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(Some guy says he's read the bible before, but it strengthened his atheism.)

Religion was made to answer people questions. Christianity is a way of life! You didn't read the bible, you probally opened it and said "Forget this shit, lets go be an ass with my friends who are aslo assholes."

Quinn Heagy, Facebook 36 Comments [8/17/2008 1:57:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Smith

Quote# 45177

Atheists, did you know God did NOT send a she bear to kill 42 kids?
I am tired of people taking this out of context.

First, off they were NOT children. They were young ADULTS.

Secondly, they were NOT killed. It never says they were killed in the proper translation. It just says they were mauled.

Third, they were mocking GOD. They were cursing his name.

Sports F, Yahoo Answers 63 Comments [8/17/2008 1:53:08 AM]
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Submitted By: Catherine

Quote# 45147

It's just a manner of speaking when someone says the Earth is "round" or "circular". Of course they mean the planet is like a ball in space. The Bible is way ahead of scientific discovery with its foreknowlede of scientific things and prophecies too. So top that dumb atheists!!!!

filmfans1961, YouTube Comments 37 Comments [8/17/2008 1:43:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Damen

Quote# 45097

Wont be long before there wont be a Christian section in secular book stores. It will be considered hate speech. Christian persecution in the USA is increasing at an alarming rate but there is a good side. Our Lord will be here soon.

Eagle632, Rapture Ready 41 Comments [8/17/2008 1:42:02 AM]
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A motif resembling an ENLARGED COMMA (well-known in MUGHAL decorative art) is the one by which most people recognize a PAISLEY pattern.

MUGHAL (mogul) - Mughal empire of INDIA - MUSLIM dynasty - Mughal carpets - prayer rugs. From 1580 onward JESUIT missionaries introduced western techniques to the Mughals.




In the PAISLEY PRINT PATTERN, you have a connection with
Looking at the rest of our website, you will find out why you should get rid of anything that could be bringing in more demons into your home and your life.

END-TIME DELIVERANCE MINISTRY, Demonbuster 41 Comments [8/17/2008 1:34:55 AM]
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Submitted By: Nerdanel

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Lately I have seriously considered suicide (have fought those thoughts daily all along for years) so much that I told my 19 year old daughter, that I just got reconciled with, after not seeing her in over 7 years. She asked me not to, that she needs me, so I won't. She also needs deliverance and inner healing as well. I have felt like I am "just in the way" ever since I was little" Also felt a lot of rejection most of my life.

Also dealing with sexual issues. I have been celibate for 20 years, and not easy. I am fighting perversion spirits - homosexuality - never been involved in it, but the seeds for it go back to my childhood - and incest - also never been involved, but - when I am around my daughter, whom I love very much, sometimes I get other feelings, and have to back off. I need God to bring a wife soon. It seems like if you don't get your needs met legitimately, it can cause spirits of perversion to come in to try to get them met illegimately.

petershepherd, Ministering Deliverance 42 Comments [8/17/2008 1:23:32 AM]
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Why do Athiests say that they have no religion?
Evolution is a religion. It requires A LOT of faith, it has a creator God - (chance) - it has prophets - (Darwin, Lamarck) - it has a Bible - (Origin of Species) - it has a congregation and church - (Museum, Academia) - it has a crusade - (academic dominance) - it has Jiihad - (erratication of theistic Religions) - and it has the same arguments of superiority of one God over another.

How is that not Religion?

gimzani, Yahoo Answers 37 Comments [8/17/2008 1:18:50 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

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Atheists, what is the point?
To be a "free thinker". What does that matter when we die thats it. Why try to convince anyone to believe what you believe? it doesnt really matter, the end is the same. Why listen to laws that people make? Why not steal, why not rape, why not murder, why not lie, why not cheat. Why? If the end is that we all die and go in the ground. If that really is the end, why wouldnt you do whatever you wanted to do? if this is it why not do everything you want?

As a Christian I know that this life isnt it, so I have reason not to do whatever I want, and I have reason to follow Christ.

But what I dont understand is if we all just end up in the ground, why care about anything?

and no i dont need to make up some false God so i feel better because im scared of that happening and i need to convince myself that there is more to life bla bla bla. lol just answer the question, Why care about anything?

Jman, Yahoo! Answers 45 Comments [8/17/2008 1:08:07 AM]
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Submitted By: doomie 22

Quote# 45160

I have read about way smarter people than all of you that discredit evolution, and if proof of evolution is that we are growing taller, we should be 50 feet tall by now.

The Busboy, Yahoo! Answers - Religion & Spirituality 41 Comments [8/16/2008 11:39:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Sebastian Portelli

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[discussing the anime series Bleach]

Bleach is evil

From wikipedia:

Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school student with the ability to see ghosts, and Rukia Kuchiki, a shinigami (Soul Reaper or, literally, "death god":smileywink:.

