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[On a little boy who was raped by his baby sitter]

Unfortunately for your friend...he must have done something in order for that ordeal to happen. I can't say what could have happened since I don't know the full extent of the events that led up to it.

xxSovietGhost, Gaia 41 Comments [2/11/2009 2:10:50 AM]
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Quote# 58722

I'm glad you asked. Actually New Orleans is a center of wickedness in America. Annually, college kids go there to get drunk, show their breasts in public and raise hell during Mardi Gras.

All Americans know it and wink at this evil, just as we wink at the voodoo black magic the natives do down there. Voodoo is African demon worship. They get drunk or high, spit flamable booze onto a bonfire and try like hell to summon a demon that they foolishly think will then somehow be their slave.

Yeah right.

So we humans might wink at it, but God takes a dimmer view of such crap.

He sent a Hurricane called Katrina to wipe those people and their town, New Sodom, off the map. It did. When we evacuated the devil worshipping, booby floppers to Houston, God sent a SECOND hurricane and wiped out that "safe spot" next.

Apparently, nobody noticed but me.

Iva Biggrudge, Sciam.com 43 Comments [2/11/2009 1:02:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Jeron Limbeek

Quote# 58373

In Norway we have a direct connection between state and the Christian Church. Our King is the High protector of The Church. In the Ten Commandments we are forbidden to have other Gods than God. And we don't share the same god.

With every mosque or temple we build, we violate our own religion. So I'm against everything that refers to other beliefs in the official Norway.

Almond Kreitler, Islam-in-Europe 30 Comments [2/10/2009 11:46:57 PM]
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Quote# 58457

You liberals support this baby-killing barbaric sh*t. How freakin disgusting can you get? These are LIVE babies you support killing. Your POS Muslim POTUS supports killing them while they're being born by stabbing them in the base of their skulls with scissors and then sucking their brains out as they scream in agony. WTF?

Chickie, Liberal Forum 46 Comments [2/10/2009 11:40:06 PM]
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Submitted By: cc

Quote# 58496

Studies have shown that most pedophiles are also homosexuals.

Several shrinks over the past few years have put forth the idea that adult/child sex can be good for children! There have been attempts to make adult/child sex legal so long as the child is willing. Thankfully, such attempts have so far failed.

Pedophiles, along with polygamists and others, have been major backers of homosexual "rights", especially with regards to homosexual "marriage", because virtually all legal experts agree that if homosexuals are granted legal marriage rights then it's only a matter of time before the courts will have to grant the same "rights" to all other "preferences".

Expect a barrage of lawsuits filed by pedophiles, polygamists and others demanding their "rights" when the day arrives that homosexuals are granted marriage "rights".

Online Baptist, False Religions 38 Comments [2/10/2009 10:52:33 PM]
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Submitted By: Yiggoto

Quote# 58479

We can stop using the term Darwinist and Darwinism when the evos stop calling creationism a religion.

metmom, Free Republic 47 Comments [2/10/2009 10:06:46 PM]
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Submitted By: Orlor

Quote# 58354

*Obama's Justice pick supports porn 'rights'*

Oh now isn't this just lovely?
It sure isn't taking ObamaOne long to show his true colors is it? When will the Obamabots wake up? There has got to be some liberal Obamabots out there that care enough for their children not to accidentally view pornography on a library computer! I can't believe that Ogden seriously advocates people being allowed to view porn at the library. Where is the outrage???
Just think of this for a moment. Suppose this becomes legal and people start viewing hardcore porn at the library. John Doe views hard porn on a PC at the library and here comes some kids walking along and stops and stares what he is viewing, or John Doe's history of sex sites are still on PC and a child or teen accesses them. Oh yeah and what about those sex pop-ups?
Surely there has to be some liberals out there that don't want their kids exposed to this. Will any speak out? I bet you anything that a heck of a lot more CONSERVATIVE parents will speak out than the deluded godless liberals.
So, Ogden also supports abortion on demand. I would hate to be in this man's shoes on Judgment Day...or ObamaOne's shoes.
Porn should be outlawed to make or view or sell or buy or etc etc etc

