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In what world are you living? The church has always supported righteous dictators such as Saint Emperor Constantine, Charlemagne, King Filipe II, General Franco and others. Democracy is ungodly and deserve to be fought, it has destroyed everything we once loved and made the population ungodly and sinful.

Mugabe is a great man and servant of God who tries to defend himself in face of US. imperialism. Who cares for the church's "reputation" it's just the opinions of atheists, heretics and other false prophets!

Zeth (suecianus), Roman-Catholic blog 46 Comments [6/24/2008 8:34:21 PM]
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Rights are Satans attempt to curtail and confuse.

God didn't give us rights, he gave us responsibilities.

Cognac, Rapture Ready 42 Comments [6/24/2008 8:08:22 PM]
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Submitted By: Anti-Goth

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If Nasa has indeed found (more) ice on Mars, it would neither be a major surprise nor a matter of worry for young-earth creationists. After all, we’ve known for a long time that there is plenty of ice on Mars (in the polar ice caps) and that a permafrost layer probably extends considerably beyond the ice caps.

In fact, this particular icy discovery should cause a cold feeling for evolutionists, who would much prefer to find liquid water but instead have found only this scant evidence of subsurface ice. And of course, the very idea that liquid or frozen water on Mars is a “big thing” comes straight from the evolutionary faith that where there’s water, life will follow. In fact, that’s the entire premise of today’s Martian landers.
[Crazy assertion in 3..2...1...]
The ice on Mars may possibly be, in part, a frozen remnant of a global Mars flood, which has been theorized by some creationists to have occurred near the same time as Noah’s flood—perhaps even as an extension of it. Even today, the Martian ice caps contain enough water to cover the entire Martian surface if the ice were to melt.

Peter Galling, Answers in Genesis 58 Comments [6/24/2008 7:37:15 PM]
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Submitted By: Shibori

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5 million acres of farmland destroyed!

[link to article]

I can hear the hooves beating of the 3rd rider!!!
Revelation 6:5-6 A days wages for a loaf of bread!

This is so close people! The first and 2nd rider have to appear before the 3rd rider, and the rapture happens before all this! [3 happy dancing emoticons in a row]

People will have to decide which to buy; food or gas!

Southern Grace, RR 58 Comments [6/24/2008 6:41:58 PM]
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[Topic title: Is atheism a mental condition?]

I was thinking about what causes people to be atheists and I thought that maybe it isn't their fault, maybe it's a mental condition that prevents them from being able to see God and his creation? Surely if it is a problem with their mind they can be fixed with counseling?

Does anyone have any info on this subject, I'm sure I'm not the first person to suggest this.

penance44, GameFAQs 56 Comments [6/24/2008 6:40:21 PM]
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That is truly very disturbing, I read somewhere that Obama said the US is not a Christian nation. Events are rapidly spiraling out of control and good people everywhere know it ...

Yesterday I was grocery shopping and started talking to lady about food prices, out of the blue I looked at her and said "JESUS IS COMING SOON"

She looked at me and said ... "sooner than you know"

It seems there are people who know the time is near and the other 9/10s that seen oblivious for some reason. We must spread the word of Jesus Christ, it is our duty.

On a more somber note my father is 84 and suffering mini strokes and the onset of Alzheimer's, he cannot understand being born again and he thinks hes going to hell, I am going there this afternoon and try to minister to him.

Hal4511, Rapture Ready 59 Comments [6/24/2008 5:49:36 PM]
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It is a little scary and in todays world, well you never know. I was looking at apartments awhile back and I saw this really nice one, only one problem with it and I was going to put it on my maybe list when I saw a man and some women walking through the hall, well the women were all wearing burkas and face coverings. Thats when I started thinking, there is no way I can live here, what if they can hear my christian music in the hallway, or my teaching cds I listen to. In the world today, that is just asking for trouble. Not only could I be told that my music and cds were offensive, but due to their religion, I could be in a lot more trouble then that.

Nikilyn, Rapture Ready! 56 Comments [6/24/2008 4:33:36 PM]
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Firstly, I believe the woman's-right-to-vote movement in the early 20th century was a way of officially dividing husband and wife into two units when they ought to be One. Taxing them separately added to this.

