Quote# 46993

Anyone plan on visiting a gun store the day after the election if Obama wins?

frodo82801, Rapture Ready 57 Comments [9/9/2008 6:51:32 PM]
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Quote# 46960

[when asked about pedophilia in the bable]

I don't recall anything about pedophilia.

As for incest, for one, back then there was not the genetic diseases that now are commonplace, which is why we have laws against close marriage nowadays, and two, what else were they supposed to do? Seth didn't have too many choices. It was either his sister or his mom, and I'm sure that even back then doin' your mom was bad.

Joel V, Yahoo Answers 25 Comments [9/9/2008 5:44:32 PM]
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Submitted By: Frank V

Quote# 46817

[In response to an article about the New York State Supreme Court tossing out a challenge to the new law recognizing same-sex marriages from out of state]

Oh no Igh, I know all too well about how to keep my daughter away from that lifestyle. Let's give a little personal background here:

When I was in college I made several mistakes. One of those included unmarried sex which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Well, to try and make things right, even with a struggling relationship at the time, I married her so that my child could be raised with both her mother and father.

After 2 years of marriage she decided she was going to have an affair with another woman. She took my child, my car, and my life away from me. With the grace of God I managed to graduate from college that summer and went to work for a company in my home town. Shortly thereafter I filed for divorce. Almost a year and $15K later I won custody of my daughter. I fought hard to keep my daughter out of the lifestyle her mother had choosen to live and God was on my side! Praise God for that.

Unfortunately she has to stay with her homosexual mom every other weekend. I will continue to teach her about Jesus Christ and pray that I can lay a good foundation so that she will not be overcome by the gay agenda.

ShuckCreations, The Christian Post article comments, "Judge Tosses Suit Against Gay 'Marriage' Recognition in NY." 25 Comments [9/9/2008 5:41:29 PM]
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Submitted By: GreenEyedLilo

Quote# 47055

Why is it that if we came from a monkey that there isn't any flags with a picture of a monkey on it?
Does anybody here worship a monkey?
I know people don't believe in monkeys

gary M, Yahoo Answers 48 Comments [9/9/2008 3:04:58 PM]
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Submitted By: Jessica

Quote# 47137

He is a muslim. This is not the first time it has slipped through...remember the 57 states he has visited?

What I find amazing, however, is that Palin and McCain are crucified for \"trying to force their religion on us\", yet Osama bin Biden are long time practicing Muslim and Catholic, respectively.

Jinpo, WoW offtopic 31 Comments [9/9/2008 1:54:56 PM]
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Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 47194

Our Father Shows His Hate With The Cyclone
Inspired by “Cyclone” (Baby Bash/T-Pane)

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

Our Father shows His hate with the cyclone
It makes us wanna sing all the night long
Blowing hard when He turns His hot wrath on
Because He shows His hate with the cyclone
Judgments’ the cyclone

He shows His hate with the cyclone
It has us singin’ all the night long
Blowing hard when He turns His hot wrath on
Because He shows His hate with the cyclone
The mighty cyclone

Come listen real close
Keep y’r eye on the weath’a
God ain’t talkin’ trash
Gotcha hangin’ by a teath’a
And – just so you know – it’ soon gettin’ cut
Cuz all of you brutes – are showin’ y’r butts

The way you talk y’r potty
You show that y’r so naughty
Y’r thinkin’ y’r in charge
And actin’ all large
All y’r wise are dumb
While y’r left without a crumb
Y’r still showin’ you’re hatin’
While y’re all evacuatin’

When you think about her now
“K” was just a little squall’a
Better pack y’r stuff
Tell y’r friends and folks you’ll holla
Cuz it is what it is – He’s our God and not a nutha
When Hanna shows her stuff
You’d better run for cover

Our Father shows His hate with the cyclone
It makes us wanna sing all the night long
Blowing hard when He turns His hot wrath on
Because He shows His hate with the cyclone
Judgments’ the cyclone

He shows His hate with the cyclone
It has us singin’ all the night long
Blowing hard when He turns His hot wrath on
Because He shows His hate with the cyclone
The mighty cyclone

(It’s a wrap) Like a millstone you will fall real hard
(It’s a wrap) Like a Champi’on fightin’ with a re-tard
(It’s a wrap) He keeps you guessin’ where He’s gonna hit next
(It’s a wrap) Be sure to stock your “kits” with lots of Kleenex!

