Quote# 54361

We must assume that he then chose to pursue sexual relationships WITHOUT secrecy and discretion, and became promiscuous and brazen. "All we want is to live our lives in private ... except when we get in your face and shout, 'We're here! We're queer! Get used to us!' "

Milk was just another obnoxious fag. And I cannot fathom the film being a box-office bonanza.

DoctorDoom, FreeConservatives 25 Comments [12/19/2008 2:37:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: opsman666

Quote# 54538

Wow. 70% of pregnancies in Russia end in abortion. Unbelievable. At the same time, their Muslim population is exploding. I wonder if they'll ban abortion out right?

I always think of Russia when people say that God is punishing the US for our abortion rate.

angelka71, RR 30 Comments [12/19/2008 2:14:03 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 54535

Evolution is a disgrace


I'm tired of my son being taught that we came from monkeys in school. There's a pile of bricks in my backyard and I don't see it turning into a shed anytime soon! It really bothers that just because I can't afford to put him in a nice christian school, I have to have him endure all the nonsense being taught in public school!

The Bible plainly states where every living creature came from, and something should be done about the way it is ignored in today's teaching.

St Vitalis, Rapture Ready 60 Comments [12/18/2008 8:30:50 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Kimby

Quote# 54500

(a website has some counter showing over 52 million babies aborted)

"Heaven is having one big ol' baby boom thanks to the inhumanity of man."

"I want to work in the nursery!!!"

MidnightCry & Iamtapestry, RR 41 Comments [12/18/2008 8:29:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 54481

No apparent, perceived, or claimed interpretation of evidence in any field, including history and chronology, can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record.

Answers in Genesis, AiG 51 Comments [12/18/2008 7:44:43 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: The Loser

Quote# 54542

[Regarding a curry stand in Chesterfield Market]

'EXCUSE ME', said I, 'but is this meat "halal" by any chance?'. 'Yes, sir', replied the young Bangladeshi. 'It is indeed'.

Yet who did I see in the queue? Lots of normal, white English folks queuing up to EAT MEAT WHICH HAD BEEN DEDICATED TO THE MUSLIM GOD, ALLAH. I bet not one of these unsuspecting people thought to ask whether their food had been dedicated to a demon prior to consumption.

Not only is Halal produce extremely cruel to the animals, but it is the equivalent of giving Satan a free entry pass to your soul.

Gravan Ellison, The Garvanian 53 Comments [12/18/2008 7:42:45 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By:

Quote# 54450

In 1984, when no space craft had yet reached Uranus and Neptune, I published a theory predicting the strength of the magnetic fields of those two planets in the Creation Research Society Quarterly, a peer-reviewed creationist scientific journal. I made the predictions on the basis of my hypotheses that (A) the raw material of creation was water (based on II Peter 3:5, "the earth was formed out of water and by water"), and (B) at the instant God created the water molecules, the spins of the hydrogen nuclei were all pointing in a particular direction.

D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D., Institute for Creation Research 58 Comments [12/18/2008 4:01:28 PM]
Fundie Index: 16
Submitted By: rw

Quote# 54536

[On the Middle East]

Without sounding like a war monger, can we PLEASE just bomb SOMETHING, anything over there? Let's get things moving, people!

mikalikat, Rapture Forums 62 Comments [12/18/2008 4:00:13 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich

Quote# 54403

*Obama to take the oath of office using his middle name (Hussein)*

is Obama a racist? I thought only racists used his middle name.
I thought Obama did not want anyone to use his middle name ever. WAIT...he promised CHANGE!!! He has changed his mind and it is now ok to use his middle name. Obama does deliver on his promises of hope and change.
But what will he swear ON? There are rumors swirling that he will not swear on a Bible. That disturbs me much more than what name he'll use.
Lets see:
Barack Hussein Obama...
Sadom Hussein....
Osama Bin Laden...
I think it shows a disgusting hypocrisy. During his campaign that name was off-limits. Every time it was used, an apology followed. Or a law-suit was threatened. Now that he's gotten the office and there's nothing to fool the voters with, now suddenly it's an 'honorable' name.
This smacks of blatant hypocrisy and anyone who can't see through it is naive, imo.
You're not poking fun at our new President Elect Hussien Obama are you? I'd be careful about that young en'
I'd have him swear in on the book about the only thing he really cares about, himself. Therefore, he should swear on his autobiography.
Yep, President Hussein Obama.
The Muslim will be in. And he will seek to improve relations with Muslims as he said he would do.
Soooooo........roll out the red carpet for Allah.
I seriously doubt that Obama really intends to uphold and defend the Constitution, no matter what book he uses.

many, RR 67 Comments [12/18/2008 3:57:09 PM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 54392

[On the FfRF sign in the Washington State building]

Gov. Gregoire still has the chance to do what is write. This sign, as written, is HATE SPEECH against Christians, and the drafters should be prosecuted under Federal Law under HATE SPEECH statutes.

