Quote# 57102

Obama has already said the 21 or 22 he will make it legal to have an abortion any time a woman may want it and up to an including actually giving birth.
The next thing he has said he will do is gay rights, and from what I understand that means marriage between men and men, and woman and woman. This will be nation wide and the states can do nothing about it.
He is going to do this by exective order from what I understand.
If he follows through on these and I think he will, I look for major events to happen in the United States very soon afterwards. Possibly the same day.
They could include earthquakes, in the great range, like high 8's or low 9's and could be even a middle to high nine. We could also expect to see weather related events, record cold nation wide, record snow or rain and floods, also volcanos. First thought Yellestone, but there are other places too. It is my prayer that these events don't happen, but I expect our GOD to let the United States know how he feels about these two so called rights and make a statement loud and clear. Also, HE could hold these events and strike Obama, or his family with sickness, accident or something clearly from GOD.
I know over the past few years when we have pushed Israel into a corner this country has had major events happen within a few days if not the same day. It is my prayer that we don't see any of these events, but my fear is that America will face a great judgement if Obama does these things.
Just my thoughts, but I do feel that we are going to pay a big price if he does these things.

WILLIAMBEASON1842, RR 74 Comments [1/27/2009 10:42:43 PM]
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Quote# 57374

I heard that young men have had the name Obama carved into their scalps! (freaked-out smiley) I don't doubt it for a moment. This shows how easily the lost of this world will take the Mark.

BarbT, RR 50 Comments [1/27/2009 10:41:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Chatvert

Quote# 57391

If you don’t like what your kids are learning in publicly funded schools paid for by those parents who consistently vote to have creation and ID taught along with evolution, start your own God-free, evolution only private atheist school or homeschool. You’re free to do that any time you wish.

Advertise for it and watch the stampede as people flock to your school.

Educate them on your own dime and stop trying to force your views on us because you think that you can justify dictating your views to others, whether they like it or not.

metmom, Free Republic 61 Comments [1/27/2009 10:24:35 PM]
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Quote# 57275

[How can someone that can't speak the Greek Language, translate the Manuscript of the New Testament?]

Can you prove that they are lieing? Maybe its just the word of God speaking through them despite what the greek reads. its all about what God has to say threw them to us.

True Christian Woman, Yahoo Crazies 36 Comments [1/27/2009 6:02:52 PM]
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Submitted By: CaseAgainstFaith

Quote# 57319

Whatever happens next it's time for the believers on this board to defend God's Word at all costs with both guns blazing.

Buzzardhut, RaptureReady 78 Comments [1/27/2009 5:53:09 PM]
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Quote# 56822

[mathematics fail]

let's put it in perspective. "They" say that only 1% is crazy, radical, whatever.

1% of 1 billion muslims is what...100 MILLION "fanatics".

That all? i thought it was serious.

ignorance&apathy, RR 43 Comments [1/27/2009 5:51:22 PM]
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Quote# 57255

(In response to "Evolution is a fact. Natural selection and random mutation are theories to explain the fact of evolution.")

Wrong. Natural selection and mutations are the observable facts. Evolution is as far as we know science fiction.

cptdon, Fark 51 Comments [1/27/2009 5:48:47 PM]
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Submitted By: LordJiro

Quote# 57334

[Thread: First Order from Obama on Tuesday??]

This morning as I was watching the news, I found it "odd" that all the news channels kept saying that immediately after Obama was sworn in on Tuesday, Inauguration day, that his FIRST thing on his agenda for tuesday was the investigation and closing of "Gitmo". Then today, Wednesday, he was going to start on the economy and other things.

Now just call me paranoid or whatever else you want, but:

Then all of our country's issues comes next!!!

Southern Grace, Reliable old RR 53 Comments [1/27/2009 5:39:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Mr Blur

Quote# 57384

People seem spell bound. I have never seen this kind of reaction to a man after a presidential election. People are looking at him as if he is the savior of the world. I have to say I think there is much more in play than a man being elected president.

Movie stars pleading allegiance to Obama, the sheer worship. It reminds me of someone who rose to power in the 30s. I remeber people had to swear a statement of loyalty to him.

revelation2012, Fulfilled Prophecy 42 Comments [1/27/2009 5:37:01 PM]
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Quote# 57377

His Bride: He didn't use a Bible the second time. That speaks volumnes, doesn't it?

Kyrie Eleison: Yes it does. Since he didn't use a Bible on the oath that counts, I think we need to know why a Bible wasn't used or if anything else was used in its place! It isn't right to use a Bible in front of the American people and then not have one behind the scenes.

