Quote# 55941

[You have the unmitigated audacity to call yourself Jesus4mankind? What? GLBT people aren't part of that mankind you proudly display in your moniker?]

Jesus and the Father are one, and both of them hate faggots and send them to hell as the Good Book says. You want to go to hell as you say? Fine with me. Yes my handle is jesus4mankind, I preach the Holy Bible straight! If you don't like it LUMP IT!

Jesus4mankind, Youtube 41 Comments [1/15/2009 1:03:46 AM]
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Quote# 55924

Satan is on the rampage with his Palestinian protests.

Israel will soon be alone with only themselves and their God.

Then the world will finally witness the intervention of Jehovah!

Buzzardhut, Rapture Ready 40 Comments [1/14/2009 11:03:39 PM]
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Quote# 56073

To me myself no one will ever stop me from talking about MY GOD. For MY GOD is the Greatest GOD EVER. HE IS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST that died on the Cross for you and me. Jesus has done great things for all of us and for me to ever deny HIM to anyone I could not, I would not deny MY LORD. I would rather die and go to HEAVEN with my LORD then to ever deny HIM. I talk about GOD and JESUS at work all the time. I am not scared to proclaim the LOVE that JESUS has for me. I want the world to know, just HOW GREAT MY GOD IS. That He is waiting on them to answer the door to their heart and to let JESUS come into there lives and make thing better for them.

So to all those that this video offended take it to the LORD. For this was not to offend anyone but to open your eyes to see what is going on all around you. This could come to pass after Obama is in office. You never know.
GOD Bless all of my Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST. I Love you all.

rose4christ, RaptureReady 62 Comments [1/14/2009 10:18:01 PM]
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Quote# 56029

The fact is, evolution requres an increase in genetic information. There is no example in existance of genetic information EVER increasing.

End of all arguments.

Sunny, Rapture Ready 50 Comments [1/14/2009 10:17:21 PM]
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Quote# 56152

The question isn't how I sleep at night. The question is how you don't choke to death, what with all the bullshit spewing from your mouth. The idea that "homophobia" (a fictitious word fabricated by liberals) is comparable to ethnic discrimination is utterly comical (although not in any way that makes me laugh), as is the idea that there's something wrong with the latter. I have the right to take away the happiness of homosexuals, just as I have the right to take away the happiness of any pedophile or any other breed of subhuman. The happiness of sick freaks must never come at the expense of the basic human sense of right and wrong. It certainly must not come at the expense of what is best for children. Anyone who supports abortion must hang from the neck till dead (it's genuinely nothing but baby-murdering...but I guess women don't have a problem with killing millions of babies as long as women get all the rights they want and don't have to experience any physical discomfort), but I can safely tell you that, were I not yet born, and I had sentience and the option of either being raised by homosexuals or being aborted, I would choose abortion without a second thought. If it's not wrong to discriminate against homosexuals then it can't possibly be wrong to elect the Grand Dragon of the KKK for president. How do I sleep at night? No. The question is how do YOU sleep at night?

And yes, I know that I supposedly supported abortion just now after saying anyone who does must die, but I already know that, so don't be a smartass. And I would be aborting myself, not anyone else.

Baldrick Cunningplan, EvC Forum 52 Comments [1/14/2009 10:13:37 PM]
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Submitted By: Darwin's Bullfrog

Quote# 56045

My children, you must accept in faith. Scientists of your world and your psychologists and psychiatrists rationalize everything, until sin is accepted as a way of life--scientists who are ever searching but never coming to the truth! The supernatural cannot be rejected, because if you reject the supernatural, you do not have the armor to fight it. It is a crafty plan of satan to make himself unknown, so that he may go among you, and destroying like a ravenous wolf.

Our Lady of the Roses, TLDM.org 36 Comments [1/14/2009 10:12:53 PM]
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Quote# 56154

Why are there so many atheism blogs? I saw recently how one guy collects them all in one place so you can “feed” on a life without God, literally hundreds of blog links, enough reading for several years.

