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With over a dozen years at some of the world's best universities, I have to admit I'm too well-educated to have ever been an atheist.

Atheism is intellectually dishonest - sorry, that's just below me.

Agnostic, yes. I was agnostic until I saw the beauty of Christ as depicted in the Bible, repented, and put my faith in Christ.





Sweden, Yahoo! Answers 49 Comments [9/3/2008 12:07:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Doctor Jack

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So in the tradition of man (idol) worship, with Obama being the (idol) cult focal point, Barack Hussein Obama, Junior will be in a Greek temple replica giving his speech. Then there will be celebration once Obama (the idol) is finished addressing the crowd. It’s bad enough that this nation’s Capitol building and White House resemble buildings constructed for idolatry, but now Team Obama is knowingly promoting the cult “temple” vision. I guess they didn’t want to do it like other candidates, when they can further promote idolatry with their own “temple”.

IndependentConservative, Independent Conservative 17 Comments [9/3/2008 12:06:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Zipperback

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11. Are you offended by the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not?

Sarah Palin: Not on your life. If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me and I’ll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance.

Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, Eagle Forum Alaska 85 Comments [9/3/2008 12:03:26 AM]
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Submitted By: funky fresh salad

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the most complicated molecule known to man is a DNA molecule, if life were to work by natural selection the most complex would have had to come first as far as life goes. a single celled organism is more complicated than a single cell of multi-celled organism. the theory of going from simple to more complex fails in that the complex came before the simple. and that's undeniable. also if a multicelled organism, say needs several different specialized organs made from different cells than how would these organs form over time not having the other organs they rely on to live in the first place.

Sot, WoW offtopic 27 Comments [9/2/2008 11:42:49 PM]
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Submitted By: Worldsend

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If life does not begin at conception why does Planned Parenthood hand out so many condoms?

PLAL, Catholic Answers Forum 54 Comments [9/2/2008 11:39:34 PM]
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My (much) younger 29-year-old brother is solidly behind Obama. This is a young man who grew up in church and knows VERY well what God's Word says. He's a Christian singer/songwriter in Nashville! He works with YOUTH GROUPS and young people in high schools and college. He has influence with some younger people. It's frightening. I am astonished that he can support Obama - it just blows me away...

stephanie c.

steph1962, Rapture Ready 35 Comments [9/2/2008 10:19:09 PM]
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[How did Noah get food for all the millions of animals inside the ark for a whole year?]
1. Perhaps God just shut down their need for food by nourishing their bodies without them having to eat. God has the power. He can do anything.
2. Remember Jesus giving that sermon on the mount and there wqs a multitude of hungry people? Jesus told the disciples to take the 7 loaves and the 7 fish and start feeding them. They did and the fish and bread never ran out. God has the power and can do anything including feeding people from nothing. Even a wedding feast can run out of wine and Jesus can make more.

King's Kid, Yahoo! Absurdity 50 Comments [9/2/2008 10:04:18 PM]
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Submitted By: fritistat

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Atheists are equally as stupid with their definition of "proof". They believe anything that their 5 senses show them is proof.

Well here is a question, what makes you think your 5 senses have the ability to know/understand all things? What makes you think they are all powerful??? They could very well be limited. The 5 senses are Atheist's God.

Both you know nothing.

Miranda, Yahoo Answers 48 Comments [9/2/2008 10:03:01 PM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

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The use of the word evolution is given to the natural world when there is a rejection of the creator. Darwin made the word evolution popular when he doubted then rejected God, even though Darwin still had not given a reason why the universe exists.

persecuted - bbc message boards, BBc Religion and Ethics 18 Comments [9/2/2008 10:01:43 PM]
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[QUESTION: Where was God the Father when Christ was being crucified???]


With tears in His eyes, and love in His heart for you and I, the Father was turning His back on the Son.

[With love like that, who needs enemies?]

Paul M, Yahoo Answers 33 Comments [9/2/2008 9:55:19 PM]
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Submitted By: Lola Flores

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I'm firmly confident that the theory of creation is a much better fit to the data than evolution. Evolution makes statements about origins yet supposedly when pressed on this, evolutionists always back away throwing the blame onto some other theory. This is ridiculously unfair as creation also makes claims about origins and we don't throw our origins onto some other theory.

BlueIceDragon, ChristianForums.com 28 Comments [9/2/2008 9:55:05 PM]
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Submitted By: PeterGriffin

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(Mountain Girl:
If global warming is going on, I lean toward the belief that it's happening because the sun is getting hotter. What do people here think about these verses?

Revelation 16:8-9.....The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.

It sounds like a prediction that the sun gets hotter.)

I have thought this for a long time. But that wouldn't aid the cause of the environmentalists. Now they're trying to say our carbon emissions are affecting Mars...

Jennifleur, RaptureReady 33 Comments [9/2/2008 9:52:53 PM]
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(How Obama is a cult.)

You totally summed it up and I totally concur.

He is deceiving his worshippers.

The media mania is all hype.

Very sad indeed.

I have never seen such a messed up situation in my lifetime.


(He emphasized that all by himself, making my job easier.)

mercyandgrace, RaptureReady 21 Comments [9/2/2008 9:52:48 PM]
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Submitted By: Smith

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I don't take the "evolution" lie seriously at all.

"Evolution" didn't even start with Darwin. He took it from Babylonian pagan "mystery" cults.

Chris, Yahoo! Answers 28 Comments [9/2/2008 9:38:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Auntie Ben

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[i agree that your interpretation of the gospel is a fairytale.
who said that the ascension is a metaphor?]

