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Now we may all sit back relax, and watch the detruction of the Vermont economy. Governor Douglas’s position is the right one: he knows that allowing rights to perverts, law-breakers who falsify civil law, break criminal law, and disobey God’s law, will destroy the economy of not only his state but also our nation.

Ten years ago the supreme court of Vermont ruled that the state must allow civil unions for perverted residents who want to live in sin before the eyes of God. Five years ago it was predicted that this would lead to perverted marriage in five years and the destruction of America’s economy. Lo and behold, God’s prediction has come to pass.

I lament for what used to be my country. We must return to God’s law: the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence. Our Christian founders, bathed in the holy blood of our Savior, created the potential for a perfect Republic. But perverts and the Democrat party have derailed our Republic and the Republican Party. We must return to God’s Law or become a colony of true Christian nations. It will happen unless we change.

This change includes obeying law. Including God’s law. We need no longer stone perverts, but we cannot allow them to endanger our country.

Reginald Genovese, (((Billy))) the Atheist 44 Comments [11/1/2009 1:32:10 PM]
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Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov has blocked attempts to hold a gay pride march in Moscow and has labeled gays "weapons of mass destruction."

Yuri Luzhkov, Mayor of Moscow, Associated Press 38 Comments [11/1/2009 1:28:58 PM]
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Remember people, on the coming months of September to December, there were 2 volcanoes that would erupt in the US, the name of these volcanoes have something to do with faith. This eruption is a trumpet blast from God. Repent? now people! Avoid pornography, smoking, cursing, fornication, adultery, immorality, occultism etc. Be holy; do not turn to church for salvation, turn to Christ

conceil8, YouTube 42 Comments [11/1/2009 1:25:35 PM]
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shut the fuck up.if we changed to fit our surroundings why do fish,dolphins etc need to go to the surface to get air.if they evolved they would not need to surface for air they would saty underwater always.nd y have we stoped evolving if we started apes nd y have they stoped evolving?and how the fuck can a big explosion creat the earth and then make the core 10000000 degrees.when explosions blow up things.and you cant say we stoped evolving to fit our surrounds because we didnt.its proved once a cell evolves(mutates) the mutation spread over the body a doesnt stop so evvolving does not stop , which the evolutioists say has.

now close this thread fed up wi this shyt GET A SHAG!

shields, Creationism or Evolution - The Great Debate 53 Comments [11/1/2009 1:22:59 PM]
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Hitler a right wing?? I think you lost your marbles....Hitler was a communist dictator that murder over 6 million people....Obama left wing, socialist, communist, thinks its ok to kill babies and soon elderly, I don't see any right wingers doing this.

Sari, Rapture Ready 84 Comments [11/1/2009 9:59:24 AM]
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