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Quote# 55305

[How RR members fight normal sexual urges and keep from jacking off and watching porn....]

frodo82801: I can name 2 things that help tremendously. Get an accountability partner, someone you absolutely will not lie to who will ask you the tough questions. Secondly, get into the Bible, daily, even hourly if it helps. Feed your mind and soul with God's word to crowd out all of the other nonsense.

Glory in print: Fasting, and prayer will help you break it completely with no relapses...I had a 2 to 3 year long battle with this issue, and could not overcome it, until I started fasting..Since then it hasn't been a problem since..Nothing helped only fasting, and prayer helped me overcome that sin.

sublimeone: Porn is a tough one. I dealt with it for a while myself. I was able to finally quit for good after I begged God to deliver me from this evil. Another thing that seemed to help was reminding myself how disgusting it was. I pictured myself sitting there looking at it..cheating on my wife...encouraging the industry to create more porn etc....It disgusting, convice yourself of how disgusting it truly is and it will be easier to stop.

stonewallfan: Nasty stuff. Do whatever you need to do to get it out of your life. If that means yanking your tv out and putting it out at the curb then do it. if you have to throw your computer out then do it. if you have to drive 15 miles out of your way to avoid a porn shop then do it. the stuff will rot your brains.

Angyl: We know the rapture is coming...any day, right? If I get the urge to view porn, I just imagine that trumpet blowing while I'm in the middle of watching that and doing my thing...And you KNOW, one of the biggest questions every believer is going to be asked when we meet each other in heaven will be "What were you doing when the trumpet blew?"

The Sower: Remember God is always watching.Imagine Him sitting there with you~ because HE IS~ hang in there~fight the battle of the mind and dont give in. resist..resist Im praying for u all

Rapture Ready Morons, RR 37 Comments [12/31/2008 2:04:44 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 55266

Babylonian Religion-The Root of Atheism

What does the Roman Catholic Church, Darwinism, and Atheism have in common? FRUIT off the same tree!

Did you know when you profess to be an atheist that you are professing to be religious? If you find out where and when something was born, you can find out a lot about that something. Atheism is a wicked religion. Religion has always been the enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ! It goes further back before 321 AD. Curious, ask questions.

BibleBeliever, whywontgodhealamputees.com 13 Comments [12/31/2008 1:47:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Scion

Quote# 54959

To those of you who have left the Christian faith, I'm asking you to stop and think for a minute about what I have to say to you. The Christian faith is not about following a bunch of rules, it's not a religion. Christianity is coming into personal, experiential, and intimate relationship with God.
For me it all started when I was thirteen. While outside playing ball, I was running and I jumped up to get the ball and when I came down I fell on a piece of metal sticking out of the ground and it split me open from my waist to my shoulder. My friends carried my bloody torn up body into the house where my mother (a Christian) put a towel over the wound and prayed for me. After a few minutes of silence she took off the towel and in amazement said "My God!!" The wound had completely scabbed over and after twenty minutes it was almost all gone. I was sore for a few days and I still have the scar to remind me this really did happen. I have had several other instances in my life that I cannot attribute to anything less than supernatural.
Christianity is not a philosophy to me nor is it a matter of intellectual debate, It is a relationship with a loving God. I am a Christian because I have experienced God firsthand more than once.

Anonymous, Debunking Christianity (comments) 20 Comments [12/31/2008 1:26:28 PM]
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Quote# 55101

People with 20/20 perception clearly see that sodomite pro-choice is a mental choice not governed by genetics such as skin color. Sodomites choose to be flavor proctologists & rug-doctors, it is a severe sickness of the mind (such as necrophilia is) that refuses to honestly look at how shameful they have sunk. Gayness is to bad taste what eating rotten meat is food poisoning.

Jesus4mankind, Youtube 13 Comments [12/31/2008 1:25:22 PM]
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Quote# 55345

It will also end when women stop dressing like wh0res with half their cleavage hanging out and most of their legs exposed in the middle of winter.

If a man was to walk around like that, most people would think he was crazy and yell at him to put some clothes on.

If you dress like a s1ut, don't be surprised when men treat you like a s1ut instead of asking you out to the church social.

kevinschmidt, washingtonpost.com 24 Comments [12/31/2008 1:21:30 PM]
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Quote# 55242

The dictionary defines homosexuality as: “Having a desire for someone of the same sex [gender] or the act of having sex with someone of the same sex [gender]. In other words it is a sexual behavior carried out with someone of the same gender. It did not define it as two people of the same gender who happens to love one another. Simply put, both homosexuality and heterosexuality are about sex. One sexual expression is perfectly in line with how nature has designed our bodies for reproductive purposes (it called heterosexuality) and the other is not (this one is called homosexuality). Neither sexual expression has anything to do with love. Both are sexual behaviors expressed through physical contact between two or more people.

