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One aspect of the atheist influence is gluttony. Look around you next time you go to the store, especially if you live in the South, everybody has a big fat ass or a gut that hangs over like an apron. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Jesus said in his great discourse on faith:

"For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?"

Gluttony is a lack of faith. A lack of faith is part and parcel of the atheistic influence. Show me an obese person, and I’ll show you a slave to this world, a slave who’s only comforts are the indulgence of his or her bodily pleasures, a hedonist, an atheist.

But let me also say this, even if a person is obese, if they are losing weight in the name of Christ, though they are currently overweight, they are not the person I’m talking about, for those people have repented. They are perfect and it doesn’t matter what they’re body looks like.

Edward Gordon, Christian Cross Talk 72 Comments [7/10/2008 2:10:04 PM]
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Quote# 42638

Will you join me in calling for regime change in the media and academia?
The two horns on the vile beast mentioned in the book
of Daniel: The media and the academic establishment.

They have been usurped by the Atheist mafia who seek
to indoctrinate us with their evil and baseless propaganda.

But only as long as we put up with it.

Isn't it time we liberated our universities and colleges from
the academic fascists who push a subtle Atheist agenda
and seek to divorce America from her divine mission?

Isn't it time to tear down their evil regime and bring
freedom and democracy back into the lecture room?
Should we not burn their wretched books and papers
and consign them to the oblivion of hell?

Isn't it time we marched on Universal Studios and
ousted the liberals and atheists from their ivory towers?

How long must America live under this Atheist oppression?

Only when we have defeated them can we be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Pastor Winthrop III, Yahoo Answers 52 Comments [7/10/2008 2:04:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Rufus

Quote# 42644

[Atheist press charges for discrimination in the army]
It amazes me how on a daily basis Christians are asked, no wait ordered, to put their faith aside and NOT pray and the courts back it up. But yet it's not okay when the tables are turned. Interesting.......

Audra, CNN 25 Comments [7/10/2008 1:52:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Lord_Xenu

Quote# 42611

All news is good news when you know who produced it and controls it!!! God is good all the time, regardless of whats going on in this sordid pile of mud!!! Look at the news through the veil of Jesus,then you see the spiritual rainbow shining through it all!! After that all you can do is dance!! Hallelujah! Jesus is just doing that last look around the house before He leaves!! Keep looking up!!!!

AllForHim, RaptureReady 35 Comments [7/10/2008 1:52:09 PM]
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Quote# 42584

Is this pure fantasy or just evolution?

OK, an explosion happen (made of or where it came from is yet to be answered) Then the earth is formed, then a density of rock is created, then it starts raining for billions of years over the rocks. after that a soup is created, the soup TURNS (itself) alive.

Then we started evolving. There were reptiles turning to birds. However, at some time there had to be a bird with 1 leg and one wing. It could not possible fly or walk. How did it survive?

The fish came from the water and started changing into walking animals. There should have been a time the the lobe-finned fish had half fish, or a similar body structure. Oh, we still have lobe-finned fish today.

There is another connection between mammals and cows. They say mammals have an almost direct link with cow. Yes, mammals used to walk. However, we have yet to find a mammal with legs.

Hip bones were said to be useless in mammals by evolutionist also appendix in humans. They call them vestigial organs.

Is evolution pure fantasy?

geeks_gadgets, Yahoo! Answers 59 Comments [7/10/2008 1:19:58 PM]
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Quote# 42637

To all men and women of faith: Whenever you meet anyone who supports the Theory of Evolution, point them to this website and stand firm in your own belief of a loving God.

The three fatal flaws in the Theory of Evolution are:

1. Evolution Is Missing A Mathematical Formula
Every scientific law has a formula or formula equivalent. Theories that cannot produce a working formula eventually are proven false. Darwinians have failed to produce and Evolution Formula.

2. Darwinian Evolution is missing a way to add genes.
Darwinian Evolution requires that organisms be able to add genes as they evolve to more complex organisms but there is no genetic mechanism for adding a gene - Mutations do not create new genes they only alter an existing gene.

