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When all is said & done, on what basis was the USA founded upon. Was it Atheism by any chance, was it Hinduism, was it Mormonism or even islam. No it was founded on Christianity, it was from Christianity that its laws, rules & its constitution was founded upon. So that being the case & history shows & proves this & these people where not around at the time to try to change it as they are trying now. Why on Earth are they given any credence now, why is anyone giving them the time of day. Why are those in power even listening to them, if it was not for these same rules, traditions & constitution from the very start of that country being founded. There would be no country there now & so no free speech or the free way of life they now live. So basically these idiots should shut there mouths & be thankful that they live in such a country & not is a country like Iran or any of the other muslim countries. Lets face it, these people may claim that they are atheists but if they where in a muslim country, that would count for nothing at all & they would be made through threat of death, that if they did not worship allah & become a muslim that threat would be carried out. But not only on themselves but also there family, these people do not realise & or appreciate the freedom they have living in such a country.

voiceoftruth, Rapture Forums 53 Comments [1/9/2009 12:48:32 AM]
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Of all the Satan-derived religions, athiesm is the one that gets in my craw the most. Them people are always after "logic" or some other proof that the LORD exists and is involved in our lives in some meaningful way.

Fact is, the only "proof" we have for God is that we each have some ability to sense him. We've all been told from birth that there is some type of God - the muslim have their moon god, the catholics have the queen of heaven, the hindu have that Shiva, etc.

Now we all know that these are false gods, but dang, at least it's a god and because people have beliefs that they've been told from birth just lets me know that it has to be the truth - that there is God. I just happen to know that Jesus is the right one.

Like someone said above, the martyrs didn't get killed over a LIE! They knew the truth and stayed with it because they knew Jesus was real. Even the Muslims today are killing themselves to be martyrs because they know there is a afterlife. They might be wrong about the afterlife, but they definately know that something is there - why would they be willing to die for it if it was all a fake?

But these atheist come around and just ruin all our proof and point out crazy stuff. Well, maybe we don't have "science" proof, but we all know the facts. Logic doesn't have nothing to do with faith.

Freed_From_Sin, Rapture Ready 74 Comments [1/9/2009 12:10:55 AM]
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There is no such thing as a Jewish race. One cannot be a racist against a Jew! There is no genetic distinction to show any person is a Jew. To be a Jew is a choice of religion. Again the holiest book for the majority of Jews is not the Torah, but the Babylonian Talmud. Therefore to be a Jew makes one anti Christ, anti Christian.

Dale, Good News Cafe 45 Comments [1/8/2009 11:36:25 PM]
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There was an atheist man from, Russia I believe, and him and a few other ppl he knew were the only ones who still spoke an ancient Galilean language and were trying to keep it going. For some reason, I forget, he went to church, not wanting to be there. During the altar call a 12 year old girl went up to him and started to pray over him in the Galilean language that no other adult would know let alone a child. Not only that but she read his mail, she knew things only God would know and God spoke to him through her. Needless to say, he repented, was baptized and received the Holy Ghost! lol

nomoreshackles, Good News Cafe 70 Comments [1/8/2009 11:31:43 PM]
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Quote# 55602

Ok, black arachnid. My response would be to check the peer review process itself. Being biased towards creationism has effectively nothing to do with peer review really, as national geographic and scientific american have been running blatantly pro-evolution, anti-creation content for some time now. This is why creationists have published their findings in their own journals, respectively.

YouAreWinnar66, Gamefaqs 27 Comments [1/8/2009 10:43:41 PM]
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Submitted By: wackadoodle

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(Jack Thompson, a fundie lawyer who has had a neverending fued with R*, publishers of the Grand Theft Auto games, faps to their stock slide)


Take-Two dropped $2.35 to $9.72 in extended trading after the announcement and fell as low as $9.60. The shares... have declined 35 percent this year. The results contrast with comments Zelnick made in an interview on Nov. 3, when he said sales of the company’s video games hadn’t been hurt by the recession...

[So, if T2’s business reverse was God’s vengeance, does that mean that God struck you down too when you were disbarred?...]

...If you had any understanding of the Bible and of God you would understand that persecution comes Christians' way, and we are blessed by it. There is no blessing for Zelnick, who is not a Christian, when he gets what he deserves...

