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Why do 'good' atheists think there good?
Don't they know that they get there internal thoughts from God?

Even democracy itself comes originally from Christian values....

Do Atheist know that when they behave thereself and are good where it comes from? Try and think about it!!

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Jennifer, Yahoo Answers 44 Comments [7/12/2008 3:40:13 AM]
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That's spelled r-e-l-i-g-I-o-n. Sorry, but there's no E in that word. See what I mean about the IQ on here.

SFG, http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/ 46 Comments [7/12/2008 2:40:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Feynmaniac

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Evolution is not science because science is observation and no one observed evolution.

I just disproved evolution in 13 words.

Luke, TalkOrigins 57 Comments [7/12/2008 1:10:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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But life is a precious gift of the Creator. Only under certain circumstances are we allowed to take it away, as in legal executions. But abortion is not something we are allowed in God's law.

Jack T. Chick, Chick Publications 48 Comments [7/12/2008 1:06:11 AM]
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Submitted By: Fibonacci

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For about 200 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, almost every American school taught the fact that all of America's Founding Fathers were Men of Faith, and most were Christians. There was always ample evidence to back this up and almost nobody ever seriously questioned this teaching.

But things have dramatically changed.

During the last few decades, American public schools have been taken over by militant atheists who detest Christianity. Atheists also have taken over most of the mass media, such as television, the movies, magazines and the Internet.

Darwin Conspiracy, Darwin Conspiracy 30 Comments [7/12/2008 1:05:50 AM]
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Submitted By: WMUATimothy

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Bishops lead a hard life they really ought to be excused for a little child abuse from time to time. Even thou i'm one of the few followers of the leviticus rules I still tend to have sinful thoughts about molesting my adopted daughter from time to time, it's really not my fault it's just our sinful human nature that takes over.

biblethumping, IIDB 84 Comments [7/12/2008 1:04:08 AM]
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You know how at sporting events they have "the wave" where one group starts it and then it cycles all the way around back to the beginning? Do you remember how at the year 2000 they showed on television all the New Year celebrations going on around the world as the new millennium began? ...

Let's have an around the world shofar assembly in every time zone on the Feast of Trumpets at sunset announcing to Messiah we are awake and anxiously anticipating His return. What a dress rehearsal! Won't that stir His heart?

We will list on our website all the cities in the different time zones that are participating and hopefully we can get people from every tongue, tribe and nation participating as we join in proclaiming Yeshua (Jesus) as our coming King!

Mark Biltz (from the WingNut Daily article), WorldNetDaily 22 Comments [7/12/2008 1:03:46 AM]
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[On Professor PZ Myers' threat to abuse crackers]

Absolutely sickening. I hope he loses his job.....although somehow I doubt that'll happen. I can only imagine if he had gone on a similiar tirade to offend blacks or homosexuals

masondoggy, Catholic Answers Forums 42 Comments [7/12/2008 12:58:00 AM]
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Atheism is not confined to atheists.

Edward, Christian Cross Talk 34 Comments [7/11/2008 11:05:32 PM]
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Seeing-eye dogs present a problem to many Muslim taxi drivers.

Muslim taxi drivers refusing to allow the guide dogs into their cars is a recurring theme. In July 1997, for example, a New Orleans taxi driver, Mahmoud Awad, got so incensed at his passenger, Sandi Dewdney, trying to bring a dog into the cab that he physically yanked her out of it by the arm while yelling "No dog, No dog, Get out, get out." He harmed her broken wrist. To this, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)replied by pointing out that "the saliva of dogs invalidates the ritual purity needed for prayer" and left it to the scholars of Islam to decide whether a guide dog should be allowed in a cab.

Mahmoud Awad, Muslim Taxi Drivers vs. Seeing-Eye Dogs 41 Comments [7/11/2008 8:08:56 PM]
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What is the biggest problem for an atheist?

Answer : The biggest problem for an atheist is they are going to hell.

Shayna, Yahoo Answers 43 Comments [7/11/2008 7:44:31 PM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

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A passage came to mind.

You all don't mind a little Bible, do you?

Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! (21) Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! (22) Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: (23) Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! (24) Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

Now that you've read this passage, compare it to the public schools...

-Jesus is not allowed in schools, but Muhammad is taught: Calling evil good and good evil.
-California says kids cannot use terms like 'mommie' and 'daddy', yet sodomy is an acceptable alternate lifestyle.
-Parents send their kids off to an institutional schools where the use of alcohol is encouraged by many of the teachers.
-In the quest for 'higher knowledge', common sense and the truth of the Bible is discarded on the alter of evolution
Ethics? In our anything for a dollar society, the belief is that there is no absolute 'right and wrong'. These are merely guidelines that can be moved based on the need or circumstance

The majority of the people around us have unwittingly stepped into Isa 5 without even realizing it. Therefore, it MUST be our mission to show them the truth of the Word of God! Without the light of the Word of God, their end will be what is described in verse 24. They will be destroyed.

