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[Feedback letter to TalkOrigins]

The anwser to your questions about how we became is in the BIBLE! in the book of Genisus. The first few pages of the BIBLE talks about how the earth was created.I know that it is hard to understand, but you should believe because God does exist and this IS how the earth was created and so on. If you have any questions about some things like that then just read the BIBLE and pray for anwsers. i'm not forcing you to become christian, but i will tell you this GOD DOES have the anwsers just pray.The earth was created by GOD NOT scientists. I realize that this is the scientific view but this is how the earth was created.

Kendra, TalkOrigins 46 Comments [6/10/2008 4:28:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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Why ask why, everything evil is bad. I am against homosexuality, I am not against the person who leads the lifestyle. I am against the promotion and education of our youth to homosexuality. This is just a fad and like all fads, glorifing homosexuality will pass. The promoters have no reason to hide in the closet anymore. They will not rest until it is a protected civil right, equal as heterosexuals. Push push push of the movement has its limits and it is starting to back fire. Front and center in the culture will be its downfall. You will be called a racist for taking a stand against homosexuality. I say, the racists are the intolerant homosexuals who can give a damn about how others feel, only themselves, only their agenda.

jp, Conservapedia 40 Comments [6/10/2008 3:57:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Bill O'Rly

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Muhammad was taken by the throat by the devil, whom he assumed to be the Angel Gabriel. Remember that the Holy Arch-Angel Gabriel appeared to the Blessed Virgin and announced to her the Great Joy and salvation of humanity that was about to be manifested within her…and Holy Mary said “Yes.” No throttling of the throat, no threats of annihilation. Holy Angels of God do no such thing! Even St. Michael the Arch-Angel did not bring himself to hurl even a railing accusation at lucifer on his own, but deferred instead to the Almighty and simply said..."may God Himself rebuke you, satan!"

Muhammad, in reality, experienced a demonic attack, and soon afterward he appears to have succumbed totally to such, and vowed to destroy the Christians and Jews...and everybody else who would not submit to his religion and authority.

Father Simeon, Coconut Wireless 25 Comments [6/10/2008 3:56:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random

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According to evolutionists random mutations are what drives evolutionary change. But even they will admit that mutations alone are rare, let alone a mutation that is actually beneficiarry. Take fireflys for instance. I would imagine that the odds of a mutation that creates the light in fireflys to arise even just once would be pretty astronomical. But did you know that there are 2,000 different species of firefly? Now what are the odds that that same mutation appeared 2,000 times? That's like getting struck by lightning while winning the lottery simutanieusly 2,000 times! It's amazing what absudities evolutionists will come up with ;)

Darwin Was Wrong, Yahoo Answers 45 Comments [6/10/2008 3:28:09 AM]
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Not the end of the world , THE END OF THE AGE>

Global warming, nuclear war, the middle east, food prices (causing Famon), adverse weather conditions , global warming ,cyclones tsunamis earthquakes all over the news today.

Is this Good News??? YES

Because we know the Bible is correct and we know our Lord will return soon.

This is Good News in addition to the Good News he loves us is resurrected and died for our sins if we accept him and the Gospel.

And some people say eschatology is doom and gloom

Carey, Christian Forums 45 Comments [6/10/2008 3:21:38 AM]
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Why are you all arguing about the teaching of religion in the science class room. You have your own religion. It's called evolutionism. It's is a belief system that fits nice and neat into the religious format. You worship it. You evangelize others to win others over to your side. You give money to the cause. It has all the makings of religion. Here is the worst part. If someone doesn't believe the way you do, their stupid or ignorant. Maybe you should try to look at the scientific data with more of an open mind and not be quite so religious about it.

IMCREATED, PhysOrg 44 Comments [6/10/2008 3:20:23 AM]
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Submitted By: TheDoc

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I attend a large (2,500) evangelical church in San Diego that is already semi-underground - http://www.mvcf.com/.

We lost our facility 4 years ago and have been meeting in hotels, parks, and beaches. City/County officials refuse to grant us the permitting required to buy or build a new one. We get regular death threats from homosexual radicals and others who hate Christians....

Persecution is coming....

scapegoat, RaptureReady 49 Comments [6/10/2008 3:17:59 AM]
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I DO see miracles all the time. I've also seen people vomit up demonic spirits. Blinded eyes have been healed in the church I attend. There was once an instance in our church where a demonically possessed person climbed up the side of the wall.

Addicted1, www.backpage.com 71 Comments [6/10/2008 3:15:57 AM]
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[Steven Spielberg is part of a god-hating conspiracy !]

hollywood leans to one side of the fence. God and Jesus aren't too popular in films and havent been since the sixties. That is fact.

When the first two (I'm going to pretend DOOM didnt happen) had the quest be for something about God and Jesus, it was very original because in Hollywood, this didnt happen much. Especially during the maverick-seventies era when God and Jesus were basically reverted to being curse words in cinema. So both these plots were very different, and, since Hollywood doesnt dig God much, it was kinda controversial too.