Rev. Wayne Perryman, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality 8 Comments [12/31/2008 1:21:10 PM]
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Submitted By: Katsuro

Quote# 55078

Ok.. God wants us to be dumb? You know why though? Because of WAR. World War 3 will be the last war ever. And idiots like you want to further human knowledge so we can think of even more weapons to create. Such as: Plasma Bombs, Advanced Nuclear Warefare Materials. Just shut up. You know nothing. If you call the Phelps Family christain then you know nothing of the religion

gtas, YouTube 3 Comments [12/31/2008 1:20:37 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Andy Collins

Quote# 55100

[Obama to Be Sworn In on Lincoln Bible]

frodo82801:I would expect no less from the man who epitomizes empty showmanship.

ron4jesus: It's better than the Koran, I think everyone was afraid of that. He needs to get himself his own Bible for private reading. Oh I forgot he does know some parts of the Bible but he changes the meaning to his way of understanding.

Theresa: He'll be sworn in on the Bible, while having his little pagan trinkets in his front pockets and probably a Koran in his back pocket. Whatever.

frodo82801, ron4jesus & Theresa, Rapture Ready 19 Comments [12/31/2008 1:19:26 PM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 55199

No that is micro evolution. Macro evolution is used to describe how you were evolved from a rock with some water on it, over millions of years. Sounds stupid to me.

believer777believer, youtuber 9 Comments [12/31/2008 1:17:43 PM]
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Quote# 55248

Where is your proof? Right about what? Evolution is a THEORY, not a truth. What keeps the oceans from overflowing onto the land? What made the Earth just the right distance from the sun so that life can exist on this planet? What let us breathe from our mouths and noses rather than...any other body openings? Right.

If you put a bunch of monkeys on Mars and give them learning materials, food, etc...will they create a language, start building a shelter to live in, or will they start creating a society? Right.

They'd probably start swinging from shrub to shrub and fighting over the bananas. The only evolution that will take place is that one monkey willl learn how to protect his / her banana better from the rest.

With God there are no accidents...

king_khameleon, Y! Answers 15 Comments [12/31/2008 12:45:19 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: atrasicarius

Quote# 55289

..."DARK MATTER:" is the new fad in particle physics [quatum flux], dark matter is of the dark side.
And most of the universe is filled with this dark matter.
When will mankind understand that the universe is dark because of sin?
...the ring of power is coming from the dark side [dark matter] in the destuction of creation!

iamc, PrisonPlanet 14 Comments [12/31/2008 12:26:22 PM]
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Quote# 55006

Athiest need to wake up. They want God to prove Himself on there terms. on earth a king will not do something on the terms of any pesant wores if he has broken the kings law. God is king of kings and Lord of lord. He will not prove himself to a bunch of law breakers on there terms


Nkrumah, Atheist Central 19 Comments [12/31/2008 7:00:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: SpankyZeHam

Quote# 55256

[Evolution content in nature shows]

I tried watching a show one time on PBS, something about nature. I think I hit the 5 or 6 in less than an hour. Unfortunately for them, the typical brainwashing techniques don't work on me.

fracturedInfinity, Rapture Ready 6 Comments [12/31/2008 6:47:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: antipop

Quote# 55228

Unfortunately, Demonic presence in America is on the rise with the spread of Atheism and the fad of witchcraft (it's getting popular again). It won't be long until the supernatural (other than the protection of God) is just as prevalent here as it is in the third world.

YamadaJisho, Youtube 7 Comments [12/31/2008 6:46:16 AM]
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Quote# 55216

The mainstream liberal media is very liberal in...

1. Denying Jesus.

2. Censoring out the truth.

3. Lying to the masses.

4. Promoting sin.

5. Promoting humanism and certain humans as answers to all problems.

6. Having a stranglehold on the concept of liberty.

7. Being biased.

8. Hating christians and portraying them in a very negative spotlight.

9. Blaming problems on conservative and reasonable people.

10. Trying to to keep the masses dumb and making them virtually slaves of the liberal leaders.

Keep on adding more features of the mainstream liberal media.

Barachem, Rapture Ready 10 Comments [12/31/2008 6:44:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 55479

Signs of Christian Persecution

You can see it on this very forum. It's starting out slowly, but it's there. Right on this board I've seen posts where non-Christians are criticizing the hiring practices of religious organizations, church discipline of members living in sin, as well as criticism of Christian stands against homosexuality. A sticky on homosexuality at the top of the board this evening notes the introduction of bills into legislatures around the nation mandating quotas and sensitivity training.

I've been called paranoid when I've stated persecution of Christians is on its way, but you can see the seeds of the enemy's activities being reported and stated right here.

Get ready Christians. Soon it'll be time to pay any price. Give it time. With the election of Barak Obama and leftist gains in the Congress the forces of evil are energized. They see a window of opportunity to advance satan's agenda, and it is almost sure to end in official sanction and unofficial persecution of Christians as we refuse to compromise the Biblical positions.

Chrisitians who voted democrat, you bear a measure of responsibility for what's coming.

fred1, CARM 13 Comments [12/31/2008 5:13:27 AM]
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Quote# 55005

Anyone know of a scripture that might indicate that increase of allergies might be a sign of the end times? Trying to help out here so this thread will be in the right place.

