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Where has macro evolution ever been observed? What's the mechanism for getting new complexity such as new vital organs? How, for example, could a caterpillar evolve into a butterfly?

[Emphasis added]

(unknown), TalkOrigins 59 Comments [8/5/2008 7:15:45 AM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

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[in response to whether or not homosexuality is a choice]

Is bestiality a lifestyle choice? No, and neither is homosexuality. Your desires from homosexuality stem from being abused as a child, or demonic spirits working in your life.

jonathan, yahoo answers 37 Comments [8/5/2008 4:49:11 AM]
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Submitted By: senorchipotle

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get this my school has a club called the gay straight allience and they paint all this gay stuf on our school's caf windows like this is coming out week and this is gay history month but when marine recruiter try and come to my school they are kicked off the property and when i try and start my own club orginally called FAG (friends against gays) but we changed the name to get it to pass i was called into the office and got a detention because of it even though i said it's discrimination and is disrupbting my right to a peaceful assembly

Matt Clark, Anti-Gay Marriage Group Facebook Wall 55 Comments [8/5/2008 4:47:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Nick

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As some have mentioned here Muslims hate pigs Now I know in the times of I think it was Thomas Jefferson the way they stopped the wars with the muslims and muslim pirates in the ME then was to capture as many muslims as they could then they poured pigs blood over them all and then killed them letting only a few watch that were also muslim to be released and go back to the other muslims and tell them what fate awaits thier Jihad. Yet on another note and this one I can live with is for each of us to carry a sealed vial of Pork Blood and wear it around our neck in doing so the muslims will think twice about Suicide bombings due to the fact if they blow someone up wearing one of these vials of pigs blood and it gets on them they will not go to heaven nor get the 72 virgins. We should aslo send out the threat of if they do a WMD attack on us Mecca will be crop dusted from 60K feet with Pork blood from a preditor

Pendragon, Rapture Ready 42 Comments [8/5/2008 4:46:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Cap'n Mel

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"Christians, How can you believe a book that has so many scientific errors/contradictions"

Self righteous retard, how do you know the world DOES move? How do you know it's NOT the stationary centre of the universe, and that everything revolves around it? Think about it--the Earth is God's single best creation, so it's only logical that it would be the centre of the universe.

Oh, let me guess you base your assertion on no real evidence except for believing what a stupid fancy-pants scientist says. They should have killed that Galileo faaaaaag

YYYYYYY, Yahoo Answers 50 Comments [8/5/2008 4:44:05 AM]
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Submitted By: boingo

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[in response to whether or not homosexuality is a choice]

Temptations are attacks of satan. anything that has to do with satan, is perverted. sure most people might not want to have homosexual relations, have sex with a child, etc, but satan will keep trying until he finds someone that will give in. i have experienced this temptation, it was before i became a christian, although i didnt give into it.

sp4rklez, yahoo answers 27 Comments [8/5/2008 4:43:24 AM]
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Submitted By: senorchipotle

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[On an 'Obama can't win' board in reply to another post]

He will win if the Illuminati want him too.

There's no such thing as the Illuminati. It's an Internet myth not worthy of serious attention on a Christian prophecy board.

BarbT, Rapture Ready 43 Comments [8/5/2008 4:42:15 AM]
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Submitted By: footnotegirl

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Americans have become soft and unfortunately so has the Christian church in America. We have so show some steel on our abs. We need to be bold in our witness, even if it means someone may be offended. If God is for us, who can be against us? Time is running short and many, many souls remain lost. We need to get cracking. We are fighting atheism, mormonism, Islam, Wicca, and a whole host of cults and false religions which make up the primary "ism" known as Satanism.

JY11, Rapture Ready 43 Comments [8/5/2008 12:36:51 AM]
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Submitted By: KatAutumn

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In raising the dead, Jesus proved that evolution is not responsible for all of life on earth. This refutes Darwinian theory. I don't know how Catholics can give such unqualified support for evolution, myself.

reggieM, Catholic Answers Forums 52 Comments [8/4/2008 11:15:08 PM]
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Submitted By: galle

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Atheists, love him or face the consequences
He will send you to Hell for your blasphemy, why fight it? Don't make Cod angry when you don't have to.