My question is: Why? Why this persistent, diligent pursuit to prove or convince themselves and others that there is no God. Something I read some time ago seems to address this question.

Charles Colson tells about Irina Ratushinskaya, a young girl in the Soviet Union years ago. She was trained in Communist schools and indoctrinated in atheism. She said she could never figure out why her teachers all pitched such a furious battle against someone they said didn’t exist. “God doesn’t exist.” Irina began to question: “Can’t they tell they are giving themselves away? Adults tell you there are no gremlins or ghosts. They tell you once or twice, and that’s it. But with God, they tell you over and over again. So He must exist – and He must be very powerful for them to fear Him so greatly.”

You see, something inside is telling the atheistic bloggers - God really does exist. Rather than yield to his love, the atheist will convince himself/herself that God doesn’t exist and in so doing, proves that he in fact does exist, but that they are unwilling to acknowledge it. The sheer volume of atheistic blogs testify to the existence of one they refuse to acknowledge due to mulish pride.

Joey Nelson, none 51 Comments [1/14/2009 9:41:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Slater

Quote# 56051

"The Red Hand of Atheism" (edited for length)

While most literate individuals are aware of the atheism of mass murderers such as Josef Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tse-Tung, they are not aware of how many other atheist leaders have been responsible for mass murder. In one of the [The Irrational Atheist's] appendices, I provided a list of 49 other atheist leaders who had overseen the slaughter of at least 20,000 individuals; these 52 leaders represent the majority of atheists who have ever held supreme political power.

This number is particularly striking when one considers the fact that the Christian king responsible for what was considered the worst crime in Christendom's Wars of Religion, the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre, died regretting his role in the deaths of an estimated 10,000 French Huegenots

And yet, the scale of King Charles IX's crime is but a fraction of the great crimes of the 20th century anti-religious atheist zealots; it is also vastly overshadowed by history's very first atheist-influenced regime. Although it has largely been whitewashed by a France that still reveres its Revolution and is therefore little known in comparison with the Revolutionary regime's more notorious crimes, the story of the Committee for Public Safety's decision to slaughter the Vendéean people, who dared to resist the ordered closure of their churches, is finally beginning to be told thanks to a bold French aristocrat.

Atheists such as Richard Dawkins inevitably attempt to defend their non-faith, if not the actions of their historical predecessors, by claiming that historical actions such as the Vendée massacres were not committed in the name of atheism. But this is an absurd and inept attempt at a defense. Any thinking individual would laugh at a similarly illogical claim that Marlboro's can't cause cancer because no smoker lights up in the name of Marlboro.

Vox Day, World Net Daily 41 Comments [1/14/2009 8:01:53 PM]
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Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 56610

Best and Worst Developments Affecting the Family in 2008

Worldwide the most encouraging pro-family trends are:

1. Sarah Palin, Pro-life Woman Is Vice Presidential Nominee

2. Vatican Panel Issues Instructions on Bioethics

3. Lithuania Bill Would Protect Minors From Homosexual Agitation

4. Honduran Family-Perspective Law

5. Proposition 8 Passes In California

6. Greater Awareness of Demographic Winter

7. UN Study Links Abstinence and Delayed Rates of AIDS/HIV in Africa

8. British Psychiatrists' Group Says Abortion Can Cause Mental Problems

9. Family Advocate Becomes Senior Advisor to Canadian Prime Minister

10. Anti-Human Trafficking Law Passed

And the most troubling trends for the family are:

1. The Election of Barack Obama

2. Mexican Supreme Court Backs Mexico City Abortion Law

3. Luxembourg and Washington State Legalize Assisted Suicide

4. German Persecution of Home-Schooling Families

5. OAS Passes "Sexual-Orientation" Resolution

6. Brazilian President Calls Opposition to Homosexuality A "Perverse Disease"

7. UNFPA Nigeria meeting Pushes Abortion In The Guise of Women's Health

8. In France, Most Births Out-of-Wedlock

9. Australian Prof. Proposes Baby Tax

10. Queen's Representative In Canada Celebrates Androgyny

unknown, ChristianNewsWire 60 Comments [1/14/2009 5:58:03 PM]
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Submitted By: Scion