It's a show about witchcraft and idoltry-the only ghost that's of God is the Holy Ghost.

The show IS evil-anyone who disagrees is ignorant.

Yellow7 (AKA Mavericker), Adult Swim forums 57 Comments [8/16/2008 11:27:14 PM]
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Quote# 45098

What bothers and upsets me more is whats sold at christian book stores. About the only thing safe in christian book stores is the bible.

supercell, Rapture Ready 34 Comments [8/16/2008 11:26:59 PM]
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Quote# 45006

"lonomoholo said...To Christians: Is there any evidence you can offer to show that the soul is real? Anything credible that is, without the fallback to quoting the Bible."

One question for you. Can you email me any evidence you can offer to show that atheism is real? Anything credible that is, without the fallback of using a computer or any transmitting device.

Whether you believe it or not, the Bible is God's revelation to humanity. It's only there that you will find explanations of what the soul is--its Creator, its very essence, its eternal destiny, etc. The word is used 432 times in Scripture, so if you are seeking truth, why do you censure the Bible?

Ray Comfort, ComfortFood 25 Comments [8/16/2008 11:22:26 PM]
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May 21, 2011 is exactly 7000 years to the day from the shutting of the Ark's door; salvation has come to an end. The Day of the Lord begins and the wrath of God will be physically displayed upon this earth and carry through into eternity.

May 21, 2011 is the 17th day of the 2nd month, exactly the same day the door was shut in Noah's day 7000 years prior according to Genesis 7:11: In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

www.theendoftheworld2011.com, www.theendoftheworld2011.com 45 Comments [8/16/2008 11:20:52 PM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

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[Question: Have you heard the story of Father Greg Boyle? Christians helping the poor. ?]


yeah but hes Catholic so hes as bad as Athiests they'll all burn in HELL ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

EARL T BURNTWOOD, Yahoo Answers 24 Comments [8/16/2008 11:19:15 PM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

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When satan betryed the eve, god cursed the satan that his head will be crushed by a woman. thereby god planned in genesis itself the birth of mother mary
regarding whether jesus had brother or sisters? if jesus had other children then when he was lost at the age of 12 in the temple definatly along with his parents the other so called brothers and sisters would have searched for him.
and when he was hanging on the cross before his death, no were in the gospel mention jesus talking to his brothers and sisters, if a person is dying condition definatly he would have spoken to them and in gospel they would have mentioned about it.

Walking Saint, Yahoo! Absurdity 26 Comments [8/16/2008 11:17:22 PM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

Quote# 45045

Ghandi, if he died without believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is in hell right now, and will never get out. He was a sinner like the rest of us, and all the good deeds in the world don't pay for and forgive even just ONE sin.

Either Jesus pays for your sins, or you pay for them in eternal torment in hell. That is the choice before you.

Chris, Yahoo! Absurdity 46 Comments [8/16/2008 10:40:08 PM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

Quote# 45103

[creationist trying to excuse the practice of misquoting]

From Pvblivs: "To the christians on this blog:

"Have you noticed that when people accuse Ray of taking quotes out of context (quote mining) they actually provide the context they say is appropriate? In short, they back up their accusations. It's not a case of claiming quote mining without evidence."

But what they are overlooking is what is hidden inside the context. Smart writers/speakers who don't want to openly concede a point will sneak a seemingly insignificant statement into a paragraph or so, knowing that their followers will never doubt them for a second, and knowing that their detractors are often to afraid of such accusations to point out such incidents. It's very easy to do. It's called manipulation, and you guys are victims of it.

Joshua S. Black, Ray Comfort's Blog 20 Comments [8/16/2008 10:25:00 PM]
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[When is abortion acceptable?]

It may seem on the surface like we are somehow against abortion. Nothing could be further from the truth. We pride ourselves in fairness, legality and balance, and we believe in these virtues fully. In answer to the question of when an abortion should be permitted, the answer is clear. Abortions should be safe, legal and free of repercussion in a little place called hell. It’s lovely this time of year. It’s burning in eternal hellfire, but it’s a dry burning in eternal hellfire, and if you’re asking this question, you might just like it there.

some pro-life website, http://abortiontracker.com/ 27 Comments [8/16/2008 10:23:58 PM]
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Submitted By: TheJebusfire

Quote# 45083

Why is it that science gets away on ideas and theory with out any real proof but they want proof of God?
Arcealogys dug up a seal of the prince that put the prophet Jeremiah down the well. Ancient Greek wrote about the beheading of John the Baptist. There have been so many things that prove the Bible is historically accurate. What more do you need? Would you believe if you saw a miracle

wammer jammer, Yahoo! Answers 34 Comments [8/16/2008 8:34:47 PM]
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Submitted By: tawaen