Jack Thompson, GamePolitics 40 Comments [1/8/2009 9:52:16 PM]
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Submitted By: Darth_Toxic

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To me, ID theory is legitimate and has an enormous amount of scientific data backing it up, while astrology has nothing going for it. In any case, what makes ID and astrology different is one has some legitimate backing, while the other is more or less just for quacks.

YouAreWinnar66, Gamefaqs 57 Comments [1/8/2009 8:46:09 PM]
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Submitted By: wackadoodle

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"Is it ok to divorce an abusive spouse? No! ... Such a wife needs to sincerely ask herself "why" her husband is being abusive--there's ALWAYS a reason. Some husbands are abusive; but 90% of all divorces are needlessly caused by a sinfully proud wife who causes grief for her husband, and he gets mad. "

David J. Stewart, Jesus Is Savior 135 Comments [1/8/2009 8:28:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Amy

Quote# 56317

[Does God listen when catholics pray?]

The reason I ask this is that a co-worker's father has just recently been diagnosed with cancer (they are very catholic). The doctor's didn't know how bad it was until further testing could be done. Just today this co-worker said that the doctors say that the prognosis looks good. When she was telling us she said "thank you everyone for all of your prayers". She was telling this to me and two other girls. The two other girls are Catholic, I am the only saved Christian.

So I feel like the only prayer that counted was mine and that God doesn't even listen to their prayers. Could that be so or am I sounding a bit arrogant to even think that?

Pucci, Rapture Ready 109 Comments [1/8/2009 6:47:52 PM]
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Rollin, this is just society putting the wrong thinking in the women of today, which I feel again, they should be respected in everyway, but sometimes in my judgement, women ignore the normal biological differences between themselves and men in general.

I feel that young ladies should be honored but some jobs, they were not meant to do, and now society brainwash them in this thinking to be equal with men , they have to do the same things as men, and equal doesn't mean the same.

Gr8tgary38, The Christian Post article comments 42 Comments [1/8/2009 5:07:18 PM]
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Submitted By: GreenEyedLilo

Quote# 56079

Top Ten Instances of Christian Bashing in America, 2008

VISTA Calif., Jan. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission (CADC) has prepared a Top Ten list of the most egregious acts of Christian Bashing in American in 2008. Every day in America serious Christians face increasing hostility at work, school, and in the culture because they stand for their faith and values.

"It is time for the Christian bashing to stop and for Christians to no longer be treated like second-class citizens," said Dr. Gary Cass, Chairman and CEO of CADC. "Anti-Christian bigotry is real and growing. Those who engage in it should be exposed and called to account."

INSTANCE #10: Jack Black Musical Video [Prop 8 The Musical]
INSTANCE #9: Bill Maher Gratuitously Attacks Pope
INSTANCE #8: ESPN Anchor Dana Jacobson's "F--- Jesus" Remark
INSTANCE #7: Minnesota University Professor Desecrates Communion [PZ Myers]
INSTANCE #6: Religulous the Movie
INSTANCE #5: Chaplains Fired for Praying in Jesus' Name
INSTANCE #4: Colorado Law Criminalizes the Bible
INSTANCE #3: Barack Obama Defames Christianity
INSTANCE #2: Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin Is Attacked
INSTANCE #1: Radical Homosexuals Assault Prop 8 Marriage Supporters in California
BONUS INSTANCE: Senator Grassley's Abuse of Power
[see link for full text]

Dr. Gary Cass, Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, Christian Newswire 62 Comments [1/8/2009 3:31:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Imroy