The atheist crossed the line when they attacked, in writing, the Christian Faith.

I pray for the atheist, that they repent and accept JESUS CHRIST as their Savior and Lord. Only then, will they enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Bible is the best selling book EVER written, EVER,EVER!!!!!! Why do you think this is so, if it is invalid? Don't be stupid. Believe in Jesus Christ the Lord, and He will save you from yourselves.

David, Rhymes With Right 63 Comments [12/18/2008 3:10:26 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Epic Wolf

Quote# 54473

Two men sodomizing each other is not a protected US Constitutional right. So don't compare people's skin with gay sin. This is not a civil rights issue.

DevotiontoBible, CARM 45 Comments [12/18/2008 2:46:46 PM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 54529

[nah man, i be humble-like]

I have personally seen God.

You are an arrogant piece of shit.

If it we legal, I would delight in ripping you to pieces.

Have a nice day, shitbag

igotskillz.com, Science Blogs 63 Comments [12/18/2008 2:36:02 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Jaymunji

Quote# 54417

[Atheism is the height of arrogance]

Atheism is the height of arrogance for it says: "If I cannot fathom God, then God does not exist." You seem to glibly dismiss the fact that you live in a world wholly limited by your five senses, or by your brains limited capacity to develop instruments to reach a little beyond your senses, and thus are as unaware of what the total sum of reality may be as one who limited by eyesight, only sees visible light and thus categorically denies that a whole range from infrared to ultraviolet light does not--indeed CANNOT exist--because you cannot sense it. In fact, you mock that which you do not understand for no other reason than you cannot understand it. And to mock 95% of the people on the globe who sense - not without reason - that a higher power than themselves may be at work in theat same universe to me is the height of foolishness... and arrogance

by sonofabiscuiteater, IMDb 60 Comments [12/18/2008 8:49:41 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Some_Dude

Quote# 54339

There is a LONG list of "You Might Be A Fundy Atheist If...", I give you a meager sampling.

3. # You believe that extra drippy ice-cream is a logical proof against the existence of God, because an omniscient God would know how to stop the ice-cream from being extra drippy, an omnipotent God would have the ability to stop the ice-cream from being extra drippy, and by golly, an omnibenevolent God wouldn't want your ice-cream to be extra drippy.

10. You consistently deny the existence of God because you personally have never seen him but you reject out of hand personal testimony from theists who claim to have experienced God as a reality in their lives.

23. You blame God for the starvation, sickness, pain and suffering in the world...when, indeed, it is MAN's greed, politics, selfishness and apathy that not only causes, but also ignores the sick and the starving masses. We aren't our brothers' keepers....but we should be.

24. You believe that planes, computers, calculators, compasses, etc, were "all obviously designed," yet the human body, being intricately more complex was "obviously a product of biological evolution." It seems the more complex the apparatus, the more obvious the "fact" that it was not designed.

49. You won't bet $10 on the football game because a 50/50 chance isn't good enough, but you have no problem gambling with your life on the nearly impossible odds of a cell randomly generating from nothing.

And it just goes on and on, and much worse...


GakuesiDon, Tektonics.org 42 Comments [12/18/2008 8:49:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Fek'lhr

Quote# 54478

1. I'm not a fundie. That's obvious...
2. Moreover, I do not allow a woman to teach or to usurp authority over a man. Instead, she is to be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve.And it was not Adam who was deceived. It was the woman who was deceived and became a lawbreaker.
1 Timothy 2:12-14

TheNegroCalvinist, IMDB Soapbox 68 Comments [12/18/2008 8:25:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Sanrio90

Quote# 54471

In school today they taught my son that there are 3 holidays in December!!
....so I to tell him how some people haven't found Jesus.... Why do they do this?
I thought that they weren't supposed to do this? (I'm just afraid that they will tell him the wrong thing) .....anyway, he said, "I'm a Christian mom"....he has told me many times (on his own) that Jesus died for his sins....

cbressler1976, Rapture Ready 58 Comments [12/18/2008 8:25:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 7

Quote# 54416

From the hatemail page at www.bidstrup.com. I'm having trouble finding the verse he's referring to...

God is not for this [homosexuality]
at all, he has said in the bible it is better to put it in a belly of a whore then to masterbate.

Anonymous, www.bidstrup.com 39 Comments [12/18/2008 8:22:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Marc

Quote# 54411

A Clackamas County, Ore., couple accused of letting their infant daughter die by relying on prayer, rather than medicine, today asked that the charges be dropped, arguing that they infringe on their freedom of religion and their right to raise their children in their own way.

