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Today, it's just down right arrogant of scientists to say that we could even effect the earth since we still have only proven that we have almost no effect on it. If God put us here to take care of the earth, it would be as if the earth is more important than us, and that's not true, because we're told that we are foremost of all His creation.

BrianC, Christian Teen Forums 44 Comments [3/8/2008 2:17:58 PM]
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Quote# 35954

[On California's recent decision that even homeschooled children in that state must be taught by a qualified, credentialed teacher:]

This is HORRIBLE!!! We have to pray for God to intercede on Homeschoolers' rights in Cali!!

patnmel97, Rapture Ready 71 Comments [3/8/2008 4:39:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Linkless Bob

Quote# 35938

[When asked: Do you know of any examples where a few slaps have saved a marriage a created a happy home?]

First of all, you have to look at all the possible choices you have with a wife who neglects the kids, no meals after you come from work etc...
1) Divorce her
2) Stick with her
3) Hit her

[...] I would pick 3rd because this can avoid the divorce and also being with her won't be so bad. But again, I can't emphasise enough that this is in extreme cases; when confronting her and when giving her "incentives" to act her part. If this fails, you are left with 2 of the 3 worst choices.

[...] my parents have both hit me and I love them unconditionally, alhumdillah. And I sometimes feel good that my mother "knocked" some sense into me. I know the relationship between spouse and parents and children are different but I can't believe that love simply cannot exist after you hit your wife.

Raza, Counsil of Ex Muslims 50 Comments [3/8/2008 4:34:41 AM]
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Submitted By: Phedippedes

Quote# 35933

knew little about Pokemon. My first exposure was when my son won a Pokemon GameBoy. I let them watch the show. Then my 9 year old began to play and it was all he did. I became concerned and watched the show for myself. It was appalling. The boy was "possessed" (their word). He was levitating. An evil ghost was trying to take them away. Two of the older boys were becoming charmed by this ghost. The girl tried to scare the ghost away using various charms, garlic, etc, and finally pulled out a cross. I do not like the cross being on the same level as just another charm. It belittles what Jesus did for us. I threw the GameBoy cartridges in the burn barrel, much to the dismay of their classmates. I just could not in good conscience promote this by giving them away. It is not just a cartoon, and they ARE directly assaulting our children and beliefs. We are influenced by what we see. Just ask the advertisers.
--Katherine, age 45

Katherine, Christian Answers 93 Comments [3/8/2008 1:47:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Don'tLookBehindYou

Quote# 35925

[commenting on the shooting death of 8 Israeli students and the likely subsequent bloodshed]

I just heard them say that an attack like this hasn't happened in Jerusalem in quite some time and that they were wondering if there were going to be ramifications from this. I certainly hope there is. This just may be the tipping point.


Waiting2go, RR 51 Comments [3/7/2008 5:09:02 PM]
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Quote# 35930

[Atheist soldier is denied a promotion]

According to the lawsuit, Hall was counseled by his platoon sergeant after being informed that his promotion was blocked. He says the sergeant explained that Hall would be "unable to put aside his personal convictions and pray with his troops" and would have trouble bonding with them if promoted to a leadership position.

unnamed sergeant, CNN.com 42 Comments [3/7/2008 2:22:41 PM]
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Quote# 35915

George Jackson from New Jersey, im sorry, im christian, but FUCK YOU! evolution is one of the most STUPIDEST things man has ever thought of. it always changes, and evolutionist have searched and searched before for evidence, and never found anything. Christianity is based on faith. So, you dont believe in stuff you cant see? well, i cant see your brain, so it obviously must not exist eh? seeing is not believeing, its faith

- Jimmy, Lancaster, CA, SongFacts 72 Comments [3/7/2008 12:29:10 PM]
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Submitted By: mKor

Quote# 35924

You being an atheist have no right to use anything from the Bible to either comment on or have any kind of reaction to - since you dont believe in the author of it - God - so therefore you have given up your right to have an opinion about it. And you cannot declare it is "ridiculous" or any such a thing. And you cannot interpret it since you reject it and its author - God. You being an athiest do have the right to comment on something you would know about - secular humanistic documents. But God's Word, no, sorry, you are not even worthy to comment on God's sacred book.

carmmary, http://www.christiandiscussionforums.org 82 Comments [3/7/2008 4:41:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Benjamin328

Quote# 35902

science has no advantages in the survival of any species. In fact, I think it can be plausibly argued for the reverse: all science hinders the survival of the species.

cognitivemagic, FaithCommunityNetwork 65 Comments [3/7/2008 3:01:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Drekoguk

Quote# 35898

[In a thread "Has God abandoned America?"]