His Bride and Kyrie Eleison, RR 43 Comments [1/27/2009 5:31:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Chatvert

Quote# 57101

Why should we....nobody gave President Bush a chance
I will for Obama, for that is what the Bible tells me to do.
Why would a christian want to give him a chance. We already know he will push the gay agenda with full force and fight hard for pro choice and the continuation of the murder of babies. His theme is "we are the ones" aka we are our own Gods.
Is this what we want to give a chance?
I guess some people will still hop aboard the Love Train..because it's so
hip and cool.
Hail to the first celebrity in chief.
There is an article on Worldnetdaily saying we should pray for Obama to fail. The more I thought about this the more I think that is correct. If he accomplishes what he says he wants to accomplish, shouldn't we pray that he fails? I am praying that he will do God's will. But Obama's policy stances are not on God's word. So maybe I should start praying he does fail.
Since we have to foot the bill for his security and I don't support the guy, I want mine back. I could care less what happens to BO.

Sari, blueford, otrclassic, RR 50 Comments [1/27/2009 4:30:09 PM]
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Quote# 57065

"We should just take the word of the Christian should we?"

Personally, I don't care if you believe. I know that you hate the very idea of Jesus, which would place you among the ones Paul refers to as possessing a "reprobate mind" in Romans 1:28.

One day you will find out just how wrong you are, and I look forward to being there and witnessing the event when ALL Christ haters will bow down and worship Him.

1TrueDisciple, CARM 35 Comments [1/27/2009 4:26:58 PM]
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Quote# 57146

"the finding of noahs ark in the mountain range of arrarat is so well documented and researched that you would have to be blind and completely dumb not to even wonder why it is there just as scripture says it is.It has had the full weight of scientists and engineers from around the globe giving it the once over.The Turkish people have declared it a national monument and you are invited any time you like to go and see it.The anchor stones alone tell the story of its epic journey as well as scripture."

[Upon being asked to name the scientists he responds with]

ok,Dave,Jerry,peter,samuel,harry.oswald,tim,Barry Peter and james.

[Another poster then explains that he cannot name any scientists to which he responds with]

"hands up,its a fair cop guv

allthough you need to do your own research to prove that the Ark in question is not the ark,the proof that it is the ark has allready been established as i said.If you want to investigate the real scientific evidence used to identify the vessel yourself you are free to do so as the evidence is in the public domain."

supajimson, BBC Religion and Ethics 38 Comments [1/27/2009 4:02:31 PM]
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Submitted By: Gareth1984

Quote# 57052

(When asked if it is reasonable to ask others not to impose their religious beliefs on other people.)

It's not reasonable to ask Christians that. We are called to go out into the world and deliver Christ's message. It is unreasonable to ask us not to do what our God has instructed us to do.

It IS, however, reasonable to ask athiests, buddhists, and others not to preach their beliefs, because their beliefs are not important to the world.

Soldier for Salvation, Yahoo! Answers 50 Comments [1/27/2009 3:44:17 PM]
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Quote# 57220

(known mormon fundie)

2,688 days since 9/11 without a major terrorist attack on US soil. Thanks Mr. President.

Everyone else.... the "war is not the answer" crowd is in power now. Keep your head down, your ammo dry and at least three days food and water on hand at all times.

The Obamacaust is coming...

Kilstryke, worldofwarcraft 35 Comments [1/27/2009 3:42:23 PM]
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Submitted By: worldsend

Quote# 57242

Actually, like I've said a million times before, I adhere to the entire bible. It just so happens that homosexuality comes up more often than any other sin. I don't take lying, murder, cheating, sexual immorality, or anything else any more lightly. But really, how many times do those sins get disputed as "actually being sins" on this board, or anywhere else for that matter?

OMGWTFPIE, Gamefaqs 46 Comments [1/27/2009 3:28:20 PM]
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Submitted By: wackadoodle

Quote# 57183

he jacked up the oath... its a very short oath and he couldnt even say it. Its harder to repeat marriage vows...

He is just a great orator... and so was Hitler, ...

I just cant believe all the worship of this man. They sing songs about him, that is WORSHIP!

How long before they start making statues of him?

MROD, RR 54 Comments [1/27/2009 3:12:32 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Wednesday

Quote# 57389

The difference is that creation science makes predictions that can be confirmed while evolutionists simply make up lots of fudge factors to get the data to appear to fit to their contrived conjectures after the fact.

Ari-Freedom, Free Republic 35 Comments [1/27/2009 3:08:02 PM]
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Quote# 57318

How is it we can be so “wrong” on this board?

I really would like to be right. Let me explain.