Carl Worthington, 28, and his wife, Raylene, 25, belong to a church that believes in faith healing, and police said that, instead of going to a doctor when their 15-month-old daughter Ava got sick, they turned to prayer.

The infant girl died March 2 from bacterial bronchial pneumonia and an infection, both of which could have been cured with common antibiotics, the medical examiner said.

The Worthingtons face charges of second degree manslaughter and criminal mistreatment charges. They surrendered to police in March, but were subsequently released after each posted $25,000 bail.

The motion filed in Clackamas County Circuit Court by the Worthingtons' lawyer today claims that their prosecution is a violation of the rights guaranteed them under both the state and federal constitutions.

Carl and Raylene Worthington, ABC news 83 Comments [12/18/2008 7:56:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: The Loser

Quote# 54490

A second generation atheist is one descended and raised in an atheistic environment by parents who are both atheists.

The term is used by atheists,[1] but it is not easy to find many examples of productive second generation atheists. While atheists raised in religious environments have occasionally been productive, atheists raised in atheistic environments are not known to be. Moreover it has been shown that second generation atheists who converted to Christianity early in life have been moderately successful.

Conservapedia, Article: "Second generation atheist" 62 Comments [12/18/2008 7:55:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 11

Quote# 54306

DON'T TEACH OUR CHILDREN TOLERANCE NO WE SHOULD NOT..Teach our kids what is right, what the values of this great country are Judeo/Christian Values. Teach them the Ten Commandments teach them they can treat people with grace kindness and forgiveness without TOLERATING the wrong way to live.

raineygoodyear, Youtube 41 Comments [12/18/2008 7:49:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 54384

Regardless, without an omnipotent being, there would be no way for there to be anything but maximum entropy. Thus, the fact that entropy is increasing is- in and of itself- proof of God's existance.

MarioFanaticXV, GameFAQs 41 Comments [12/18/2008 7:47:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Angus

Quote# 54214

[[My kindergartener told me yesterday that he had a "vision" of a dog trying to attack him.... Is this a "normal" thing for a little kid to say? Should I be worried? The scary thing is that I can usually tell when he is lying and I believe that he really thought he saw something. This was just so weird to me... He is my oldest, so maybe this is what kids do and I just don't know about it....]]

This could be a sign that your son may be able to understand what Jesus did on the cross for him. He may be ready to come to repentant faith in Jesus. (if he hasn't yet)

You might tell him there is a difference between a vision and a scary thought in his mind.

Your speaking to him about the love of the Savior and how much Jesus cares for him is great.

I would steer him away from talk of visions etc. and bring him right to scripture, stated simply and the message of the cross.

Praying for you, that the Lord would give you perfect words. Praying for your son and that he may find perfect comfort in Jesus. (point out that Jesus IS called Comforter, Prince of peace!)

Sing4Him, Rapture Ready 36 Comments [12/18/2008 7:20:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 54402

Funny, I read it as "Obama tries to appease terrorists because he lacks the backbone to confront them."

[then two posts later...]

No one is worried about the non-terrorist muslims, but obviously Obama thinks he can win points with the insane musilim killers of the world with "hey look, I'm not a white guy, and I won't stand up and fight back if you attack the U.S, like bad old Bush, don't hate me." The jerk, I can't wait for the next 4 years to be over.

mignash, The Allspark 28 Comments [12/18/2008 7:18:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Bass X

Quote# 54203

Got a BS in the US.

Darwinian Evolution is pseudo-science. It should rather be taught in religion class, hopefully along with the perspective that it has far less supporting evidence than the Bible itself (e.g. archeology supporting Biblical people and places, secular history reinforcing Biblical accounts, geology supporting a worldwide flood). Darwinian evolution, for the most part, has not led to scientific discoveries, albeit Darwin\'s observations about genetic variation and natural selection were valuable. The simplistic stories and suggestive drawings of Darwinian evolutionists are totally inadequate to explain the irreducibly complex engineering that we\'re discovering in living organisms at a molecular level, engineering that humans cannot yet and probably will never match. Intelligent Design is, in my opinion, a logically superior perspective to Darwinian Evolution.

Parnell... I think, It's not a board, it's a comment on an article; Comment #11 29 Comments [12/18/2008 7:16:25 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: SpankyZeHam

Quote# 54390

[Jack Chick advertising his new book "Hot Topics"]

Home Alone - not available anywhere else!
This book also contains one new story that is not being released in tract form: HOME ALONE. It is an emotional message against homosexuality and child abuse. The interview and research on the pages that follow show the shocking plans of the homosexual activists who are determined to have your children. The chart showing the current age of consent in many major nations is proof that these people are making real progress to get our children, and will stop at nothing.

[Look at the entire webpage! It consists of pure fundie nonsense!]

Jack Chick, chick.com 56 Comments [12/18/2008 6:51:03 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Tom S. Fox