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[[On searching for the words "Jew Christian" on Google, and finding a disclaimer saying that Google was not affiliated with any anti-semitic webpages that may come up]]

Originally Posted by amy_elisabeth
"I did a GOOGLE search"

That's where your problems started, right there. I don't use google anymore. Too liberal and too slanted in their searches as you found out. Do a search on Yahoo and see the difference. On the bottom of the first page of results is Jews for Jesus and no disclaimers anywhere.

LoudRam, Rapture Ready 22 Comments [8/11/2008 2:20:52 PM]
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if atheism isnt evil why does it try to normalize homosexuality abortion rape murder and all those other things there are no morals with it and thus america gets destroyed

ThePooootHunter, Gamefaqs 38 Comments [8/11/2008 2:19:00 PM]
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(Thread about the movie Zeitgeist)

What a piece of junk!! I'm surprised I did not here hello comrade in there good grief. Let's see big business bad, religion is bad, and we need to all get together and pass out flowers to people and instead of using money we should use conk shells or something. Man who every made this just woke up from the Woodstock days. That must have been some powerful drugs they consumed. Sorry for the rant but I just get tired of seeing people trash religion (Christianity) and America as if we are bad. My gosh we just want everyone to live to their potential, man I sorry we care. Go move to Myimor or Sudan, Cuba, China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and or Mars if you do not like this country. Why do you fear Christianity? Because of PRIDE and your fear to see you are not perfect. If you accept Christ you can't justify then all the bad unmoral things you want to do so by denying Christ you make yourself feel better. Ok, I could go on but I think I will stop.

republic74, RaptureReady 25 Comments [8/11/2008 2:18:45 PM]
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How about this...sex should wait until you're married.
It's a smart idea with no possible way of "accidentally" getting pregnant, and it's God's law...how cool is that? :D

ilikesocks321, newsweek.com 30 Comments [8/11/2008 2:17:18 PM]
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The essence of the matter is this: There are a large number of very different ape species that once lived in the past and are now extinct. The skull or skeletal structures of some of these show similarities to those of man. Yet those similarities do not mean that these creatures have any relationship to man. Evolutionists line up the skulls from these extinct species in a manner required by their theory and try to come up with "a ladder from ape to man." Yet the deeper research into the subject goes, the more it is realized that there is no such ladder, simply different species of ape lived at different times in the past.

slayer911, Gametrailers 16 Comments [8/11/2008 2:13:55 PM]
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In our earthly bodies living this life, we are saddened, overwhelmed even "panicy" for our loved ones to be saved. When we are in Heaven, if our loved ones are not there, we will understand why they are not and accept it. As much as we love them on Earth, I believe we will Love Jesus through and through and hate sin to the point, we won't want any non-believer or sin in His presence or ours, even if that includes our own family ( I feel like crying as I write this). But, He'll give us the grace, peace and security in knowing He was and is loving and just!

As much as I don't like to say this with unsaved family members still on this earth, still, Jesus is first in my life. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

johnbmcginnis, Death cult... ahem... Rapture Ready 24 Comments [8/11/2008 2:11:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

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[This review goes on like this for a really long time...]

I knew "Expelled" would be a rollicking time after I discovered the film sent battery acid coursing through the veins of Richard Dawkins, the oft-celebrated Josef Mengele of Oxford. The man tiptoed across the Atlantic in a failed sabotage against a preview screening in St. Paul for crying out loud. That should show to the unobservant average Joe that something in the Intelligent Design movement is making the Ape-worshippers squeal and squirm even more than Bible-toting creationists of yester-year. "Expelled," starring economist and Yale-educated lawyer Ben Stein, shoves the not-shy evil eye of the movie camera into the faces of sputtering atheists and Darwiniacs alike, and the result is like watching one of those funny home videos when a precocious-looking child, bat in hand, gives dad a surprise blow in his privates.

Patriotic Dissent, Amazon.com 21 Comments [8/11/2008 2:09:47 PM]
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[in reply to this - Also, not that I buy that claim about lifespan, when it comes down to it, there are *a lot* of things that lower your lifespan. Smoking isn't illegal. Neither is eating fried food, or driving a car, or being a solider, or working in construction, or rock climbing, or diving...]

