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[maybe the quote is not technically fundie, but head-deskingly irony impaired considering the source]

As we were leaving the lot, I heard a racket again. It was coming from these same idiots. They were now out of their van, jumping and dancing in the middle of the traffic lane singing 'Obama, Obama'. You have to understand, the scareist [sic] part of this was these 'people' jumping and dancing. I would almost be willing to be that today, almost 48 hours later, their flab is still shaking. They certainly should not have been 'dancing and jumping' as they were. They were no credit to their race (that being the human race).

The good Brother Randy, Titles are so restricting. 30 Comments [12/17/2008 1:21:27 PM]
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Submitted By: spinetingler

Quote# 54258

teenage girl who was a christian wrote this and it touch my heart... it is
very effecting and convicting

"I don't want answers, I want God"


loveprevails24, Rapture Ready 63 Comments [12/17/2008 1:20:26 PM]
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Submitted By: j1m

Quote# 54360

"What is disturbing about this advert - 'Some people are gay. Get over it'?"

I’ve followed this Q with astonishment. How can so many intelligent people fail to understand a Q? The only answer I have to that dilemma is that advertising is so subtly powerful, intelligent people cannot detect the extent of its influence over them. Hardly anyone here thinks there’s anything disturbing about this advert, yet there would have been public outrage 20 years ago.

If, 20 years from now an ad appears saying “Some people are paedophiles. Get over it,” few would object. Oh they’d object right now! All those who think homosexuality harms no-one and it’s perfectly okay for consenting adults to do what they like, protest that paedophilia is very different because it harms children. But what if a minority group decide to bombard the media with messages about those people having a faulty gene that can be ‘fixed’ and if they’re just accepted and helped, the harm will be eliminated? Or what if sex education teaches five-year-old children that paedophilia is only harmful if they resist adult advances; that if they treat it as a game they will quite enjoy it and no harm will be done? You think I’m off my trolley? Watch this space. There are sexual predators out there who know how to manipulate intelligent people. They are well on their way to getting rid of ALL sexual taboos. Homosexuality is now accepted by the majority (so they would have us believe). Anyone who questions it is instantly labeled a homophobe, as evidenced by most of these answers. Twenty years hence they will be labeling all of us as paedophobes. Exactly the same tactics will be employed for that as have worked with homosexuality. Mark my words.

Sasi, Yahoo! Answers 48 Comments [12/17/2008 1:14:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Jax

Quote# 54383

(Mirror, Mirror...)

This is the problem with you atheists. You have to make everything personal, and because you're not logical, you can't distinguish between a logical objective to your paradigm and an attack on your character, and come away without a clue as to what is even real. I DON'T CARE IF YOU CHOOSE TO LISTEN. I'M NOT TRYING TO "CONVERT" YOU. It's YOUR problem if you choose to be stupid. Just don't blame me because you don't like what I have to say before you've even heard it. Inflammatory? GET OVER IT.

malakhhatzadik, Youtube 17 Comments [12/17/2008 1:13:15 PM]
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Quote# 54523

[Newsflash: Bush is SMARTER than Rapture Retards]

AAAAARGH! I heard this on the radio on the way in this morning and just did a quick search and found a related article. Bush was interviewed on Nightline, he stated that he is not a Bible literalist and that he also believes evolution is compatible with the Bible And if that's not enough, he also stated that "he prays to the same God as those with different religious beliefs". Obama is doing the exact same thing, he claims to be a Christian but then a video surfaces of him mocking the Bible and even the Sermon on the Mount It's interesting that Bush waited until the end of his reign before sharing these pearls of wisdom with us.

