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[the FSTDT thread]

They may be laughing now, but how funny will they think our posts are when we're gone and they're left behind?

Jennifleur, RR 85 Comments [8/1/2008 4:36:42 AM]
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[Note what this article is calling "side effects"]

Last Abortion Clinic in South Dakota Closes after Law Requires Patients be Informed of Possible Side Effects

SIOUX FALLS, SD, July 24, 2008 - On Monday, July 21, eight women arrived at the Planned Parenthood office in Sioux Falls in South Dakota for abortions, but were instead met with locked doors and a hand-written note indicating the only abortion clinic in South Dakota was closed.

Planned Parenthood closed its doors after their abortionists, who are flown in from other states, refused to work under the new law that went into effect last Friday. The law orders abortionists to inform patients of the humanity of their babies and that the procedure could affect their mental health two hours before the abortion is set to be performed. The law also provides that abortionists can be sued if they do not comply.

This law was the brain-child of attorney Harold Cassidy and passed with the help of determined pro-life leaders Dr. Alan and Leslee Unruh, who pushed for the regulation in the face of opposition, even from some in the pro-life movement. The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals cleared the way for the law's enactment last week.

It remains unclear if the Planned Parenthood office has permanently ceased the practice of abortion. However, several women who were scheduled for abortions this week went to a pro-life center instead, where some have reportedly changed their minds about having abortions.

"The closing of this clinic is historic in that South Dakota is, for the time being, the first abortion-free state," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "It didn't take the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and it didn't take a new President or a new Supreme Court. It took the courageous determination of pro-life heroes like Mr. Cassidy and the Unruhs who saw an opportunity to save lives and pressed on until their dream became victory."

"We applaud their efforts and encourage other states to emulate their campaign," said Newman.

The Unruhs are currently involved in the Vote Yes For Life Campaign, which would effectively ban abortions in South Dakota, putting the finishing nail in the coffin of the abortion industry there.

The Tribulation Times, The Tribulation Times 35 Comments [8/1/2008 4:35:07 AM]
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Why do people try so hard to disprove god?
god is love and hope, jesus lived and died for our sins, we have the bible which was wrote by the prophets and diciples. it is first hand accounts wrote down by people who followed god and witnessed miracles. yet we won't accept that as being good enough but we believe everything in history books isn't that what the bible is the oldest history book we have? the most important one we have? why is there so many people who want to disprove gods existance? is it because we don't want to have to answer for our actions? or are people afraid that if heavens real than that means hell is too? i don't understand why to some people religion can be so offensive, just because we can't see the oxygen we breath does that mean its not real either? in many ways you can see god are people just afraid to look?

kibbles18, Y! Answers 21 Comments [8/1/2008 4:32:01 AM]
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Submitted By: Mike

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Fantastic post. I agree, that scripture will be an awesome thing once it is fulfilled. We as Christians should not argue with atheists. It is a foolish thing to do. Proverbs 23:9 states that "Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words". So leave it all to God to put them in their place. The more they scorn, the more the irony and gut wrenching shock they will experience when they see God. As much as I sometimes would like to see their faces at that moment, I honestly know that it would probably be best I didn't as the horror on their faces would be more than our /my mind could comprehend. If just seeing the horror on their faces is bad enough about their fate, just imagine when they find out they are about to be thrown into Hell forever and how they will recollect how they mocked people like me, you and other Christians. If that's not bad enough, can you just imagine how bad hell will be for them?

We live in a lost world. Just read all the non-believing posts on this forum. It's no wonder the world is in such a horrible state and condition.

blank check, Topix 27 Comments [8/1/2008 4:25:37 AM]
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If this guy hated liberals so much (and who doesn't?) it would have made much more sense for him to shoot up Berkley or San Francisco. Tennessee liberals are hardly your typical subhuman-type of liberal scum.

Archie Bunker, Topix 39 Comments [8/1/2008 3:21:17 AM]
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Yes, I am so ready!! My thoughts and feelings change from "we are right on the brink" to "worldwide events are not fully set in place yet" to "buckle up and take a big breath". I should be doing house maintenance--like replacing the 25 year old water heater and furnace, new paint and carpeting, etc. But mostly I really don't want to invest effort and time into things without a dire, immediate need. Anyone else dream about what their mansion is going to look like? Also, I should be exercising and eating healthy, but I also know this is just a temporary body that may not be needed much longer. (Yes, I know this is not the healthiest thinking, and not to use this as an excuse to not take care of myself.) I'm really ready for my new body that doesn't crave and absorb carbs like a sponge!

RaptureWatcher, RaptureReady 49 Comments [8/1/2008 3:18:42 AM]
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It is fascinating how so many people claim not to believe in God until they are on their death bed or they have a major crisis in their life. Did you know that before the First World War, a significant number of the European fighting men were Atheist. Atheism was quite popular especially among the "elites" in Paris and London. When down in trenches facing machine gun fire, mortar and heavy artillery shelling, and starvation, they changed their minds very quickly.

Deep down in our hearts, we know God exists. Here in the USA, we have had too easy a life to dig down into our heart and soul where God is. We are numbed by TV and computer, instant food, air conditioning and power steering.

I came to know God while watching my entire town being wiped off the map by a hurricane 3years ago. When you have experienced something like that you will understand. What I don't understand is why it bothers you so that others believe in God.

andrew33, History Channel 54 Comments [8/1/2008 3:18:23 AM]
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Reynold said: "Where do you get the idea that your god is the only "possible" source of logic? Can you show that without him, "logic" could not exist?"

