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I just can't believe how many of us feel like any day could be the day. Not only us, but non-christians as well. I live in Illinois and we have had nothing but rain. When it started and kept going, day-after-day, I started to see that God was "cleansing" the earth! I don't know for fact, for each morning when I looked out the window, I could hear the words "God's cleansing the earth". I was reading this thread again and somewhere back they were talking about Christmas decorations, etc., and I started to laugh because I started selling all my collectible ornaments in January. Everytime I look at my Christmas stuff, all I can think is "I won't be needing that anymore!" Can you believe that! I thought it was just me, but I quite pleased to know that I'm in good company! I don't love anything (material wise) anymore and I've been selling and selling it off, with no regrets and a smile on my face! What is that about? I always buy off-season, but this year, nope, didn't do it. My gut feeling keep telling me "no, you're not going to need it". Also, I've noticed the people God has been putting into my life, crossing paths so-to-speak and each one(s) I meet or reacquaint myself with, somehow turns the subject to the Lord and what is going on. Then bang, I'm in...and by the time we've finished our discussion, they are excited about the conversation we've just had and they start reading the Bible or at least are more eager to learn about the Lord Jesus. My life and family's life took a major turn these last couple of years and at first, I just couldn't figure out what He was doing with my life and why this road and not another. Silly me, shame on me for even wondering that because for the past 2 years, I know and I see the writing on the wall that He wanted me to see. I don't wonder about any of that anymore and I know whatever happens, He's in charge and it's the same with this feeling I have had (and so many others) about what's coming in the very near future. I feel it and I know it's just there, no questions asked. I can't wait till we are raptured and I too pray everyday that the Lord Jesus comes soon. I also pray for God and how sad He must be that this world has had to go this route. I pray for God's broken heart, crying my eyes out just thinking about Him crying and the sadness He must feel about what lies ahead. Anyway, that's my two-cents worth!!!

Maribeth, RaptureReady 58 Comments [6/7/2008 5:28:57 AM]
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First Raven might not be our raven. Dove likewise. These are words being used for some kind of animals but who do they really mean.
Kinds would of been very few. For example I suspect bears and dogs are the same kind and more then this. Perhaps elephants and tapirs are the same kind. Certainly marsupials are the same kind as their counterpoints in placentals.
Perhaps triceritops dinos are just rhinos.
the classification of the last few hundred years has been incompetent.
First we nmeed to settle the actual divisions of the living creatures and fossil ones before figuring out what was on the ark.

Robert Byers, CARM 42 Comments [6/7/2008 5:28:41 AM]
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Submitted By: EnemyPartyII

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No, what I meant is that, in line with Romans 9, the fate of the wicked demonstrates by contrast the great mercy of God towards His people. By all rights, I ought to be cast into the lake of fire myself; the fact that I'm not going to hell is sheerly an act of grace and mercy.

MessianicServant, FSTDT.com 40 Comments [6/7/2008 1:51:04 AM]
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Well, theres no difference between atheism and theism anyway. Atheists are just in the closet theists.

ChaybaChayba, Dreamviews Forums 50 Comments [6/7/2008 1:30:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Moordryd

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[In response to a Native American quote: ""If you take a copy of the Christian Bible and put it out in the wind and the rain, soon the paper on which the words are printed will disintegrate and the words will be gone. Our bible IS the wind and the rain."]

I'm just feeling very emotional about all this today. I haven't given it much thought lately and all of a sudden when I read that quote I just saw red! I was just so angry! And then I wanted to cry and maybe I should have and then I wouldn't feel like I want to just throw up now.

I have often thought, isn't it just overwhelmingly incredible that we have the ear of the Creator of the entire universe and everything in it? My Lord! It blows me away. He loves us. Why, I just don't understand, but He does.

Maggie, Rapture Ready 63 Comments [6/7/2008 1:24:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

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Sorry, but look on the web and see that there is confusion in today's society about whether the sun rotates around the earth as well. After all, motion is relative to stationary objects. But if both objects are moving, especially if we are living on a moving or rotating object, then it's difficult to determine if the sun is moving or not.

Carico, CARM 55 Comments [6/7/2008 12:13:50 AM]
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Submitted By: EnemyPartyII

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I am not stupid because I know that GOD is real and he loves me and he has a plan for my life. I am not goo!!!!

Creationist, Evolved Rationalist EXPOSED! 49 Comments [6/7/2008 12:13:30 AM]
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(after being told by other fundies that Wii fit is sinful, as it has a yoga level)
thank u lord i traded in my wii for a sega Genesis ... no stupid yoga 4 us thanks friends

Cierolovesantonio, Rapture Ready 92 Comments [6/7/2008 12:11:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Chamale

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Athar, I think you are misunderstanding my remarks. It is not the fate of the unsaved that brings us joy; it's the fact that God, in His grace, has spared us from a similar fate that we fully and richly deserved. If you were trapped in a burning building, and Jesus came with a ladder and offered you a way to escape, wouldn't you be excited? Wouldn't you praise Him and thank Him for saving you? The ladder that Jesus brought in order to give us an opportunity to escape God's judgment was His cross, which reconciled man to God and took away the punishment that we so richly deserved.

