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[A little taster from an article of a magazine which calls itself pompously "Real Truth Magazine"]

Why is evolution cemented in the minds of many as fact, when it is nothing more than theory?

How did this occur?

Certain aspects of evolution may be confusing and difficult to understand. Do not be surprised! The rationale invented to support evolution is bewildering and complicated. It is tiresome and boring. Certain facts are conveniently left behind, and tedious scholarly language is used to stop most people from examining the subject in detail. Left frustrated, most assume evolution to be fact.

This series will demystify the subject. You will know if evolution is science fact or science fiction. Convoluted and illogical theories will be simplified in a way never before presented. While some sections are technical, the more detail given, the better you will be able to see through the theory’s “smoke and mirrors.” Clear and simple logic always destroys ill-conceived suppositions.

Once evolution is dismantled, you will be left with many questions—and serious implications.

[Read the whole thing!]

Bradford G. Schleifer, Real Truth Magazine 52 Comments [7/1/2008 12:58:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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[explaining why Harry Potter denigrates people who do not use black magic]

"Uncle Vernon made another funny noise, like a mouse being trodden on." [p. 47] Remember Adolf Hitler, the most famous Black Magick wizard in modern history? He depicted Jews as Rats in his Propaganda Machinery, convincing the Germans they should extermination the "vermin".

(name not given), cuttingedge.org 72 Comments [7/1/2008 12:53:39 PM]
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Submitted By: Pearson

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The posts on this thread are all very thoughtful and I just want to say I appreciate you all! I just told a brother in Christ this morning, "If we never meet this side of heaven, I will meet you on that beautiful shore." I say the same to you all.
I, too, find myself sort of getting ready to go. There's no bags to pack! But I did go thru my keepsakes last fall - I mentioned this once before in another thread - but I found a bunch of love-letters between me and my dh from over 30 years of knowing each other. I burned them. They were not appropriate for anyone to read. Heads up, brothers and sisters, do you have anything to get rid of that might spoil your testimony to those left behind? Any books to burn? Tapes? Photos?

Maggie, RaptureReady 53 Comments [7/1/2008 11:50:01 AM]
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An 11-year-old Romanian girl who is 21 weeks pregnant after being raped by an uncle will be able to have an abortion, even though it is forbidden by law.

"If I can't do this my life will be a nightmare," she said, according to a text read out by government committee member Vlad Iliescu.

Some 20 Christian Orthodox groups had threatened to press charges if the girl was allowed to abort the foetus.

Orthodox Christianity, BBC News 52 Comments [7/1/2008 11:30:33 AM]
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Submitted By: Nevermore

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The interesting point will be when Israel is forced to appeal to Jesus whom they deny. By then their military will be removed from power. Unlike the nightime thief, most will slumber and loose their wealth but for those who prize Jesus' return the wealth of this life means nothing, having put their faith in him and daily look for his coming.

Robert Mckenzie, On Fath 21 Comments [7/1/2008 8:28:36 AM]
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Submitted By: mike

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Sorry to disappoint you, but you didn't put anything over my head. I happen to be recuperating from shoulder surgery, and just didn't feel like it then.......

That's nice that you can hand pick scriptures and try to make your point without cross-referencing or looking at the bigger picture, and seeing the story for what it was meant to be.

I seriously think you are the type of person who if I were to tell you that the sky IS blue, or the grass IS green, you would find a reason to argue with the statement. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, or makes you any less knowlegeable, but actually you keep dodging my points on how we can't see God with our eyes, (He is more powerful than the sun, and we can't even look directly into that, without injuring ourselves) and you don't explain why you just can't comprehend this notion. Actually, I don't think it has anything to do with your ability to understand it, but rather, it is easier for you to say, none of it exists, and it's all make believe, etc. That way, you have no accountability to something higher than yourself. Has science figured out the connection betwen our heart and brain and all of the emotions we feel as humans? Didn't think so. And THEY never will.

sunshine4ever, Chillicothe Gazette - Across Ohio Message Board 34 Comments [7/1/2008 8:28:23 AM]
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Submitted By: HeathenAngel

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God does not recognise 'Gay Rights'.

Anddra, Rapture Ready! 69 Comments [7/1/2008 8:27:21 AM]
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(in reply to question : How could a mother enjoy Heaven, knowing that her atheist son will be tortured forever in the fires of Hell? )

"all those in Heaven will be eternally happy and sadness etc will not be felt, and along with this they will no longer be related as they were on earth, as all will be of one family of God and as such will fully realize that those who freely chose to reject God`s love, deserve to be where they are, and will not have any attachment to them whatsoever."