HOWEVER, this is also a sure sign that the rapture and the return of the Lord is near! In that, we can (and should) rejoice!

Imasaved1, T4C 48 Comments [7/11/2008 7:39:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Pikachukid

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I don’t know why I’m doing this because you will
all deny this evidence like you deny the obvious
evidence for Jesus Christ but I’m going to try to
open your minds anyway. Much of the evidence
supporting ID involves fruit and vegetables and
I will present even more convincing and
overwhelming evidence involving chicken.

[The fruits and vegetable links were links to Ray Comfort's banana argument and another video about vegetables looking like human organs]

What do you hear when someone in the movies
tastes something foreign or something in the wild
that isn’t usually eaten? They say it tastes like
chicken! Some actor eats a lizard he says
it tastes like chicken or some other actor has a
strange foreign meal and he says it tastes like
chicken! Now, what are the chances that all
these animals should taste like chicken?
Darwinists would say that all these animals
evolved to taste like chicken just by pure chance!
But how is that possible? It’s
astronomically UNLIKELY and practically
IMPOSSIBLE! Obviously, a caring Intelligent
Designer designed these animals to taste like
chicken so that when we run out of normal food
we wouldn’t need to resort to eating bad tasting
food. God had the foresight to make many animals
taste like chicken just as He had the foresight to
make plants photosynthesize carbon dioxide and
produce oxygen so that we could breathe.

This is another nail in the coffin for evolution by
chance and more evidence for Darwinists to ignore.
You can’t keep relying on archaic 19th century
science and it’s time to embrace the reality of design
and appreciate God’s well-thought out creation.

Just think about it.

drekoguk, Internet Infidels 70 Comments [7/11/2008 7:38:48 PM]
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Submitted By: Orlor

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That doesn't surprise me at all. With every passing day the church becomes more and more secularized, as Christians compromise their faith for "politically correct" or "tolerant" opinions.

Oprah was wrong, there are not many paths to God or many ways to be a Christian.

RejectedDreams, deviantART 22 Comments [7/11/2008 7:37:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Voice of logic

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Why do people think you need sunlight for plants. Plants grown on the ocean floor 5 miles down. It's documented.

Leitchen grows on the NORTH SIDE away from the sun.

Mushrooms grow in caves.

People need to read a science book.

Science books have just as much fantasy as the Bible, only they have more respect among some people.

Pluto was once considered, scientifically, to be a planet you know! There's a book from Dr. Fred Hoyle that says so! It also says the Universe is in Steady State.

Earl D, Yahoo! Answers 38 Comments [7/11/2008 7:23:04 PM]
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Submitted By: Mike

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Freemasons do not try to fool us, they do what they do in the open - you are considered by them too "vulgar" or too stupid to know better. Their idols are everywhere and you probably consider them patriotic monuments. For example, you, like many Americans, probably feel proud of your country and what it stands for when you see the Statue of Liberty and you believe what your teachers told you about it's origins - but this idol to the Sun god of the Masons, Lucifer in the image of Helios and the Mother Goddess Venus (or whatever historical name you want to call her by: Isis, Diana, Victoria, Columbia) is in the open and unrecognized by your untrained eyes. Even the plaque at it's base gives it's real origin away.

TomSki, RaptureReady 42 Comments [7/11/2008 6:50:00 PM]
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Classifying humans as "hominids" is where you get lost and lead us astray though, since in order to distinguish humans from apes at the outset we can only be classified as humanids in the Family of Humanidea under the Order of Primates.

joe_christian, Liberty News Forum 14 Comments [7/11/2008 6:05:55 PM]
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[Kind of funny how the only two of the ten commandments are part of western law]

[Talking about the ACLU. The other points are just as stupid]

9. They have numerous times threatened any small town across America for displaying the Ten Commandments, claiming the fraudulent excuse of “seperation of church and state” when the Commandments are not really religious at all, but merely the basis of Western law.

krock1dk, Urban Dictionary 25 Comments [7/11/2008 5:59:53 PM]
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(What is this FSTDT, CTSTDT?)


mikpat- 07/09/2008 06:05:59 PM
Religious bigots,, fraudulent atheists, no longer want to be tolerated, They want to monopolize the public square and to expel Christians from it. They want political questions like abortion to be divorced from religious and moral claims. They want to control school curricula so they can promote secular ideology and undermine Christianity. They want to discredit the factual claims of religion, example,,,,,,,they immmediately countered that this is NOT a" Nation founded by Christian ideals",. they want to convince the rest of society that Christianity is not only mistaken but also evil. They blame Christianity for the crimes of history but never mention atheistic -communism and its slaughter of one hundred million.

