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Quote# 38293

I was watching a discussion with a few atheists recently, and it brought up something that I often fail to remember. The question was asked if the atheists believed that atheism would ever be spread across the world, if they would ever "win" all their fights. Half of them said, "No, but I think it's something worth fighting for," and the others answer something close to "With time, we might win." There was no "Yes, our cause will win."

If someone asked you, "Do you think one day, Jesus will be known across the world, will win all His fights?" how would you answer? I hope you'd answer with a plain and simple "Yes" because that's the truth. So remember, next time you think you've lost or think there is no hope in winning, those thoughts shouldn't endure for long because we're on the winning side.

Morrell, RaptureReady 41 Comments [4/29/2008 7:35:50 AM]
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Quote# 38323

"The callousness of those who support comprehensive sex education is astounding - they are putting the interests of huge money-making organizations ahead of the well-being of the nation's children and adolescents. Planned Parenthood is dependent upon federal funding for its survival, and it is now a billion dollar industry that profits from providing abortions to those it is supposed to be serving. It is beyond time to expose the financial records and highlight the lack of effectiveness of all those leftist non-governmental organizations that claim to work 'for the children,' when their policies and programs are so detrimental to children's futures."

Janice Crouse, Concerned Women for America 42 Comments [4/29/2008 7:34:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Captain Janeway

Quote# 38443

[This is comment #37, responding to comment #30 in the thread under the blog entry.]


I think atheism leads to killing people, in exactly the same sense in which people say "religion leads to killing people". Not always, not necessarily, but there is a clear causal link here.

My reasons are that

(a) atheism depends on, and hence leads to, Darwinism (atheists have no other explanation for the origins of biological diversity).

(b) Darwinism, as an account of the origins of man, casts doubt on our moral intuitions and thoughts (this was argued by Darwinist Michael Ruse).

(c) Anything that casts doubt on our moral intuitions and thoughts also casts doubt on the moral prohibition against killing people.

Richard Kilgore, Pharyngula 35 Comments [4/29/2008 7:34:02 AM]
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Submitted By: David D.G.

Quote# 38437

REAL humans are the elect and life is a humanization process (coming to a knowledge of the truth), the rest are mere shadow (they are already de-humanized) and live an illusion. People will understand WHO the reprobate actually are--wicked, evil, and self-deceiving individuals (in spirit) that only care for themselves and hate their Creator (and those who belong to the Creator--the source of all that is good) with an eternal animosity. To the elect, every reprobate is merely another Nero,Hitler,Stalin etc..

(contributors note: elect means Christians and reprobate are all non-Christians)

rlhuckle, CARM 36 Comments [4/29/2008 7:33:26 AM]
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Quote# 38345

In the scene near the end of the movie when Neo goes into this room at the top of the building that he had so much difficulty getting into and meets with this older gray haired man…..the man tells Neo that he is the Architect of all of this ….. In the occult world when that word is used, it is often used to falsely represent that it is God, but in reality it is Satan. The Masons in particular speak of their god as the Great Architect of the Universe. I believe it goes without saying that the Masonic god is Satan, not the God of the Bible. I don’t think that it was a random coincidence that the writers put that in.

My take on this is that all these figures represent all the Biblical counterfeits of scripture. In this movie what we have is the anti Christ (Neo) Satan (the Architect), and maybe the false prophet in either Trinity or Morpheus. Ironically, it was condemning the kind of carnal indulgence that Morphesus presided over, that got John the Baptist beheaded. I don’t think John the Baptist could ever be identified with the Morphesus character. Also, one could say that the deception of people within the movie’s portrayal of the matrix and virtual vs. reality, is very much like the deception in real life that Satan creates as we all succumb to our carnal natures and chase one false and misleading pursuit of temporal pleasure after another.

Jeff Wallace, Crossroad Ministries 41 Comments [4/29/2008 4:34:08 AM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One

Quote# 38434

I am Christian and I go to a Christian college. So I may be biased. But I know for a fact that an artifact has been found on Mt. Sinai that SCIENTISTS HAVE proven to be Noah's Ark. The dates and details match that of the description given in the bible. Look it up. If this guy had any argument against Christianity he would know what he was saying. He obviously doesn't.

guitjoc, YouTube 63 Comments [4/29/2008 2:24:23 AM]
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Submitted By: funky fresh salad

Quote# 38244

So where in the Bible did God say:"Let there be a slow evolutionary process over millions of years"?

RejectedDreams, DeviantART 68 Comments [4/28/2008 11:37:38 PM]
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Submitted By: mngamojemo

Quote# 38332

[Where in the constitution does it say anything about murder being illegal? We have all sorts of laws that regulate murder in other ways, such as the death penalty, murder by self-defense, hell, in some states you can even murder someone legally for entering your property. So unless all of these regulations are unconstitutional, your argument fails.]