Aliens, on the other hand, have become the Native Americans of cinema. Beloved, and mythical. A replacement to a God that is NOT politically correct.

So when people on this board say GOD AND ALIENS are the same... I must disagree.

Aliens at this point are overblown; the new messiahs; but when RAIDERS and CRUSADE came out, GOD and JESUS were very rarely mentioned in mainstream films. At least not in a positive light.

IN A NUTSHELL: LAST CRUSADE would never be made today. Jesus is practically illegal now; half of what he preached would now be considered HATE SPEECH. And thus, HATE CRIMES.

So people complaining of Aliens are simply TIRED of aliens. Enough already.

Nuke_fridge, IMDB 33 Comments [6/10/2008 3:14:43 AM]
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There is only one true religion. It is Christianity.
There is only one book that knows truth about the world around us – it is Bible.
Evolution is wrong because it contradicts Bible, and therefore it contradicts my faith.
How can you say that Bible is full of lies.
It just shows your total lack of intelligence, because even scientists(great scientists, not you) believe in god.
Bible is a Holy book. There are no mistakes in it.

Evolution is just a part of lame atheist propaganda, face it.
I just KNOW that god exists, I can feel it. I believe in our lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you all.

Evans, PhysForum 55 Comments [6/10/2008 3:09:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Max

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[Ultra-rare Atheist Fundie!]

VIRGINIA - The objective of a new video game is to stop the spread of Christianity and Islam by brutally killing biblical prophets, says the game’s atheist creator.

A graduate student at the University of Virginia created the game --which has not yet been released-- in order to give a voice to atheists, according to WSLS Television News. The grad-student wishes to remain anonymous for “fear of his safety.”


He hopes the game’s real message --helping kids imagine a time when religion was new and less organized-- will not become an undertone to the violence.

“It’s the idea of being able to go back in time and sort of nipping the problem in the bud,” says the game's creator.

Anonymous Fundie Atheist, KUTV News 71 Comments [6/10/2008 3:03:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Chamale

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I have a question along a very similar vein.
Yesterday I was talking with my great-aunt. She told me that when my grandmother (her sister) was going to be baptized, she asked her if my grandpa had been baptized. If he hadn't then she'd better not get baptized herself because she wouldn't be spending eternity with him! Then as I began to explain God's truth to her she said that she thought she was good enough to get into heaven probably because she'd never really done anything much wrong and if she wasn't good enough that was ok because all of her friends would be in hell anyway. There was more to it than that - she made some more inane statements and I calmly tried to just explain things to her - about believing and not works, repenting of sins. I just sort of figured she'd know all this at her age. She's in her 70's. Has she never heard a sermon at someone's funeral?

My question is - do I follow up now? Or do I let her go on the info I've provided and just pray. If I kept after her - would that be casting my pearls before swine?

Maggie, RaptureReady 34 Comments [6/10/2008 3:01:57 AM]
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My oldest son is unsaved, and I drive him to and from work, so he doesn't need house keys but I've been worrying about how he'd get in the house if we were raptured while he was at work. I knew if I suggested he carry a set of keys "in case of rapture" he'd belittle the idea, but last night he said "You may not have noticed, but I've got your spare keys, do you mind if I keep them?" It made me wonder if it's getting close and the Lord is preparing the way.

tygerkittn, Rapture Ready 78 Comments [6/9/2008 11:39:03 PM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

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I have a hard time believing it too. Evidence of a creator is scientifically proven with quantum physics...the only problem is most people don't use educational evidence to substantiate their theories. Those that do end up only finding evidence supporting God. Like Eistein hated that his theories supported creation, so he tried to disprove his OWN theories, but he couldn't.

Bethany k, myYearbook 48 Comments [6/9/2008 7:58:27 PM]
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Submitted By: S.E.

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Evolutionists claim that we evolved from monkeys. if this were true then we'd keep getting smarter, smarter and more powerful. But have you looked in the newspapers? Crime rates increase while graduation rates decrease! we pay over 4 bucks a gallon for gas but the other side of the world is paying 46 cents!? Thats our "smart" Gov. When did you ever hear about a recent Einstein? A New cure? The next big discovery? you won't.
Why arnt the monkeys nowadays turning into humans?
Face it-we never evolved from anything-no slime, parasites, bacteria, no primates.
Tell me what you think

Tylerbrown61, Gaia Online 72 Comments [6/9/2008 6:53:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Fishcakes

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God's creation: ready to go


God created things ready to go.
Adam and Eve were not created as babies but were adults. Question to theo evos- were Adam and Eve ever babies? Another question is how old was Adam and Even when they were created?

They were put on an earth ready to sustain them.
God didn't waste billions of years experimenting to get it right. He made it ready to be inhabited by us from day 6. All in place for us.