See what we’re sayin
He aint playin
Yeah, He’s got’chur heads turnin
You gon’ hear it thwack, crack
As His hate keeps’a burnin
Hannah’s so fuego
Ike and Josephine, too
Kyle and Large Laura soon be headed toward you

Our Father shows His hate with the cyclone
It makes us wanna sing all the night long
Blowing hard when He turns His hot wrath on
Because He shows His hate with the cyclone
Judgments’ the cyclone

He shows His hate with the cyclone
It has us singin’ all the night long
Blowing hard when He turns His hot wrath on
Because He shows His hate with the cyclone
The mighty cyclone

Gustav hit hard (and)
really caused pain
When Hanna got here (Heavy)
Rain up to Maine
When Ike gets movin’
He’ll hit you down low, for
Rea reer reer reer reer reer reer reer real

God’s Returnin’
You’ll be burnin’
That’s what our Savior promised - for
Rea, reer, reer, reer, reer reer reer, reer, real!

Our Father shows His hate with the cyclone
It makes us wanna sing all the night long
Blowing hard when He turns His hot wrath on
Because He shows His hate with the cyclone
Judgments’ the cyclone

He shows His hate with the cyclone
It has us singin’ all the night long
Blowing hard when He turns His hot wrath on
Because He shows His hate with the cyclone
The mighty cyclone

For rea reer reer reer reer reer reer reer reer
Eer reer reer reer reer reer reer reer reer
Eer reer reer reer reer reer reer reer reer

Fred Phelps, Spare Not 58 Comments [9/9/2008 1:53:10 PM]
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Quote# 47175

Wikipedia has spoiled the atheists rotten. Every time a fact is stated, they expect a source.

timothy, Ray Comfort's blog 68 Comments [9/9/2008 1:51:58 PM]
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Quote# 47109

"I agree with your doctrinal statements. I wanted to comment on whether you’ve taken a look into why Wendy’s has had this campaign showing men with the “Wendy’s wig” on. It seems to all be a part of the enemy’s agenda to desensitize people to the whole cross-gender, trans-gender/homosexual thing. Expecially the one commercial where it’s in Black & White and there’s a huge crowd of women with men faces superimposed and they’re cheering for the man wearing a Wendy girl wig. Why can’t they show women in their commercials who crave their burgers and wear the same red wig? Have you posted anything about that? My family and friends have since stopped going there."
To which GCMWatch, the Webmaster, replies:

Thank you Valerie.

I dont eat at Wendy’ cause he food is always cold despite what their lying commericials say.

You brought up a good point. I looked around and didnt find anything directly tying Wendy’s to the gay movement other than in 2005, the gay group HRC pressured them to change their “discrimination policy” to include homosexuals and transgenders, which they did.

The commercials really do look like Wendy’s is showing that it wants their business by appealing to the gender switching crowd.

Because it isnt a doctrinal issue, you probably wont see it addressed here.

But I think youre right to boycott them.

Valerie Austin, Gay Christian Movement Watch 20 Comments [9/9/2008 1:46:28 PM]
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Submitted By: Abyssal

Quote# 46888

[On a billboard for Halloween Horror Nights]
This nation is turning further and further away from God, and basking in its immorality and depravity. You can't turn on the TV or radio anymore without seeing violence, foul language, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, and other abominations.

One day this nation will find itself at rock bottom and once again turn its focus to God. I pray for the day when we can drive all this filth from our shores.

Pastor Bob, Topix 30 Comments [9/9/2008 12:43:15 PM]
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Submitted By: ninjacat11

Quote# 46911

This is definetely the season. I'm getting the feeling like an athlete right before the gun sounds and a race is about to start. The anticipation, the background noise, the knot in my stomach. This is really happening.

When the situation with Russia reaches a fever pitch, the hammer will drop and the return of our Lord for us will be moments away. One may want to leave any extra bibles laying around in accessible places for any of those left behind. Having extra food out for pets is also a good idea. Basically, prepare for a 7 year vacation away from your house. Most likely, it won't be standing when we return anyhow. Besides, you won't need it; our enormouse gem-studded mansions will be much more preferable: 0% down, 0% A.P.R., no payments for the first eternity. With all that's happening in our world, Jesus is so close to coming for us its easy to get goosebumps. I feel much less stressed than normal, and things that used to bug me don't anymore. I know I'm so close to leaving this world, not much gets to me anymore. It's just not worth it. Jesus is about to come for me, and this world can have all its problems.