Tres Wright, Rapture Ready 47 Comments [12/17/2008 1:08:12 PM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 54447

If Chistianity was illegal. Would my fellow Christians let the athiests kill them.?
I wouldnt. God dont mean turn the other cheek to stuff like that. Just in civil disputes. And all through out the bible it says not to kill the innocent. I will protect my family by killing every single person who comes to my door telling me to denounce Jesus. But thats just me. Anything else would be suicide. And what does God say about killing an innocent life. Eh.

delilah, Yahoo! Answers 41 Comments [12/17/2008 1:04:43 PM]
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Submitted By: Voice of Logic

Quote# 54501

Fact: Gays spread AIDS to each other
Fact: Heterosexual woman get AIDS from bi-sexual men
Fact: AIDS was spread by homosexuality
Conclusion: It's all their fault

Neil_Anthony, http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=4535738 46 Comments [12/17/2008 1:04:19 PM]
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Submitted By: SpankyZeHam

Quote# 54273

[Nothing but your individual blind faith here. The bible can't be its own authority - that's nonsense.]

The Bible has it's own authority, because it is God's word. The Law of this land has it's authority. You believe that the universe started by itself without any evidence that is blind faith.

drf333, BBC Religion and Ethics 26 Comments [12/17/2008 7:22:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Gareth1984

Quote# 54467

What idea's do you out there have of hiding bibles(or parts thereof) in your backyard for the poor souls that are "left behind" to endure the most horrible time in human history.Such idea,s as
2.how many
3.whether to leave maps or not
4.special boxes to preserve the paper
5.not paper bible's(on disc)
6.how deep
7.parts of bible's,not entire one's
8.what to put over the buried spot
9.use a lost person,s ground(they'd pay special attn to yours,since you were a believer)
10.what material to use(not detectable w/metal detectors)

24thchance, Rapture Ready 45 Comments [12/17/2008 7:21:08 AM]
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Quote# 54477

[A thoughtful Christian asks why a $25 million Creation Museum should be built when that money could go to better use helping the poor and starving, and this is one fundie's rebuttal]

I don’t think you are right. I think it is important to feed the hungery and all that crap but i also think that it is important fot people to get the message out about the lies of evolution.

the reason creationist are hitting out at evolution is cuz the church is unbelievable. Church says: HEY! WELCOME TO CHURCH!WE LOVE TO HAVE YOU HERE! JESUS LOVES YOU!AND BY THE WAY, EVOLUTION IS CRAP AND NO ONE SHOULD BELIEVE IT!

guess what? no one listens. the world has consistently shown more evidence of evolution than church does. The evolution lie has been out there too long… and the church does nothing about it.if someone bombards the church with evolution crap, i can almost garantee no one will have a winning argument. Unless it goes like this: DUDE, NO ONE BELIEVES IN EVOLUTION! ITS TOTALLY FALSE, MAN! OH, AND GOD LOVES YOU!

Well, that guy goes away knowing he’s way more smart in evolution than you. He also finds the church doesn’t know the argument. well if the church can’t present any facts, how can it ever move forward? they say, “BELIEVE THIS!” spiritually but they can’t prove anything physically? who is going to ever join the church if we don’t have a firm, scientific, fact-built foundation? cuz if we don’t have a firm physical foundation, who will believe us in the spiritual part of it?

schaffer, www.faithdoubt.com 58 Comments [12/17/2008 6:19:44 AM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 54218

Any good Christian has a huge trail behind him that anyone can follow. I'm sure the goverment knows every one of us and where we live and more.

It's nearing the time to stand up and endure hardness as a good soldier of the King.It's so exciting to be living in these last days john wrote about.Stand true to your Lord,never back down one inch.They can take your body but the rest they can't touch.

I'll be looking forward to all of the battle stories when we meet on the other side.

24thchance, RR 44 Comments [12/17/2008 6:12:45 AM]
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Quote# 54365

Isn’t the “gay” activist movement obnoxious? Now they’re staying home from work and “calling in gay” to protest Prop 8. But wasn’t it just a short time ago when the homosexual lobby was moaning that all across America people could be fired “just because they’re gay”? Now they’re taunting their employers using their gayness. Gee, it looks like their jobs are pretty safe!

I wonder: if a few homosexuals were to get fired for pulling this “Call in Gay” stunt, would they sue for being “discriminated” against? (That was a rhetorical question.)