3. Helpless Babies Contradict 'Survival Of The Fittest'
The babies of nearly all birds and mammals are helpless at birth. Darwin could not explain this so he ignored babies but every helpless baby is proof Darwin was wrong.

There are more fatal flaws in Darwinian Evolution and we will reveal them to you in the future on this website. We welcome you to join our email list so we can keep you informed of new postings on this website.

darwinconspiracy.com, Darwin Conspiracy 54 Comments [7/10/2008 11:58:33 AM]
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Quote# 42571

[In a response to the question "Christians, if you were born in the middle east to a muslim family, do you think you would you be muslim?" additional details:or would you have a revelation and become a Christian?]

Yes; I'd be down with Jesus whereever in the world I was! Muslims deny Jesus's word, that's why we must bomb those devil worshipping blasphmers to hell.

rift3r, Yahoo! Answers 37 Comments [7/10/2008 11:49:34 AM]
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Quote# 42683

[On ten commandments courthouse controversy about whether or not they should keep it up]

Yes they should

The "seperation of church and state" m,yth is a lie told by people that hate God.

socalsunny23, Yahoo! Answers 36 Comments [7/10/2008 11:46:08 AM]
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Quote# 42582

The construction of any biblical model of recolonization must include these principles. The model suggested on the following pages is constructed in good faith, to explain the observed facts through the “eyeglasses” of the Bible. The Bible is inspired, but our scientific models are not. If we subsequently find the model to be untenable, this would not shake our commitment to the absolute authority of Scripture.

The model uses the multiplication of dogs as an example of how animals could have quickly repopulated the earth. Two dogs came off Noah’s Ark and began breeding more dogs. Within a relatively short time period, there would be an incredible number of dogs of all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

These dogs then began to spread out from the Ararat region to all parts of the globe.
As these dogs spread around the world, variations within the dog kind led to many of the varieties we find today. But it is important to note that they are still dogs. This multiplication of variations within a kind is the same with the many other kinds of animals.

Paul F. Taylor, Answers in Genesis 40 Comments [7/10/2008 7:22:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Moondog

Quote# 42587

Although being killed for a way of dressing is horrible, do you think that the girl should have toned her clothes down a bit? There is no way she deserved any of that, nor her boyfriend, but I do think she was silly for trying to draw attention to her body in such a way.

singhispraises, Killed For Being Different... 46 Comments [7/10/2008 6:47:19 AM]
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Quote# 42570

An infinite Heaven perfectly negates any amount of bad experiences on Earth. God is not unfair.

True Blue, Christianforums.com 39 Comments [7/10/2008 6:43:47 AM]
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Quote# 42586

...we probably wouldn't exist. Think about it. If there was no God...what would be the point of developing the wide variety of emotions that humans have? I mean, our emotions, a lot of times, don't lend well to the survival of our species. People are thinkers that can choose not to have children, have only a few, take a few years break in between having children, etc.

An animal that is able to reproduce will always do so if given the chance - even if reproduction always results in death for the mother, father, or both!

If humans thought like animals, we'd all have a baby every year with the first available person regardless of circumstances because survival of the species is most important.

Of course God commands us to be fruitful and multiply but...well, if our complex emotions actually decrease our productivity as a species...what's the point? To make us closer to God! God gave us the gift of emotion (not that animals don't have emotions, but not like humans of course) to make humans - made in His image - distinctly separate from the other creatures of the Earth. That's proof enough of God for me! PTL!

craneflight, If Evolution Was Real... 26 Comments [7/10/2008 6:14:24 AM]
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Quote# 42583

"Pardon me if I don't have a degree in particle physics or quantum theory but I do know that things like numbers and time only exist is the mind since they have no atomic structure or physical properties like mass, velocity or force. "

joe_christian, Liberty News Forum 35 Comments [7/10/2008 6:10:00 AM]
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Quote# 42619

OH, yes, you all pretty much think alike. You come from different backgrounds, but it's all a funnel. The atheistic belief system is the most dangerous form of thinking in the world. Nothing beats it. I am more sympathetic to Waco and Tim Jones than to atheism in any form.
The earlier you wake up to this the better. Copy/paste this to your buddies.

philos71, YouTube 36 Comments [7/10/2008 6:02:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 42585

My point: For instance, while I usually think of lying is wrong, I think the germans who hid Anne Frank in their home did the right thing. So there are times when "bearing false witness" is the morally right thing to do.

