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[Responding to a post about atheist communities having the lowest poverty rates/crime rates/being the fastest growing movement/etc.]

Are you a troll?

Atheism has gotten out of control and still is out of control in so many countries.
The Soviet Union comes to mind, China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Vietnam, United Kingdom among others.
And those countries where nationalized atheism is not in control yet are still quite dreary and have a deluded atheist population, like the Netherlands where i am from.
Before you say that i'm indoctrinated by my parents: I'm a former atheist myself.
I see indoctrination and brainwashing going on society wide, mostly coming from TV and youth cultures.

Don't know where you're from, but you come over as an atheist troll who's not interested in seeing other views.
Just open your mind for other possibilities and check out how people in power try to manipulate societies and nations into accepting dystopian totalitarian governments as the answer to every problem.
In the meantime you are deluded into thinking that religions/beliefs are the source of most problems, especially christianity and that the world be better off without these religions/beliefs and their believers.
You have no idea how you are manipulated into rejecting Christ Jesus by all kinds of movements and organizations who also reject Him.
Just look around and do your research: faith in Jesus Christ is the most ridiculed faith there is and the believers in Jesus Christ, a.k.a. christians, are the most persecuted group of believers in world history.
Do whatever you want with this information, but i advise to do the necessary research.

Barachem, Rapture Ready 50 Comments [2/11/2009 4:44:34 AM]
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my son is in 10th grade here in central florida. He told me that they studied all religions fairly quickly, but when the teacher got to the islamic faith, he went over their doctrine line by line and even had the kids quote "there is no god but allah and muhammed is his messenger". He said that if he did not go line by line, he would not get an A. I asked, did you repeat the main statement (the above quote). He said no way!

My husband thought it wouldn't have been a big deal, but I was proud of him and told him so. I also shared with him that he stood his ground and God was pleased and the devil was disappointed!

We really have to prepare our children and teach them how easily the world can get us to cross that line......We must hold our ground!

tres amigos, Rapture Noobcakes 51 Comments [2/11/2009 4:44:32 AM]
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Submitted By: draco_nite

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CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. Let us witness the dismantling of the USA, the dream of every liberal. Beg the Muslims for forgiveness and understanding, elevate gays to martyrs status, fund abortions for everyone at anytime, fund ultraliberal anti-American groups like Acorn, raise taxes, dictate severe restrictions on industry, restrict gun purchases, nationalize banks, increase the out of control national debt to such a degree that sweeping government takeovers of our economy are made, threaten freedom of speech by restricting talk radio. Where does it end? Our main stream media is all cozy with being the official propaganda arm for Obama. who is shredding the constitution now dems?

baddadd47, huffingtonpost 29 Comments [2/11/2009 4:44:23 AM]
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Some things are just that....a theory. Scientific evidence or proving a theory into a fact by repeated experimentation can not be done on subjects like this. Therefore, they will always remain in the realm of ideology and conjecture. Simply, one cannot prove the big bang theory as it violates the first and second laws of thermodynamics. One cannot prove the dwarfs are a separate species either. Evolution states that man came from monkeys, but there are still monkeys around and they have not changed since.
Actually, some people do come from monkeys however....I have seen the results in some folks and how they think, and they may have a point in this one.

Deneh, Homo floresiensis, USA Today 31 Comments [2/11/2009 4:43:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Abe Koster

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We're not like you guys --- we don't need to know every facet of every point.

We just need to show GOD DID IT --- the only concept you guys understand.

AV1611VET, Christian Forums 41 Comments [2/11/2009 4:43:24 AM]
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[Dear Carm.org, when I read your beliefs earlier, I noticed that you do not believe that women should preach. There were several scriptures listed as support, but I have support as well why women can be able to preach. Acts 2:17-18, Accts 10:34, and Galatians 3:20 all give women the right to preach the gospel. Wouldn't you agree? Does anyone else agree with me or not? I have a woman pastor and I have been in the same church since I was approximately 2 years old. Are you saying that I have been under false teaching all of my church-going life? If not false teaching, then what kind of teaching am I under other than the Word of God?]

