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Quote# 35415

Nowhere (in the bible) does God condone or encourage genocide. Genocide is the killing of a group of people for who they are, God only commanded the killing of people for what they did. Also, totally innocent people do not exist.

Ed, IIDB 48 Comments [2/24/2008 3:32:41 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 35407

The 6 24 hour days of Creation is a LIE of man. Even the Bible states (2 Peter 3:8 and Psalm 90:4) that the length of God's Day is 1000 human years! Since no human was alive until the 6th day of Creation, the Creation Narrative CAN NOT be using human days (since there were no such things as human beings before God created them). The closest approximation of the true calendar ( the Hebrew Calendar) is off by about 7000 years (including the 1st Sabbath Day, which occurred while Adam slept and DID NOT AGE) minus one week. So the earth by Biblical standards is closer to 13,000 years old. Anything less is, in my opinion, unbiblical!

Shawn Fahrer, ABC News blog 49 Comments [2/24/2008 3:07:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: POSW

Quote# 35404

[Reference: The two accounts of Judas's death.]

There is NO contradiction whatsoever in The Bible anywhere. Judas hung himself through strangulation via disembowelment (I can get more graphic if you need me too). The buying of a field with the 30 pieces of silver was done buy the Pharisees and Saducees AFTER Judas returned the money. The Religious Hypocrites couldn't keep the money because it was blood money...so they bought a field.

John_Adam, Protest Warrior 42 Comments [2/24/2008 3:06:40 AM]
Fundie Index: 1

Quote# 35402

women should dress modestly

if a woman dresses like a whore and gets raped, she is partly responsible herself

and before you go insane over that, ask yourself, why do you forwn at 13 year old girls dressing like sluts but the minute they turn 18 you dont mind what they wear or dont wear.

Luke Weiss, Yahoo Answers R&S 64 Comments [2/23/2008 8:12:14 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Lindsey

Quote# 35410

I feel so bad for children being brought up to believe something like that is true. It took me almost 20 years to weed out all the trash my teachers put in my head when I was in school. And it was all that... TRASH

Piltdown man.... hoax.
Neanderthal man... pig teeth
Lucy.... smashed chimp....false
Gran Canyon.... millions of years of erosion.... false. WATER CANNOT FLOW UPHILL! But it can undermine a mountain in a matter of hours with a huge earthly upheaval like a great flood.

The only thing that created this world was a creator. The only thing that could possibly hold it all together is a creator. And he knew one day, people would come along and try and prove otherwise. That is why real math, real science, and real human logic shows evolution for the exercise in futility that it really is.

RisingSonFan, Worldwide Christians Online 53 Comments [2/23/2008 7:55:03 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Silortan

Quote# 35392

[In response to "I wouldn't want to have to find evidence that the medieval Church supported and promoted free scientific inquiry"]

No, all the church did was invent the idea of science and create the first, and for many centuries the only, universities...

Of course the Middle Ages were a time of great prosperity, cultural advances, and general well being, as anybody who has cracked open a history book written in the last century should know, it was Rome that was oppressive to innovation and cultural change.

Larry, Comment on Vox Day's blog, #34 59 Comments [2/23/2008 4:34:19 PM]
Fundie Index: 9

Quote# 35390

I was standing in the bible isle of a local Barnes and Noble trying to select a nice purse-sized King James Bible for my future daughter-in-law. A man stood beside me, sighing and scratching his head. Finally, he reached into his pocket and dialed into his cell phone.

“Hon, there are SO MANY bibles to choose from! WHICH one should I get?”

I tried not eavesdropping on his conversation, but he was pacing up and down the isle, hoping his wife would give him some insight. I sorted through the bibles, trying to make up my mind on size and design. Sometimes I would accidentally grab a NKJV, NASB, or a NIV, thinking it was the KJV. It was becoming confusing even for myself!

The man slipped his cell phone back into his pocket, sighing loudly, and glanced at me. I knew what was about to come.

“Ma’am, can you help me please?”

(to make a long story short, and to the point)

I stood up and waved my hand at the entire shelves of bibles.

“Sir, G-d is not the author of confusion!”

RRuth, Rapture Ready 67 Comments [2/23/2008 4:14:03 PM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 35396

i dont see why someone would believe in darwin but not belief in the devil, the devil is real and you can see what evil he reaks on this world everyday. the devil makes war and desease and famine and yet you claim darwin made this? how does darwin explain evil and how it comes to this world? He cant because he didnt know because the devil is real and darwin isnt. Satan was proably working through the devil to test the faith of christians well i stand strong behind my faith, its the only real thing darwin is just made up

Janice, Topix.com 64 Comments [2/23/2008 3:59:44 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: NeedleSpell

Quote# 35381

[about apostates]

So what would be the most reliable source? The Bible. No convert to Christianity has ever left the faith. The church is a group of believers.

dkkev, CTF 54 Comments [2/23/2008 2:04:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Clare

Quote# 35386

Evolution is Not a fact. It is a lie made up my infidel "scientists".

