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Quote# 36651

Dear, the Rapture will happen so fast, you won't have time to be afraid!!!! I live in anticipation of it all the time. Even when I'm at rest and the moon seems to shine brighter through my curtain, I wonder, can this be it??? I heard a large truck rumbbling down the road the other day, and thought, is the ground opening to allow our loved ones' remains to arise?? Oh, isn't it wonderful to live in such joyful anticipation!!

Run2Jesus, Rapture Ready 78 Comments [3/24/2008 7:52:15 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Khaine

Quote# 36650

Does the atheist promote his godless faith to undermine sexual defenses?

Prominent atheists frankly describe their antipathy toward sexual morality to justify their rejection of Christianity:

"The worst feature of the Christian religion is its attitude toward sex" (Bertrand Russell, Why I Am Not a Christian, p. 26).
"The divorce between the sexual life and fear can now at least be attempted on the sole condition that we banish all religions from the discourse" (Christopher Hitchens, God Is Not Great, p. 283).

Atheism in the service of sexual promiscuity was also advanced by Nietzsche and de Sade. Isn't the prime motive of the atheist to take advantage of vulnerable young women and/or men by telling them that sexual promiscuity has no moral consequences?

Bruce, Yahoo Answers 46 Comments [3/24/2008 6:52:47 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: green_meklar

Quote# 36638

Giving up masturbation is hard, and some guys find it's impossible to do so permanently. The best thing you can do is pray whenever you get an erection, and ask God to give you the strength to resist temptation.

ImmenseDisciple, Bible Forums 68 Comments [3/24/2008 6:46:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 36656

Masturbating is giving in to the temptation of the devil to sin.

Asides from defiling your spirit it has quite a few other harmful side effects:

Hairy Hands & Palms
Sexual Dysfunction and Desensitization
Cancer of the reproductive organs
Increased pubic hair growth
As well as schizophrenia and depression in the long run.

Don't do it!

futuredog0987, Yahoo! Answers 88 Comments [3/24/2008 6:37:23 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: funky fresh salad

Quote# 36643

Do you really think that you and every other heathen would turn from their sinful lifestyles if they had evidence that God exists and has a great plan for their lives? No way no how...It is like crack. Just because you tell the crack head he is better off without it, and there is proof, he isn't going to put that the rock down. He loves it, and is addicted to it, just like humans are addicted to all kinds of foul things.

What would getting evidence seriously do for you? Would you follow God just because of your evidence...

GloryStory, CARM.ORG 44 Comments [3/24/2008 6:32:44 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Archaeopath

Quote# 36645

He is uniting people behind a false image of hope. He is an expert orator who says he will solve problems but he doesn't tell us how.

He is a Judas Goat that speaks against the war in Iraq and Iran yet recommends the invasion of Pakistan.

He will run with Hilary the Great Whore upon his back as his partner.

He will speak peace, but their will be no peace.

The people on the ships will sit on the ocean and witness the middle-east burn.

A great earth-quake will strike Jerusalem destroying the Dome of the Rock. Israel will try to rebuild the Temple. Syria, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia and Kuwait and the other countries of the Middle-east will attack Israel.

All Armeggedon will break loose.

I suggest the following motto for Obama.

A vote for Obama will be a vote for the Second Coming of Christ!

jael, CARM.ORG 47 Comments [3/24/2008 6:10:38 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Archaeopath

Quote# 36633

Creationists have the BIGGEST advantage of all. THE BIBLE. It says right in the very first verse, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." That's all I need to prove my point.
The Bible is PURE truth. If it says so, it is. Its that simple.

harmonyhorsegrl, Distant Horizons 62 Comments [3/24/2008 6:06:40 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By:

Quote# 36687

[Whole rant about Google - found this so amusing (especially the "search business" bit) I had to submit loads of posts]

Waiting.... - Have any of you noticed that Google has nothing recognizing a day that is special to billions of people? Usually their home page has designs that recognize all sorts of things...but not the Resurrection of Christ

[followed by]

clay's nemesis - Why does Google shun ISRAEL ????

Go to Google Earth and look at all of the cities in Israel. They all have arabic names and not JEWISH names....

Google is anti-semetic.

[and later...]