No, because scripture doesn't contradict itself. Prophesying is not teaching. Actually, several people told me they thought I have the gift of prophesy, God forbid. Prophesy is simply speaking the word of God. Teaching presumes authority over those you teach. And scripture is quite clear that women should have no authority over men.

Carico, CARM 16 Comments [2/11/2009 4:43:21 AM]
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Wow! How to respond to this. This is such a sensitive issue with the hearts of so many women who want to have babies, and your spin on the whole thing is disgraceful! But- since you don't seem to know- the Catholic Church- who are the majority of those who you will see praying outside of abortion clinics- myself included- does not believe in IVF!

We believe that babies should be conceived from the marital union of a husband and wife. Now, since so many of the people out there are using sex as a recreational act, it does happen that many babies are born out of wedlock. We do not believe that these babies should suffer or be killed because their parents did something they shouldn't! If you do not believe abortion is murder, check out the bottom half of my blog. You have to scroll down a bit. http://getalife-itsyourchoice.blogspot.com/

And- again- if parents don't do the correct thing, we do not believe that unwanted fertilized eggs- aka- little humans- should be used for scientific purposes! We are FINE with stem cell research that uses stem cells that are NOT from aborted fetuses or fertilized humans. There is actually fabulous science out there and some cures being found from existing stem cells. No humans need to be destroyed.

And- what to do with all of those embryos out there in frozen storage. That is a problem but again- these little humans should not pay for things their parents did wrong. We keep going down this slippery slope and it is causing all sorts of problems and headaches that we could not have even imagined!

MYLORDANDMYGOD1, usatoday 15 Comments [2/11/2009 4:43:15 AM]
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I fear for my kids....my one hope is that we get raptured soon before they get too old to be indoctrinated by the nannystate against my will.....but then that makes me angry....that my only real way out of this is rapture or death.

mom2four, Rapture Ready 43 Comments [2/11/2009 4:43:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Princess Paradox

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[View Post
Have any animals been observed to change at all since there HAVE been observers?]

Not a one. Evolutionists just look at an animal they've never seen before and imagine that he came from another animal! And that imagining is what they call evidence!

Carico, CARM 23 Comments [2/11/2009 4:42:05 AM]
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[Satanic message when Stairway to Heaven is played backwards]

Interesting thing. Forwards is the right arrow. Reverse is left. Jesus is a the the right hand of Our Father. The devil is suppose to be left handed. Left wing people are radicals, and
it seems that right is right (correct) and those who don't make it to heaven are "left behind"

capitolemiproducer, Youtube 35 Comments [2/11/2009 4:41:30 AM]
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I understand that there is igneous rock all over the place, but this is supposedly created slowly and steadily not abruptly and catastrophically like a volcano erupting.

[The whole thread is a goldmine of creationist stupidity]

Dave Hawkins, TalkRational 8 Comments [2/11/2009 4:41:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Laton

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And someone said about about logic[.] Christianity is just as logical as Evolution.

1. Something undeniably exists.
2. Nothing cannot cause something.
3. Something eternally and necessarily exists.
4. I am neither eternal nor necessary.
5. Whatever is not eternal and necessary needs a cause.
6. Therefore, there is an eternal and necessary cause
of my noneternal and non-necessary existence.
7. But I am a personal, moral and intelligent being.
8. Only an intelligent, personal and moral being can
create an intelligent, personal and moral being.
9. Therefore, a personal, intelligent and moral being must
10. There cannot be more than one such being
exactly the same, creating the same being.
11. Therefore, only one such Being (we call “God”)
exists as the CAUSE of all else that exists

