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I couldn't agree more with you. Religions like Christianity or Evolutionism do not follow the scientific method. I don't think they should be taught in science class. I'm glad we are agreeing on some level now :)

And Inversion, you are right that there hasn't been much new info since the beginning of this thread. I think a lot of people skipped over it to make their claims which have already been discussed and I certainly know that most if not all my posts now are just repeating itself. It is a tricky debate and it does run around in circles a bit.

Watertarg, WoW offtopic 26 Comments [9/1/2008 12:08:31 AM]
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Hurt people- hurt people. I think atheists have gone through something painful in their lives. Most of us have gone through something painful in life. Some people cling, cry out to or look for and find God. By saying they dis-believe in God, they believe that they are striking back at or hurting Him in some way.

ImHis, RaptureReady 46 Comments [9/1/2008 12:02:47 AM]
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