Yes, the homosexual activists wear us all out with the non-stop militancy. (I think they wear out some of the non-militant homosexuals, too.) Enough already. I don’t think self-styled “queers” will stop agitating until every day of the year is devoted to some sort of belly-aching that aims to normalize that which is aberrant and sinful. Of course, like the pro-abortion-on-demand crowd, their ability to agitate has zero bearing on right vs. wrong.

Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality blog entry 41 Comments [12/17/2008 2:33:07 AM]
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Submitted By: GreenEyedLilo

Quote# 54274

It seems that you are not will to admit that most of the scientific methodology is subjected to assumptions, bias, speculations and inference just to name a few. Take carbon dating it is used to date things to about 50000 years, so something that is supposed to be 1 million years old should not have any carbon 14. Yet we find diamonds with carbon 14. What does that mean? Well it can two meanings either it is young than 50000 or carbon 14 has leeched into the diamond from the environment, which means we cannot really use carbon 14 to date anything because the data for the age could have been corrupted by carbon 14 being leeched from the environment

later in same post]

Which are just proofs or evidence that evolution does not exists. Without intelligence computers, technology and medicine would not exist. Has anyone observe computers, technology or medicine evolve by themselves without the use of intelligence?

drf333, BBC Religion Ethics 34 Comments [12/17/2008 2:29:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Gareth1984

Quote# 54387

("The World Government")

It has to be formable before the anti-christ. This is why I never understood past generations that talked about the Second Coming in their age. We've never before had the technology to eradicate ourselves. We've never had the technology to truly implement a global totalitarian regime. Israel was never established as a defined nation. NOTHING was ever in place prior to the last thirty years.

Now, starting with events in the 40's and accelerating with events since the 70's things are perfectly positioned for centralized global dominance, and perfectly positioned for a collapse of the US and thus the need to fill a power vacuum of a sort never before seen in the world. All the ducks are in a row. Let the US implode over several factors, terrorism, economics, energy for a start and we could have global government.

Then all we need is a charismatic leader to pull it together...and some scapegoats to take the blame for everything leading up to it. Jews and real Christians would fit that bill nicely, wouldn't they? Wouldn't be the first time, either...

Chimera, Free Conservatives 23 Comments [12/17/2008 1:39:46 AM]
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Quote# 54345

More nonsense. The media in this country is very liberal and very Leftist. It is clearly anti-God and pro immorality. I would not want to be in charge of America's cultural exchange program with other countries. What would I send them? Television programs like Brothers and Sisters or Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives? The latest Jennifer Anniston fornication movie?

The evolution worldview encourages people to deny God's authority in their lives. We must accept evolution, not because of science but so we can deny God. Just read the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

God bless,

Al650, Evolution Fairytale Forum 42 Comments [12/16/2008 11:02:55 PM]
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Submitted By: David

Quote# 54328

[In response to Obama saying that global warming was a danger to Americans]

I believe they [Obama's People] see the Rapture coming sooner then they had hoped for. Not going to deceive us anymore.

Penguin, RR 27 Comments [12/16/2008 11:01:25 PM]
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Quote# 54292

Now now, atheists aren't stupid! Look at atheists of the past that all had grand plans:


Joseph Stalin

Adolf Hitler

Sure, they went to church at some point in their lives, but in the end they became atheists.

Mokangor, WoW Offtopic 51 Comments [12/16/2008 10:55:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Orlor

Quote# 54257

[Regarding Prop 8; the entire post, and all the comments, could qualify for this site]

I've never been one to buy into the gloom and doom prophecies among many believers that persecution is imminent for American Christians. But the reaction by the mainstream media and Hollywood elite over the passage of Proposition 8 in California has been so profoundly antagonistic toward Christians, I'm beginning to wonder if there's something to those dire predictions.


During my time on Capitol Hill, I had a Christian mentor who would say that if persecution ever comes to America, it will begin over political issues surrounding homosexuality. And when I say persecution, I mean being locked up, beaten or even killed for proclaiming Scriptural truths in the public square.