The response: The deception is, taking only "well they hid Anne Frank" out of context without looking at the entire scope of who else it effected and how it effected them. We're only given the happy ending so we assume it's all okay. But as surely as Dr King Jr could effect change without breaking the law, change could have come about for Anne Frank without lying too.

Bryan, Hypocrite 53 Comments [7/10/2008 6:02:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Wildjourne

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[Why hasn't Jesus improved your spelling and grammar yet?]


LoneWolf1984, DeviantART 46 Comments [7/10/2008 5:49:39 AM]
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Quote# 42579

In the current science community environment, which embraces the evolutionary position, young earth creationism could be seen as Bible scientific foreknowledge. Young earth creationist scientists have a number of compelling arguments for young earth creationism, as well as having a number of compelling arguments against the evolutionary view. One needs to go no further than the Dissent From Darwin list of over 600 Ph.D scientists stating skepticism over, "random mutations and selection" being responsible for the biological changes required for evolution.

[Bonus points: Read the entire article, because it is filled with so very much of the failure.]

Ashcraft, Creation Wiki 31 Comments [7/10/2008 3:32:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Frank

Quote# 42580

Keith Robinson, a senior marine science instructor at Seaworld, has stated that large sperm whales have esophaguses that measure as much as a foot and a half wide. Many men often measure more than a foot and a half across their shoulders, so if the great fish was a sperm whale, Jonah would have to have been of fairly slight build.

Lastly, the miraculous is mentioned throughout the book of Jonah. The survival of Jonah in a "great fish" points to the miraculous' being involved.

Tsomer, Creation Wiki 33 Comments [7/10/2008 3:27:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Frank

Quote# 42572

[For the question: Why should gays get a FREE pass out of the military?]

Gay is a different sex between male and female. Very difficult to classify them. Unless the military is willing to spend to set-up a different section for them including different hostel and not mix with male or female.

Explorer, Yahoo Answers 34 Comments [7/10/2008 2:32:23 AM]
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Quote# 42594

Each land animal kind was represented on Noah’s Ark by two or seven individuals. After the Flood, as each kind reproduced and spread out over the earth, different species within a kind resulted from natural selection (and other genetic factors). This is NOT EVOLUTION in the molecules-to-man sense, because no new information is added into the genes.

Pam Sheppard, Answers in Genesis 45 Comments [7/10/2008 12:33:25 AM]
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Quote# 42653

NEW YORK — A woman filed a civil rights lawsuit against a popular Greenwich Village neighborhood restaurant Tuesday, claiming a bouncer chased her out of the women's bathroom because she looked too masculine.

Khadijah Farmer, who was at the Caliente Cab Company after New York's gay pride parade last June, said the bouncer ran into the bathroom, pounded on the stall door and demanded that she leave. He told her a customer complained a man was in the women's room.

"I told him I was a woman, and I tried to show him my I.D.," Farmer said at a news conference. "He refused to look at it. I was extremely uncomfortable and quite humiliated."

Caliente Cab Company released a statement denying the discrimination claim and said Farmer's "primary interest" was money.

"There has been no discrimination or violation of anyone's civil rights or human dignity by Caliente Cab Company or anyone employed here," the restaurant's statement said.

Farmer's lawyer, Michael Silverman of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, says his client is asking for unspecified damages and demanding that the restaurant train its staff not to discriminate on the basis of gender identity.

Farmer said she knows she looks like a man with her closely cropped hair and male clothing. She said people usually apologize after making the mistake, but the bouncer told her, "I want you out of this restroom and out of this restaurant."

Farmer, a counselor at a residential program for people with disabilities, said she was suing under city and state human rights laws to prevent other people from having to endure similar humiliation.]