Christianity is the target of assault by the religious bigots on this forum. They are oblivious and could care less about sincere poster's religious conviction and their Biblical quotes.

Their modus operandi;;;;;;denigrate religion/Christianity no matter what,,,, lie, insult, curse, distort, fabricate, etc. as long as the post mocks religion, ...... religious bigots, you're OK

mikpat, AT&T Message Board: Religion 36 Comments [7/11/2008 4:25:17 PM]
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Even when King Saul had a demon, sent from God? to torment him, God also sent him the remedy. Only David playing music, on his harp, and singing the Psalms, presumably, soothed his torment.

At the very least you can play some godly Christian music, preferably some psalms put to music, and you will find great relief, just as old King Saul did.

Satan doesn't like godly music, and words, especially so, when they are put together.

Todah, Theology Online 36 Comments [7/11/2008 4:25:11 PM]
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Submitted By: Joe Roberts

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Without a Creator, there is no POINT to ANYTHING. You may as well take out a gun and shoot the person next to you in the head after the pretty sunset is over.

"No!" you said..."I shouldn't do that."

Why not?

"Cause I wouldn't want to kill anyone!"

Why not? Who cares about life and death? There's no point to any of it. You're just a bunch of nicely-arranged random molecules anyway. So are the rest of us.

"Ok, then, I wouldn't do it because it would bring sorrow and pain to their family and friends. And it's illegal! I'd go to prison!"

So shoot yourself after you're done shooting them. Problem solved. Or heck, just go ahead and go to prison. What do you care what happens to you? You're NOTHING, lol. You're just a happy freak accident of the universe. And who cares about "sorrow and pain"? It's all just freaky chemical reactions in our accidentally-created brains anyway. Emotions aren't "things". They're just abstract concepts. It's all just a bunch of chemicals and neurons and such. None of it matters. And what's this about "illegal"?? Who gets to say what's right and wrong, anyway? There's no such thing as "right" and "wrong" because there's no ULTIMATE AUTHORITY! Laws were made up just to help society run more smoothly. Morality is a bunch of bunk.

"No! I'm not shooting anyone, especially myself."

Why not?

"I want to stay alive! I like being alive."

Why? The world is pointless. You're pointless. Life is pointless. The world is full of pain and hate and misery and struggle. Why not just end it and get some nice, empty, no-more-brain-activity peace?

Atheists believe a lot more about God than they will ever even comprehend.

Inkabink, ChristianForums 74 Comments [7/11/2008 4:24:53 PM]
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[In a thread discussing about Satan using different religions to bring down Christianity]

I definitely believe that satan is behind each and every religion that is false. That is his way of stealing souls. My best friend says she worships a goddess. That goddess is satan in disguise. How I pray for her eyes to be opened before it is too late for her!

God bless you!

suzirees1969, Rapture Ready 35 Comments [7/11/2008 4:20:15 PM]
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Submitted By: Malkavian Jeff

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yea i heard about this but i dont know if it passed or not. yea this is prety sickning and definitly wrong. and yea like caitlin said im taken history and everything just about was founded on God. we was a prayin Bible reading country at one time and now today it makes me mad that everything about God is wanting to be taken out. but yea this is really sick. and also like caitlin said the two most important things we need is a Holly Ghost revival based upon the Bible and definitly prayers!!!

preacher kid, T4C 33 Comments [7/11/2008 4:17:26 PM]
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Submitted By: WMUATimothy

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[Fundie can't do basic maths]


"Oh you think you are a good person huh? I agree, you probably are a good person, and you probably only sin once or twice a day right?"

Sin is what the Bible calls imperfections they are like lying cheating stealing, looking at lust etc.

So say you only sin twice a day, (thats better than me!!) well how many days are in a week?


ok and how many weeks in a year?


ok and so thats 104 sins!!!

Do you think you are going to heaven with all those sins?


thats why Jesus came and died, to pay our bail,

just A=admit your guilt

B=Believe He died for you

And C=commit to recieve the gift of forgiveness


grady11, Xian forums 55 Comments [7/11/2008 10:57:49 AM]
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I've made this point. Consider, an obscure carpenters son, charged and convicted of sedition, then executed. Think about the odds, that time it'self is reconed from the day of this mans birth. What year is it? 2005. 2005 from when? 2005 from the birth of Jesus Christ. If there is no God and Jesus is not the son of God, how could this have happened?

Harlan Norris, Christian Forums 45 Comments [7/11/2008 10:12:48 AM]
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Submitted By: Jenna