There will be no 'joy' over the fate of the wicked in and of itself. No one wants you to go to hell, least of all those who have died without knowing the Lord. If you read the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus in the gospel of Luke, you will see that the unsaved rich man begged God to send someone on his behalf to warn his family to repent so that they could avoid his fate. Those who die without the Lord know the seriousness of an eternity without Christ better than we do.

That's why I try to warn people about hell and hold out the promise of the gospel to them. As I mentioned in another post, I had a 15 year old niece who died without knowing the Lord. I know that she wouldn't want to see others die without Jesus, and that's why I do my best to witness the gospel to others. It's my way of honoring her memory

MessianicServant, FSTDT.com 43 Comments [6/7/2008 12:06:55 AM]
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It seems that atheists haven’t figured it out yet, but we don’t need to prove anything. We know God personally, and we know that we know Him.

Ray Comfort, The Soap Box 81 Comments [6/6/2008 8:13:51 PM]
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I said atheism is completely pointless.

I challenge you to try and show me the point of atheism.

How does "believing God doesn't exist" make you any wiser? It's like one sentence. I already memorized that sentence, therefore I already memorized the whole of atheism, and atheism can't learn me anything new anymore.

ChaybaChayba, Dreamviews Forums 59 Comments [6/6/2008 8:13:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Moordryd

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Sorry but truth never changes.

Sorry, but viruses don't mate and breed together. So flu vaccines aren't based on transferring genes via copulation as animals and humans breed offspring. so it's not evolution that leads scientists to invent vaccines. It's understanding how viruses react to outside stimuli.

Carico Strikes Again!, CARM 33 Comments [6/6/2008 8:13:28 PM]
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Submitted By: EnemyPartyII

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Also, you can't tend to blame the crime rate on Christians. For starters, atheists are more responsible for hideous crimes towards any person that has faith in God...(remember Columbine?)

Ever since the system removed God from public schools, school shootings increased dramatically.

And further more, Christianity teaches that one should obey the law; not go about violently attacking or killing.

Xiao-Feng-Fury, Deviantart 40 Comments [6/6/2008 5:57:09 PM]
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Submitted By: Voice of logic

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One can say we cam from giant elephants. And you can't prove we didn't because no one knows who the "common ancestor" is. After all, evolutionists claim we came from non-human apes, so by their reasoning, we could come from any animal. But that's because they don't understand why a non-human can't give birth to a human. You guys are so funny

Carico, CARM 38 Comments [6/6/2008 5:56:15 PM]
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Submitted By: EnemyPartyII

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There are four Sodomite looking men who make up the Wiggles Group. This is a music group who is pattering their show to the "Monkeys" of the 1970s.

First of all, there is Rock n Roll Music in this show. Then they encourage children to gyrate their bodies like Harlots and effeminent sissies. Don't forget the symbol of the Rainbow (their clothing) which is used as a symbol of Lesbians now. How about Captain Feather Sword?? Is he a swashbuckler?? Well, parents, check out how he holds and runs with this "feather" sword. A swashbuckler would run with it either clutched to his chest or extended over his head to do battle. Not this pervert! He has a different insinuation in mind.

Parents, I strongly would encourage you to prayerfully consider how deceptive Satan is. Remember, "IF THE WORLD IS HOT, GOD IS NOT!" If the world is making something popular, God is no where near it! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN

Unknown, Truth 4 Teens 81 Comments [6/6/2008 5:53:22 PM]
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Submitted By: Kaori

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Don't you ever think that a couple animals died in the same area and over time the geologic processes that would take place shifted them around, and when paleontologists uncovered them, they just managed to fit together, despite being bones from separate animals.

Alex Gaby, Global Atheist Society 35 Comments [6/6/2008 5:36:18 PM]
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You're right - the radical homsexual agenda's stance is most hypocritical. First they wanted "tolerance". Now they're demanding acceptance. Step by step, they keep pushing and pushing until one day, the situation in Canada will be here: preachers won't be able to speak out against homosexuality in their own churches for fear of being jailed for hate speech. The radical agenda infiltrates the legal system and uses it to their own agenda and advantage.

Interestingly enough, I was listening to talk radio show a few weeks ago discuss same-sex marriage being legalized in California (for the time being) - and a gay man called in and (surprisingly) was very against the idea. His words were "they have parades calling for tolerance - because we're different. But then they want to be the same as heterosexuals by demanding marriage be allowed for same-sex couples. So they want to be recognized as different - yet be the same. You can't have it both ways."

jaybird74, Rapture Ready 48 Comments [6/6/2008 5:32:43 PM]
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Submitted By: Deimos107

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Since you have no valid arguments to any of the discussions, all you can do is try to find something that you can criticize me for. And you've zeroed in on dinosaurs, planets and stars because you believe everything scientists say just like a robot. So I guess you'll have to find out when you die that the difference between planets and stars is so inconsequential and minute, it's not even worth arguing about.