><>KarateMom<><, Slappi, RR 53 Comments [2/10/2009 9:07:13 PM]
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Quote# 58226

Are you kidding? Ever seen a 2-year-old have a temper tantrum? I raised one, and during mealtimes when he'd get mad he would stomp out of the room screaming at me, "I'M JUST NOT GONNA EAT!"
To this day I couldn't figure it out. He wanted his own way so bad he was willing to hurt himself to get it. The only way this argument could sway me at all was if I had mercy and didn't want him to suffer. Otherwise it would be his empty belly growling.

These abortion supporters are doing the same thing, threatening to kill themselves if they don't get what they want. The only person they would be hurting by committing suicide would be themselves. The only way this argument could sway me at all was if I had mercy and didn't want them to suffer.

What's the difference between these women and my 2-year-old? These women are killing babies. It's easy to have mercy on an immature child having a temper tantrum. A little harder to feel sorry for an adult taking advantage of a helpless baby. If they get what they want, they will kill babies. If they don't get what they want, they will still kill babies..and themselves as well.

connusdavance, Livejournal 43 Comments [2/10/2009 7:47:11 PM]
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Quote# 58243

[Fundies mixed with a pop-sci understanding of modern physics]

*edit* as far as walking through walls, I believe the Lord Jesus's glorified body literally oscillates at a very high frequency. A rough comparison could be how visible light (in the electromagnetic spectrum) operates at a lower frequency than x-rays or gamma rays and cannot pass through a solid wall like the other 2 (although I realize radio does, faster doesnt necesarily facilitate this atribute, rather, a the "right" frequency to accomplish this. Its said though that love and happieness constitute higher vibrational states in us, not nearly what im talking about tho with Jesus) Could be wrong but the Lord certainly has made a reallly strange universe and frequency is one of the weirdest (and perhaps most prevalent, as I heard someone mention everything being product of a strings vibration, per se)

Gomenasai, RR 48 Comments [2/10/2009 7:41:12 PM]
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Submitted By: necroforest

Quote# 58558

Pity the normal person knowing an atheist. They are extremely rare in
the USA, 3-9%. Look at the nations with the most atheists then compare
their lifestyle to people in the USA. http://www.adherents.com/largecom/com_atheist.html
Pity any nation plagued with ANY atheists. They are the roaches of
society, wandering in the dark, scurrying away when the light come on.
They invite people to spray them with 'atheisticide', the truth of the
Word of God. Can any good come from them? No. Of course not. Pity the
atheist? No. They made their choice and will sleep in the bed they


Word_Swordsman, Google Groups 52 Comments [2/10/2009 7:29:25 PM]
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Quote# 58293

"In all their polemics, the anti-creationists invariably avoid discussing the actual scientific evidence for macro-evolution. If there were any such evidence, they could easily settle the whole conflict, merely by presenting the evidence! Instead they seem compelled to resort to bombast ridicule, defamation, intimidation, and distortion.

Henry Morris (Father of "Creation Science; founder of the Institute for Creation Research), Wikiquote 38 Comments [2/10/2009 7:26:07 PM]
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Submitted By: J Arcenas

Quote# 58264

I agree that both atheism and theism have elements of faith to them. However, atheism is currently being taught in schools, and therein lies the important difference. Not only is atheism taught in schools, but critical analysis of Darwinian belief is censored systematically. Perhaps instead of teaching atheism or theism in public schools, we could simply teach known, applicable fact, instead of telling children that bacteria morph into buffalos with no base in reality.

danielgolfspar5, YouTube 36 Comments [2/10/2009 7:23:54 PM]
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Submitted By: Orlor

Quote# 58038

Since they where discovered by the civilized world, Turks have never meant anything else than genocides, pillaging, terror and death to us civilized christian peoples. Never have a turk (hun) done anything good. Turks are all rapists and child molesters and muslims on top of that. They are the scum of earth, Hun aliens on holy Christian ground. I say we kill all the turks and give "turkey" back to Grecce and Armenia! And their allies, the Amerikkkan puppets in "bosnia", "kosovo" and Albania must also die. And we must prevent the hun from conquering Germany from the inside!


