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(Regarding the ice found on mars)

After seeing that freaky picture (that was the real deal – taken by Nasa’s space probe named "Spirit" of all things) from January of this year, I don’t even like to say the name Mars. It’s the one that looks like a human being attempting to get up from a lying down position. Freaked me out, it looks demonic, just a bad feeling....

4EverHis, RR 35 Comments [6/23/2008 5:40:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Sofia the antichrist

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I'm about as fundamentalist as it gets, nowdays.

I BELIEVE in science. I DO NOT believe what many people say ABOUT scientific views...

I believe that many evolutionist scientists LIE to us...

Or just feel: was your great-grandfather a monkey? are some people less-evolved than others? does that mean that for the common good, we should kill them off as culls are killed off in cows and sheep? if your great-parent was the first non-monkey, was it wrong to either have sex with a monkey, or with a sister or brother with the same mutation? Did they just keep inbreeding as soon as somebody told them that they were no longer monkeys, or did the monkeys just, being closer to nature, and therefore wiser, throw them out?

togodsownglory, For Science! (Xanga) 44 Comments [6/23/2008 5:34:58 PM]
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Submitted By: TheNerd

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I'm sorry, but I just think our money's being swallowed up by a big, black hole here. These guys just want to find life on other planets so bad they can't stand it and I think it's so they can confirm their belief in no God. Maybe I'm wrong and there's useful things they're learning but I've never cared for the space program. Especially not one funded by tax dollars. Maybe I'm just a grump about this. Paul says in Phillipians not to complain about anything.

maggie, RR 31 Comments [6/23/2008 5:00:43 PM]
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Submitted By: Sofia the antichrist

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Bella, that is one of many different facts that prove the creation cannot be millions of years old.

Here's another one:

The orbit of the moon decays a certain amount every day. In other words, every day, the moon gets just a tiny bit closer to the earth. As the moon gets closer to the earth, the high tides get a tiny bit higher. This is a measured fact. Now, Since the creation is only seven to ten thousand years old, this is not a big problem. Average high tides have only changed a few inches.

HOWEVER, if the fairy-tale of 'billions and billions of years ago' were true, the moon would be so close to the earth that it would cause extremely high tides. In fact, tides would be so high that the entire surface of the earth would be flooded by the tides twice a day.

Bro. Randy, Teens-4-Christ 40 Comments [6/23/2008 4:57:11 PM]
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Submitted By: doomie 22

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The X Files are interesting. The basis for these kinds of Movies et al. is the belief that there is life out there in space. The Christian perspective is that, yes, there is life out there, but it is not righteous or Godly, and the belief is that they are fallen angels (demons, devils, or whatever you wish to call them). The predominant message they put out is that of the New Age philosophy. It's the same old story. They want to decieve us and make us believe that they are ascended Masters or some sort of malarky to that extent.

HenryD, RR 18 Comments [6/23/2008 4:53:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Sofia the antichrist

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Most of the self-proclaimed intellectuals online are merely participating in intellectual masturbatory escapades...kind of like what goes on here [at FSTDT.com] ...well, minus the intellectual part.

I know lots of you are coming over to my site...yet the backslapping and high fives are only going on here...

Nequam_Lacuna, FSTDT - Comment #583529 25 Comments [6/23/2008 4:48:48 PM]
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Submitted By: TheNerd

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Unicorns are an ACTUAL creature that used to exist, but, are now extinct.
I don't care if there is no archaelogical evidence to support the existence of the unicorns. The BIBLE says they existed!

And I don't mean these modern, altered, man-made versions of the Bible, I mean the ORIGINAL King James Version, the ONLY version AUTHORIZED by GOD! If the KJV was good enough for Moses and Jesus, then it's good enough for me!

If you don't believe in unicorns, then you don't believe in the Bible, and you are going to Hell!

Tex Arkana, urbandictionary page on unicorns, entry #3 38 Comments [6/23/2008 4:47:05 PM]
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[Regarding Kate Moss appearing in a see-through dress in public]

By what I have seen of some of the comments on this subject, it just shows how the morals of our society are declining every day. Every day, the envelope is pushed a little more until one day, there will be no morals left. Lord Jesus, please come take us home soon!!!

urbanlemur, www.nydailynews.com 31 Comments [6/23/2008 4:45:46 PM]
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You know, it's one thing to have a New Age book discussion, ok whatever, its a pile of lies... BUT.... When you start bringing the Bible into it and twisting the very Word of God to say something it outright DOESN'T and start using Scripture to add to your cause..... This just isn't right!! It infuriates me to no end.....

hilhill, RaptureReady 19 Comments [6/23/2008 4:42:26 PM]
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I have no respect whatever for the so-called "Buddha." As your quote notes he left his wife and family. He was also very arrogant, as can be seen from his "writings," which by the way were not set down by his devotees until over 200 years later--though the Gospels were written by direct disciples and contemporaries of Jesus Christ.