Look: Science has recently proven that if we were to learn something new every second, we would take well over 3 millions years to exhaust the memory capacity of our brains.

A little question here: How is it possible for us to have a brain that could hold enough info to last over 3 millions years, when all we can live up to is 90 years?

You are wrong about rats plague. Of course some will survive, as some rats are stronger than others, just like the cause of Black Death.

And I don't care what your heathen schools tells you. Indoctrination does more bad than good. That's why Catholic schools are needed.

I think that some of you Atheists are narrow-minded and I suspect, no offense, but I suspect that some of you only speak with other Atheists and get the imagination that it's hard to be a creationist in these days. Look around you! It's actually quite the opposite, your "scientists" and their lies are in retreat and will soon disappear completely. Get baptized in the Catholic Church now and you will be saved!

ZanJeusalem, HeroesCommunity 49 Comments [2/23/2008 2:00:35 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Consis

Quote# 35375

There is some Biblical thought that heaven is located in Orion and for the scientist there is a pure white light which comes from this region which cannot be diffracted into the rainbow of colours as normal white light. This would be pure white light from God.

Heaven is a real physical place. There is no point to a spiritual heaven.

Yes heaven is Gods residence.

When probation is up and sin is dealt with, heaven will be relocated to this very earth, isn't that exciting.

Tim, Yahoo Answers 52 Comments [2/23/2008 12:50:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Zipperback

Quote# 35374

I can disprove evolution very simply it defies the second law of thermodynamics
God Wins!

AARON, ABC News blog 79 Comments [2/23/2008 5:04:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: From Belgium

Quote# 35372

[In a debate on Iraqi TV]

The sun circles the Earth because it is smaller than the Earth, as is evident in Koranic verses.

Have you ever seen how the sun moves? I have seen the sun moving. The sun makes one move every 24 hours.

What I say is based on Koranic science. He bases his arguments on the kind of science that I reject categorically -- the modern science that they teach in schools. This science is a heretic innovation that has no confirmation in the Koran. No verse in the Koran indicates that the Earth is round or that it rotates. Anything that has no indication in the Koran is false.

Fadhel Al-Sa'd, YouTube 76 Comments [2/23/2008 12:44:23 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: Zoe

Quote# 35365

Did anyone hear the news last night about the cost of wheat going up? Some countries are actually guarding their flour like it was gold or something. Anyways the cost I believe is going up 40 or 50%. Our current supply in the USA is down 60%. They are blaming it on farmers planting corn for biofuel. Also this reminds me a several threads I read on this site about people feeling like they needed to stock up on food, maybe because Jesus will come and the Trib will start and remember how Joseph had told his people to store food up for a drought of 7 yrs was coming, kinda reminds me of that, so that people during the trib will have food. This is all leading up for Rev 6 a quart of wheat for a days wages. Prophecy is being revealed before our eyes. Jesus is coming really soon! [Dancing smiley]

CHRISTLIKE, Rapture Ready 49 Comments [2/22/2008 11:46:50 PM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 35352

Witch, you have no idea of what Christianity is. That is why atheists are stupid. You can take your Wiccan beliefs and put em where the sun don't shine. Go ahead and smirk. Satan is jumping for joy because he has so many of you deceived. Worship him, that is what he wants most, is your worship and every time you deny God you are bowing to the devil. I hope you are happy in your self delusions.

Wayne, Topix.com 53 Comments [2/22/2008 8:16:45 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Bowen

Quote# 35348

We took prayer out of schools,The ten commandments out of schools and courts,countless people use God's name in vain...and your shocked we have all of these horrible natural diasters in America?
The idea of evolution is like one day 70 billion years ago 2 rocks collided and the world was formed...LOL thats only true in STARWARS folks.

Last night when looking at the eclipse,I said to my self......if theirs no God..than how come everything is so beautiful?

My point is : I'm a Christian,I was homeschooled my entire life and learned the right way,people that believe in evolution believe scientists are always right - let me present ths point.

Can we see the brain of a professor? Can we touch it? Can we Smell it? Then how do we know theirs a brain in this professor? Because we have faith and Cat Scans prove it.