Yea but all those involve staying alive and supporting yourself. Sodomy has nothing related to that.
If the average life of a gay man is 40, then something is horribly wrong and it is not a safe lifestyle no matter what people say. I grew up living on the border of West Hollywood in L.A. so I got to see the stuff you don't see on TV, and I can say with a straight face that the homosexual community is EXTREMELY irresponsible when it comes to they're partners(cruising in parks, dropping methamphetamine paraphenalia, dropping used condoms on the ground, eyeing and soliciting minors, sex in public outside gay clubs, "cruisy areas" where homosexuals drive around in circles around the park looking for partners while children and familys walk down the sidewalks, rape etc)

CreedIsChrist, Christian Forums 18 Comments [8/11/2008 2:01:21 PM]
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[Why do fundies always have to project?]

Have you guys ever wondered what if Evolution is not true?
You know, some people, when I ask that, their brain just shuts off!
It goes, "LALALA, CAN'T HEAR...!"


They plug their ears, they close their eyes, and they go: "EVOLUTION IS TRUE! EVOLUTION IS TRUE! EVOLUTION IS TRUE!" and they refuse to think outside their little box.


We're gonna show you here in this video and videos to follow - so stay stuned - that the Evolution theory is not based on scientific evidence but rather on lies upon lies upon lies upon more lies.


...they're dishonest. They know what they're saying is not true, it's just, going back to what I said before, they will not entertain the idea that what they're saying is no true...

[Watch the whole video if you want to see a really bad Planet of the Apes parody!]

VenomFangX, YouTube 27 Comments [8/11/2008 1:45:06 PM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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Olympics: Controversy in Iran over female flag carrier

Tehran, 8 August (AKI) - Iranian religious figures have criticised that Olympic female rower Homa Hosseini was chosen as the flagbearer of Iran, calling the move a 'heresy'.

"To make a woman march with the flag of the Islamic Republic in Beijing, is pure heresy and shows total disobedience of the laws mandated by our spiritual guides," said Seyye Ahmad Elmalhoda, leader of Friday prayers in Iran's holy city of Mashad.

Seyye Ahmad Elmalhoda, AKI 23 Comments [8/11/2008 1:38:37 PM]
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[Did God say that earth was the only place He created life?]

(cody) it is conceivable that God created life on other planets but inconceivable that any of them were made in his image. that would mean Jesus would have to go and die on every planet that God created life in his image on.

(hasse_john) It is implied (in Job) that there is other life. Since this is the sin marred blight on the universe, I am sure we are 'Quarantined'

cody, hasse_john, Yahoo answers 21 Comments [8/11/2008 6:48:21 AM]
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I was reading that dogs evolved from wolves around 12,000 years ago, what I want to know is how a purebred wolf evolves into a Chihuahua, for one that doesn't seem like a long enough time, and two, how did the gene structure just change? I mean the wolf would have to have mated with something else. Oh wait that doesn't work.

Badfish, Xian forums 35 Comments [8/11/2008 6:45:50 AM]
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According to you and the ridiculous scientists, the earth just happened to rotate around the sun so the sun just happened to be in the exact position to the earth to provide light by day and be absent at night so as not to burn up the earth and allow living beings like humans to exist.

So since scientists can't explain why these things just happened to be in the perfect design to allow human life, they ignore that and come up with their own hilarious explanations that provide more holes than a sieve. so sorry, but GOD CREATED THE EARTH TO ROTATE SO THE SUN CAN PROVIDE WHAT WE NEED ON EARTH TO SUSTAIN LIFE. [emphasis in original]

Oh, humans who deny God will try anything to pretend they themselves are gods, but most people rely on the 7 day week because that's how God set up the lengths of days and nights.