Not Perfect, But Forgiven, Rapture Ready 61 Comments [9/9/2008 11:09:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Cap'n Mel

Quote# 46874

Why does it seem that a lot of atheist wish that America will do away with Christianity?
I read your comments and answers and it seems you are bitter and afraid of living in a Christian nation.

It scares me to think that you wish to get rid of religion in our powerful nation.

Why dont you just accept the fact that this country is ruled by people with Christian values and we respect you, but we wont just give in and let you take over and ruin our faith in our lord JESUS CHRIST!!

Bride of Jesus, Yahoo Answers 39 Comments [9/9/2008 3:05:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

Quote# 46923

We are to be faithful like little children. Think back to a family vacation, when you were small. You hounded your parents, "Are we leaving now? Are we leaving today? Are we leaving tomorrow?" And even if they told you, you were too excited to really listen. After all, they packed for you, got the car ready, turned off the lights in the house, unplugged the toaster, picked up your special blanky and your bunny, said, "NOW!" All you had to do was bounce excitedly out the door.

How will we be any different from small children? WE WON'T! There's nothing we need to do to prepare for the Rapture. We don't even need our favorite bunny. We don't need to pack. When it is time God will say, "NOW!" and we'll excitedly bounce up to Heaven to start the next adventure.

BlessedAssurance, RR 53 Comments [9/9/2008 2:49:04 AM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

Quote# 46901

Darwinists will always be on a never-ending wild goose chase - with no proof whatsoever for any of their outlandish claims - because they are trying to fit the reality of what happened at the dawn of time in our Universe into a box that it cannot ever fit into.

Since the Universe and life in it were not, in reality, created by natural processes, it will never be possible to legitimately explain either the origin or diversity of life, or the Universe, using natural processes. There will never be any testable, repeatable, or observable evidence for the outlandish claims of Darwinism/evolution, because that reality has never actually existed, other than in the hearts and minds of Darwinists.

Darwinists are puzzled about why they haven't truly won and never will. They don't understand why the controversy remains despite them having insidiously infested every area of educational institutions and media; having a veritable monopoly to become propagandists and promote their opinions as 'facts' to everyone with inescapable, relentless bombardments of it at every turn. What is stated in the above paragraphs is the reason their endless Darwinist propaganda ultimately fails on enlightened persons, (although sadly, it does 'succeed' in socially engineering many to believe in Darwinism/evolution ) several decades after Darwinists though they had won. It is the reason why Darwinists can never truly win, and achieve a 100% belief rate/hivemind; which they wish and strive for.

Bottomline: You CANNOT legitimately - or with any proof - explain the origin or diversity of life & the Universe with natural processes since natural processes were not used to create it. So just stop trying.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,But fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Navaros, IMDB 39 Comments [9/9/2008 2:27:03 AM]
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Submitted By: giz80

Quote# 46862

sir, as a devout believer in the Lord, I must say that your point doesn't really register with my logic...basically, because today's educational institutions try to remove all belief from one's mindset

school these days tries to replace religion with science, unlike the days of yore, when religious beliefs were entwined with education

[This is what I call progress!)

Sho 'Nuff, the Shogun of Y!A, Yahoo Answers 26 Comments [9/9/2008 2:08:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

Quote# 47009

Well it's a real shame that you use the Lord Jesus in your avatar....did you ask his permission? Let's just say I wouldn't want to be in your shoes...poor misguided, blinded liberal that you are...and even still God loves you and wants you to know him. Amazing love!

clevermom, American Conservative Forum 29 Comments [9/9/2008 1:53:59 AM]
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Quote# 47103

Can Sheep disprove evolution?
Sheep are one of the Stupidest animals to exist.

They are so stupid that if a person doesn't remind them to eat, they

will starve to death because it doesn't dawn on them to eat

themselves, they lack survival instinct.

This is why, even today on farms, there is always a Shepherd,

someone constantly there to guide over their sheep.

So if we were once a primate, slowly developing, we wouldn't have

been able to take care of sheep, therefore they should be extinct

today. But they're clearly not. So humans must have never gone

through a developing process.

If you disagree, please give reason why, not just "you stupid idiot"

that's so over played.

Vadis, Yahoo Answers 92 Comments [9/9/2008 1:52:53 AM]
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Submitted By: FundieFinder

Quote# 46982

When God made Adam, in Adam was male and female. That is to say the soul or (personality) of man and womb-man was in that one body however the soul of man was the dominate soul in Adam's body and he longed for another of his specie to talk to seeing that all the others creatures had a mate. So then God took one of Adam's ribs and formed it to be the body of woman with the soul of the womb-man then God, blew breath into that body or put a spirit in that body..That's why to this day all men have a touch of femininity and some men choose to allow that touch of femininity to be their dominate personality. and notice i said they "CHOOSE" to " allow it. which means they could also choose to not allow it.....But some choose to allow it and became gay men....