Sam W, Yahoo 'answers' 123 Comments [8/4/2008 10:52:30 PM]
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Submitted By: letsbegods

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I am finding that I have such a low tolerance for suffering now. I am so anxious to be gone from here. It's like a dull ache in my heart. My body literally hurts because we're all still here. What is so discouraging is, we've all thought that we would go at other times in the past. Everything looked so "perfect". I understand that never before in history has EVERYTHING been like this, it's just, I fear I may be let down again. I really need some encouragement. Oh, I pray, pray, pray that the Lord comes in the next month or two. Honestly, can our hearts take waiting as anxiously as we do for Him? He knows this. Why would He give us such clear signs, then not show up? We'll die of heartattacks or hypertension if we keep going on like this. I know I will. He must be coming this year. This is the season. I truly believe it. But I'm fearful that I could be wrong, again.

OnlyJesusSaves, RaptureReady 54 Comments [8/4/2008 9:05:52 PM]
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The gunman was ranting and raving with vulgar language, so its a safe bet, that he is a atheist.

terry, Comfort Food 50 Comments [8/4/2008 8:59:56 PM]
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Submitted By: Smith

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Abortion is cold-blooded murder, and kills an innocent healthy CHILD. There is a Biblical CURSE upon every doctor, nurse, politician, clinic, Supreme Court justice, lawyer, judge, family member, mother, and father involved in the murder of a CHILD through abortion ... "Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say, Amen." -Deuteronomy 27:25. We are warned in Matthew 12:36-37, "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned." If God is going to judge men for every idle word spoken, then how much greater shall He judge those who murder little babies!!! Listen to what Jesus said concerning those who harm children ... "It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones" (Luke 17:2). Woe unto the abortionists ... CHILD KILLERS!!!


Abortion is murder, and it is evil to attempt justifying it. Many of America's teenagers are drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, living wildly, and becoming parents in high school. Then they're advised that abortion is the best option since they aren't ready to be parents yet. Is it nothing to you? It's time for America's churches to start promoting big families, family time, and having family devotions where dad teaches about life from the Word of God. America's abortions are 99% the result of our failing families. A strong family needs to be built upon the Word of God and God's love.

Name not specified, jesus-is-savior.com 42 Comments [8/4/2008 8:30:59 PM]
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Not a fan. Many praise dance troupes tend to be of young women my age and they come in with the claim that they are dancing unto the Lord but the outfits and moves can be suggestive. You focus on the dancer, not the worship. Man should not seek praise but seek to praise God alone.

On the other side, I don't have a problem with mimes, for special events. But for every Sunday, I don't think you should have praise dancers/mimes.

eaglegreen, RR 45 Comments [8/4/2008 6:50:13 PM]
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The World of Harry Potter
Many Christians do not reject Harry Potter because they believe that Rowling’s character-filled Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft is just such an imaginary place of made-up fun. Rowling herself claims that her stories are just fantasy, but extensive research by Wendell Amstutz of the National Community Resource Center in Rochester, MN has demonstrated the appearance of over 60 kinds of actual occult practices in the first four Potter books. Therefore, the dangerous deceit of Harry Potter lies in the fact that much of Rowling’s “imaginary" construct is based on the actual, “real world” values, beliefs and practices of the occult – specifically Wicca and Satanism. The world of Harry Potter is a false fantasy world: it is authentic occult fiction - albeit vicarious - occult experience presented as make-believe.

Olive Tree Ministries, Olive Tree Ministries 55 Comments [8/4/2008 6:37:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Giveitaday

Quote# 44235

Answering the New Atheism is really good. They discuss the flying spaghetti monster, the microscopic orbiting teapot, etc. It focuses on Dawkins worship of chance and how it would be mathematically impossible for random chance to lead to the creation of the universe, planets, suns, life, humans. He doesn't use religious arguments, but logical and scientific ones. He shows that Dawkins worships a god called Chance, and that his worship has no logical basis.

He also shows that, if Random Chance is the creative force in the universe, there is no morality possible. For true atheists, there is no basis upon which to construct a morality other than what is beneficial to you at the moment, or maybe what is beneficial to your tribe or species at the moment.

Mea Culpa, Catholic Answers Forums 36 Comments [8/4/2008 6:33:39 PM]
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Submitted By: galle

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[County Commissioner plans to send self-published comic to voters]

The 16-page publication prepared by Commissioner Brent Rinehart's re-election campaign lampoons gays and criticizes Rinehart's political opponents. It also features an angel who supports the embattled commissioner and Satan, who supports his critics...

Toga-wearing gays, political figures, trench coat-clad henchmen, concerned residents and Rinehart make up the rest of the comic's characters.

In one sequence,
Satan says: "If I can get the kids to believe homosexuality is normal!"

The angel replies: "Hey Satan, not with Brent around you won't!"

[Sheriff John] Whetsel is depicted on two pages. In one, a sequence alleging jailer abuse of inmates at the county jail is followed by Whetsel demanding taxpayer money so he can buy "more, more and more toys!"