So you think that animals not humans run the earth. Is that correct? if so, then you prove the ridiculous lies one has to pass along to deny God. *rolling eyes smiley*

So where did the rock come from? Energy which is nothing more than an invisible potential? Sorry, but energy alone cannot create mass. energy is inherent in mass. That can only happen in the imaginations of men as you'll find out on judgment day, my friend. *winking smiley*

These aren't even good arguments. *rolling eyes smiley*

Carico, Crosswalk 48 Comments [8/11/2008 6:42:34 AM]
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"atheists" like to feign that they are as spiritual as Christians.......which is really just a weak but revealing attempt at being like a Christian while continuing to pretend at not believing in God while also trying to reach the ever elusive goal of TRULY not believing in God….and then, after all of that, pretending that atheists are not the most obviously conflicted people on the planet.

So for the sake of clarity, there is nothing spiritual about a belief that there is no deity. That kind of childish silliness may work in the group think arena of "atheistland" but nowhere else.

seekeratthesea, Yahoo Q&A 36 Comments [8/11/2008 6:39:56 AM]
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My son is already and adult and out on his own. He has chosen to do some things that we do not believe are in accordance to God's word. He is welcome to call or visit, but only as long as he respects our views and doesn't bring it back to our home. I can not control what he does out side of my home because he is living an adult life in his own home. I have told him that I love him, always point him back to God's word and His love when we talk.

We were trying to help out financially with finances when he and his wife became short of cash on bills. Now that he has left some of our basic beliefs and is walking a dangerous path, we no longer help them out financially. We have told them if they come to our home, they will always have food, drink that we have to share and all of our love, but that when here, they have to abide by our beliefs in our home.

Right now, I do not hear very often from my son. (My mother's heart just longs for contact!) I call him about once a week and before we hang up, I always tell him how much I love him, but God loves him more.

Mrsppmrxky, Yep. It's the Rapture Readians 37 Comments [8/11/2008 6:35:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

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[replying to: He created us for His pleasure and what good would we be if we could not communicate with Him and how could we serve Him if we didn't know what expectations He had of us?. Example, if you have kids, would you choose not to speak to them?]

If I had a basically infinate amount of kids, I wouldn't have time to speak to all of them personally.

God is perfect, but humans are not. Humans had to write down the Bible, because God couldn't.

WatersMoon110 Christian AND NeoPagan!, Christian Forums 42 Comments [8/11/2008 6:31:39 AM]
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(About a cop who's undergoing a m2f sex change)

Or have some brave Christian step up, ideally a minister ... and help this guy accept that God really knows best and made no mistake in designing him as a MALE. Oh, I know, this might be considered "hate speech" but genuine Christians should be used to that by now. It's worth a try before the guy mutilates himself. "Lauren" is the one that needs the "help" before it's too late ... .

felixthecat, Rapture Ready 36 Comments [8/11/2008 5:20:56 AM]
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Why does Satan need to advertise, every single unsaved person on earth is already working for and belongs to him anyway.

RejectedDreams, deviantART 28 Comments [8/11/2008 2:08:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Voice of logic

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"Atheist" .. Do you believe in the Law of Nature?
If there is a Law then there must be a Law Maker "GOD"!
God is the one who keeps Nature in balance.
Just like Up and Down, Good and Bad, Heaven and Hell!
God the Creator and everything else the created.
The God the King and His servents.
Just like God makes you blink If He wanted to He could make
you Bow. But He gives you time and does not force you to believe in
Him. but you don't want to wait till its too late and you are standing
in front of Him... do you honestly think you will argue with your
creator. When He has full power over your very breath your sight
your thinking your life. Wow man is truly arrogant and ungreatful!

SpeakingOut, Yahoo Answers 38 Comments [8/11/2008 2:07:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

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[In a video debate about creation and evolution, at video timestamp 7:49]

The Bible doesn't consider plants to be living, so I don't either.

aaronk1994, YouTube 39 Comments [8/10/2008 11:38:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Jim H

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The question is why are these people under attack if the scientific community is truly interested in open dialogue? The reality is: most people are willing to believe evolution, something they don't truly understand or even endeavor to, simply because it affirms their lifestyle. If there ever was an opiate for the masses, it would be evolution.