Scarlets79, CARM 34 Comments [6/9/2008 6:52:10 PM]
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[Speaking about Web sites where atheists denounce Christianity - what the original poster posited as 'casting pearls before swine']

I would agree with BibleNuggetLady, and say those sites are places the Lord would not want you to go. NO one there is open to having their minds changed. I would consider them the very definition of "swine" because they have made up their minds to roll around in the "mud of the world" rather than hold themselves up to any kind of Godly standard. They have as much potential in their souls as anyone else, but have CHOSEN not to use it.

ZeldaCA, Rapture Ready 28 Comments [6/9/2008 6:50:22 PM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

Quote# 40643

Article titled:
Carter tells London paper Israel possesses 150 nuclear weapons

Carter should be tried for treason, and for interfering in US foreign policy. He is probably not anywhere near current on what Israel has, but he should keep his mouth shut.

sherrimae, RaptureReady 41 Comments [6/9/2008 6:12:35 PM]
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i pity there fantisy worlds. i've read lots of physics and biology books and they are all full of silly misconceptions, for example how can e=mc squared? .... how can you make a square out of the speed of light and times it by mass to give energy? these people need the almighty more than anyone, God bless them!

by there way of thinking if you make a triangle out of gravity and divide it by density it equals temperture

Jeremy Fisher, PhysOrg 88 Comments [6/9/2008 6:03:55 PM]
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Submitted By: TheDoc

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[In response to the article where baby survives an abortion (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1024297/Mothers-anger-turns-delight-baby-survives-abortion.html)]

This is one of God's many miracles, especially against the sin of abortion. Praise Christ this murder was prevented.

BowDownBeforeHim, xanga.com/TheTheologiansCafe 31 Comments [6/9/2008 5:33:09 PM]
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Submitted By: Tallon

Quote# 40650

I found that quote a lot among Googlists. I have to say, i agree with it, 100%. I am a slave to the one and only god, the creator of the Heavans and the Earth, and all things good. Repent, for you are all worshiping evil idols and must convert your evil ways! I want to help you, Hell is not a good place to go, if i could only give you one peice of advice, READ THE BIBLE. It is not a boring book, its a guide to life. Study it, go to church, spread the gospel! A life in Hell is worse than anything you've ever imagined, don't go there, belive in Christ.

wovelscotch, The Church of Google 36 Comments [6/9/2008 5:29:45 PM]
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My husband doesn't believe in the rapture either. I figure he will be really surprised when it happens! And maybe I'll get to say "I told you so".

Doubt it, though...because I'll be looking at Jesus!

Resting, Rapture Ready 51 Comments [6/9/2008 5:23:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

Quote# 40674

[Talking about how to turn a paintball game / birthday party into a force-Jesus-down-your-throat occasion]

I like the paintballs leave a mark and so does sin, I bet we can work that in with the "missing your target" idea.

This started out as a birthday party for our sons, but it keeps growing. We have a friend that wants to bring someone who is not saved, just so the unsaved friend could be around some Christian teens. That's when I offered to have a Gospel presentation at the lunch break, because I know not all the kids that will be there have heard the Gospel.

My oldest son overheard us planning, rolled his eyes and said, "Do you have to turn everything into an outreach? We can't do anything without you sharing the Gospel." Despite him rolling his eyes, I took that as a compliment!

Itiswell, Rapture Ready 66 Comments [6/9/2008 3:06:33 PM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

Quote# 40620

I did mine last week. But listen....pray before anyone comes in...that's hard to do. I forget all the time. And pay consequences....The spirits come in all forms and through any open door....meaning person, animal....and all it takes is getting the slightest bit annoyed at something...and they pounce. Knowing you are scared, they may come strong so annoint your house and pray non-stop rebuking all evil from your home and anyone who enters it.

God Bless

TrueHope, ChristianForums 33 Comments [6/9/2008 2:58:27 PM]
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Submitted By: shadow12615

Quote# 40590

There were times when I would hear someone walking up my bedroom steps and walking across my floor towards me in bed. I would turn around, but no one was there. I would lie in bed and feel the entire bed shake as if it were pushed. Shadows would move across my walls when there was nothing to cast a shadow. A lamp that sat securely on my desk catapulted out at me. These were just the beginnings of more terrifying things that were yet to come.

You may be saying to yourself right now, "Why didn't you just turn back to the Lord?" It's because I really didn't know how! At this point my mind was not my own. You see, by stepping into the devil's playground I unknowingly gave him permission to control me. I was terrified! I was afraid to go to bed because I was tormented every night. I'd get up during the night to use the bathroom and I'd feel something walking behind me or hovering over me.

I actually know what the presence of evil "feels" like. If there's a bad spirit around me every hair on my body stands on end. There's also a "whoosh" feeling that starts in the pit of my stomach and moves straight up my body. It feels like the "going down" feeling on a roller coaster. This started happening more frequently and it got more intense to the point where it took my breath away. This was the turning point in my situation. Up to this point it had been going on for about a year and a half.

Michael, Christian-Faith.com 41 Comments [6/9/2008 2:58:24 PM]
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