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"Saru if I was an atheist I would be against slavery. But i'm a Christian, and I don't know what the Bible views on slavery, and if it says it is fine, then I would agree with it."

MehGuy, Christian Forums 43 Comments [6/19/2008 4:04:51 PM]
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Want an interesting read?? Google OBAMA and INFANTICIDE . . . it isn’t coming, IT IS ALREADY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Green, comment section 30 Comments [6/19/2008 4:04:23 PM]
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TURLOCK, California (AP) -- Police on Monday identified a man who was fatally shot by an officer for allegedly refusing to stop beating a toddler to death along a remote road.

Sergio Casian Aguilar, 27, parked his truck on an unlit road Saturday night, removed a 2-year-old boy from his car seat and proceeded to stomp, kick and punch the boy to death, authorities said. The boy was unrecognizable when he was pronounced dead at Emanuel Medical Center, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department said.

Authorities have not released the boy's name but say they believe he was Aguilar's son.

He said Aguilar had a "total hollowness in his eyes" and talked calmly of the boy being filled with "demons."

Sergio Casian Aguilar, CNN 41 Comments [6/19/2008 3:42:40 PM]
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If the world went Athiest no one would survive, because IF there is no God (I beleive there is, but lets say there wasn't) who would make the rules? If there is no God you would be the ruler of your own life. SO everyone would make their own rules. Why would i want to follow the rules some other PERSON, they wouldn't lots of people would make their own rules because they are the ruler of their own life, this would cause total chaos.

Gorby, CAD Forums 38 Comments [6/19/2008 3:30:39 PM]
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That’s what it boils down to in the scientific community. They believe it is either evolution or Creation because there is no other plausible theory - when scientifically that isn’t accurate. It isn’t one or the other. It could be neither. But you can disprove one without proving the other. That’s why some idiot decided it would be as appropriate to come up with a flying spaghetti monster to mock Creationists . . . when actually they are mocking the evolutionists who created their theory exactly the same way. . . out of whole cloth.

The scientific community doesn’t recognize that as valid. So any ‘attack’ on their theory - legitimate though they may be - is dismissed as being an overly religious position.

Their need to not have a God causes their science to be flawed because they dismiss important evidence. I don’t say that to claim that science is the search for God as you claimed by quoting me. Atheists and evolutionists claim anyone disagreeing with them is ‘religious fanatic’ whether they are or not. It causes bad science.

ThackerAgency on June 18, 2008 at 1:11 AM

ThackerAgency, Hot Air 17 Comments [6/19/2008 3:19:50 PM]
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I'm voting democrat because I want pedophiles to have greater access to our children.
I'm voting democrat because you don't deserve freedoms of speech, religion, or the right to bear arms.
I'm voting democrat because I like the idea of killing babies.

MrMannn, Rapture Ready 45 Comments [6/19/2008 3:16:27 PM]
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Why Is Masterbation Wrong?

The Bible Does Not Speak About This But It Does Say If You Lust With A Woman In Your Heart Then You Have Committed Adultery.
Masterbation Involves Sexual Fantasy And So It Is A Sin.
Masterbation Will Lead You Into Bondage And You Will Objectify Women And Eventually Read Porn And Then You Will Go Deeper.
I Myself Masterbated Since Age 12 And Kept Going As A Christian At Age 19. I Am Now 45 Years Old. The Longest I Have Abstained Was 97 Days Which Was In The Summer Of 2004. This Website Will Help Me Be An Overcomer And Am Anxious To See Those Strugggling Be Set Free.

michaelmonfre, christian forums 50 Comments [6/19/2008 3:08:19 PM]
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Submitted By: Get thee behind me Jesus

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[Originally in very large, very bold font.]

Heat moves electrons around an atom. Without heat, electrons disappear making the atom frozen solid as centuries past by, but without the freezing-like coldness of ice if the atom is inside a rock in warm weather conditions. It is possible that the atoms in inorganic and organic matter can become synchronized when a point in time has been reached, say a 1000 years later for example, the atoms of a 1000-year-old fossilized dinosaur would synchronize with the atoms of the volcanic rock, making the dinosaur as old as the geologic time period - which is wrong. Large numbers of fish fossil have been found on Mt Everest, evidence of the Great Flood assumed by creationists. The movie Journey To The Center Of The Earth made me believe that God's secret is hidden in the earth's core where living dinosaurs and mammoths, swallowed through cave openings, could still exist.

Quasicentennial, Christian Forums 49 Comments [6/19/2008 1:42:29 PM]
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Just was thinking about the Bema seat judgement we will go through where the good Lord will judge us on our lives and give out rewards. Will those of us who recieve no crowns and maybe no other rewards be sad in heaven? I know no one in heaven is sad so to speak but will we maybe have some sort of eternal regret for not living better lives on this earth?