Hmm, perhaps if ladies looked like ladies and men like men there would not be a problem.

Imasaved1, T4C 34 Comments [7/10/2008 12:02:34 AM]
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Submitted By: PVM

Quote# 42608

Lutheranism is straight out of the pits of hell! I will not defend ANY religion that ADDS works to faith alone in Jesus Christ! When I was growing up in a Baptist church, I had always been taught that Martin Luther was a former Roman Catholic priest who realized one day that salvation is through faith and not works. I held that view into my adulthood. I always thought Martin Luther was a good guy because that it what I had been taught. Then one day I was greatly saddened when I learned about the Catechisms of Martin Luther and his heresies concerning salvation. Without a doubt, Martin Luther was no Christian! It will be obvious to you after reading my article that Martin Luther may have come out of Catholicism, but Catholicism did NOT come out of Martin Luther. The Lutheran religion is nothing more than a spin-off of Catholicism.

David J. Stewart, Jesus-Is-Savior 61 Comments [7/9/2008 10:43:05 PM]
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Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 42558

Question: I dont get it? Biblical question?
When Adam was kicked out of Eden, Yahweh commanded an angel to guard the entrance to Eden with a flaming sword.

um, swords werent invented until like, thousands of years later. And Adam, being the first human to walk earth, definitely did not make fire.

Answer:flaming swords were invented in heavven long before

Leelee, Yahoo! Answers 50 Comments [7/9/2008 10:36:33 PM]
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Quote# 42575

I drive my Jeep Liberty like a bat out of hell. I turn my AC to the max, even if I freeze in the process. I NEVER recycle anything. I use up reams of paper (f**k the trees). I leave the lights on (it's MY money and I'll waste it if I want to). I'm all for drilling the country till it looks like Swiss cheese. I don't give a damn about the spotted owl, or the mating habits of the caribu, and polar bears look better as rugs, anyway.

I and my comfort come first, and Mother Gaia can go eff herself. She was created by Father God and He gave her to me to lord over (check out Genesis).

I am an econazi's worst nightmare and I am DAMMED proud of it.

And I'm going to enjoy my fiend status for as long as I can, until that jug-eared, purple-lipped bastard, HUSSEIN Obama, takes the country hostage and gets in my way, in his typical liberal tyrannical and authoritarian fashion (for the "common good," you know).


Maggie_T, FreeConservatives 153 Comments [7/9/2008 8:40:57 PM]
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Quote# 42574

Dinosaur bones are the result of Noah's flood


Jakesmith1995: "Can somebody please explain dinosaur bones to me? Please?"

REPLY: Here are a few facts we need to bring to bear in answering your question, Jakesmith1995:

1. The meaning of 'dinosaur', which I think is derived from the Greek or Roman for 'terrible lizard'

2. Using that definition, it could be argued that some dinosaurs exist today e.g. the iguana or the komodo dragon

3. How do you get dinosaur bones? Only if a dinosaur, or parts of a dinosaur, have been buried instantaneously, or near instantaneously

4. How come huge dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, over 60 feet tall, have been buried? How come, in addition, we find massive 'dinosaur graveyards' - fossils of hundred of dinosaurs buried and crushed, all close together, and availabe for us to see today as fossils? There is really only one answer. A massive Flood-type event. Noah's Flood fits the evidence perfectly

5. All radiometric dating other than carbon dating is pseudo-science, based on up to 14 unprovable assumptions, and full of the most massive contradictions. Carbon-dating is only reasonably reliable up to around 5,000 years ago. There is no basis for dating dinosaur bones at any older than 5,000 years

6. On top of all that, DNA has been found in dinosaur bones. I hardly think DNA could have survived 145 million years.


Dinosaur bones are the result of Noah's flood.

Dinosaur footprints appear in zones of sedimentary rock which suggest that they were running fast trying to escape the rising floodwaters of Noah's Flood. They were running in a medium approximating to setting concrete, hence their preservation for us to view today.

If this does not answer your question, please post again

1Tim115, CF 46 Comments [7/9/2008 8:40:38 PM]
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Submitted By: EnemyPartyII