Chris - I think 1 of the 2 founders of Google is Russian. Perhaps that explains the anti-semitic and anti-Christian thinking of Google??


Well, it's not really anger, it's just that Google has an awful lot of clout on the Internet, and they have used that clout to basically shun and disrepect Christians and their holidays. I don't think it is very nice that they can celebrate pagan holidays and every other event under the sun, and then ignore Christian holidays and the true Son. Very tacky and disrespectful to me. That's why I use other search providers.

I think Christians have a right and somewhat of an obligation to inform each other of businesses that practice this kind of discrimination. I would want to know if a business held discriminatory practices against myself and people of my faith. We can certainly take our search business elsewhere.

Waiting..., Rapture Ready 37 Comments [3/24/2008 5:12:56 PM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 36644

Amen Carico...there is no reasoning with people who refuse to accept His Truth. I've seen many angry atheists in my time..most of them have admitted to experimentation with perversions like drug abuse homosexuality witchcraft and trying to dye their skin..

You can offer them the Truth and they will deny it, they want to remain willfully ignorant they want to run from Him. Remember...they have made the jump from believing a God-->no god...on top of believing fairy tails and pseudoscientific theories..

History has shown the true danger of being absent of God..the nazis were the greatest atheistic threat modern society has ever faced. We saw what darwinism was capable of..but ultimately good will prevail. They can run and deny, but only they wil have to answer to their chosen savior...Satan...

Trinidad and Tobago, CARM.ORG 38 Comments [3/24/2008 5:09:13 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Archaeopath

Quote# 36641

half the emergency room visits in the west are western women beaten by western men ( on the face-dark eye, and broken bones too)
90% of western women experienced rape at least once in her life.

100% of all westerners had had a STDs disease once at least in their life.
Hey where can I find your real men and women?
in Wales mountains?

(Please note location of Fundi: USA)

reletomp, FFI 51 Comments [3/24/2008 5:06:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: ixolite

Quote# 36655

Great video!!! Shows the Earth manufacturing an oil we can use, which constantly replenishes itself, and since large quantities of oil on Saturn's moon Titan proves that dinasaurs are the only way oil is created. Thereby, giving a shot against evolution BIG TIME!!!

inhisglory2007, Rapture Ready 59 Comments [3/24/2008 5:06:43 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Christopher Lee

Quote# 36663

"Inside the Confusion exhibit, I strike up a conversation with Tim Shaw, a high school student visiting from Florida. “I don’t care how long it took to make the Grand Canyon,” he tells me. “It’s not how old it is that matters to me. What matters is being right with God. Darwin’s theory has no God. It can’t be right. I don’t know if this story is truer than Darwin’s theory, but I do know it’s better.”

Unknown, Enter the Jabberwock 34 Comments [3/24/2008 12:08:30 PM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 36648

there is more proof that Jesus Christ lives, died and rose from the dead
than Shakeshphere ever existed.

Tiffany [TLC & BR], Religion & Philosophy Boards 62 Comments [3/24/2008 10:02:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Jordan Goldenberg

Quote# 36652

Ron, we actually have our son buried in our back yard! We just couldn't bear to have his remains out there all alone. Since we live out in the county and have no restrictions, we were told by the mortuary folks it was okay. So now I will be able to witness my own son rising ahead of us!!!

Run2Jesus, Rapture Ready 84 Comments [3/24/2008 9:59:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: Khaine

Quote# 36626

[ In response to: "For the last time please post an example of an out of context quote from the Bible and also post the surrounding words from the Bible that change the meaning. (Include verse numbers and directly quote the Bible like I do.)" ]


This is taken from your article "Ritual Human Sacrifice"...Genesis, the first book of the Bible, has Abraham preparing to sacrifice his son to God.

Abraham was commanded to and thus he was justified by Faith in God; Romans 4. Nothing "evil" about it.

Caucasian_Male, EvilBible.com 31 Comments [3/24/2008 9:59:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: (H9)

Quote# 36630

My Dinosaur Challenge

Complete the logic:
The Bible mentions birds.
Birds are avian dinosaurs.
The Bible mentions _______________.