Zohrab Agathangeghos, Facebook 41 Comments [2/10/2009 6:34:49 PM]
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Quote# 58552

[If you actually read up on history you will find that Einstein was actually a very humble person who knew that he didn't know everything. How do you know he is hell? Did God send you a personal message? How do you know he didn't make it to Heaven because he had it right and you have it wrong?]

Read a biography of Einstein to see that he was working on a paper that explains everything, which he understandably never finished. Anyone who claims to know better than God does has delusions of grandeur. And scientists who reject the bible to claim that they're right and Jesus is wrong, not only have delusions of grandeur, but they look incredibly foolish as well as their changing theories prove.

Carico, CARM 31 Comments [2/10/2009 6:31:14 PM]
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Quote# 58146

"We are building a better life.

Your belief in evolution is absolutely irrelevant to its voracity. You can test it by trying to disbelieve the theory of gravity."

Atheists aren't building anything. There are not enough of the to build anything. They create in their mind the perceptiion that they are doing so, then they believe it.

All based upon a rejection of Jesus Christ.

Guess what. The mathematics and astonomical explainations of the secular world are fashioned to provide an alternative to the truth. The Eath is not moving. Time-lapse star photography proves it.

NephilimFree, Youtube 56 Comments [2/10/2009 3:57:53 PM]
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Quote# 58192

[With regard to the California octuplets.]

"Is anyone else seeing a perfect storm here? Could a young Muslim woman be hired as a brood mare to help populate the planet with more Muslims?"

Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press 49 Comments [2/10/2009 3:52:49 PM]
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Submitted By: Encolpius

Quote# 58489

[Get ready for a facepalm]

were would paganism come from if there was no christianity ?

ajxxcore, youtube 53 Comments [2/10/2009 3:50:04 PM]
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Quote# 58502

Shows such as, "That's so Raven" is about a black girl who can see into the future. The "Proud Family" is about a proud black family. (What about a proud White family?) And there is also "Sister Sister" about two black sisters. All of the characters on these programs are proud blacks and they have plenty of white friends and sometimes white boyfriends.

Other shows that really promote race mixing are "Brace Face" and "Fillmore". There are even shows about witchcraft.

The "Wonderful" World of Disney recently put out a movie called "Mean Girls". It promotes homosexuality, race mixing, bad language, and unChristian behavior for girls (and boys). Of course, the mean girls in the show are the ones against the wonderful lesbians. And the star of the show's first crush is a black boy. No doubt her parents encouraged it. (poor girl to have such un-thoughtful parents)

The children that watch these shows will grow up thinking that it is ok to race mix. Some of them will probably date or marry nonwhites.

Shelby Pendergraft, KKK 84 Comments [2/10/2009 3:49:15 PM]
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Submitted By: Any

Quote# 58288

please remove the pics of prophet muhammed. it is true that we can change the settings of our browser but how can we muslims be in peace when we know that some muslims and even non muslims look at those pictures and study them accidentally or even on purpose when we know that pictures of living things are prohibited in islam? i beg you in the name of all muslims to remove those pictures because its an insult to our prophet ant our religion. please understand our feelings. no one would appreciate someone else insulting their religion. i know in this modern world pictures are common but no matter what religion is the same and we have the right to tell you what its like in islam. as you know there are stuff from non muslim biographies of prophet muhammed too and we feel its a must to remind you that in islam this is an insult. please please think about this

Anonymous Muslim Fundie, Wikipedia 76 Comments [2/10/2009 3:41:46 PM]
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Quote# 58528

[AwakenGeneration.com is the American Family Association's new "youth" site.]