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I hate damnable heresies, but I love people. I hate the Jehovah Witnesses' religion with all my heart, but I love lost sinners who are in need of Christ. I hate gambling! I hate abortion! I hate cigarette smoking that put my mother in a wheelchair at age 53 for the rest of her life! I hate the lies of government! I hate the evil Federal Reserve system! I hate the injustice of Enron! I hate the injustice of the Supreme Court! I hate Hollywood! I hate homosexuality! I hate child abuse! I hate divorce! I hate the demonic public school system! I hate the Social Security scam! I hate the stealing of tax-payer's money by the government! I hate the killing of innocent people in Iraq! I hate the New World Order! I hate Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove and every other Satanic organization on the planet! I hate Wicca and Freemasonry! I hate witchcraft! I hate Harry Potter! I hate horoscopes, astrology, tarot cards, Ouija boards, séances, psychics, palm reading, crystal balls, necromancy, worshipping the dead and the Virgin Mary of the Catholic false Religion. I hate Islam! I hate Buddhism! I hate Scientology! I hate Mormonism! I hate Atheism! I hate rock and roll! I hate soap operas! I hate the devils' music! I hate pornography! I hate sex tourism! I hate the United nations! I hate population control, sterilization and forced abortions. I hate the rigged, corrupt and godless pharmaceutical industry! I hate recited prayers that aren't from the heart! I hate indifference! I hate apathy! I hate the heresy of baptismal regeneration! I hate communism! I hate feminism! I hate sex-changes! I hate false Bibles! I hate the New International Version of the Bible! I hate to watch millions of people starve to death while Americans spend $280,000,000,000 to destroy a sovereign nation in an illegal war against Iraq! I hate the hypocrisy of America! I hate the selfishness of American corporations and the betrayal of our elected officials by allowing America's manufacturing jobs to flee by the tens-of-millions to third-world countries to exploit the poor! Yes, I hate all these things and a whole lot more. By the way, God hates all these things too. I know so because God hates evil and all of the above things I mentioned are EVIL!

David J. Stewart, Jesus-is-Savior 193 Comments [1/8/2009 3:28:45 PM]
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After reading the Guest Column by Matthew Ramos ["Prop. 8 and young gays' apathy," Nov. 9], I am confused. What legal right are gay people being denied? I only voted against them changing the legal and traditional definition of the word "marriage." If they are being denied any other right, let me know, I may be on their side.

James Salley, OCRegister 32 Comments [1/8/2009 3:23:16 PM]
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Quote# 55876

Adultery, fornication and lust are clearly forbidden. These are the fruit of a dating couple touching.

If touching (holding hands, kissing, or whatever) does not do something for you, why do you do it? When I touch my wife, it does something for me!

Anyone who claims they are not physically impacted by touching in a dating relationship is either:
1.completely foolish when it comes to the way their body responds to touching
2.willingly lying to themselves

Imasaved1, teens-4-christ 65 Comments [1/8/2009 3:22:37 PM]
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Quote# 56216

[Re: Saint Terri Schiavo]

I read a prophecy someone gave (I don’t recall who) that if Terri were allowed to die, that we would have a spirit of death come upon our country and that many, many more deaths would take place due to violence, attacks on our country, etc. I pray not, but it looks like it’s coming to pass. God hates seeing the innocent slaughtered and will not stand for it.

Marysecretary, Free Republic 47 Comments [1/8/2009 3:21:30 PM]
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Quote# 55584

I find it amazing that the Atheist's have been allowed through our legal system to take away the basic rights of more than 90% of the population. Soon this country will be referred to be a nation of sinners. Amen, pass the bible on that one. Something is really wrong with our system when it is reframed around the wishes of a very small minority, something is really wrong with that.

CharlesJ, huffingtonpost 43 Comments [1/8/2009 1:52:21 PM]
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Quote# 55835

[Regarding the Muslim family that was removed from a plane and interrogated by the FBI after passengers overreacted to one of them making a comment about his seat being next to the jet. Both FSTDT and RSTDT.]

If Christians were raping, torturing, murdering, and enslaving millions of people around the world.....suspicion and "profiling" of all Christians would certainly be justified.

I think these Muslims should apologize for scaring the people on the flight.

scapegoat, RR 63 Comments [1/8/2009 7:48:13 AM]
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Quote# 55471

I have met patients who were possessed! REALLY!! Found it incredible - you don't think such things are possible but they are. One woman was hissing like a snake and cursing - just because someone mentioned God. Another woman got prayed for and the demon that was on her followed the person home who had prayed for her - and then showed itself to that christian during the night - the christian in this instance had NEVER seen any spiritual manifestations before and was shocked! I also know a nurse who sees 'spirits' - she is compos mentis. Also a buddist nurse who has had weird things happen to her since her hubby died. All sorts.

You people who do not believe in demons - well, you are wrong! The spiritual exists alongside our physical world.

Keep the demons at bay - ask Jesus to be your Saviour, follow him daily - then the Angel of the Lord will be with you and you will have no reason to fear any evil, because the Lord will be with you.