Wittywombat, Rapture Ready 31 Comments [6/19/2008 1:41:18 PM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

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[responding to a humorous blog post about Christmas songs that annoyed the author]

"Who knows if you're uncommonly financially wealthy and silver-spoon-life lived without compassion or any personal lack or struggle has utterly impoverished and jaded your spirit, with a "let em eat cake in hell" resultant attitude... or if you're just a raging semi-sociopath who from personal choice or lack of familial nurturing has grown into killjoy-jerkishness toward everyone else's happiness except your own. On top of it all you probably don't give a rat's tail WHAT anybody thinks. But just a parting tip as we ease into the joy of a season mostly celebrating Jesus Christ who LOVED YOU AND STILL LOVES YOU SO MUCH (and hopes you'll soon chill out and discover that truth ... before it's too late) -- GOD LOVES YOUUU DUDE!!! No matter who you are..what you've done.. who you've hurt..who's hurt you...GOD LOVES YOU."

webmastergo Dallas, crushedbyinertia.blogspot.com 25 Comments [6/19/2008 1:26:09 PM]
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(On gay marriage)

Just knowing that you are alive is horrifying.

Of course it is our business, it is immoral to marry these-these.... Things...

IT is disgusting just thinking that they will be able to consider themselves "married."

If I was still married, I would get a divorce because I would lose faith in the sanctity of marriage.

* 2 minutes ago

I am so far right on the political scale, you would need a telescope to see me.

Robert Wilkins, Yahoo Answers 47 Comments [6/19/2008 1:21:26 PM]
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Homosexuals shouldn't have the right to be homosexual. They can have relationships with people of the opposite sex just like everyone else in the world. We didn't win the Revolutionary War and declare independence so people could have sexual relationships with people of the same sex.

GetOutOfMyYard, GameFAQs 50 Comments [6/19/2008 1:20:04 PM]
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[On whether Christians should support gay marriage]

You folks here never cease to amaze me with how much you twist, distort and generally diss the Scriptures, regardless of how much you have fooled yourselves into thinking otherwise.

Know I know what Jesus meant about "the blind leading the blind."

More proof of how, as I have said before, there's isn't a belief too silly, too preposterous, that once it becomes du jour some "Christians" aren't going to fall over each other in a rush to find some "biblical" evidence supporting it.

Gay marriage? Yeah, right!

. . .

I'm sure Jesus looks approvingly on "loving, monoganamous, and committed" homosexual sodomy, don't you?

Clifford Goldstein, Spectrum Magazine Blog 30 Comments [6/19/2008 1:19:20 PM]
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The life of a man is a compound of body and soul. Anything, which is harmful for the body, hurts the soul as well. Consumption of swine-flesh reduces the feeling of shame and as such the standard of modesty. Those nations, which consume pork habitually, have a low standard of morality with the result that virginity, chastity and bashfulness are becoming a thing of the past in Europe today. The number of unwed mothers is on the increase despite of the use of pills and other contraceptives.

According to a report, 60 to 70% of girls in Sweden become mothers before marriage. The formula of "skin to skin is no sin" is taking its toll but there is hardly any feeling of shame or remorse over the end-result. Since the European nations have become addicted to wine and pork, sexual freedom with all its attendant evils has got ingrained in their culture. Consequently, homosexuality has been legalized by the British Parliament.

Rashid Shamsi, Islamic World Net 42 Comments [6/19/2008 1:16:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Frank

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With the floods in the Midwest, the wildfires in California and Florida, I am certain, based on my reading of the Bible that God is preparing to vent his Wrath on America and the same sex "marriages"(queers, fags, homos, lesies,) is only aggravating matters. It is time to call these sickos for what they are SODOMITES for theirs is a very sick perverted lifestyle that flies in the face of God and His blessed Word. This country can still be saved, all that needs to be done is turn away from the growing wickedness that is about to engulf us all and turn unto the One who gave us Life and climb out of that moral toilet America is sinking into. Remember what happened to Sodom and Gommorrah? Unless the spread of this and other sick perversions is stopped, the resulting cancer created will eat us all. God help us if that happens. I love this country and what I have seen deeply troubles me. God bless you all and God bless America.

caseyjim, Subchat 33 Comments [6/19/2008 1:14:42 PM]
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(from an article regarding pharmacies refusing to sell birth control)

"We try to practice pharmacy in a way that we feel is best to help our community and promote healthy lifestyles," said Lloyd Duplantis, who owns Lloyd's Remedies in Gray, La., and is a deacon in his Catholic church. "After researching the science behind steroidal contraceptives, I decided they could hurt the woman and possibly hurt her unborn child. I decided to opt out."

Lloyd Duplantis, WashingtonPost.com 39 Comments [6/19/2008 1:12:43 PM]
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Another wrong notion about swine-flesh is that its consumption lengthens life-span, although this is a pure myth and absurdity. On the contrary, people, who abstain from pork and liquor, have a longer span of life. The Muslims in Central Asia bear a testimony to this truth.
Take a look at the nature of the pig for example. The pig is naturally lazy and indulgent in sex, it is dirty, greedy and gluttonous. It dislikes sunlight and lacks the spirit and will to "fight." It eats almost anything, be it human excreta or anything foul and unwholesome. Amongst all animal flesh, pork is the favoured cradle of harmful germs. Pork also serves as a carrier of diseases to mankind. It is for this reason that its flesh is not suitable for consumption.