Quote# 56597

[RE: Female Circumcision]

When the proper surgery applied it has many benefits for the female herself and the society as well
It was accepted through the world even in the west for thousands of years :

1- It reduces probability of getting many diseases
2- Sometimes corrects abnormal anatomy
3- It makes the highly sensitive area of the clitoris inside not outside, which makes the female less sensitive to outside factors, decreasing unwanted desires
4- Increases frequency of climax as the highly sensitive area will be inside, making real sex more enjoyable

Thus, a female that had circumcision, will not be easily stimulated from outside (tight clothes, touching, masturbating, contacts, etc.) making her less vulnerable to adultery
On the other hand, she will enjoy real sex much more than before, making her more satisfied by marriage

AFadly, Why Won't God Heal Amputees? 78 Comments [1/14/2009 5:53:56 PM]
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Quote# 56668

(IsraelNN.com) Muslim extremists have threatened to kill Madonna, the pop star who has expressed admiration for Israel and who professes to study Kabbalah. Mohammed Abdel-Al, spokesman and senior terrorist for the Popular Resistance Committees, was recorded as threatening, "If I meet these whores, I will have the honor – I repeat, I will have the honor – to be the first one to cut [their] heads off…if they will keep spreading their satanic culture against Islam."

Mohammed Abdel-Al, http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Ne...sh.aspx/159104 39 Comments [1/14/2009 5:52:06 PM]
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Quote# 56017

"The smartest man in America, Chris langan has an IQ of 195. He believes that there is a God.

Does this count for anything to all those who demand scientific knowledge?"

[After being informed that Chris Langan accepts the theory of evolution and is in no way a Christian]

"I am very aware of Chris views. My only point was that he has a very high IQ and yet he belives there is a God. So the first step on this is that someone who is considered the smartest man in America believes that there is a God.
His views on evolution just shows that he still has things to learn."

John, Ray Comfort's blog 73 Comments [1/14/2009 5:50:44 PM]
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Quote# 56215

[Re: Terri Schiavo. Nope, they won't get over it...]

You are right. Roe was the real landmark of barbarism.

Maybe what made Terri Schiavo’s case so stark was that instead of an invisible murder carried out in a womb, we saw a living adult human being deliberately being starved to death under specific judicial sanction. It came home to me that none of us is safe.

Malesherbes, Free Republic 41 Comments [1/14/2009 5:50:06 PM]
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Quote# 56006

[on AronRa's 14th Foundational Falsehood of Creationism video]

let me just point 2 the most retarted thing he said "humans are still apes". I wonder what evidence he has 2 support that. what a joke this guy is

Jonisdaman, Youtube 36 Comments [1/14/2009 5:32:49 PM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

Quote# 56003

I am so sick and tired of Christian's being expected to have tolerance for everyone and everything when absolutely no one is expected to have tolerance for Christians.

Kat_D, iBelieve.com 58 Comments [1/14/2009 4:23:23 PM]
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Submitted By: sooze

Quote# 55661

Why do you not believe that dinasours lived with man?
Was God not clever enough to have put very young dinasours on the Ark with Noah? It took them huge ones a while to grow to their end size.

They are mentioned in the Bible in the book of Job. He discribes them very well.

BurningforJesus, Good News Cafe 46 Comments [1/14/2009 3:59:41 PM]
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Quote# 56061

Well all the holy books borrow heavily or are an extension of the bible

orangeWIZARD, gametrailers 58 Comments [1/14/2009 5:02:42 AM]
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Quote# 55913

It seems that God is protecting the children of Israel, put not the children of Gaza. [Head-shaking smilie]. But who's fault is that? Not Israel for sure. At least those children in Gaza who die are in Jesus arms now. [Praying smilie] for Gods will be done.