When a person in a lab coat proclaims evolution as the explanation for the creation of life, and someone who might know basic chemistry but no more, believes it (takes it on faith), no one balks or criticizes. That theory says we can do what we want as long as we don't get caught. Why wouldn't they latch on to such a self-justifying description of life?

Mike S. Hansen, Amazon.com 30 Comments [8/10/2008 11:14:50 PM]
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Submitted By: Sayna

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my daughter's husband has hemophilia which means when he cuts himself he bleeds a lot. sometimes he has to go to the emergency room for a small injury. the cat scratched him and he couldnt get the bleeding stopped. i just prayed and it stopped without having to go to the hospital!

olivery2k, God helped my son in law yesterday 40 Comments [8/10/2008 11:10:35 PM]
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IMHO, I really don't like the concept of dating. As far as I know, dating was a practice that is relatively new, as in the last century or so. And if we really examine the culture that has emerged over that time period, it is extremely God hating.

+Zeror+, Christian Forums 44 Comments [8/10/2008 8:51:24 PM]
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A Denver-based Christian ministry claims it witnessed a modern-day loaves-and-and-fishes miracle in Egypt where the 3,500 Kentucky Fried Chicken meals it ordered for conference attendees served more than 5,000 and produced leftovers.

The incident was reported by Charisma Magazine and described on a YouTube video about the trip.

According to Marilyn Hickey, 77, whose ministry organized the meetings in conjunction with the Egyptian Evangelical Association, 3,500 boxed-lunches from KFC were ordered and accounted for, said the Charisma report.

"There were tickets distributed for the lunches," Hickey said. "The boxes were given out, leaving none in the room."

But after the food was gone, the crowd swelled to about 5,000, and volunteers returned to the room and were "astonished" to discover 1,200 more lunches.

Hickey reported that after the lunches were handed out, another 1,200 appeared in the room, "leaving a surplus of food and dumbfounded witnesses," Charisma reported.

Hickey's staff called the incident during the recent Egypt trip a "loaves and fishes" miracle, the report said, after Jesus' miracle in the New Testament in which a small boy's lunch of loaves and fishes fed thousands.

Hickey told the publication she feels confident in proclaiming the event as a miracle because independent Egyptian and non-Christian sources verified the unexplained appearance of the lunches.

"It happened in such a way that [my ministry] was not at all associated with it, which left local volunteers and non-Christians marveling at what had happened," she told Charisma.

Marilyn Hickey, WorldNetDaily 56 Comments [8/10/2008 6:32:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Smith

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: I wanted to inform you of a dangerous online kids' game at www.howrse.com. It's the first time we've ever let the children play a game online. They had seen an ad for it in Horse Magazine which I got for our 18 year old who likes horses. They like horses too and thought this game would be like their old CD-ROM Dogz 4 and Catz 4 by Petz. However, we found out the second day it wasn't anything like it at all!

We didn't know why they spelled horse with a "w" but thought maybe the normal spelling was a taken web name or something. Of course, we had to sign in to even see anything of substance on or about the site. The children chose a horse breed and color and name, etc. Then the program said they could make their horse "immortal." This seemed peculiar, but we figured it was just pretend. Then I saw players could earn "karma" points. This was getting even more disturbing. The software company name was "Owlient." I wondered why owls would be associated with a horse game. I wondered if the "ow" in horse wasn't somehow symbolically related to the "ow" in Owlient. There was also a black barn icon labeled "The Black Market." I thought why black? Any barns around here are red.

It wasn't until the next, the second day, one of the children had a problem while checking on their "horse" that I incidentally (or rather, providentially) saw my son had gone to the "Black Market." When I stopped and inspected that page while backing out of his movements on the site, I noted every link was the name of Greek Mythological and heathen gods/goddesses. Names included Hephaestus, Morpheus, Fertility, Aphrodite, Zeus, Medusa, Eolus, Pandora, Pegasus, Atlantes, and a statement that said, "A God that grants your hoses stamina and speed.....". Yes, the G was capitalized. Okay, these are more than big red flags, these are flashing neon lights that this site is evil!

Angie K., Crossroad Ministries Messages 86 Comments [8/10/2008 5:23:54 PM]
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Submitted By: The Lazy One