I have talked to literally hundreds of Buddhists, and I have to say that Buddhism is a terrible religion. Never mind the public image of that old fake, the Dalai Lama. Buddhists have no inner peace, they do not obey the teachings of "the Buddha" about not lusting (Buddhist countries are terrible about prostitution), they have caused many wars (contrary to Bible-believers, though false Christians have been known to start wars). Buddhists priests in Japan are known to be money-grubbers, requiring many expensive ceremonies.

I could go on and on, but have work to do to try to win Buddhists to Jesus Christ.

John of Japan, BaptistBoard 44 Comments [6/23/2008 4:37:04 PM]
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Submitted By: doomie 22

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I handed one of Living Waters (Million Dollar) gospel tracts to a drive threw worker the other day while picking up some food for my family. When I pulled up to the window I decided to give her the gospel tract first before giving her my real money. Well she took the tract and before I could get a word out shut the window. She just looked with amazement at the tract for about 10 seconds then she called one of her friends over to check it out. Now I know I should have knocked on the window to let her know it’s not real, but I just had to see how far this would go. The drive threw girl and her friend looked very carefully at the tract and then took out one of those money markers, you know which kind I’m talking about the kind to tell if it’s counterfeit or not. She then walked off which was an attempt to find the manager. I thought to myself, oh no they are going to call the law on me – well if they do I guess I will just have to witness to the authorities.

A minute later the manager came back and opened the window in which she began to tell me, “Uhmm sir, this is not real money and we cannot accept this” which I responded, “Yes I know it’s not real, they do not even make a million dollar bill.”

The manager tried to hand it back, but I told her it was for the girl that was waiting on me. I gave her my real money and we both had a good chuckle. When the drive threw girl handed me my food she was obviously embarrassed. I told her no worries and that she did a wonderful job and gave her a four million dollar tip.

brianb., Comfort Food 29 Comments [6/23/2008 4:36:13 PM]
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there is no evolution . Can you tell me why only monkeys made it? Why didn't my cat Rosy become a human being?I know that monkey stuff is the most that smells like humans. So why doesn't another spicy evaluated for example dogs and became the doggy being? Why it's only limited in monikers and during a limited period?if the god doesn't exist 1+1 will never be 2 it would be for example 3 but in this case you know that there is 1 that must be uncounted because this 1 has no producer and he can't just get into this equality like that by himself. it's known that the origin of this life is a big bomb cause by gases but from where do the first electron of the first atom ion this gas come from?

JL, Yahoo Answers- Religion and Spirituality 53 Comments [6/23/2008 4:35:56 PM]
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I don't know where that info came from.
But there is no evidence that the earth is 4.5 byo. Thats an opinion-not a fact.
Light reaching us thats byo. No one really understands light yet. Or really how fast it travels or even if it is constant. The idea that we see light today thats very old at all is absurd. Einstein figured that one out 50 years ago.

John S, Yahoo!Answers 28 Comments [6/23/2008 4:22:06 PM]
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Yes, knowledge sure is a conspiracy. Penicillin was invented to prove that prayer is useless. Lithium is prescribed to Bipolar people in an effort to deny the idea of Demonic Possession.

jesusnthedaisychain, You Tube "debating a creationist" 30 Comments [6/23/2008 3:27:40 PM]
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Submitted By: cui bono

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(After complaints that he visited the Pentagon):

The military is now one of the most “politically correct” places in the USA. Not only do Christians have the freedom to meet—but so do Muslims, Hindus, and almost any other group you could name. Of course, if I had been a Muslim and went to the Pentagon to address a Muslim prayer breakfast, I’m sure PZ Myers would not have ranted against that—it is only Christians one is allowed to be intolerant of nowadays, it seems.

Ken Ham, Ken Ham's Blog 30 Comments [6/23/2008 3:01:48 PM]
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Submitted By: Stokesy

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[in a reddit thread discussing the constitutionality of 'under god' in the pledge]

I won't give your question the dignity of an answer. It doesn't deserve it. Questioning "under God" is a direct attack on Christianity.

randroid, Reddit 29 Comments [6/23/2008 2:48:03 PM]
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My theory if the Angels could disguise themselves as Humans? It would been easy for a Fallen Angel aka a Demons to disguise themselves as Aliens.

I'd found out that an Alien's name is Anshar same as a Babyleon god. That's a prove that there is a spiritual world.

Some few people think that Aliens created this world. What up with that?

I don't mean to provoke anyone. I'm just sharing my faith that's all. Is believe in Christianity is a sin?
I bet that you want me to kill myself and burn in hell too RIGHT?

