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If a guy with a degree or two, or the government gives a law that allows murder?
Would you atheists start killing everyone that you want.

The same question about homosexuality....

Good_Guy ???-??? ??????, Yahoo Answers/Religion and Spirituality 47 Comments [9/18/2008 5:23:44 PM]
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Submitted By: Shawn

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I hope Palin and Huckabee type religion/politics is imported into U.K.
At last an import to give us hope that our way of life could be preserved for our grandchildren.

elf garnett, telegraph 28 Comments [9/18/2008 5:16:35 PM]
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Submitted By: worldsend

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(The books in question are: "The Joy of Sex" and "The Joy of Gay Sex" Talk about paranoia, reading a book doesn't make ya anything in it. If I read HP I don't believe in Demetors. Same rules apply here. Hmm, lovely site, glad to see at least some people are smart.)

"“The Joy of Sodomy” is extremely short sighted! God says that there are no sodomites in Heaven (1 Cor 6:9), and there is no joy where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever. The ACLU cannot claim that there is any requirement whatever for any local library to buy every book published, no requirement to become the Library of Congress. The Nampa library can remove whatever books it wants, and is under no obligation whatever to become the NAMBLA library. Community decency laws that restrict pornography and various forms of sexual perversion are completely “constitutional.” The ACLU, like its hero the devil, is all smoke and mirrors in the presence of the Truth."

None, OneNewsNow 14 Comments [9/18/2008 5:16:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Rebellious Scot

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Rama and Krishna for example never existed, only in the mind of the novelist who wrote the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, like Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes who never existed, only in the mind of the writer, or like the gods of Greece, Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, who only existed in the mind of Homer when he wrote the Iliad… and afterwards, the Romans copied them changing their names to Jupiter, Apollo, Venus... but they never existed, and they do not exist now!.

Come to Jesus!: He existed, he was prophesied over 300 times during 2000 years before he was born, he made miracles to show he is God himself, he resurrected in the body, and he is alive now at your site… believe in Him, accept him in your heart, right now, and you will have life on earth and eternal glorious life after death,

J. Dominguez, M.D., Religion-Cults 43 Comments [9/18/2008 12:54:33 PM]
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Not surprisingly in this wicked generation, a punk rapper by the name of "TobyMac" (also the lead singer of the godless band DC Talk) has captivated the hearts and minds of teen Christians all around the world. TobyMac is a wolf in sheep's clothing! There is NOTHING "Christian" about TobyMac. Look at the above photo. Do you see Jesus? I see a street punk who needs to find God. Sadly, he is drawing America's youth into the gutter with him. The Bible warns us about loving the world...

TobyMac (like DC Talk and other pseudo-Christian entertainers) is assisting Satan by creating a bridge between Christianity and the godless world. Listen friend, any bridge between Christianity and the world is of the devil and can ONLY lead to worldliness. There is no such thing as "Christian murder" or "Christian fornication." Likewise, there is no such animal as "Christian rock" or "Christian Hip Hop." If you listen to Snoop Dog or Eminem, you can't tell the music apart other than the lyrics. It's the music itself, not always the worlds that are of the devil. You can't put decent lyrics to devilish music and call it "Christian." Howbeit, TobyMac's lyrics are as godless as his music.

Should it be surprising that TobyMac is a featured entertainer at Christianpunks.com? Don't tell me that the end of the world is not near! When Christian young people are actually following creeps like this in Jesus' name, something is VERY WRONG! America is headed for total apostasy. We are surely living in the last days and the Lords return is imminent.

David J. Stewart, Jesus-Is-Savior 40 Comments [9/18/2008 12:53:47 PM]
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Quote# 47891

BuzzardHut, Rapture Ready 62 Comments [9/18/2008 12:49:20 PM]
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Submitted By: TheOutsider

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[The most senior judge in Saudi Arabia has said it is permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV channels which broadcast immoral programmes.]

There is no doubt that these programmes are a great evil, and the owners of these channels are as guilty as those who watch them," said the sheikh.
"It is legitimate to kill those who call for corruption if their evil can not be stopped by other penalties."

Sheikh Salih Ibn al-Luhaydan, BBC News 26 Comments [9/18/2008 11:13:07 AM]
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Submitted By: John_in_Oz

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My primary goal is to find one wife. I do not need more than one wife. I will be very happy and content with just one wife. However, I have interviewed many that would like to be one of two or more wives. I have given this serious thought and should I end up with a wife that would like to be one of two or more wives, I have no problem with it whatsoever. There are pros and cons to having multiple wives and I have considered all that have occurred to me. After I find my first wife, I will not seek out another wife. It will be my first wife's responsibility to present prospective wives to me, whom I will interview and decide if I will or will not accept them as a wife. I will be just a picky about them as I am with my first wife. In fact, I'll probably be more picky.

