal factor for atheism. In addition, there is the historical matter of deceit being used in a major way to propagate atheism from the time of Charles Darwin onward. Also, Bible exegesis points to the moral depravity of atheists. Moral depravity is certainly one of the prime causes of atheism.

* Rebellion: Atheism stems from a deliberate choice to ignore the reality of God's existence [1] (If there was a God, there wouldn't be so much suffering.)[2]

* Superficiality: Noted ex-atheist and psychologist Dr. Paul Vitz has stated that he had superficial reasons for becoming an atheist such as the desire to be accepted by his Stanford professors who were united in disbelief regarding God.[3]

* Error: Some argue that atheism partly stems from a failure to fairly and judiciously consider the facts [4]

* State churches: In regards to the causes of atheism, rates of atheism are much higher in countries with a state sanctioned religion (such as many European countries), and lower in states without a sanctioned religion (such as the United States). Some argue this is because state churches become bloated, corrupt, and/or out of touch with the religious intuitions of the population, while churches independent of the state are leaner and more adaptable. It is important to distinguish "state-sanctioned churches," where participation is voluntary, from "state-mandated churches" (such as Saudi Arabia) with much lower atheism rates because publicly admitted atheism is punishable by death. [5]

* Poor relationship with father: Some argue that a troubled/non-existent relationship with a father may influence one of the causes of atheism.[6] Dr. Paul Vitz wrote a book entitled Faith of the Fatherless in which he points out that after studying the lives of more than a dozen leading atheists he found that a large majority of them had a father who was present but weak, present but abusive, or absent.[7][8] Dr. Vitz also examined the lives of prominent theists who were contemporaneous to their atheist counterparts and from the same culture and in every instance these prominent theists had a good relationship with his father.[9] Dr. Vitz has also stated other common factors he observed in the leading atheists he profiled: they were all intelligent and arrogant.[10]

* Division in religion: According to Francis Bacon, atheism is caused by "divisions in religion, if they be many; for any one main division addeth zeal to both sides, but many divisions introduce atheism." [11]

* Learned times, peace, and prosperity: Francis Bacon argued that atheism was partly caused by "Learned times, specially with peace and prosperity; for troubles and adversities do more bow men’s minds to religion."[12] Jewish columnist Dennis Prager has stated that one of the causes of atheism is the "secular indoctrination of a generation." [13] Prager stated that "From elementary school through graduate school, only one way of looking at the world – the secular – is presented. The typical individual in the Western world receives as secular an indoctrination as the typical European received a religious one in the Middle Ages.[14]

* Negative experiences with theists.
* Scientism: Science has in many ways become a new God. [15]

* Personal tragedy: For example, the death of a loved one (One's mother, father, husband or wife, etc.) can shake someone's religious belief severely, sometimes enough for them to lose it.

Conservapedia, Article: "Causes of Atheism" 42 Comments [12/19/2008 1:50:39 PM]
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Quote# 54414

The controversy over the placement of an atheist sign next to a Nativity scene in the Washington state capitol rotunda is just another example of a more aggressive tack being taken by atheists across the country this Christmas season. Buses in Washington, DC are sporting signs paid for by the American Humanist Association that read, "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake." The Metro State Atheists in Colorado are putting up billboards this holiday season in Denver and Colorado Springs declaring, "Don't believe in God? You're not alone." This more vocal and visible approach certainly calls more attention to the atheist cause but leads me to wonder why they're so agitated in the first place. They're perfectly free not to believe; why must they disturb those of us who do?

I suppose we should have seen it coming; they've been louder and more obnoxious over the past few years with provocateurs like Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher using their books, speeches and media platforms to attack people of faith, particularly Christians, and make a lot of money in the process. Isn't America wonderful? The question I find myself asking is, "Why are they so angry?" After all, things seem to be going their way these days. Americans are rejecting all notions of objective truth and demanding that God be driven back into the closet of private belief. Even the Christian church is vacillating under the pressures of modern culture, choosing in too many cases to go along rather than stand in the gap and be salt and light in a fallen world. The atheists should be celebrating as we move ever so closer to "One Nation Without God."

There's just one problem, though. God is a stubborn old man and He just won't go away. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found in a poll taken earlier this year that 92 percent of Americans believe in God. Newsweek, perhaps inadvertently, acknowledged God's power recently by doing a cover story claiming a Biblical endorsement of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. You see, whether we take Him at His Word or try to twist His Word to fit our desires, He's still in play. His persistence despite a hedonistic and hostile culture must make atheists lose sleep at night.