Da_webwalker, Y! answers 46 Comments [9/9/2008 12:44:37 AM]
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Quote# 47163

(After getting his ass handed to him over LW's signature about Obama being the Anti-Christ because he's a muslim)

[If you're gonna have a written signature, then at least spell everything right and use proper grammar.

Yeah...You just got out smarted by a High Schooler. You must feel pretty dumb huh..

Did you know that Muslims won't shake hands anybody but their own. You don't have to be Robert Roode. The United State has Muslim churches in it.
Go up to a new christian that use to be a Muslim asked them yourself.
People go to church but some are not ready christians even if they say they are.
I have speech problem give me a break. I'd had 3 surgeries in my life time.
Remember the Muslim that he acted like a christian but he'd killed tons on 9/11?
Like some pastors on tv just in it for the money.
I'm sorry. About. I'd didn't know he was Baptist.

LoneWolf1984, deviantART 54 Comments [9/9/2008 12:37:24 AM]
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Quote# 47130

They do say that Liberals have some kind of brain damage. Just look at these crazies and listen to them. They sound like they escaped from an asylum. I work with a few of these people you say the sky is blue they disagree and come up with some crazy explanation why it is not. Say UP they say DOWN. You can't win with these people they are so irrational.

ron4jesus, Rapture Ready 59 Comments [9/9/2008 12:30:36 AM]
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Quote# 46831

[Questions: Christians, If god makes us and designs us, why do we have to reproduce?]


God has made a system for everything to carry on on its own. Humans can not make anything like that. We make an aircraft, which needs to be fueled often to fly. But you take example of the earth, it also runs on its orbit, without any fuel. God has given it a self generating fuel to run. Similarly everything created by him carry on without any support from outside.


TiGeR, Yahoo Answers 35 Comments [9/8/2008 10:58:21 PM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

Quote# 46961

(Talking about Sarah Palin's church, beliefs)

Keep in mind, brothers and sisters, that Palin does make one exception for the murder of babies. Sadly, for a politician, that's considered moral these days. But being a moral politician and a true follower of Christ are two totally different things and I don't think we should lose our minds with excitement over this woman when we don't know that much about her, and one of the few things that we do know is that she, with all the talk about being "as pro-life as any candidate can be", would rather see a baby killed than a woman lose her life. Jesus doesn't support that. I hope and pray that her pastor has counseled her on this. 'course, she might be more pro-life than the pastor. You just never know these days. It's truly sad. Please, Lord Jesus, come soon.

faithandgrace, RaptureReady 44 Comments [9/8/2008 9:07:20 PM]
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Submitted By: Smith

Quote# 47013

(FSTDT! thread)

I agree with this and that we should pray for them. I think some of them are just working on their *bon mots* and *clever insult* ability. Others seem to have had some *Christian* background and understanding. I don't know why they haven't come to Jesus...

We are living as in the days of Noah and people made fun of him, too. Right after the Rapture I believe many will come to this and other Christian boards and we'll be gone. They'll get that sick feeling and know we were right.

iSong6:3, RaptureReady 55 Comments [9/8/2008 9:04:10 PM]
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Quote# 47119

Dinosaurs were just big reptiles that lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. You can buy these at the pet store right now; it has got three horns on his face, what would he look like at about 10 tons? Some kind of triceratops?

Kent Hovind, Kent-Hovind.com 46 Comments [9/8/2008 9:03:12 PM]
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Quote# 46990

"this is not based on Proof, and the Theory of Evolution has been disproved by several people ...

I asked for the Belief about How we came about, since we Obviously have a beginning and and end ...

am I to conclude that you believe that you just happened to exist ... came about from Brainless matter ?

from some in-animate matter which couldn't make any cognitive decisions?

If so then this Superstition at its peak ...


RazielTemp, Ummah Forums 25 Comments [9/8/2008 9:01:59 PM]
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Submitted By: Skavau

Quote# 47066

Let the Lord come inside you! Let him fill you with his energy... his aura!

[unintended innuendo?]

bigjerre, YouTube 44 Comments [9/8/2008 9:01:14 PM]
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Submitted By: Will Creech