The biggest lie the devil tells people is that he is not real. He is. Look at all the evil around - it doesn't come from God, it comes from satan, who is the enemy of our souls.

Lastly, the Gift of God is a SOUND mind. Sanity is a gift from God, Insantiy is not.

jennaflorrie, city-data.com 51 Comments [1/8/2009 4:22:14 AM]
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Quote# 55664

Last night, while watching tv, I watch so little of it that I don't remember what I was even viewing, and forgive me if this has been a topic here before... As this could be a very old commercial.

Anyway with that said, it started off, you see two men walking side by side, head and shoulder shot both of them grinning, very happy. Then you see another couple, man and woman with other various couples behind them all are entering a church, all the couples hand in hand. Yes the two men were hand in hand.

When the commercial was finished it named the demonation and said that "all were welcome, isn't that what Jesus would have wanted"

And they said tv puts garbage in our childrens head.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ever wonder how we can reach a world that is dieing with all the trash that is consumed? Don't get me wrong I know that there are those out there that want it but what of those that have been programmed and are out of reach? I guess I can answer my own question with "BUT GOD"

Sure is scarey what our children face

Prayerful Mom, Good News Cafe 46 Comments [1/8/2009 4:08:38 AM]
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Quote# 55421

From what I have been able to see from the maps the earthquakes are indeed swarming and at a good bit stronger levels than normal. Keep in mind that a mag 4 quake is ten times stronger than a mag 3 quake which in turn is ten times stronger than a mag 2 quake.

That means that the normal mag 1 and 2 range quakes are not all that strong considering that they are occuring under the worlds largest super volcano. But now we are seeing them approaching mag 4 (3.8) which would be 100 times more energy released than a mag 2.

This could actually be nothing more than minor stirrings and nothing to worry about. But in light of the absence of the United States in end times prophecy I am concerned about anything that could cause us to stop being a world power. And Yellowstone is definitely one of the things that could do as much or more than all the worst plans of the terrorists. In fact, if Yellowstone went off it could bring on more than one biblical prophecy. So now the question is; what position are we in related to bible prophecy? Have any of the things that must happen first happened or could Yellowstone go off at any time now and not be out of the end times timeline?

If Yellowstone did go off it would bring on the prophecies of the sun darkening like sackcloth, the moon being red as blood, and would also bring on a version of nuclear winter for the entire world.

yogi3939, RR 44 Comments [1/8/2009 4:07:52 AM]
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Quote# 55789

The Smithsonian and national Geographic are two of the most anti-God organizations in thew world, and are guilty of the crimes against mankind of covering up and destroying knowledge that is critically important to all of mankind. The perpetrators whould be imprisoned for life in my opinion. I find their actions exceedingly sickening. Truly, these people are opposed to God, they are the enemy.

NephilimFree, Youtube 45 Comments [1/8/2009 4:06:59 AM]
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Quote# 55792

If we deny God His rightful place in the affairs of this nation should we expect Him to intervene when we need protection? Just what do you think has kept us safe from terrorist attacks since 9/11? It certainly wasn't the atheists.

Charlie Daniels, Pharyngula 67 Comments [1/7/2009 7:44:50 PM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

Quote# 55627

That guy [Edward Current] deserved to go to hell. Listen, God is so good that he sends bad people (non believers) to hell because those people chose to ignore the thing that put them there in the first place. Think about it: The very reason you exist now is because of god...don't you owe him a favor or two?? You should worship him...you just don't want to because you wish YOU were god...but you just aren't...the truth is, he is our god whether we like it or not.

VitalSigns1, YouTube 51 Comments [1/7/2009 7:44:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Tom S. Fox

Quote# 55519

Presupposing an explanation to be necessary presupposes the falsity of Creationism. Creationism, once postulated, makes the request for this explanation unnecessary. That is the very point and purpose of Creationism: to kill any debate concerning why because "why" presupposes transmutation to be true and Creationism-ID to be false. The Creator wants to kill this debate so mankind can get on with studying the Bible and not animals.


Ray Martinez, Talk Rational! 66 Comments [1/7/2009 6:35:48 PM]
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Quote# 55476

there are religious athiests, but not all athiests are religious. As time goes on ive been seeing more and more religious athiests.

SpartanOstrich15, Youtube 55 Comments [1/7/2009 6:28:18 PM]
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