Why do women maintain so much political power these days? Because men HEARKEN unto them, just as in Eden. The world has always been, and will be to the very end, a patriarchy. Women have power because men in power give it to them for a purpose: to socialize our societies and steal the fruits of our labor. Stealing fathers and mothers away from their children in the process.

If we men closed our ears to their (ever swaying) opinions, women would just step down and the natural order would ensue. When I debate a woman I listen to her every word but still DISREGARD about 90 percent of what she says as pure nonsense. Women try to win debates through eloquence and a ceaseless flow of words. An compliment on their looks or apparel will disarm a woman immediately. That's not the kind of "feathers in the wind" that I want as leaders for my country.

John, Henry Makow 74 Comments [6/24/2008 2:56:10 PM]
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It's just evidence. I'm open-minded enough to not limit the God I worship by mere science.

GetOutOfMyYard, Gamefaqs 41 Comments [6/24/2008 2:53:12 PM]
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[after being repeatedly pointed out that he keeps spelling evolution as 'evolation']

I'd spell evolution wrong for a reason. I don't believe in it. If I don't believe in it. I'd don't need this crappy word evolution. If there's no evolution in my Dictionary. To me the evolution is a made up word. So I can spell it anyway I want to.

LoneWolf1984, deviantART 80 Comments [6/24/2008 12:34:48 PM]
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[On George Carlin]

That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that he DIED. But ya know, I think he's down there right now, screaming up at us. He was funny when he wasn't bashing God, the Bible or Christianity. In accordance with his wishes, I will NOT keep him in my thoughts.

Believe It!, Naruto Forums 43 Comments [6/24/2008 12:32:29 PM]
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(In response to a poll thread Titled "Should a Christian own a gun?")

If it were possible,

Only christians should have guns. They are the only ones I would trust. For they fear the Lord and know they must give an account.

Wally, Rapture Ready 57 Comments [6/24/2008 11:28:06 AM]
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Exactly! Mothers seldom want to hear this, but boys NEED to have fist fights growing up. They DO NOT need to talk about their feelings or other such nonsense. As a rule, there is no reason that a six or seven year old boy should even WANT to spend time with a girl of the same age who is not his sister.

wagglebee, Free Republic 65 Comments [6/24/2008 9:14:59 AM]
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I once attended the funeral of a young girl who had died of leukemia. She was a beautiful, intelligent homeschooled teenager who had so much promise. But her family were atheists and her funeral was so full of secular readings, etc., and nothing of faith or hope or even eternal life. This couple had no comfort, had no faith or even hope of seeing their loved one again. It was the saddest funeral I’ve ever seen because it was devoid of hope. The parents are now divorced.

Around the same time, a young girl near us, Sarah Ann Wood, was kidnapped and murdered. They have never recovered her body. But her parents were able to go through this praising God in spite of it all. He was a pastor and they both had a great relationship with their Lord. They KNOW they will see their child again. That’s the difference.

Marysecretary, Free Republic9 51 Comments [6/24/2008 8:54:24 AM]
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[Thread title: Carlin's final words]


MohairSam, IMDb 86 Comments [6/24/2008 8:43:41 AM]
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I can't imagine trying to be a good person for a lifetime , and at the end finding out it was a massive wasted effort and missing heaven. Yet that is probably what will happen to most people. The horrors of being a 'good' person. I'm glad I messed my life up when I was younger because I had no problem acknowledging my sinfulness. Only God could have put my life back together. I can honestly say that nothing good resides in me aside from Christ.

Paul M, RaptureReady 46 Comments [6/24/2008 8:42:00 AM]
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[Ah, so a fertilised egg is not a baby then?]

It's a baby, it just doesn't look like one.

Jesusissavior, FSTDT Forum 40 Comments [6/24/2008 8:39:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Moordryd

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Lets use simple logic:

Islam: No contradictions or errors

Christianity: over 100 contradictions and many scientific errors, 50 of those contraditions are unexplainable.