Motte Brown, Boundless Line (Focus on the Family) 31 Comments [12/16/2008 10:55:30 PM]
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Submitted By: storymoron

Quote# 54438

prayer in school comes to mind.....

and think how well its worked... prior to prayer being removed from schools ... chewing gum was considered a major problem in school....... today since the progress of removing prayer from school.... well... its worked so well ..... today ... guns, drugs and rape and violence seem to be going really well.......

preacher, yahoo answers 43 Comments [12/16/2008 10:40:22 PM]
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Submitted By: senorchipotle

Quote# 54441

(On a pro-atheism sign that was put up.)
im fucking mad as hell im going to fucking take it anymore! take down the fucking? sign now! im about this close to go to washington to take that sign down myself, i dont give a damn how many disgusting Atheist fuckheads i have to go through to do so. WHO's WITH ME!!!

ECWpaulBest69XD, youtube 72 Comments [12/16/2008 10:38:42 PM]
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Quote# 54462

Ironically most free thinking atheists still have there own "absurd" spiritual vices. Astrology, numerology, chakras, fate, karma,feng shui, auras, luck and the list goes on.

offthefence, http://www.city-data.com/forum/religion-philosophy/ 59 Comments [12/16/2008 10:38:20 PM]
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Quote# 54385

Why in the hell would an Atheist celebrate any birthdays? They believe they were just a pile of shit created by chance anyway, right? Now if they wanted to celebrate something they could celebrate the night their momma got drunk, screwed a one night stand and her reproductive cycle hit the freakin' jackpot like a damn slot machine!!

The_Elucidator, Free Conservatives 59 Comments [12/16/2008 10:37:20 PM]
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Quote# 54372

Bammy's Selective Service Record indicates fraud!

As stated above----MASSIVE cover-up and alteration of documents relating to 'the annointed one'.

I'm mildly surprised that Obammys Selective Service Record (which every young man coming of age is required to submit to govt. authorities for military service) hasn't been discussed yet.

Folks, it's another huge discrepency between his claims to what the facts really are....

Nevertheless....Obammy will assume the throne and begin rule in "his kingdom come".

WickIsTrimmed, Rapture Ready 38 Comments [12/16/2008 10:37:03 PM]
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Quote# 54412

This being the holiday season, the word “tolerance” gets tossed around like a beach ball at an L.A. Dodgers game. By and large, it’s liberals who carry on as if they have the word copyrighted. Which would be funny if there weren’t serious repercussions. One of which is the misnamed Fairness Doctrine, which hangs by a slender thread, like the sword of Damocles, over the heads of conservative talk show hosts.

Liberals are so intolerant they often can’t even bear to have people say “Merry Christmas” in their presence. In fact, they can’t even bring themselves to recognize it as a celebration of a specific event. Instead, they dismiss it as the holiday season or the winter solstice. Isn’t it funny how nobody feels the compulsion to exchange gifts or attend church services or decorate their homes for the summer solstice? Well, in spite of Kwanzaa and Chanukah, this is Christmas season because most Americans are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though I’m Jewish, even I have to acknowledge it’s a special occasion, and those who feel entitled to disparage it are worse than Scrooge. They are bigoted, intolerant, ignoramuses.

Burt Prelutsky, Townhall.com, "Sheep and Goats" 34 Comments [12/16/2008 10:36:47 PM]
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Submitted By: GreenEyedLilo

Quote# 54398

I truly dispise the thought of santa. His existance is based on lies parents tell their children, and who gives them gifts? Santa. For what? For being good. Not because its the commandment of the Lord and how were supposed to be, but because this man, who they'll come to find is fake, will give them material gifts. But the non-christian, christmas celebraters love it so much, they can get their kids to shut up! And then, years later, they can explain that santa is really nothing more then a fable, much like other things they dont believe and cant see.

Theres really a lot of deciete in santa and personally, I dont like it one bit!

Gomenasai, Rapture Ready 55 Comments [12/16/2008 10:36:39 PM]
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Submitted By: M.M.