You are seriously going to compare death penalty or killing in self defense with murder? Death penalty was instituted by God himself as the very basis for human government to exits with its goal to protect human life against murderers with the death penalty. (Genesis 9) You are morally banckrupt and have no arguement

True Conservative, Third Party Watch 26 Comments [4/28/2008 11:32:43 PM]
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Quote# 38424

"My husband is a minister who does evangelistic work, but I am shy. I am active in my church but I wanted so much to witness to non-Christians...
I have been leaving Chick tracts everywhere! I leave them on shelves in the grocery store and drug stores, on phone booths, on newspaper boxes, in restaurants, in public restrooms, at the doctor's office. I made special trips to the local health department, WIC clinic, homeless health clinic...just to leave tracts. Even the food stamp office and Dept. of Human Services waiting rooms. The public library. Outside the high school in a bad neighborhood. I wrap them in plastic and toss them in driveways! I scan the local section of our paper for people convicted of DUI or other crimes and mail the tracts! If people did this in every town, so many could be reached. Oh yes, I send SOMEBODY LOVES ME to abortion clinics.

Anonymous Poster, www.chick.com 68 Comments [4/28/2008 11:27:28 PM]
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Submitted By: RFP15

Quote# 38316

Scenario: Billy breaks a window in his neighbor's car and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt.

1957 - Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman.

2007 - Billy's dad is arrested for child abuse. Billy removed to foster care and joins a gang. State psychologist tells Billy's sister that she remembers being abused herself and their dad goes to prison. Billy's mom has affair with psychologist.

Bro. Randy, Titles are so restricting. 71 Comments [4/28/2008 11:26:05 PM]
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Submitted By: AllFather

Quote# 38415

Just wait until the U.S. has been removed, then you'll see the Roman Catholic lead E.U. in all its glory!

Only problem is, is that they will then have to deal with Islam, then the Jews, then Russia and China!

GBM, Rapture Ready 44 Comments [4/28/2008 10:13:36 PM]
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Quote# 38418

What do you think about the self-proclaimed Christians that are out canvassing for Barack Obama?

I pray that I do not harden my heart for them, as I work with a few, and go to church with a few. But, I just do not understand their reasoning, if they are true Christians.

HisAlways, Rapture Ready 32 Comments [4/28/2008 8:03:34 PM]
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Quote# 38341


I have been to a few weddings lately were God is completely absent from the ceremony. The Bride/Groom do not want God, Christianity, or any form of religion mentioned in anyway. They want a strictly secular, practically atheistic ceremony.

The question is: Does God view these marriages as "legit"? Is the couple REALLY Married in Gods eyes? Are they living in a constant state of adultery even though they made a vow to honor and love each other forever? What about marriages in other religious traditions? Do Islamic, Buddhist, etc marriages "count" in God's eyes, or are they null & void when it comes down to it.

My Wife and I were just curious

(and yes, we got married in a Church)

Doublezero, RaptureReady 46 Comments [4/28/2008 8:01:08 PM]
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Quote# 38369

*why masturbation is bad*

It hurts God, He watches everything and nothing is hidden from

PastorofMuppets, Why is masturbating wrong? 92 Comments [4/28/2008 7:56:23 PM]
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Quote# 38359

At last the Lord has spoken, through the Constitution Party, and the choice is Chuck Baldwin. The Republicans have rejected the Christian message in selecting their homosexualist anti-family, anti-Christian candidate, and the Democrats did so long ago, but now there is a choice in Chuck Baldwin, who has won the Constitution Party nomination.

With Christian support, Baldwin can easily win Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, and with the will of God behind him can win the election and save America from the wrath of God!

Maybe it is better said that it is God's will that Christians support the true Christian candidate, and that those who vote for Obama/Clinton/McCain will seal their own fate for their defiance of the Lord.

LilGeorgiaPeach81, Christianforums.com 43 Comments [4/28/2008 7:40:44 PM]
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Quote# 38211

God can not do "anything." He cannot have sex or pee or move his bowels.

Self-Mutation, IIDB 84 Comments [4/28/2008 7:35:38 PM]
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Quote# 38394

Unbelievers do not have a freewill. In fact, unbelievers are dead in their sins and trespasses against God. Jesus said, "You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free." Until the point of salvation, unregenerate man has nothing that even approaches freedom and certainly not his will. He can only do the will of his father, the devil. But when a person is saved, then God is in control of the will and it's Gods freewill, not our own that is in control.

JayWJr, Wired.com 49 Comments [4/28/2008 7:35:29 PM]
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Submitted By: fudk

Quote# 38367

*about a student getting kicked out for not saying the pledge*

If you won't pledge to your country why should your country give you a free education?