Sentinel, Yahoo answers 55 Comments [7/1/2008 6:59:10 AM]
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Either the theory [of Evolution] is wrong, or I'm just incredibly stupid.

Todd Friel, The Way of the Master Radio for 24 Dec. (via Pharyngula) 119 Comments [7/1/2008 6:43:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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to believe or not
One thing that bothers me, are atheists. and it is nothing personal. i have had atheist freinds, they are great people. but what bothers me is the thought that there is no god or higher being period. I mean look around do you really think that all of this just happened. I Know humans are smart but come on. seriously. and if you look into the supernatural and conspiracy theories and all that stuff, there are just way to many "coincidences" for them to actually be coincedences. there has to be something bigger, something out there.

which leads me to my next point. if you compare all the major religions, christianity comes out on top. it is simple. it all boils down to leading a good life. Which is where the bible comes in. many people have theorized that the bible is just a novel that was written to inspire us. you know like "what's the moral of the story" i don't agree with that. but what could it hurt, to think that way. Holy potatoes, A historical document, and a book that makes people change their lifes, and give everything bad, for a life of happiness, joy, and peace. I'd buy it, wait i did.

sorry i ranted. it happens. oh, also there is good bible out there, called "The Message" it is written in modern language, and reads kinda like a novel. i recomend it.

Nate_paine, Flyleaffans.com 44 Comments [7/1/2008 5:41:30 AM]
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[In response to a message about the expected increase in participation in San Fran's Gay Pride Parade]

The gay pride parade still has the same meaning to me. Its means blatant disregard to the laws of our Lord!!!!!!

aluminium, Rapture Ready 31 Comments [7/1/2008 5:34:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

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Bah. This is Global Alarmism. We alter climate! We are the center of the universe. Like old paganism we'll start offering grain and blood sacrifices or maybe we'll start a rain dance or something. I give no credence to these charlatans anymore who cry the sky is falling!

[And this from someone at Rapture Ready, where the end is due any moment now]

Dredlord, Rapture Ready 35 Comments [7/1/2008 5:31:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Martin

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(Thread title : Why does God keep waiting to come get us?)

If the Lord had not waited, my cousin woudn't have died in a single car accident in August 2001...

She was on her way home after giving a concert at a church. She had just finished her first Gospel album at our cousins husband's studio in Lyndale Tx.

What the news account does not mention is that the witnesses (the full account is in the police record) saw another person in the car with Wendy just as she rounded a curve in the road. The car went over the shoulder and came back and rolled. The witnesses saw my cousin in the drivers seat, seatbelt on, with a gash on her head, and they asscertained that she was dead. The witnesses then tried to find the other occupant of the car, searching the nearby area. When the police arrived, they told the officers that the "other" person must be under the vehicle, since they couldn't find this person in the nearby ditch. The vehicle was rolled over and there was no one under the vehicle.

Our familly knows that she was taken to be with the Lord by the Angel in the car with her before the crash. This has been a great comfort to all in my family and has been a source of strenght and a reminder that God will not forsake those who belong to Him.

If the Lord had not waited, my mother wouldn't have died from Leukeima and an apparent mistake on the part of her Oncologist in 2004. I was with her when she died. Just before she passed, she came out of her apparent coma, looked at one corner of the hosptal room and said, "Lord, Lord . . . " and then died. The curtains around the room started to move and then were still - like a Hand stopped them from moving within about 5 seconds.

If the Lord had come before these things, our family wouldn't be what they are today, more grounded in the promises of the Lord, more "heavenly minded" and not so wrapped up in "this world" and what this world has to offer.

I say all this to say one thing . . . if the reason the Lord tarries is to bring every last person in as possible, I am willing to see any death of my family (those who know the salvation of our Jesus The Christ) and to face my own death . . . if it means others will be there with us at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

KaiafromBergen, RaptureReady 60 Comments [7/1/2008 5:27:48 AM]
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Winter it gets cold,
Summer it gets hot
thats how our Planet works.
It worked this way for Million years.
Just to spice things up
sometimes it stays cold in summer
and Stays Warm all Winter.
Man can't Destroy what God Has Made.
Deal with it!