Carico, CARM 44 Comments [6/6/2008 4:54:39 PM]
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Submitted By: EnemyPartyII

Quote# 40558

"During the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials of 1692, 13 women were executed." http://www2.ari.net/rjohnson/articles/FEAR.MUP.html

I remember reading somewhere that this wasn't witches at all. It was Christian women who caught the elite using witchcraft and they were burned at the stake instead.

Robert Howard, Prison Planet 41 Comments [6/6/2008 3:57:36 PM]
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[from a CNN.com report about a lesbian couple who kissed in the stands at Safeco Field in Seattle at a Mariners/Red Sox game on May 26]

"But last week, a lesbian complained that an usher at Safeco Field asked her to stop kissing her date because it was making another fan uncomfortable."

. . .

"The usher, Guerrero said, told them he had received a complaint from a woman nearby who said that there were kids in the crowd of nearly 36,000 and that parents would have to explain why two women were kissing."

[about 2/3 down the article is another quote]

"'I would be uncomfortable' seeing public displays of affection between lesbians or gay men, said Jim Ridneour, a 54-year-old taxi driver. 'I don't think it's right seeing women kissing in public. If I had my family there, I'd have to explain what's going on.'"

Some uptight woman in the stands, CNN.com 71 Comments [6/6/2008 2:22:59 PM]
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Submitted By: Dark_Lord_Prime

Quote# 40523

I disagree. I guess it just depends on how you interpret the facts. I have an advanced degree from Liberty University and one of the things that I was taught was to always submit my understanding of the facts to the objective witness of God's Word. This prevents me from falling into subjective interpretations.

MessianicServant, FSTDT 63 Comments [6/6/2008 2:21:55 PM]
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Submitted By: Chamale

Quote# 40515

Oh, and last but not least, when someone asks you to respect their beliefs, respect their beliefs. If you saw me in public and said what you have said about Christianity on here, I would sock you in the face, so knock it off.

Crimean Republic, NationStates forum 60 Comments [6/6/2008 9:55:07 AM]
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Submitted By: Acebrock

Quote# 40513

Same sex couples, whether married or not, will NEVER know what it's like to have the most meaningful relationship: kids.

they cannot even have kids together--people were not made for that reason; those who miscarry and can never have kids should look down upon gay couples who are distressed, thinking they have the same sorrow as heterosexual couples do in their natural hardship of life

Jeff, iThink 54 Comments [6/6/2008 9:52:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Dysperdis

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Islam is not weak and feeble and it has withstood attacks far more well-planned than a blogger's poorly written diatribes. However, it is not Islam that I am worried about, it is Muslims (especially impressionable ones). I do not know if we stand on common ground regarding the issue of apostasy, but I firmly believe that an apostate who dies as an apostate without repenting will be eternally damned in hell. When a man such as Kareem invites people to commit apostasy and flaunts his utter disrespect to Allah and Islam, this causes two problems. First of all, many people may share his views yet are afraid of coming forward and vociferating these opinions and beliefs, and seeing a precedent will no doubt ease their anxiety. Second, many young and impressionable Muslims may read his drivel and actually be convinced by it. Now this may sound like old Muslim scholar rhetoric to you, but think about it. A 17 year old boy with a very weak foundation in Islam (very common unfortunately) reads something on the internet that convinces him to renounce Allah and Islam, has a car accident the next day and dies. In my belief, he will go to hell. For anyone who believes the same thing, censuring a man such as Kareem to save that 17-year-old far outweighs the benefits of a no-exceptions application of freedom of speech. I, for one, do not want Islamic equivalents of Friedrich Nietzche and Karl Marx to arise because of free speech, and I do not want mosques to become deserted like many European churches today. In conclusion, I am a firm advocate of free speech EXCEPT for the criticism of religion; I am an advocate of a free speech custom-tailored for Islam, and not imported as-is from the West. That is my opinion.

3zayez, SaudiSphere 45 Comments [6/6/2008 7:03:38 AM]
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Quote# 40514

FSM is one of the most flawed propositions circuclating, probably first and foremost beacause the author, in his apparent desire to make some money off his idea, (in December 2005, Bobby Henderson received a reported USD $80,000 advance from Villard to pen The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) admitted it was a spoof.

I cannot think of one sincere Christian person who claims that God is real and then at the same time says "Oh, BTW, my belief is a spoof."

Twobitsmedia, Debating Christianity 58 Comments [6/6/2008 6:58:22 AM]
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