Autumnleaf, Student booted from school after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance 47 Comments [4/28/2008 7:23:12 PM]
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Quote# 38329

You obviously have not experienced a lot of what I have.

One example. My oldest was 6 years old. She was lying in her bed, trying to go to sleep. Her newborn baby sister & I were in the baby's room, sitting in the rocking chair, baby screaming & I was trying to console and quiet the poor little thing.

As I sat there rocking, a "voice" speaks to me: "If you put that pillow over her face, she will stop crying." JUST AFTER THAT, my daughter walked into the room. She stood there, terrified, and said, "Mommy. Satan was in my closet & he told me to come in here and stab the baby to get her quiet."

You may say it was all imagined or coincedental.....I'm sure you have an answer for it. But, my 6 year old knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what was going on. Not because any parent or Sunday School teacher told her that Satan talks to little children from their closets.....but because children's minds are so much more uncluttered than ours minds. They often hear or see what is going on in the Supernatural realm much better than we do......because of their innocence.

If children are not made aware that their is a spiritual realm, they may tell their parents things that they see & hear and most likely, their words are merely dismissed as "juvenile talk."

I believe in a realm that we cannot see with human eyes......and I believe that children can make decisions about that realm all on their own. They're much more intelligent than we give them credit for, and they are much more spiritual than we give them credit for being.

Posted by Sharp Girl on April 20, 2008 - Sunday at 10:09 AM

Sharp Girl aka Kim, MySpace 55 Comments [4/28/2008 7:04:40 PM]
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Quote# 38336

Ken Ham & Dr. Terry Mortenson, Answers in Genesis 69 Comments [4/28/2008 6:54:05 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: funky fresh salad

Quote# 38378


1) Evolution may be true, but it is more often than not pushed by liberal communists, and has perhaps since its birth been the product and tool for political agendas.

2) Evolutionists tend to be atheist, which is not in of itself all bad. The bad part is that some atheists are atheists because of evil. Meaning, they actually despise the good, noble things that God and spirituality represent.

Am, CARM 31 Comments [4/28/2008 6:25:02 PM]
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Quote# 38217

["Did you know that 72% of statistics are made up on the spot?"]


["I think that one went right over your head. Try re-reading it and see if you get it."]

I got it. You tried to WEASEL OUT and GOT CAUGHT.

Have a nice day.

Patriot Games, Alt.politics.homosexuality 56 Comments [4/28/2008 5:04:24 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Dysperdis

Quote# 38303

"... On Fox's Married ... With Children, which began as a cleverly bawdy parody of the saccharine family sitcoms of the 1950's but has become, in the many critic's opinions, an over-the-top parody of itself. 'We don't have any sort of deep philosophical reason for joking about sex,' says Ron Leavitt, the creator of the show. 'Our intention was just to subvert the genre of squeaky-clean family entertainment.'" Again, what a terrific, eye-opening admission of the hidden agenda behind today's TV shows. At the time of writing the show, of creating it, the writers and producers wanted to "subvert" the normal family values. How much more clear can it get, my friends?

"After 10 seasons ... even the character's outrageousness has become predictable. The few jokes that don't refer to the sexual habits of the characters (a sexually frustrated mother, a prematurely ejaculating father, a slutty daughter, a sleazy son) revolve around their bad personal hygiene." Is this the picture of the 'normal' family today? The mother is sexually frustrated because the father prematurely ejaculates, the daughter is "slutty" which means she has sex with just about anyone, and the son is "sleazy" which means the same thing. What a difference from the "Leave It To Beaver" and "Father Knows Best" depictions of the 'typical' family in the 1950's. Oh, how far we have fallen!

David Bay, The Cutting Edge 34 Comments [4/28/2008 4:39:06 PM]
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Quote# 38340

Our relief pastor spoke a little about the same thing yest morning. He kept getting really violent dreams about 2-3 am. He met an ex-witch who was not surprised because that is when they have their"prayer" time. she told him to walk the halls proclaiming that this house and people belong to Jesus and not satan. His dreams went away. He said he felt pretty funny talking to the walls, but it worked!!

WATCHING AND WAITING, RaptureReady 47 Comments [4/28/2008 4:33:35 PM]
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Quote# 38358

Further, as a Christian, my job isn't to 'prove' anything. Sure, we have proof - Christian Theism is the Ultimate Fact of the universe, without it nothing could exist - but the evolutionists have decieved you if you think 'proof' is the issue.

It's absurd to try and 'prove' what you, I, and EVERY PERSON EVER BORN already know. Could I offer 'proof' that met their desired standard (I can offer proof - but I can't offer proof that meets their artificial man-determined standard), it would only 'prove' what they already know - that there is one God, He created this world, and we are all sinners born at enmity with Him.

arowneragain, arfcom 43 Comments [4/28/2008 4:27:31 PM]
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