I don't think it's so much that God has/will abondon the USA. I think it's more that the USA has abandoned God. From the youngest embryo murdered to the President forcing Israel to give up land, to homosexuals blatantly having sex in the streets in front of children and MOCKING His Son by taking the picture of the Last Supper and filling it with homosexuals in skimpy leather costumes. I think God is shedding tears over this once proud and God-fearing nation that has turned its back on Him. I pray that He will come and take us home, I have grown so weary of the pain, hatred, anger, deception of this world.

Amanda's Mom, Rapture Ready 62 Comments [3/6/2008 10:44:56 PM]
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Quote# 35875

(Someone mentions the Crusades were a time when religion was wrong.)

Whether you know it or not, it has done much more good than it has done bad. Don't let your blind hate for religion cloud that. Something doesn't have be necessarily "true" in order to do good. I hate this kind of ignorance.

HawtStuff, GameFAQs 38 Comments [3/6/2008 10:22:36 PM]
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Submitted By: KitsuneCity

Quote# 35872

[Responding to a question asking if it is possible for someone to live 900 years as stated in the Bible]

sceintists did a study in the early 90's...they figure that they can get someone up to 640 years with the technology we have coming before a random event gets you and they cannot get to you in time to save you....

so yes its possible and yes it did happen...if you dont want to
believe in the bible then don't, coming here to whine about it
doesn't help you or us....

ticd, Yahoo! Answers 60 Comments [3/6/2008 8:56:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Xis

Quote# 35865

Well, "Sister Ingrid", as Catholics we do NOT listen to the American Psychaitric Association on matters of faith and morals, we listen to the Magesterium. To enlighten you a bit about the "debunking", the APA was BULLIED into removing homosexuality from the list of mental disorders WITHOUT any scientific proof that it's NOT. Homosexuality is a psychiatric disorder that can be cured. There is PLENTY of proof for that.

KaraLynn, Tolerance can’t be tolerated anymore 75 Comments [3/6/2008 7:08:48 PM]
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Quote# 35849

It seems to me that everyone is jealous of America. I do wish that all of the gays would go to their home town of sweeden. We dont worry about little places like sweeden making fun of us. We will shove a bomb up their rear. Dont forget who the worlds leader in everything is "USA". Now go take a nap.

rcfreak7777, YouTube 96 Comments [3/6/2008 6:59:51 PM]
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Quote# 35860

I'll tell you under what conditions [dowsing] works, Galatian -- under the conditions that the person is open to being influenced or controlled demonically. Keeping in mind that another intelligence is at work, why should that intelligence cooperate with Randi?

Steve is telling the truth. There are plenty of professional drillers in these hills who swear by dowsing rods -- men of intelligence, experience, sobriety....and not of God. That is the telling point, and one Randi would never be able to deal with. That is why Steve said that this happened before he became a Christian.

What Randi is skilled at doing is exposing human-caused deceit. He knows nothing about demonically-caused deceit because he is so heavily under its influence.

Helen, BaptistBoard 41 Comments [3/6/2008 6:32:06 PM]
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Quote# 35890

[Included in a list of reasons why women shouldn't vote:]

-Only 12% of men and 9% of women support such "liberal" concepts as the Nineteenth Amendment.

-Professor John Lott, Law School University of Chicago, women's suffrage, and nothing else, caused unbridled government growth.

-How other differences between the sexes deteriorates the political process.

-American 12th grade girls demonstrate zero percent knowledge of physics.

-How feminists corrupt the political process.

The Christian Party, Petition to Repeal the 19th Amendment 73 Comments [3/6/2008 6:17:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: 1Burning Stake

Quote# 35871

SO im guessing you believe in the big band theory? I hope you know that science has proved that the big bang theory had about a 1 in .0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 X a google Chance in working out the exact way it did to make the universe. God made everything. Im sorry for anyone who actualy believes in the BBT i really am.