I have to admit, even though I don’t want to, that I was rather shocked that the swearing in of Obama went off without a hitch. Why didn’t something happen? Should it have? We as people on this board seem to think and know what should or maybe should be taking place anytime now. Why didn’t Russia decide to make a move on the US? Why didn’t Israel bomb Iran? Why didn’t someone try to take out Obama yesterday? Is Obama the Antichrist? Is Obama really taking this country down the tubes? Etc… On and on in the back of my mind (sometimes in the front as well) I’ve waited and waited for these things to happen, something to actually happen as it came to pass, if not all of them, at least one thing, just one, is that too much to ask?

Cornerstone, RaptureReady 51 Comments [1/27/2009 1:14:25 PM]
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Quote# 57027

[On a thread about FSTDT]

We're the Boogeyman. When I was unsaved, I was afraid to hear anyone read the Bible out loud, I'd put my hands over my ears and run from the room. It made my heart pound, it made me break into a sweat, it scared me, although I would never admit it. Instead I made fun of whoever was reading it, I mocked it, to give myself some control back.
That's all they're doing. By posting us up there, out of context, it's no contest, no rebuttals, they can tear it down and mock it until they feel they're in control again and they've "killed" the Boogeyman, what heroes! They really need to explore WHY they fear hearing the Word of God, but they're not very introspective, they'd be saved by now if they were.
They're immature. They'll either snap out of it and get saved, or still be doing that when they're 80 (except we won't be here that long!)
We do need to pray for them. It's their only hope.

tygerkittn, Rapture Ready 99 Comments [1/27/2009 8:48:28 AM]
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Quote# 57043

As the day draws closer for the swearing in of our new President, this has been weighing heavy on my mind. I know Obama has said he is a Christian, but his actions say something different. He has slipped up and has spoken accidentally about his "muslim faith". He has questionable ties to terrorists. Nobody really knows where he is born. But this is where I'm disturbed. The koran says it is ok to lie to the infidel and they are always at war with us, the infidels. I personally think Obama does have "muslim faith". If this is true, he could have very well have pulled off the biggest hoodwink in USA history and is determined to destroy this country from within. Do I need to put a hat on, or has this thought crossed anyone else's mind?

Stump, RR 42 Comments [1/27/2009 8:33:20 AM]
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Submitted By: cc

Quote# 57331

If the Bible is a bunch of lies than I know it would not have lasted for 4,000 years, and it doesn't look like it will disappear anytime soon. The Word of God stands just like a Tree with deep roots.
I know humans themselves would not make up ridiculous stories like Noah's Ark, The Red Sea parting, The Burning Bush, Daniel and the Lion's Den, miracles, and Jesus' resurrection. They would only write them down if they witnessed those events for themselves. They chose to write it down despite how foolish it would sound, because they knew it to be the Truth.

Christopher Geiser, Ray Comfort's Blog 69 Comments [1/27/2009 8:31:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Winston Jen

Quote# 57397

the bible doesn't say that Noah, living hundreds of years old, brought every species on the ark with him. the bible says that Noah, living hundreds of years old, brought two animals of every 'KIND' on the ark with him. and as to the 'cubit', a cubit is length between elbow to fingertip. the bible says, "there were giants in the earth in those days" and there has been hundreds of giant bones found to reinforce this. so, their cubit was much larger than ours.

the overmind, EvC Forum 35 Comments [1/27/2009 8:29:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Darwin's Bullfrog

Quote# 57258

So the sovereign government says that we must pay an income tax,

When the sovereign government puts a tax on sexual congress between husband and wife, will you pay?

Will you report to the authorities all those in your church who are engaging in sexual congress and not paying the tax?

Or as was asked earlier, when the sovereign government takes away the tax exempt status of churches which preach that sodomy is wrong, will you and your church capitulate, or at that point you will finally revolt against the unjust use of the tax code for immoral purposes?

See you have a socialist/communist mentality about income tax, you think it is within the preview of the state to do whatever it jolly well pleases, because Paul told us to pay the tax, (repeat Romans 13 ad nauseam).

At what point will the tax code become immoral for you? Can the tax code ever be immoral if by your logic we must always kowtow to the sovereign government because of Romans 13?

father Tom N, Sharper Iron 49 Comments [1/27/2009 7:42:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Space Helicopter

Quote# 57134

Really good shows about the glories and mysteries of the universe that God made and then they throw it out the window with athestic or new age world view.They simply won't give God the glory. How much simpler their lives would be if they did. Does Steven Hawking really think he accoplished all he done and overcome on his own? YUP

caligal, RR 34 Comments [1/27/2009 7:41:33 AM]
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