As for God,he has 10,000 years of history of his power an majesty in the Bible,but athiests are so damn stupid and ignorant they believe that 10,000 years of people...are crazy? nuts? Psychos?

timbok, Politico 82 Comments [2/22/2008 7:32:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: ninjacat11

Quote# 35336

[regarding human hermaphrodites]

Of course ALL mutations, pain and sorrow are the result of the FALL. I'm sure that you have simplified anything I might have ever said in such a way to try to discredit and promote your own agenda. That is to your disgrace and not mine. Again, I know of no such person with such a problem; however, the reality is that if a homosexual would have sex with such because he thought the individual a male (when in fact the individual was presumably both) that would destroy the very notion that the homosexual could not have relations with someone of the opposite sex, because the reality would be that the drive was all of his imagination...

LittleNipper, Christian Forums 48 Comments [2/22/2008 6:46:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: EnemyPartyII

Quote# 35337

[In a discussion of the origin of the sentient machines that are attempting to wipe out all life in the galaxy. One poster said maybe they are gods.]

Both of your theories are blasphemy. Gods do not destroy life, but care for it and worry for it. Nor would they be creations of gods because IF they did build machines (which I find highly unlikely.) they would build them for the good of all life.

That Yellow Bastard, Mass Effect Forum 54 Comments [2/22/2008 5:20:00 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By:

Quote# 35351

I was standing in the lunch line with my boyfriend and two of his friends who I'm also friends with. One of them came up to me and said "Rachel, do you wanna be in our club?" and I was like "What are you talking about?" and he said "Well apparently in 2012, all of these natural disasters and hurricanes and stuff are supposed to happen and it's supposed to kill everyone and the people who don't die, God is supposed to come down and kill them. So, we're making a club to kill God so that he can't kill anyone." I, of course, said no and I didn't really talk to him as much. Then, when I got to my lunch table, I started to pray and I was almost crying because it was so sad that someone would acctually believe that and that they would want to kill God for it. I don't know what to do though. I really want to help them figure out that God is not their enemy. I think I'm gonna tell one of my teachers about it. I know at least two of them are deffinitly christians but the one sorta scares me a bit so I'll tell the other one. I don't know what to do though. I would really apreciate advice.

0gravity, Christian Teen Forums 74 Comments [2/22/2008 5:12:43 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Silortan

Quote# 35349

If Darwin's Theory of Evolution is Taught as fact in schools,I will personally lead a march against every school I can,because if you take God out of the U.S. totally because of these politicially correct ***gotised people I might just leave this country to Brazil or some third world country where people believe in GOD!


timbok, Politico 72 Comments [2/22/2008 2:16:28 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: ninjacat11

Quote# 35345

Well, the "Big Bang Theory" goes against therodynamics. And yes, I am illiterate when it comes to science. But, I know a theory doesn't stand up to laws or facts. And this one, breaks one of those laws (therodynamics) I don't know much about theordynamics but, I have seen information that says the "Big Bang" goes against it.

ChristianJuggalo, www.evcforum.net 75 Comments [2/22/2008 12:54:53 PM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: NosyNed

Quote# 35344

The charges are fraudulent, as are most tax laws, and Kent was unjustly improsed as a means to shut him up. The actual SCIENCE couldn't shut him up, so they had to play dirty for their religion of Evolution. I can't wait to see Kent back out, but take heart Kent, many prayers are with you, and your work is still having a massive ripple effect. After Kent's material, I've been digging deeper and deeper through many rsources, and its true: real science completely refutes Evolution, and the communists simply can't allow that knowledge to prevail against their plans. FREE KENT HOVIND!

Brian Foot, Free Hovind 62 Comments [2/22/2008 12:23:52 PM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 35322

Most of these comments miss this person's point. He cited a page reference where Darwin himself claimed that animals and plants have the same origin. Who believes that plants and animals evolved from the same origin today?

He could have equally argued the origin of the races according to many early evolutionists.

Whites evolved from the more intelligent chimp, Blacks the more primitive ignorant gorilla and Asians from the orangutan. When was the theory of the origin of races disproved?

amoore824, YouTube 65 Comments [2/22/2008 8:17:19 AM]
Fundie Index: 11

Quote# 35325

15.) The theory of evolution is supported almost completely by atheists...and atheists don't have just a great track record for telling the truth. Lying comes natural for them, as they don't believe in The 10 Commandments and see nothing wrong with lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, etc....because, hey, we're all just dumb machines that operate by random chemicals bouncing into each other. To them, (or many of them) telling lies and killing Christians is a good thing because they hate Christians and wish we were dead.

Supersport, CARM 73 Comments [2/22/2008 4:44:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Promethean

Quote# 35300

Anthropologists are not scientists.

Brennin, Christian Forums 72 Comments [2/22/2008 3:29:44 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By:
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