I think I just figured out the mindset that creates the atheist: everything you don't personally witness is a fairy tale!

That leads me to my newly found disbelief in history. History is a fairy tale and no one currently alive can prove that anything happened in the distant past. I am now an ahistorian. Maybe ahistory could become a future discipline for study in the schools; imagine how interesting it would be to teach kids that nothing happened in the ancient past.

1TrueDisciple, CARM 29 Comments [9/2/2008 9:13:59 PM]
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OK, so what I really wonder is why Russia will think they can destroy god?

I guess the fact that they have a lot of power will really go to their heads.

J.J., RaptureReady 26 Comments [9/2/2008 9:00:22 PM]
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Evolution is True? I recommend some major studying because evolution is a complete joke. Evolution is most definitely NOT proven! Adaptation and Change (such as catepillar to a butterfly, sometimes called micro evolution) does not mean Alligator to a Seagull, Seagull to a Mouse, Mouse to a Chicken, Chicken to a Shark, ad nauseum. It has never been witnessed since recorded history and that covers thousands of years. Transitional fossils? Can't say anybody has ever found ONE let alone trillions that should be discovered with each shovel of dirt. Evolution is the only state funded religion, imagine that.

(Emphasis added)

Mason, RaptureReady 48 Comments [9/2/2008 8:52:05 PM]
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Submitted By: PeterGriffin

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[ArthurN mentions the danger of teaching creationism s part & parcel of the school curriculum. runner responds:]

We teach the evolution myth which eases peoples consciences in killing the unborn and behaving immorally so why not teach something with a lot more evidence to back it.
At least one prominent evolutionist is honest when he says

‘Evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion—a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian, but I must admit in this one complaint. . . the literalists [i.e., creationists] are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.
'Michael Ruse, professor of history and philosophy and author of The Darwinian Revolution (1979), Darwinism Defended (1982), and Taking Darwin Seriously (1986), acknowledges that evolution is religious:
Posted by runner, Friday, 29 August 2008 10:58:25 AM

[When one of the posters points out that evolution has no god or anything else that's similar to a religion runner responds:]


'I know i should know better, but Runner! Seriously mate! what is wrong with you? Evolution is a religion! lol! if so,

where is our god?

That is the point. Evolutionist are ignorant enough to practice a religion which denies that creation requires a Creator. That is one dumb religion.
Posted by runner, Friday, 29 August 2008 4:00:56 PM

runner, Online Opinion 17 Comments [9/2/2008 8:52:00 PM]
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Find me a Army that fights for God, and God alone. Israel shows mercu to the Pagan, because they do not want to anger the UN. The U.S. Army Fights for The U.S. government not God. So I will gather together the Righteous, into an Army of God

King Crusader, Holy Army of God 37 Comments [9/2/2008 8:44:48 PM]
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Submitted By: doomie 22

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I remember back when he said that. I still say what I've said before; that he is a Muslim at heart. That's why he attended an America-hating church that catered to Muslims for 20 yrs.

Much of America has become dumbed down and adores people like that, as we saw at the DNC.
Why? Only God knows.

It's really sad, and I have absolutely NO RESPECT for the man. He's engaging in deceptive tactics to get control of our nation and globalize it so it won't be as powerful anymore. He will shrink our defense, get rid of our nukes/ICBM's and socialize us into a country who will no longer have the advantages and freedoms that made us great.

antitox, Rapture Ready 26 Comments [9/2/2008 8:38:55 PM]
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Billions of years ago, a big bang produced a large rock. As the rock cooled, sweet brown liquid formed on its surface. As time passed, aluminum formed itself into a can, a lid, and a tab. Millions of years later, red and white paint fell from the sky, and formed itself into the words "Coca Cola 12 fluid ounces."

Of course, my theory is an insult to your intellect, because you know that if the Coca Cola can is made, there must be a maker. If it is designed, there must be a designer. The alternative, that it happened by chance or accident, is to move into an intellectual free zone.

The Atheist Test, The theory of evolution of the Coca Cola can. 38 Comments [9/2/2008 8:26:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Thejebusfire

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I am aware of what secular theorists teach about the supposed similarities between Horus and Jesus. The difference however is that Jesus did exist. He still does.

tardwhisperer, Youtube 21 Comments [9/2/2008 8:23:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Funkypants

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The kind of evolution that we oppose to is the evolution of life forms i.e. from fish to reptile to man. Science has not found yet any monkey who turned into a man, not in so much number of years.

That evolution should be rejected and should not to be taught in schools

Roger J., Yahoo! Answers 22 Comments [9/2/2008 8:18:40 PM]
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Submitted By: PeterGriffin

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Same sex marriage has NEVER existed. Therefore it should never exist. There is nothing new under the sun. The same old sins that ever existed, still pervade culture today.

Now this generation wants to embed the sin even deeper into culture by making a childish plea for marriage. It's like little kids playing house. Silly.

Floating Axe, Christian Forums 47 Comments [9/2/2008 7:11:06 PM]
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Submitted By: EnemyPartyII

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In response to "Do christians believe cavemen existed?
We have evolved since cavemen walked the earth, pretty strong evidence of evolution don't ya think?"

There were never any "cavemen".

The truth is that Adam and Eve were the first people, and they were like us. They were not "cavemen".

You're watching too much TV. "Evolution" is a total lie and it never happened.

Chris, Yahoo Answers 23 Comments [9/2/2008 7:09:08 PM]
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Submitted By: jimbo0392