I'll add one to the list:

Evolution: Illogical, if humans evolved from monkeys, then why are monkeys still in existance, are you saying some failed to evolve? Where did sea animals come from, what did they evolve from?

Conclusion: the only two above that are in question today is Christianity and evolution. Islam remains credible as it is not in question in its athenticty, therefore making it consistant.

Mumineen, Gametrailers 46 Comments [6/24/2008 7:39:10 AM]
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The power of Love and the Power of prayer is far stronger then your rebellion and pride. Nothing is impossible with God, and that includes you You will not be punished because God is a hate-monger, but becaues you rejected His only means of reconcillation.

rshalomw, EatingFish blog 25 Comments [6/24/2008 7:11:35 AM]
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(New Age Fundie?)

There will be a huge earthquake that will take place in July 08 that will hit the South Eastern part of Asia and will be felt all over the world. The earthquake will affect China with the most damage and the Eastern Pacific Islands will see tidal waves like none before. This earthquake will be the biggest and most disastrous earthquake seen yet by modern man. It will cause more damage then the previous earthquake in China, May 08 or any other one before.

The damage from this earth shattering experience will have an unforeseen outcome that will cause uncertainty for all. This will accelerate the falling economy to the collapse. China’s economy will be the first to suffer but will effect the rest of the world. This will cause confusion and suffering for all and mass panic. The USA will fall to rubble.

You will be happy to know me. I am a Prophetess. I am the Guardian of Earth. My name is Aurora and I am here for one specific reason. To start a “New Way” a new society that will clear the lies and expose the Truth. You will have all the answers.

There is a storm coming. You must be ready.

The Guardian

uknow_me72, unexplained mysteries 62 Comments [6/24/2008 7:10:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Sofia the antichrist

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[Regarding the death of George Carlin]

"Finally, another useless, unmoral, nasty human removed from this earth. He did nothing but spew his grotesque language and try to convince the world that nothing was wrong with it. He's now paying the price for his chosen lifestyle in Hell. A very strong statement I know and I'm not a religious freak, just a mother who is tired of people like him trying to turn this country's morals into garbage. When in fact it is HE who was garbage not those of us who actually HAVE morals and don't condone the language and lifestyle he spoke of."

Shay, cnn.com 129 Comments [6/24/2008 2:22:40 AM]
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If you so smart. Then how did we get here?
When you see a building dids is come from a explosion? How can you believe all the beutiful things of the UNIVERSE. Like mountians and stars and trees and animals being made from a explosion? There has'd to be a Creator to all this.
Let me ask you a few quetions?
Say I wrong and there is no God. When I died I loose nothing RIGHT?
But say what YOUR are wrong? When you die you loose EVERYTHING.
Think about THAT.

LoneWolf1984 #588531, FSTDT Comments 75 Comments [6/24/2008 2:20:08 AM]
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[Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?

Hell, if you believe that, just make yourself attracted to men for one day and then switch back. It's not a sin if you don't do anything, and surely it would be an interesting experience.]

sure if you wanted to .... its all about mind over matter... the mind is a very strong tool...you should learn how to use it more...

if you really wanted something and put your mind into it you can do anything.... like ive said before the mind is a powerful tool and if you know how to use it you can do anything you want....

[Then do it. Make yourself be attracted to men. You don't have to do anything about it; just make yourself be physically attracted to men.]

see i dont want to...

outlaws93, Military.com 31 Comments [6/24/2008 12:57:08 AM]
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The giants that inhabited the Earth were the called Nephilim by the Hebrews, other names by other cultures. They were the offspring of the angels God kicked out of heaven from crimes of pride agains Him. The inhabited the entire Earth and set themselves up as kings over every tribe of man on Earth. Almost every ancient culture created statues of them. Native American totem poles are also statues of these giants. Many of them are 30 ft. high.

NephilimFree, Youtube Comments 35 Comments [6/24/2008 12:55:10 AM]
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But this is so true. The environmental, animal rights, evolutionist and green movements are all anti-democracy/ anti-life/ anti-God at their core.

popcornboy1970, Rapture Ready 48 Comments [6/24/2008 12:54:45 AM]
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