RichN36, IMDb 48 Comments [7/1/2008 4:40:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Ltap

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[what's the difference between a psycho ward and church again???]

Yes Satan attacks us all out of nowhere. He knows when I am awake I am strong and he often tries to get me in my dreams. There have been times I have had to wake myself up and rebuke him. Let me tell you that satan is out to seek kill and destroy. We have to fight! He is not worth it!

BIANCAROSE, Flyleaffans.com 39 Comments [7/1/2008 4:30:00 AM]
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"If "GOD" made all and see's all, and gave us his own son at a time when the earth was at a great turmoil, which is what the "bible" leads you to believe.....why doesn't "GOD" do something now?" We have so mush progressed and Good let us do the things on our own. However, it is our ignorance, extravagant life style, fallowing of rich and famous, low moral , affection for good times that brought us to current situation. We can no longer expect from Good to always protect us when, vast majority of us, are ignoring God's wishes and commandments. It is up to everyone of us how we will continue to live and subsequently to find a way to survive. God is more likely very busy, creating other worlds on other planets and maybe he has somewhere there his favorite real good people who are not corrupted and ignorant like us and, who truly follow him instead of reach and famous and bad people. Maybe we have outlived our usefulness and God's purposes..

srlahey, Critics Fear Collider Could Doom Earth 28 Comments [7/1/2008 2:55:30 AM]
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I am so upset right now I don`t know what to do. I just moved here June 2nd. On the way home from work today, I saw a sign in a church window, for their website, and when I came home today I looked it up.

It had a section marked GLTB. I went in and read it. It was about what the Bible says about gays/lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals - ALL LIES, of course.

At the bottom of this filth was the question, in caps = would Jesus discriminate?

I simply cannot believe this. Someone please tell me my lying eyes are wrong!

Goldie, Rapture Ready 53 Comments [7/1/2008 2:29:07 AM]
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Evolution is so wack. Why haven't ants evolved after millions of years.

There proof, case closed -blam!- you Darwin.

ArrivedLactose, Bungie Forums 59 Comments [7/1/2008 2:22:49 AM]
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How should we deal with Atheists who slander God?
In America, "freedom of speech" is sacrosanct.

But we still prosecute people for slander, libel,
perjury etc.

What about those who slander the Divine "Creator"
mentioned in the Declaration of Independence?

What about those who slander the God "in whom
we trust"?

As I see it, the penalty for this treasonous slander
can be only one thing: DEATH by firing squad.

But perhaps I am being a little harsh.

Would 1000 hours of community service or 5
years in jail wihout parole suffice?

Coriolanus, Yahoo! Answers 73 Comments [7/1/2008 1:56:53 AM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

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I have heard a lot of people, pastors, and other christians ect say this and I agree. Jesus Christ was the only God who died to save humanity from sin. Did Allah die to save the world? Did buddah die for his followers? No. Christianity is the only religion(although I dont really like using the '"R" word) where a God would love his creation so much that he would come to this Earth and suffer like he did and be nailed on a cross you, me, and every soul on the planet. Just one more thing, Christianity is a relationship with God. Not a religion. Nor do I consider myself religous. Instead I have a relationship with the one true God.

John.L, Flyleaffans.com 48 Comments [7/1/2008 1:26:53 AM]
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[a home schooled creationist kid's rant]

I don't need sources. I've studied this myself. my thoughts are original. you only regergitate whats bin cramed down your throat. the fact that you need a source for somethings just shows how little you really know about biology and I will show you whee one of these is in these very posts.

Heartbrokenbrad, Flyleaffans.com 62 Comments [7/1/2008 12:40:36 AM]
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Wow, I was shocked today. I usually get my news online from Reuters or something. I know kids have access to it, but typically the younger ones (age 7-12) are either under parental supervision or not really reading the news. (Hopefully)

Yet today when I watched CNN for the first time in a long time, I was stunned. I happened to be channel surfing, and I saw video clips of gays kissing. My jaw dropped, and I kept it on there. There was a five-minute segment on the gay pride parade, and how it's more meaningful this year with the new CA marriage laws. There was an interview with two men who got married two weeks ago.

Jubilee on Earth, RR 57 Comments [7/1/2008 12:28:37 AM]
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(one post later...)


the Dirty Faggots troll, no doubt, FSTDT.com 111 Comments [7/1/2008 12:20:36 AM]
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