This person want to debate

[For more lulz look at this guy's drawing]

LoneWolf1984(who else?), DeviantART 44 Comments [6/23/2008 12:14:00 PM]
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It amazes me how many atheists are out there. They used to be too coward to speak but now after crying about being offended they have convinced government officials that they have been slighted. This makes a mockery of our democratic society because it means minorities rule.

It's really funny how they get all angry when they hear about God or see religion out in the open. Then they try to recompensate by trying to make jokes about we Christians and our God. They want to try to upset us but all they do is open up doors for us to pray for them that they come to know the TRUTH. Man could never save himself if he could, he would not die yet he must.

Yes we Christians are irrational just like the physical laws of this world. Creation is irrational, show me a man who can pick up a lump of dirt and make a human? When we die we all decompose and end up back as soil. When we get out of the tub there's dirt no matter how clean we are.

Man can only create with preexisting materials.

The world was created by an explosion theory is bogus. Light a stick of dynamite and the only thing you'll have created is a mess! You'll never create anything neat and orderly by an explosion. That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The complex inner working of the body, and things of this world created by an explosion? That blows evolution out of the water. Everything was created in the form it already has. No one can completely explain evolution and there is no proof to explain it.

tressaadabo, www.charleston.net 37 Comments [6/23/2008 11:06:16 AM]
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Like many atheists, it sounds like you have to really talk yourself into believing there's no God.

And whenever we have to talk ourselves into believing or doing something, then there's probably a problem with that something.

No offense, but we who know and follow God are intellectually stronger than people who do not.

We don't need proof, nor do we need to see Him physically, to accept that He exists. It takes a certain mental and intellectual strength to do that -- something which atheists don't have.

Julia Encarnacion, Yahoo! Answers 42 Comments [6/23/2008 5:36:44 AM]
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Submitted By: doctor jack

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[A fundie talking about how he sent out a newsletter witnessing to his employees and customers. I hope his customers go elsewhere...]

I send it out to 300 employees and another 200 to customers and to prospects.

This month I simply put Jesus' words in our newsletter in red print..."I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me"

Please pray with me His word will change someones heart as I begin to incorporate Gods word in each month.

WVBORN56, Rapture ready... 36 Comments [6/23/2008 4:54:42 AM]
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Originally Posted by dramama
God sends the strong dilusion to believe the lie in the trib...we're not in the trib, obama's not the AC (scripture says where he comes form and it isn't the US).........just thought I'd clear that up

Just some food for thought here. Being born in the US doesn't necessarily make you "from" the US. What is his lineage? My lineage goes back to Italy. For that matter my lineage goes back to the Garden of Eden.

For example, when the Roman army invaded a country they recruited or drafted the male population of the conquered country into the Roman army. The Jews would never join the Roman army but their enemies would. So did Rome actually destroy the temple in 70AD or did Edom? Your lineage is who you really are. IMHO. Take it for what it's worth. I know the rules of these boards. Everyone is being very careful but there is a scary coincidence in all of this

RickyD, RaptureReady 34 Comments [6/23/2008 4:47:32 AM]
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Let's what would happen.
Jesus say that, "Only God the Fatger knows the day and the hour. When he will return."
If about the BIBLE Code is right. Tribulation would be come in the year 2012.
I'd feel sorry for you and my follow human race that doesn't believe in my God. I'd die for any one. That's a promise to show my love for them.

LoneWolf1984, DeviantART 56 Comments [6/23/2008 3:28:42 AM]
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Have you been to a public school lately? Not controlled in the best use of the term. Neither are they teaching anything remotely glorious to God.
How a believer can send their kid off to public school everyday, just blows my mind.
The culture of sensuality and vulgarity is why we are headed for complete disregard for anything Holy.

freedom, city-data.com 26 Comments [6/23/2008 2:48:38 AM]
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Quote# 41445

Females should be married off once they are able to have children.
The school system is for keeping females unmarried so mature men cannot have the wives they desire.
Notice how the teachers, those who destroy men's society, think they are moral arbitrators (ie: god)

testy, mens-rights.net 77 Comments [6/23/2008 2:45:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Charlie

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[In response to news about a fundie teacher being fired for burning crosses onto kids' arms, among other things.]

I would have loved having him as a teacher when I was young, and I wouldn't mind him as a teacher for any of my kids. Obviously the burning was a scientific experiment, and he knew what he was doing, it obviouslly wasn't painful. The kids didnt seem to mind it, and probably thought it was cool. If he had burned a crescent or some kind of new age symbol he probably would still have a jod, IMHO.

jdh444, Rapture Ready, naturally 51 Comments [6/23/2008 2:43:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Steve_McClure