Keith Gaddie, a University of Oklahoma political science professor, called the book "one of the strangest things" he'd ever seen.

"I've never seen a comic book with the phrase 'anal sodomy' in it before. That was a new one for me."

Brent Rinehart, Tulsa World 41 Comments [8/4/2008 6:31:10 PM]
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I'm currently in badshape, and need psychologist-like help. I've been hearing things in the night which is leading to me thinking my house is spiritually infested. My mom is in need of financial help, currently have low monthly income to pay rent. I'm always depressed because I try to find out more about the rapture, and the more it just scares me. My mother and my family are all concerns me, I'm the only Christian in this Buddhist family, I tried to tell my mom to convert, and my family. Also, my 8 year old sister, i think is over the age of accountability. I want my mom to accept Jesus for all the great thing he has done, and also accept him as her Personal Lord and Savior, so she and everyone in my family will be saved. Please pray for me, and I really need some guidance for this kind of thing. Can some one maybe talk to me through this? I'm still have panic and anxiety attacks, Thank you everyone.

LovingChrist, RR, natch 33 Comments [8/4/2008 6:30:41 PM]
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Do you think Jesus was not fully human in the sense of being too holy to produce sperm?

Rise again Wat Tyler, Yahoo! Answers 54 Comments [8/4/2008 5:33:05 PM]
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[Brainwashed? As opposed to being brainwashed by your parents or pastor?]

LW1984: They teach me what's wrong and right.

[And how do you know they're always right?]

LW1984: Doing by drawing I do.

[What? Can you speak coherently please?]

LW1984: I'm getting tired repeating my self over and over again.

I'd saw angel when I'd need comfort.

LoneWolf1984, deviantART 49 Comments [8/4/2008 5:33:00 PM]
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Yes evolution is a religion of sorts. It is a study of the ultimates, being where did we come from, what is our purpose, what happens after we die, is there a reason for everything. In these aspects, evolution is a religion and by the idea of evolution and atheism, tens of millions of people have been murdered. I find marxism a prime example of where atheism leads to, that and communism.

SpecterSparten, Youtube Comments 32 Comments [8/4/2008 5:07:53 PM]
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Submitted By: Malkavian Jeff

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(On a gay marriage announcement in a local newspaper.)
It amazes me that a bunch of gay weirdos would want everyone to know how preverted they are.

Anonymous, Caller 28 Comments [8/4/2008 4:56:33 PM]
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[on how many people will be raptured

We start with 100%
Then the second seal:WW3(or 4 or 5 depending)
Due to being cut short 5% would be a safe estimate
Now we have 95%
Now the third seal: food crisis
7% would be appropriate
Now fourth seal: disease
Due to quarantine measures probably more like 2%
Sixth seal: earthquake
Theres a sucker punch, 9%
First trumpet: hailstorm
Because of being flaming hail, 12%
Second trumpet: monster meteor
Well see this from half a solar system away, 3%
Third trumpet: poison meteor + infected water
It says many so a lot more than the last ones, 15%
Fourth trumpet: dim sun, extreme cold
More scary than deadly at this point, 4%
Sixth trumpet: killer demons
It says a third, 43/3, rounded for simplicity, is 14%
Third bowl: rivers & lakes to blood
At this point reserves will be enough, 3%
Fourth bowl: sun intensified, super heat
Really just something we see coming by now, 5%
Seventh bowl: end
There we have it. 21%, keep in mind that this is rough and approximate. And I left out anything that doesn’t cause mass death.

Redneck Ninja, Battleon Forums 44 Comments [8/4/2008 4:45:25 PM]
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Franco was a millitary dictator, so was Zalazar, Pidulski, Dollfuß and a few others. These where all devout catholics and supported by the church, like the medieval (often saint) monarchs of Europe. Mugabe is this generation's answer to them.


I think you are wrong about Mugabe. Mugabe's third-way policies doesn't work thanks to the starvation and the hyperinflatiion caused by the US/UN sanctions. As usually, the western allies are root of the evil.


Not only are you a false catholic and liberal heretic, you also spread the protestant lies about the noble men who devoted their lives to combat false converts such as you? The holy inquisition which saved us from suicide cults like the cathars and the 14:th century luciferians in the region where you live? People like you must be silenced!

Zealous Zeth, CF 34 Comments [8/4/2008 4:43:58 PM]
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Atheists,for those of you who insist that we came from Apes(or Chimps),then are you up for trying to make a baby with an Ape or Chimp?
Are you glad that your Evolution belief leads to beastiality?

C, Yahoo Answers 57 Comments [8/4/2008 4:28:10 PM]
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