Some people have argued that the "modern pig" reared in farms is given only clean foods, therefore, its flesh should be consumable. The answer is that you may feed the pig on clean, wholesome food, but you can't change its nature. It is still a pig and will always stay so. A pig is not a plant and you cannot change it by bud-grafting.

Rashid Shamsi, Islamic World Net 46 Comments [6/19/2008 1:12:22 PM]
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Submitted By: Frank

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[...] "I began visiting a chiropractor who was fine at first, and I didn't think there was anything spiritually 'wrong' about his practices, but now whenever he treats me he keeps telling me that we have to "correct the flow" of my "energy field" around my body before I can get better. I'm really disturbed by that, and he keeps telling me to "picture the energy field". :s What should I do?"


"You need to find a new chiropractor ASAP. It sounds like yours is using Reiki on you, which is demonic"

JoshuaGeneration and FaithContender, RR 24 Comments [6/19/2008 12:32:48 PM]
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[if you're thinking that this is a collection of different comments taken out of context and jumbled together...think again)

People and animals live long to 100 year. The animals could grow bigger than a house.
God'd stop the growing to let us have a second chance.

Religion and Christianity isn't the same thing At all.

Then tell me this my friend. What did I see when I saw my guardian Angel?

LoneWolf1984, deviantART 32 Comments [6/19/2008 10:56:45 AM]
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I can tell you who the earthly founder of atheism is - Buddha. Buddha originated the atheistic philosophy (as well as humanism and secular psychology) and organized atheism into a coherent religion. It is very possible that Buddha was demon possessed. This slovenly man made it his life's mission to destroy any belief in God. I feel sorry for Buddha; he must be in the very darkest depths of hell.

MessianicServant, FSTDT Comments 54 Comments [6/19/2008 10:53:28 AM]
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I freely admit that I spend some time dropping bombs and oblique artifacts just to get the conversation moving, because it's too dry, down, and out otherwise

it's practically impossible to get an evo-monger to admit their true agenda - but it almost always comes out in the end

because the debate isn't about science -- it's about the clash of two worldviews that interpret evidence differently, from different presuppositional frameworks

evo-mongers have long since learned that the 'attack' is on the framework - if doubt can be cast on the framework, the evidence will magically crystallize and create a new atheist

the converse is not true - tearing down the presuppositional framework of evolution only evokes emotional hostility - and it cannot produce conversion - only God can do that

so why are we here? It should be evident that we are here to dialog with people such that when we interact with our brothers - not other atheists - we can fortify their faith against the false atheistic arguments, so they do not stumble or become discouraged

but conversion is not the goal of "apology" and never has been

lightwave, CARM 13 Comments [6/19/2008 10:53:25 AM]
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Submitted By: i smell bullshit

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[Apparently, Christians resisted Nazism in some places in Germany; atheists wouldn't have resisted....if they had been there, which they weren't...for some reason]

Well, it's notable that most of those who resisted in Germany, and many other places (Bonhoffer, von Stauffenberg, Corrie ten Boom , etc) did so based on their Christian religious beliefs; if Dawkins et. al. had their way, no such resistance would have existed.

Jhud, ibelieve.com 25 Comments [6/19/2008 10:53:18 AM]
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You were NOT born "gay." You made a lifestyle choice to be homo or lesbo.
God is not hateful towards ppl, only towards sin. His Word has the truth, not some petri dish. When I see a man acting, dressing & speaking like a woman I know that is an act - he wasn't born that way. When I see a woman acting butch, again, it's an act. I know not all do that but the ones who do are a joke & do nothing to further yr agenda. Again, God doesn't hate you, he loves you but he wants you to stop yr sin. I'm a Christian but I'm still a sinner. I'm no better or worse than you except that I've been saved & I repent of my sins every day. We all need to do that.

Sister Bluebird, Newsvine 28 Comments [6/19/2008 10:50:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Bill O'Rly

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[about a girl who died from a self-induced abortion]

Seems like she got what she had coming.

rednesss, Free Republic 38 Comments [6/19/2008 10:48:58 AM]
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I am a believer but engaged to a non believer, a buddhst. We want to get married but he is still not so convinced about accepting Jesus. He wants to be a Christan so that we could get married. Can anyone suggest?

[She is then told that the love between them should be what matters most. If religious harmony is so important, she could convert to Buddhism.]

Thanks for the advice, but I know that Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Light, I know no other God but Him. So my conversion to Buddhism is not what I want to do

Katherine Sngay Lepcha, Facebook: I bet I can find 1,000,000 Christians 17 Comments [6/19/2008 10:48:47 AM]
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