Ron Miller, RegularFolksUnited.com blog 33 Comments [12/19/2008 10:49:20 AM]
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Submitted By: GreenEyedLilo

Quote# 54483

With the new disaster movies coming out, it brings to mind the original science-fiction thriller, War Of The Worlds. And how those large indestructible alien robots were brought down by the smallest of organisms-common bacteria. Now here's something to consider:when that first fish sprouted legs and walked out of the water for the first time...wouldn't it be common sense to assume this creature would be suddenly subjected to countless germs(not to mention a boatload of diseases)? And these untold amount of germs are something this poor creature has never encountered in it's entire life;so it would have no immunity whatsoever. So like the alien robots from another planet who had no defense for any germ exposure in this world, the creature crawling out of one world into another wasn't prepared for even basic survival. The fish is now dead.

RejectedDreams, DeviantArt 37 Comments [12/19/2008 10:38:38 AM]
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Submitted By: seraphicreverie

Quote# 54469

[Share International Reveals Christmas Miracle]

LOS ANGELES, Dec 12, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- For years the world has been filled with miracles of all kinds. In April 1995 Time magazine devoted an eight-page spread to its cover story on miracles and concluded: "People are hungry for signs."

Look now for the biggest miracle of all. In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world -- night and day.

Unbelievable? Fantasy? No, a simple fact. Around a week later, Maitreya, the World Teacher for all humanity, will begin his open emergence and -- though not yet using the name Maitreya -- will be interviewed on a major US television program.

In 1988, CNN and other media reported on Maitreya's miraculous appearance to 6,000 people in Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday, June 11. A week before the event, a remarkable sign occurred: "On Saturday 4 June a big, bright star was sighted, unusually brighter than ordinary stars," reported Kenya Times editor Job Mutungi.

For over 30 years, artist, author and lecturer Benjamin Creme has been preparing the way for the emergence of Maitreya and his group, the Masters of Wisdom. In May 1982, Creme revealed at a packed press conference in Los Angeles that Maitreya had been living in the Asian community of London since July 19, 1977.

Awaited by all faiths under different names, Maitreya is the Christ to Christians, the Imam Mahdi to Muslims, Krishna to Hindus, the Messiah to Jews, and Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists. He is the World Teacher for all, religious or not, an educator in the broadest sense.
As a modern man concerned with today's problems, Maitreya works behind the scenes of our changing world. The outpouring of his extraordinary energy has been the stimulus for dramatic developments on many fronts: the ending of the cold war; the break-up of the Soviet Union; the reunification of Germany; the ending of apartheid in South Africa; the growing power of the people's voice, leading to demands for freedom and justice; and the worldwide focus on preserving the environment.
Maitreya's message can be summarized as "share and save the world". He will seek to inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and to create world peace through sharing, economic justice and global cooperation.
With Maitreya and his group working openly in the world, humanity is assured not only of survival but of the creation of a brilliant new civilization.

Share International and the Maitreya, MarketWatch 34 Comments [12/19/2008 10:38:15 AM]
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Quote# 54449

[sounds like this guy believes in oligarchy more than a "free republic"]

there is a moral imperative for commanders to mandate Christian exposure of their personnel on active duty.

Unlike other scenarios in a free society, a military establishment mandates immediate obedience to orders from senior ranked officers and line officers in combat 24/7.

The commanding officer therefore, has incurred a responsibility for his juniors to insure they are provided with an opportunity to be provided the Gospel if they are unbelievers and an opportunity to receive proper pastor-teacher guidance as believers while they are serving under the command of others.

Both the gift of pastor-teach and the gift of evangelism are spiritual communication gifts given by God the Holy Spirit to certain believers. The spiritual communication gift of pastor-teacher is given to a person to spiritually discern the appropriate part of the Word to be taught to the believers in his midst per God’s Plan, so that they are in the right place at the right time to perform by His Plan.

Likewise, the spiritual communication gift of evangelism is given to some believers to communicate to unbelievers.

Unlike the common citizen who incurs the responsibility to find his own pastor-teacher and continue obediently in faith through Christ in his daily studies, the military serviceman, is also under the legitimate authority of his commanding officer to obey 24/7 the orders of his seniors.

Likewise, his seniors bear the responsibility to God to insure pastor-eachers are made available to the serviceman for their spiritual growth, only possibile through faith in Christ through daily intake of Bible doctrine by their appropriate pastor-teacher.

Recent ecumenical perspectives fail to recognize the significance of God the Holy Spirit in the continuing sanctification of each and every believer, every day and moment of their lives. Many worldly officers believe they are able to substitute a worldly system of counterfeit belief independent of faith through Christ and still advance in good works. Such thinking is good for nothingness, not only jeopardizing the sanctification and spiritual growth of their juniors, but also placing their commands at risk of divine discipline, being in the wrong place at the wrong time on the battlefield which is deadly.

IMHO, if our commander-in-chief was remaining in fellowship through Christ in all things, he would relieve those in the chain of command who seek such counterfeit substitutes to God’s Plan and place the US armed forces at risk, without divine guidance through faith in Christ.

jagusafr, free republic 28 Comments [12/19/2008 10:36:33 AM]
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Submitted By: senorchipotle