Lord Thomas Drake, Cybernations forum 34 Comments [2/11/2009 4:41:00 AM]
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Masturbation is what I'd like to call, tormenting pleasure. The three second blissful orgasm achieved by masturbation is just as much tormenting as it is pleasurable. Because God never created solo sex. Masturbation often promises the pleasure but can never fulfill your inward void. And the many people that it has imprisoned by its non~threatening lure to satisfy your sexual desires, come to find that the trap is not worth the 3 seconds it took to get it. Trust me, I've been there, and I'd rather have cold, dry sheets than to fondle my self. Two things I've come to know about masturbation is this:

1. It brings shame, and...
2. It is addictive

Most people who have engaged in masturbation know that the culmination of this sexual act ends in shame. I don't have to share with you the thousands of emails of the admittance of this shame because you know all too well since you have experienced it yourself. Curled up in a fetal position, crying, because your bed is even more empty and you're lonelier than you did before you violated yourself...Because God never created sex so that you could gratify yourself. The dictionary defined masturbation as self abuse...the miss use of yourself. The mistreatment, the manipulation, the exploitation of YOU.

Note: The following picture accompanies this article:

Dr. Ty, DaSouth.com 65 Comments [2/11/2009 4:40:48 AM]
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["Scientists have plenty of strong evidence that birds evolved from dinos"
I seriously doubt that any of that evidence would hold up in even our most liberal courts.]

And I have plenty of evidence that yachts evolved from rowboats . . . lol. I mean, it's obvious. Just look at them. They are both "boat" shaped and float on water. It can't be possible that humans saw that a rowboat was a good design and decided to use it to make bigger boats. No, rowboats just grew molecularly into bigger boats. Evolutionists hate it when we we say "if men come from apes, why are there still apes" because they have no logical way to explain it. Gotta love it. What I wonder why it even matters to them. Why are they spending so much time and effort trying to prove something like this? In the end, it doesn't matter anyway.

Lisa in OK, Rapture Ready 25 Comments [2/11/2009 4:40:28 AM]
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How the gay movement intends to capture the next generation

When presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan warned the 1992 Republican National Convention about an ongoing "culture war," he was fairly spat upon by liberals who viewed the speech as hateful agitation.

More than six years later, however, nearly everyone across the political spectrum admits that there is, in fact, an unremitting ideological war underway. And nowhere is that conflict more evident than in the bitter, hand-to-hand combat now going on between those who view homosexuality as unnatural, immoral and unhealthy, and those who seek to overthrow that view.

But the most sought-after trophies of the homosexual movement are not found in corporate boardrooms, state legislatures, or even in Hollywood. The ultimate prizes are the hearts and minds of children. In schools and in public libraries, on television and at the movies, from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., children in this country are being exposed to a constant, concerted propaganda effort that aims to instill a homosexual worldview.

ed vitagliano, american family association 14 Comments [2/11/2009 4:40:06 AM]
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(Muslims complaining that the Wikipedia article on Muhammad has pictures of him)

You have only heard of 2 Muslims right now who have only but kindly asked to remove the pictures. The Muslim Ummah does not care whether wikipedia is censored or not. The Dutch printed a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, that was within itself controversial because of content. but regardless we not only got the company to apologize but also the government. The Pope said derogatory comments and we made him apologize. If this leaks out to the known public, we muslims don't give a rats ass whether your laws permit you to put up these pictures. Eventually we will get them reversed through peaceful or forceful means. I rather you keep yourself on the safe side and not bring up a huge controversy and just remove that damn pics. Your information does not need the use of pictures that depict the prophet in anyway. So do the world a favor and take them off.

CapTa1n_Half, Wikipedia 24 Comments [2/11/2009 4:40:00 AM]
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I do, not to be offencive, but I see people who don't have a real vision of God as blind, deluded. I don't mean to offend Atheists, I see religion as a part of everybody's life, those who don't have it are lacking it and missing a huge part in their life, do you agree?

(after being bombarded with atheists disagreeing with him)
but friends, how can I be the blind one, I see something you do not... by logic that proves you are the blind and deluded ones

Frank, yahoo answers 27 Comments [2/11/2009 4:39:31 AM]
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Cavanagh Altar Breads Help Satanists to Desecrate the Holy Eucharist

Crunchy chewy communion wafers are a Vatican II
era development as is the use of whole wheat flour.


1. Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist.
2. Communion in the Hand.
3. Thicker Crunchier Hosts.
4. Whole Wheat flour.
5. Leavened Bread.
6. Vigil Masses.

1. The proliferation of Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, especially women, make it difficult to keep a watch on the consecrated hosts allowing them to be readily stolen for demonic purposes.

2. Communion in the Hand permits consecrated Hosts to be readily palmed by satanists who desire to use Christ in desecration ceremonies. Others, for whatever reason, throw Christ under pews or otherwise disrespect Him.

3. The Thicker and Crunchier the Hosts the longer they remain useable for unthinkable practices. The crunchy, chewy hosts, commonly manufactured and used today, are slower dissolving and permit longer periods of time for Satanic desecration. This change in the matter and method for making hosts is seen as evidence that there is major corruption at the higher levels of the Church hierarchy.

Father David C. Trosch, Life Enterprises Unlimited 26 Comments [2/11/2009 4:39:19 AM]
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There was possibly a good chance the ark would not have survived if it had not landed on mount Ararat some of the currents would have been horrendous when the land started to split apart under the weight of the water

If the water managed to cut through France and separate them from England then the suction must have been colossal.

So the fact that the ark ended up on the top of a mountain should help us see that the event had the hand of God on it, some one who would know all about the logistics of the situation.

James42, BBC - Christian Topic 25 Comments [2/11/2009 4:00:59 AM]
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Sorry but truth never changes.

Sorry, but viruses don't mate and breed together. So flu vaccines aren't based on transferring genes via copulation as animals and humans breed offspring. so it's not evolution that leads scientists to invent vaccines. It's understanding how viruses react to outside stimuli.

Carico, CARM 22 Comments [2/11/2009 3:57:24 AM]
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imagine if everyone was non liberal

wed probably be as advanced as the year 3000

everyone would work, no slackers

girlymen would not be a word

propogana would not be a word

worthless bastard would not be a word

an autistic mind, http://liberalforum.org 65 Comments [2/11/2009 3:57:00 AM]
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Angry atheists run our planet...how DARE anyone infringe on their authority to provide NO HOPE and NO COMFORT to the dying.

Echoes, Harmony Central 22 Comments [2/11/2009 3:55:59 AM]
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"Mans thoughts are not my thoughts", says God.
This sums it up, and all of the schollars miss it.

We can not use our logic to understand God. God is far greater and more complex than what we call "logic".

The theory of evelution flys counter to the known laws of entropy. Yet they can't see it.
They sware by evelution as being true, but fail to remember it is in fact a "theory".
They are simply more willing to believe a person on television, than a God who has put his words in a book. And he had to put his words in a book, because they kept killing his prophets.

Cognac, RaptureReady 22 Comments [2/11/2009 3:50:52 AM]
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Submitted By: Abe Koster

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[]...It's funny how apes stopped turning into humans at the beginning of recorded history when witnesses came on the scene. Quite a coincidence, don't you think? Or maybe the apes simply got tired of turning into humans so they quit.

Carico, CARM 26 Comments [2/11/2009 3:26:39 AM]
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Quote# 58416

I'm not sure if the TC is joking. But I agree with what he says. I have read much on the nature of the universe. And every thing I learn just strengthend my faith. When you really study how it's all put together, how everything works.... you realize there HAS to be a God. Hell, just the other day on The Universe, they were talking about how like back in the 90's or something, some star went supernova in such a way that it sent out a wave of energy. This energy, had it hit us, would have totally blown our atmosphere off into space in one gust of interstellar wind. But we were just far enough away that it dissipated before reaching us. Now, ask yourself, out of all the stars out, there logically....shouldn't that have happened by now? I see it as God protecting our planet.

Zikten, GameFAQs 34 Comments [2/11/2009 3:09:11 AM]
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