Southern Lady, Rapture Ready 26 Comments [12/31/2008 5:13:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Lucretius

Quote# 55189

Is you atheists are so smart how come our President is a Christian!?

AA, Yahoo Answers 19 Comments [12/31/2008 5:09:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: J Arcenas

Quote# 55047

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) – Religious leaders in Ethiopia on Monday urged lawmakers to amend the country's constitution to ban homosexuality in a move they argue could further strengthen existing codes.

At a meeting in the Ethiopian capital, nearly a dozen religious figures, including heads of Ethiopia's Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, adopted a resolution against homosexuality, which they termed as "the pinnacle of immorality."

They also blamed homosexuality for the rise in sexual attacks on children and young men.

"This is something very strange in Ethiopia, the land of the Bible that condemns this very strongly," said Abune Paolos, the patriarch of Ethiopia's Orthodox Church.

"For people to act in this manner they have to be dumb, stupid like animals," he told reporters. "We strongly condemn this behaviour. They (homosexuals) have to be disciplined and their acts discriminated, they have to be given a lesson."

Ethiopian clerics, AFP 1 Comments [12/31/2008 5:08:53 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 55271

I've come to notice how most Atheist are Collage Educated,OOOP'S let me Rephrase that:I ment to say: Collage Educated IDIOT'S,You Moron's must not out much do you,EHH?,Please Please if not for anyone but for me,PLEASE GET A LIFE!!.

CraziH45, YouTube 35 Comments [12/31/2008 5:08:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

Quote# 55164

(Could Obama's first term be delayed if there were a major terrorism event before the inauguration?)

I think nothing short of death would stop Obama from being sworn in. Of course, then his supporters would likely riot and blame it on white people or the evil Republicans.

EndIsNear, RR 4 Comments [12/31/2008 5:08:36 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 55000

Just a little bit of information for those who STILL do not believe that the time is NOW. Go to the section on the attached that deals with the Mark of the Beast SPOOF website. It will give you a list of the power players involved in making all this happen ( all except CBN: they are a watchdog).


Also, a recent 60 Minute program featured technology that allowed a person to control a computer by brainwave harness. This technology will be the security system to keep ANYONE from stealing your chip and using it. ( I.E. )Your brainwaves are as unique as a thumbprint (no two are alike).
So, no one can cut the chip out (it would be useless without the brainwave Identifier). If they cut off your head or hand, no brainwave would be attached to it, making them useless. Even if someone tried to force you to get something for you in a store and bring it to them unwillingly, you could tell the guard at the store through a thought change that you are being coerced.
Think about it, no more counterfeiting (which is the REAL cause of the US Dollars decline: 100 billion dollar industry helped by Russian Mob, Chinese Organized crime, and Terrorist Organizations) no more drug cartel (money laundering: who knows how much?) No more credit card fraud and theft
(the REAL reason that the banks are in lockdown: 10 billion annually the last I looked) No more extortion, and identity theft.
My friend, the mortgage failure was just the tip of the iceburg. This economic crisis is the catalyst to get this MARK in place. AND THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT NOW!!!

P.S. Why is the First Brigade home and still on active duty ( these are the battle hardened door to door fighters from Bagdad?

I hope you all figure this out, and keep your spiritual bags packed. God Bless!

Voice, Rapture Ready 7 Comments [12/31/2008 3:17:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 55056

[A review of the Wikipedia list of scientific societies rejecting intelligent design]

Look at all those "smart" people that are wrong! Amazing how so many people could be so gullible and ignorant(most of them willingly so)!

nikkicompanies, StumbleUpon 11 Comments [12/31/2008 2:37:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 55130

answer man(Questioner) : Are Atheists The Product of A Public School System Gone Too Liberal and Secular?

Think about it. We have public high schools as well as colleges and universities which are full of teachers who are atheists, liberals and humanists. Poll after poll shows a vast majority fall into these categories as well as being democrat, socialist or communist. Further, God and faith are ridiculed by many of these "educators". Why would we be surprised at the product of such a polluted learning environment?

Answer (by doppler) :
That's part of it. I also believe that many professing atheists are simply agnostics who want to believe there's no God because they know that if there is one, they're guilty of sin and bound for hell. People who deny Christ do so out of fear of punishment and love for their sins.

answer man &doppler, Yahoo Answers 5 Comments [12/31/2008 1:08:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: J Arcenas

Quote# 55109

At work yesterday morning around 8:30 am there was a sudden trumpet sound. It filled my office. I actually knocked stuff off my desk and ran to the sliding glass doors at the back of my office, eagerly scanning the skies. I just stood there, and I'm telling you, I was breathing very fast. I was SO EXCITED. I was thinking "Yes! This is it!"

Then it quit. It was a train passing through the town down by the Ohio River.

I walked back to my desk, literally short of breath. And all day, that was all I thought about, wanting so bad to hear My Lord's trumpet and leave this annoying planet behind

Been feeling more and more than we are very close. I am constantly listening now and scanning the skies. It's a wonderful feeling.

God bless.

Watchingthesky, Rapture Ready 20 Comments [12/31/2008 1:00:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: David
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