Quote# 45139

[regarding the story of the bears tearing apart some children who had made fun of Elisha]

Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same if a bunch of bratty kids told you you were a bald headed fart. You would wish that the ground opened up and swallow the spoiled brats. That was justice in the eyes of the Lord and not murder.

the chosen one, Yahoo! answers 53 Comments [8/16/2008 8:26:43 PM]
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I'm going to pray that the anti-Christmas people burn in hell.

mauser, Harmony Central 50 Comments [8/16/2008 8:17:05 PM]
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Quote# 45074

How do evolutionists account for human reproduction?
The human reproductive system is incredibly complex...slight problems/variations in the female body can easily result in the death of the egg/fetus AND the woman.

Now, add the male to the equation...Evolution requires that males and females co-evolved in perfect harmony...each change in males was matched by a corresponding change in females...or extinction occurs.

So how can the exact same evolutionary mechanisms (internal and/or external) that cause males to become "more male," simultaneously cause females to become "more female?" (in perfect harmony, mind you)

The only possible (non impossible) explanation is that humans evolved as individuals having BOTH male and female organs...and then once reaching full development...slowly "devolved"...a split...one group becoming only female; the other only male (again, in perfect harmony).

But this is required of ALL animal species. There is no plausible answer.

This is one of the reasons I find Evolution to be absurd.

Aztec276, Yahoo! Answers 28 Comments [8/16/2008 8:03:24 PM]
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Quote# 45050

[In response to me saying that it would be arragant to assume our interpretation of the bible to be flawless.]

Yeah, I agree, it would be pretty arrogant. That's why we should only care what God says. And, thankfully, it's all there in black and white,and red.
It's actually very funny when people think the Bible can be interpreted in many different ways, then say one would be arrogant if their way was perfect. You know why? Because, it's the whole "many interpretations" from those who claim to not claim "perfection" that have actually made themselves sound arrogant. It appears there is a HUGE amount of ARROGANCE on the part of those believing in "many interpretations" because you are in essence, telling God that HIS Word can, in fact, say whatever YOU WANT IT TO SAY, and are not trusting, having faith, that 100% of God's Word means ONLY WHAT HE SAYS. The Bible, I will let you in on a little fact, is NOT OPEN FOR INTERPRETATION!!! You don't have ANY RIGHT TO CHANGE GOD'S WORD TO SUIT WHAT YOU WANT IT TO SAY!!! And that is what interpretation is. Making it what you want it to be. Read the Bible and see what GOD wants you to believe, not what someone else has told you. God didn't inspire men's word to be spoken. He inspired HIS WORD to be spoken.
I used to be Catholic and thought the same things as you. Thanks to God I learned to "discern the spirits" and know what God says so that when someone else speaks, I will know if it's the truth...God's truth, or not.
I hope you will prayerfully consider only following God's Word and not your interpretation. After all, you are a sinner like the rest of us. Who are you going to listen to? Sinners? or God? The sinLESS? Consider it for your own salvations sake. Do what's right for your own soul. No one else can do it for you.

Tammy Snyder, blogspot 16 Comments [8/16/2008 7:59:49 PM]
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Submitted By: Andrew Cutler

Quote# 45174

I have a question. It's dangerous to cast out demons when a person is not a Christian. How is that with children? Is that the same, or are there circumstances that demons can be cast out, even if the child isn't a Christian?)

Small children it's okay. My mom cast demons out of me when I was little.

mm1991, Ministering Deliverance 24 Comments [8/16/2008 7:42:22 PM]
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Quote# 45130

God keeps challenging me to be more pure in my thought life, viewing life, time spent with him and how much of the world I let creep into my faith. Not long ago, we were having a discussion in our church group about the message some "Christian" music groups were sending with tattoos and body piercing. I felt that the representation was disrespectful of the temple that was our body and that it was too close to many pagan and occult rituals for me to be comfortable with it.

What a man in our group said really surprised me. It wasn't the words themselves but hearing them from a respected church member. He said "So if their tattoos were crosses or of Christ would you still feel it was wrong? I was not able to answer to my personal satisfaction, but was always troubled by his comment.

After reading some of the things that are on your website, I now see all the destination and influence the world and TV has had on this "Christian" family. They are both still heavy in the opinions and approvals of the secular community in which they both work. It struck me as so "New Age" that it was scary. Thank you for helping me to remember my responsibility to my family, peers and most of all my God and Savior Jesus Christ. 1 Timothy 4:15&16

CS, Kjos Ministries 15 Comments [8/16/2008 7:39:49 PM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One