Yes, I hear all you arrogant ignorant Christians out there claiming it is ungodly to have more than one wife. Yes, God prefers a one man one women relationship but God Himself, under certain circumstances, not only allows a man to have multiple wives, but demands it, and nowhere in Scripture can it be found that God comes against multiple wives. King David, the man after God's own heart had multiple wives. King Solomon, the man God blessed with the greatest wisdom of all men had numerous wives. We find in the New Testament that God recognizes multiple wives in the consideration for the qualifications for Elder or Deacon. God says to qualify to become an Elder or Deacon, you must be a one woman type man, the husband of one wife. An Elder or Deacon is to be focused on God's work, not his wives, one wife it too distracting already LOL (laughing Out Loud).

But in America it is illegal to have more than one wife. Well, I can easily prevail in a debate regarding that matter, but that is not my task here. Just suffice it to say, you cannot legally marry more than one wife where the state is the authority giving you permission to marry. I will not be asking the state's permission, for I am not under the authority of any man made government.

Man For Young Girl To Become My Wife, Man For Young Girl To Become My Wife blog 62 Comments [9/18/2008 10:59:38 AM]
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Submitted By: ozznova

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I really don't see why Creationism should not be taught in science class.
I cannot see much difference between the story in the bible of God's creation of the universe and the Big Bang Theory.
Is it not the purpose of education to open the mind to possibilties and all types of thought?

Linnea Whitaker, Calgary, Canada, timesonline 62 Comments [9/18/2008 6:52:47 AM]
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Submitted By: worldsend

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What many do yet know is that McDonald’s officially supports the ungay and lesbian lifestyle, and gave $20,000 to the so-called Gay and Lesbian C. of C.
The queers want to grab off the children, something that they can’t produce themselves on purpose, and Ronald McDonald is going to help.
It is not a family business anymore. Why would anyone want to take their family members there from now on? Ronald M. is now putting the kids at risk for a lethal lifestyle, what with hiv viruses and Aids. I will never go there again.
There is always Wendy’s, Burger King, What-A-Burger and Carl’s Jr.

Peter Emmy, The Toy Zone - "Whole City Bans McDonald's To Save Children" (scroll down) 44 Comments [9/18/2008 5:56:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Kurrus

Quote# 47502

*Paul [owner of a gay bath house]was adamant and forthright in his belief that the gay lifestyle is incompatible with happiness and fidelity in human relations, expressing his dissatisfaction with civil unions legislation. "The temptation of other things will always stand in the way of two gay men having a long-term, loving, caring relationship."*

So... this is why we're supposed to allow the GLSB to get married and adopt children? So they can despise it from the inside? Thanks, but no.

alexc, Homosexual U.K. Documentarian Says Gay Lifestyle a "Sewer" 25 Comments [9/18/2008 5:56:38 AM]
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Quote# 47477

Most of the liberals you run into, especially the far left wingers have satan as their master. He has a tremendous plan for this country through Barrack Obama. It is being derailed by a woman who has given her heart to his great enemy Jesus Christ. The reason you are seeing such outlandish behavior on the part of Palin's enemies is simply the stirring up of the demons which control them. It is a demonic rage.

The contempt they are showing for her values is simply the contempt satan has for Christian values.

fred1, carm 37 Comments [9/18/2008 5:56:27 AM]
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Quote# 47572

[In response to someone asking what people thought about the idea of her son getting a heavy metal christian band CD]

I don't believe ANY rock or metal music can or should be called Christian.
It is not the words that effects, but the actual beat and tempo of the music that causes us to react in our flesh. There is a rebellious spirit in any rock or metal music. I would not let him touch it with a ten foot pole. Trust your gut, if you don't like it....there must be a reason why.

GreenEyedLady, Rapture Ready 50 Comments [9/18/2008 5:49:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Wilhelm

Quote# 47592

Praise the living Lord Jesus! We were involved in an long exorcism that involved seven demons--zerrubeal, cyclone, zion, lester, samuel, syphera, and peters. The primary spirit was zerrubeal that entered the family four generations ago through his ancestors who practiced polgamy and the occult.

To make a long story short...the demons were confronted and expelled. Please pray for this man as we will talk with him tomorrow to ensure everything is ok (there may be other spirits) but we thank God for the mercy that has already been extended!

Jay Bartlett, Ministering Deliverance 51 Comments [9/18/2008 4:49:37 AM]
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Quote# 47830

It seems likely to me that there wont be any more children after the Rapture, since with the faithful gone the satanist liberals will probably abort every conception. They get a kind of sick pleasure from it.

lovedbygod23, Rapture Ready 40 Comments [9/18/2008 4:18:07 AM]
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Quote# 47709

Well, if evolution is true, why don't we keep evolving? If your answer is because we only evolve when we need something else to survive, then why are we so smart? Dogs, ants, birds survive, and their brains don't even begin to compare to the human brain. Why'd we become so damn smart? We could certainly survive with a brain the size of a cat...