Most "scientists" can not give you a reason why females have a hymen (which is a small covering of tissue in her vagina that causes bleeding upon your first time having intercourse). So given that and the fact that marriage is a covenant let's take a look at what is needed to seal a covenant - the shedding of blood.

So when a man and woman wait for marriage to have sex they take their covenantal vows before God and man then they consumate the marriage by having sex and blood is shed sealing the covenant. (Look at all the Old Testament covenants - look at Christ and His shed blood which began the new covenant - for examples.)

To me, that is truly beautiful! God is in the details! This is the "scientific" reason why women have hymens. Marriage and convenantal sex are not to be taken lightly. God does not take covenants lightly.

Oh young people, please wait! View sex and marriage as it truly is - a covenant between you, your spouse and God. A covenant of holiness. For better, for worse - always!

Anonymous, AwakenGeneration.com, "Why We Should Wait to Have Sex" 74 Comments [2/10/2009 3:40:48 PM]
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Submitted By: GreenEyedLilo

Quote# 58405

[About how Barak Obama fulfills some ancient Islamic prophecy]

A strange story at Forbes magazine sheds light on some uncomfortable correlations between ancient Islamic end-times prophecy and our current President-elect. It is well known that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other Shiites are awaiting the appearance of the twelfth Imam (the Mahdi) who will arrive at the end of the world amid catastrophic war. Apparently a 17th century Shiite Hadith proclaims the following:

According to the tradition, Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”

That is disturbing enough, but what follows, is uncanny and unsettling:

In a curious coincidence Obama’s first and second names–Barack Hussein–mean “the blessing of Hussein” in Arabic and Persian. His family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means “he is with us,” the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition.

The Iranian regime is delighted to see an Obama administration, and the world should be ready for anything to happen between now and 2012.

He Had Mercy, Rapture Ready 37 Comments [2/10/2009 3:11:46 PM]
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Quote# 57934

The Christian God is the only true God in my opinion, so yes, anyone with a differing belief is an atheist in my eyes.

Why stand in between when you can simply step on the right side?

Byron, Yahoo! Answers 45 Comments [2/10/2009 11:11:11 AM]
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Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 58298

Belief can change reality. If you believe God can physically heal your body then He can work and do so, but if you do not believe then you will never be healed. Case in point, walking on water. We know that reality dictates that no one can walk on water unless he defies a few laws of nature, yet we know that Jesus walked on water and Peter did also.

Shephatiah, Carm 62 Comments [2/10/2009 10:54:23 AM]
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Submitted By: Lord Sillynipples

Quote# 58278

[In response to a question whether the reader's religion contradicts science]

Here's an example of contradicting a Scientific fact. Christianity would say the layers of sedimentary rocks with tons of fossils would of happened as a result of the flood. With the scientific point of view it was a result of millions of years of death and suffering therefore making christianity wrong. Scientific facts also say mutations + natual selection makes evolution possible. ( macro evolution ). Christians believe that DNA code barrier + gene depletion + natural selection is how every one is where they are today after god created man.( micro evolution ) Micro evolution is even stated in genesis( first chapter in the bible )
micro evolution:Evolution resulting from a succession of relatively small genetic variations that often cause the formation of new subspecies. macro evolution is scientificly impossible.

Shadow, Yahoo Answers 30 Comments [2/10/2009 10:53:49 AM]
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Submitted By: Valheru

Quote# 58266

Evolution is mathematically impossible because objects do not have computers and objects do not even know how to use computers even if they did have them. Fossils are evidence of the flood. Evolution has never been observed. Grasshoppers change into locusts but they don't change into crickets.

seekmosttoprophesy, YouTube 65 Comments [2/10/2009 10:46:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Orlor