AV1611VET, ChristianForums 82 Comments [3/24/2008 8:35:24 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 36624

[In response to how ID takes God out of the picture]

"We have to remember people are NOT wanting to believe in God, yet scientists are beginning to realize something ain't right with evolutionary theory. That's why much of the scientific community is so openly hostile to this theory. It's not that it doesn't make sense, it's just that it opens up the possibility of God, and that is simply not allowed. Satan himself is going to provide for a way out for them.

This is the setup for tribulational "Aliens seeded the earth!"

canuckmedic, Rapture Ready 38 Comments [3/24/2008 5:36:41 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: SurfinSeaOtter

Quote# 36623

ask any doctor, cancer patients who have faith that are going to live almost always live longer than those who don't

[Someone then quotes and links to an AP report entitled "Power of prayer flunks an unusual test:
Large study had Christians pray for heart-surgery patients"]

thats not what i said, i said people who have faith theyre going to live, and plus you could of just typed that up right now

jesusismyhero, Atheist Forums 33 Comments [3/24/2008 5:36:11 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 36658

[In a thread about the xtian bible encouraging rape]

God sets the timespan every human gets on EARTH. When you die you're not wiped out of existance (contrary to what Atheism teaches) so I'm not exactly sure what your beef is with God. You're simply taken out of the game.

Hmm, "innocent children" die and then they get to go to heaven to be with a God that loves them. I sure AM one "sick evil bastard." Let's talk about the guilty children...

[And after being ripped apart over his total lack of morality]

I never said it is moral for people to kill children now did I? I said it is moral for GOD to kill children.

Prophet1024, EvilBible.com 30 Comments [3/24/2008 5:28:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Sick_Of_Fundy_Shit

Quote# 36649

The worst sin of all is unbelief. It is the only sin that will keep people from heaven. God would have forgiven Hitler if he repented and asked to be saved.

I've mentioned this before, Jeffery Dahmer accepted Christ before being murdered in prison. I find that awsome. The despicable horrible crimes he committed were forgiven by the Lord and he was saved. That same day as he was ushered into heaven by the angels, others were thrown into hell who may have devoted their entire lives to charities, good works, etc. they did not need to be saved they thought, they were good enough. Nothing unclean can be in the presence of God. Only the blood of Christ can make it possible to be in His presence.

Paul M, Rapture Ready 95 Comments [3/24/2008 5:27:20 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Archaeopath

Quote# 36619

i actually dont know where but i do know there is more actual evidence of Jesus than Julius Cesear or any other perosn of antiquity

jesusismyhero, Atheist Forums 57 Comments [3/24/2008 3:03:13 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 36600

Countries are actually making it legal to have homosexual sex in public parks.

Amanda's mom, Rapture Ready 103 Comments [3/23/2008 10:42:15 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: 1Burning Stake

Quote# 36607

Joy is given by God to those filled with the Spirit. You may feel happiness, which is different. But, no, atheists cannot experience joy in its true definition.

Theresa N, yahoo answers , spirutiality and religion section 51 Comments [3/23/2008 10:31:42 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: oleg

Quote# 36606

Unfortunately, My family and I lived there for about 6 years before moving to N TX. Charlottesville is probably the most liberal/leftist city in the nation. More so that San Diego I must confess. There are in fact private schools there that are clothing optional and that if you are a christian, you are openly berated in public for being such. You want to talk about persecution in your own back yard... Charlottesville is where it is at.

We started noticing a massive decline in society there when the marches for Gay rights became more or less hate rallies against christians. There in fact, is a private school there (K-12) that teaches witchcraft as a course and a lot of satanic worship openly occurs there as well.

Pray for the Calvary Chapel there as it was one I was blessed with helping with the start-up. Pray as well for the few followers in the faith that have to deal with it (the vulgarity of the society) everyday.

In His Service, Rapture Ready 77 Comments [3/23/2008 4:28:30 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By:

Quote# 36586

Someone in the pro-life movement put together a great chart showing how many great men of God were born to women who died in, or shortly after, childbirth.

If anyone has a link to this information, please post it here.

Why would it be considered right to kill the baby so the mother might live? Why wouldn't it be right to allow the baby to be born and do all that is possible to ensure they both live?

We should also remember that for a born again Christian, death is nothing to fear. What a joy for a woman to give birth to the next Spurgeon on the same day she joins Christ in heaven!

John81, King James Bible Only 57 Comments [3/23/2008 4:27:07 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: gamerchick
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