FXkraze, GameFAQs 93 Comments [3/6/2008 5:48:53 PM]
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Submitted By: KitsuneCity

Quote# 35867

To an atheist, anything that shows respect and etiquette to another person is mindless and meaningless, which is why they refuse to say such simple phrases as "Bless you" and "Thank you" and "Please." Although atheists (claim to) have high IQs, their EQs are surely in the single digits

MessiahWWKD, adequacy: news for grown-ups 69 Comments [3/6/2008 3:22:36 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Becca

Quote# 35850

God's true nature isn't accepted because of the previous foundation of sinful thinking already built. That is why you see more children coming to faith than adults. It isn't because they are gullible and do not understand. It is because they CAN understand better before their thinking is distorted by sin and independence.

Samuel_Rigby, CF 49 Comments [3/6/2008 3:22:16 PM]
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Quote# 35842

Virologists understand that random genetic mutations may induce adaptive changes that allow viruses to evade the drugs used against them.

This understanding comes from experience with viruses, simple observation, and a knowledge of genetics. The Darwinian tale of evolution adds nothing to this understanding, and it makes no predictions that virologists can use to head off the threat of a flu pandemic.

James G. Goff, OriginsTalk 52 Comments [3/6/2008 5:02:26 AM]
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Submitted By: LazyJones

Quote# 35838

Clostridium said...

"People like you really scare me. How will we sustain a population this large? We are in exponential growth....do you know what lies at the top of a sigmoid curve???"

A correction to your paragraph is in order..."Christians like you really scare me. How will God sustain a population, of Christians and some other than Christian, this large?"

With God all things are possible. Jesus fed 5000 with five(5) small barley loaves and two(2) fish. He just kept on making more. God is my hero, fully capable of continuing to supply our needs indefinitely. But, that requires us Creatures to maintain our end of the bargain. Believe in Jesus, repent (turn from sin), and be baptized in the name of Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Also, I know what lay at the top of a sigmoid curve, a flatter spot where I can park my bicycle and take my rest. Afterwards, I stand back up and then I do the happy dance for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He claps along in time to the clogging I do. After all that frivolity I glide all the way back down while yelling... YIPPEEEE!!!

Mark W Laine, Ray Comfort's Blog 70 Comments [3/6/2008 3:09:08 AM]
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Submitted By: the_ignored

Quote# 35840

[A commentary about Barack Obama's support for civil unions, which Mr. Obama believes the sermon on the mount justifies]

Pastor John Barner, manager of pastoral care at Focus on the Family, said: "We are always saddened as evangelical Christians when others who identify themselves as Christians do not have the high view of Scripture that we believe is so important. We believe isolated portions of Scripture should not be used to justify a personal preference or a social position that goes in a different direction than the overall message of Scripture.

John Barner, Citizen Link 55 Comments [3/6/2008 3:05:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Captain Janeway

Quote# 35828

[In reply to a happy atheist with loving relationships, etc.]

Okay maybe you do have love.

But it's not the love I know. a love that is immortal and will transcend this short life. thats the love I believe in. You can have your so-called "Love"

You donate to charities huh? Work in communities...as a volunteer? morals, and you are happy? how long will this last for you? hopefully one day you will wake up from your delusion before its too late.

Don't talk to me about your worthless material possessions and your so-called happy life. I would trade your life for the one I live any day. and the sad thing is I don't think a person like you could ever understand why.

Allow me to explain anyway even though I'm sure you will be unable to grasp this simple concept:

It's all just dirt. Lousy dirt. money, your friends, your home, your family. all just dirt. and you will lose all that you have gained. because none of it is real. none of it will last forever, but I don't need to explain that to you. you will find out for yourself.

My picture states the rewards you will receive for all these "wonderful" community achievements you have amassed in the end.

oh I do pity you. very much so.

=Krensada, DeviantArt 115 Comments [3/6/2008 2:53:28 AM]
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Quote# 35823

Can anyone recommend a Travel agency that specializing in Christian Travel? My wife and I would like to take a vacation this Spring with other Christians.

A Christian Cruise with an end-times theme/preaching would be ideal.

john b mcginnis, Rapture Ready 96 Comments [3/5/2008 10:49:49 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Adam

Quote# 35793

QUESTION: If there is a perfect Bible in English, doesn't there also have to be a perfect Bible in French, and German, and Japanese, etc?

ANSWER: No. God has always given His word to one people in one language to do one job; convert the world. The supposition that there must be a perfect translation in every language is erroneous and inconsistent with God's proven practice.

(etc etc...)

Thus in choosing English in which to combine His two Testaments, God chose the only language which the world would know.

Jack Chick, Are there perfect Bibles in French, German and other languages? 125 Comments [3/5/2008 3:34:08 AM]
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