The children of the Hamas who die, are going to heaven no?
This is a blessing for these dear children who would otherwise grow up to hate Jesus and believe in a false religion.
Thats how I see it. NOt that I want to go around killing children of unbelievers, but Gods ways are not our ways.
The children are dearly beloved by Him.

Jec and fishersofmen, Rapture Ready 55 Comments [1/14/2009 4:57:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Agrippina

Quote# 56143

I totally agree with you I was so saddend when my old church (me and my wife are members of) knew me and her were seperated and she was living with her bf. She still goes to that church living in sin and no one talked to her our brought up her situation, because they said only if she wants too. Even the pastor who I looked up to hasn't said anything, but that they don't want to discourage or scare her. That they are showing God's love. Taking in mind she is suppose to be a confessing christian and memeber of the church? It really just saddens me!

romans224, RaptureReady 38 Comments [1/14/2009 4:51:44 AM]
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Quote# 55905

It seems that God is protecting the children of Israel, put not the children of Gaza. But who's fault is that? Not Israel for sure. At least those children in Gaza who die are in Jesus arms now. (praying smilie) ing for Gods will be done.

Jec, rr 31 Comments [1/14/2009 4:21:28 AM]
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Quote# 55958

No offense but if they relied on logical thinking they would come to faith.

After all if one looks at existence and looks at all the "theories", the only one that makes sense is that we were created.

It's the emotionally hurt or damaged that seem to become athiests. At least this seems true to me.

I've dealt with a lot of athiests. They react emotionally rather then logically to things.

Inprayer, Rapture Ready 63 Comments [1/14/2009 2:44:46 AM]
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Quote# 56244

Evolution is not just a theory restricted to evolution.

Gene Splicer on January 7, 2009 at 7:16 PM

you’re absolutely RIGHT!! its given us such wonders as eugenics, and the gas chambers…

A direct line runs from Darwin, through the founder of the eugenics movement-Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton-to the extermination camps of Nazi Europe.” (Brookes, Martin.,”Ripe old age,” Review of “Of Flies, Mice and Men,” by Francois Jacob, Harvard University Press, 1999. New Scientist, Vol. 161, No. 2171, 30 January 1999, p.41).

and even the hairygod himself says:

“The more civilized so-called Caucasian races have beaten the Turkish hollow in the struggle for existence. Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilised races throughout the world.” (Darwin, Charles R. [English naturalist and founder of the modern theory of evolution], “The Life of Charles Darwin”, [1902], Senate: London, 1995, reprint, p.64).

right4life, hotair 34 Comments [1/14/2009 2:44:43 AM]
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Quote# 55892

23, I am surprised. You obviously appreciate the scientific method where truth is arrived at by a processing of evidence, so I would think you'd be more impressed with Christianity. Perhaps you were misinformed. Actually very little has to be taken by blind faith with Jesus. Unlike most other religions (the only other exception being maybe Judaism) where the main points require blind acceptance of their truth claims, Christianity is so well grounded in history and fact that it does not need require "blind faith."

Wheat Bread, answerbag 40 Comments [1/14/2009 1:36:46 AM]
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Quote# 55872

No fault divorce has been a disaster. If a couple wants to divorce, blame should be assigned to one or both parties for departing their Biblical role as husband and/or wife, and sanction applied to the guilty party. If wrongdoing cannot be done, no divorce should be allowed. No more divorce because "we made a mistake and were young" or "we've fallen out of love."

fred1, CARM 48 Comments [1/14/2009 1:18:18 AM]
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Quote# 56037

I have a hard time making my friends distinguish between the god
delusion and reality. Joesph could have easily made everyone like you atheists
with just one kick to Mary's stomach. Had Joesph been angry at Mary, or
had Mary wanted an abortion, everyone would look to science. I'm mad
that Joesph could have made my friends atheists by one kick, but I can
not with one thousand facts. Now which logic laws god used put his life in hand of 15 years old girl?

babri62, Youtube 82 Comments [1/14/2009 1:14:07 AM]
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Submitted By: InfectedwithRage