This is true by the impossibility of the contrary, no other worldview can account for universal, abstract, invariant entities.



Sye TenB, Stephen Law -- philosophical blog 16 Comments [8/1/2008 3:17:50 AM]
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You will have to show me which one of these school shooters or church shooters in the past few years were not atheist liberals then. Virginia Tech? Was that guy a conservative? hahaha. What about columbine? One of the shooters asked "do you believe in God" and when the student said yes he blew her head off.

You sir are the mentally disturbed individual that will block out all reality so you can continue to live your twisted lifestyle and cling to your twisted beliefs. For all we know you are one of these liberal atheists about to snap and go on a shooting spree. You have the same mindset as them, pure hatred towards anyone who has a different opinion than you.

[My irony meter just exploded]

Alex, Topix 33 Comments [8/1/2008 3:16:32 AM]
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Dinosaurs were created by Fallen Angels and Satan angels NOT by GOD!!!

chadastanley, youtube 50 Comments [8/1/2008 2:29:22 AM]
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(Among other things, will you clean your house for the Rapture was one question.)

Too funny! About the cleaning...no way, let them have it! I've cleaned for 25 years and now, I just don't care. I've gone from cleanaholic to "walk-over-it-holic. I speed too much time here at RR to be able to get anything else done.

Maribeth, RaptureReady 43 Comments [8/1/2008 1:40:06 AM]
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Some militant atheists think that if they get their own way and destroy Christianity in their nations that somehow they will end up living in a secular utopia, one mass orgy where everyone gets along so wonderfully in peace and love, smoking pot, free love, fulfilling every selfish desire, no pain or sorrow for anyone.

The reality is rather different. If you destroy Christianity (you won't, but let's assume) then all you will achieve is to create a vaccum. Due to relative morality and a liberal justice system (a joke) with no punishments it will quickly turn into such an anarchich cesspit that order and moral authority will need to be restored. With Christianity destroyed where will people look- Islam.

You'll wish you hadn't burnt all the Bibles then, I can assure you.

scarlets79, CARM 46 Comments [8/1/2008 1:36:52 AM]
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Submitted By: catbarf

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[Question: So, If adam and eve were naked in the garden of eden, how did they figure out how old they were?]

It doesn't say how old he was when he was created, only that God made a mature creation. And God taught Adam and Eve everything they needed to know. He likely also preprogrammed Adam with all his scientific knowledge, which would explain why pre-flood civilizations seem to be so much smarter than we are.

KiraJenLove, Yahoo Answers 43 Comments [8/1/2008 1:36:41 AM]
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Our spiritual nature is an electrical being, the result of us upbuilding our electrical nature via righteous laws. Jesus showed us that we can be reborn if our righteous strength is righteously charged but if it is not we become ramblers in the Earths magnetic field. This is the curtain that was rent when Jesus died, giving up its dead and it is the same curtain that will release our friends and our forefathers for the judgement.

Within the magnetic field surrounding the Earth are many evil spirits and this is why God tells us to avoid all involvement with it...it is best left to him. It is also the place that, from time to time, replays horrible events, electrically carved into it from the past.

NicholasMarks, BBC Religion 42 Comments [8/1/2008 12:35:27 AM]
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Obama is the DEVIL! Just put pointy Spock ears on him, and you'll see what I mean!

Diablo, topix.com 35 Comments [8/1/2008 12:32:50 AM]
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Yes, you too can know the Almighty God for yourself. This
is within reach of anybody who want to know God. The answer is right before your eyes if one would drop their pride of this`know it all attitude.` If they can dismiss their arrogance of nobody can tell them anything unless it's under a microscope\telescope via see, hear, feel, smell and taste. In the secular, great swelling pride has prevented the brilliant scientist, philosopher, doctor, educator from where life really count.

There is this stupendous information God gives to mankind if he would only submit that he doesn't know it all instead of trusting in a culmination of combined knowledge over the centuries where they'll earn a few placards, papers, awards, degrees etc..He certainly isn't opposed to wisdom, power and wealth but knowing God is superior.

God said to the prophet Jeremiah 9:23,24 "let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understand and know Me, that I AM the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgement, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord."

God reveals Himself in this manner that He isn't the hard, ruthless God some has portrayed Him to be. Some will post in here juvenile responses fit for adolescents of which reveal their true heart and easily detectible simply because they just don't understand and know God. I have heard the best of them and they reveal to me just what they don't know, you can see right through them.

f22raptor, History Channel 19 Comments [8/1/2008 12:25:42 AM]
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[Spectersparten is actually trying to use his brain today, but still screws up the thinking process.]

As for me not being able to prove my God exists, you're absolutely right, I can't prove it to you, to find something as proven takes a leap of faith, but what I can do is show other religions to be false, and give evidences of mine being true. Wicca is false not only because it's beliefes go against simple human logic such as the law of right and wrong, but also the contradictory beliefes of it, saying all religions are correct in their own way is impossible, this also goes for new age etc..

Spectersparten, Youtube Comments 27 Comments [8/1/2008 12:25:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Malkavian Jeff

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Question: "Help me find current statistics on the "ever growing number of scientists beginning to support Creationism"?"

Answer: "Does it matter? What are numbers to anyone? If you cannot see the evidence of a Creator, then all the stats is not going to convince you."

Ryans s, Yahoo answers 32 Comments [8/1/2008 12:25:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Lord13
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