Answer, MPA Forums 37 Comments [9/18/2008 4:07:36 AM]
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Quote# 47654

My brother, you must listen to me. For I have seen the terribleness of mankind in everything. Hair products, music, tv, clothing, anything and everything can be used for sin or to keep the focus off God. It is not about looking nice. Embrace the naturalness of your body. Do not smell or look like the world. Create opposition to the world. Anger the world because this will please God. Do not follow them I tell you! Peace and Love my brother. May Christ protect you and love you as I do.

BrotherTonyInChrist, Youtube 54 Comments [9/18/2008 12:30:40 AM]
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Submitted By: FundieFinder

Quote# 47533

The 700 Club is giving me a busy signal all too often now. What other toll-free prayer hotlines are there, and what organizations do they belong to?

Egao No Genki is now a Maestro, AnswerBag.com 33 Comments [9/18/2008 12:22:34 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

Quote# 47598

Can anyone point me in the direction of some great articles/books/movies/threads with some good arguments to refuting evolution? We are going to have a discussion in my Bio class about the differences betw. Creationism and Evolution, and I've noticed my class is slanted toward Evolution so I wanted some solid evidence to tell them. I know what I believe but it would be great to have some sources to back up what I say. Thanks!

Katia 0203, Rapture Ready 59 Comments [9/18/2008 12:20:58 AM]
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Quote# 47593

One school of thought believed that mankind descended from ape, according to evolutionists. The ego-centric far liberal left whose religion is the idea that mankind evolved billions of years. The leftist claimed that they are liberal and tolerant, yet are frightened, paranoid at the idea of permitting another school of thought that believed that God created the universe in six days,they use force, violence to perpetuate their falsehood, that is not rational,or logical.Why are they paranoid,it is because the foundation that man evolved from ape is fraudulent and despicable and illogical. Their argument and logics when put under the scrutiny of microscope, the lies, hypocrisies is apparent for all to see. They created a make belief by repeating lies while surpressing the fact of intelligent design, and creation which is far more logical, and rationale.

Peter, Daily Mail 37 Comments [9/17/2008 11:55:28 PM]
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Quote# 47562

creation speaks louder than any words, just look at how we are made, just look at our planet, i think the size of fruit testifys to a creator, grapes are just the right size for our mouth and oranges come insections to share and the largest fruits are not really to big for us to handle, then look at the taste buds, well we never needed them to survive, they are an added bonus, these are just a few points, i am sure you could come up with loads more. But even after all the explaining and proof some people never listen just look at Gods own people the isrealites they saw the red see open and many more miracles yet they still never believed, so seeing is not always believing

Charmaine Jay, AnswerBag.com 53 Comments [9/17/2008 9:46:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

Quote# 47569

The issue is the gay agenda. The media has picked up on 'civil rights' aspect and are running with it. It is most definitely not a civil rights kind of problem. It is a lifestyle choice much like smoking cigarettes.

They are allowed in the door, they are allowed to attend church. But if they flaunt it, bring in a partner, that sort of thing, they will likely be asked to repent and if the church offers counseling, they will probably be assisted in counseling to help them learn how God can help them overcome. God doesn't wink at sin and a good, bible believing church doesn't overlook it either.

PlentyGroovy, PFF 26 Comments [9/17/2008 9:44:43 PM]
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Quote# 47444

homosexuals are disgusting ''people''. They don't belong anywhere. They're freaks and I have no respect for them whatsoever. Without Christianity you would be without the greatest inventions, architecture etc.

WiLdCaT, UK, Yahoo! Absurdity 57 Comments [9/17/2008 9:42:35 PM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

Quote# 47516

Why is it that most people who do not believe in God

are homosexuals?but they claim that god made them gay.so does this mean that they choose to be gay since they say there is no god

Not Hedi Hitler, Yahoo Answers 65 Comments [9/17/2008 7:21:10 PM]
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Submitted By: green_meklar

Quote# 47413

I actually wouldn't mind if women weren't given the right to vote. This gal loathes, I mean loathes, the way the female demographic thinks and votes. I'd give up my own right to vote to keep other women away from the polls.

(After people question her)

Although I'm used to responses of shock and outrage, I'd prefer for you not to lose your mind, folks. We're not all alike out here. I'm proud to be a woman, and I value my "right" to vote, and I wish that all women would vote responsibly. But since most of them insist on voting for baby murderers and the antithesis of everything godly, I can't say I'm happy about how it all turned out.

Faithandgrace, RaptureReady 67 Comments [9/17/2008 3:41:16 PM]
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Submitted By: Smith