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Quote# 61890

[Assuming this is true... _why_ should anyone else be punished for Adam&Eve's disobedience? Are you prepared to tell a 7 year-old kid suffering from bone cancer that she deserves pain because two people disobeyed and ate from the wrong fruit tree 6,000 years ago? That seems just and sane in your world view? ]

All people have sinned individually as well, meg. You do it with every post you make on this board.

I would tell the kid that she has cancer because of sin, but the good news is she can be saved and have eternal life via Jesus paying her sin debt if she accepts the payment.

However, in your darwinist worldview you have to tell her that death, destruction and corruption like cancer are great, and necessary aspects of 'creation' via darwinism. You have to tell her that she needs to hurry up and die so as to decrease the surplus population and improve the genepool. Then you have to top that off with telling her that when she dies he will turn into complete nothingness and her entire life will have been utterly meaningless, as are the lives of every other human who ever lived.

And you think all that is sane in your worldview

Navaros, IMDB 73 Comments [5/3/2009 2:42:55 PM]
Fundie Index: 82
Submitted By: wautd

Quote# 61877

Truth be told, I think we already grieve for our unsaved loved ones as if they had died because we know where they are going. It is a pain and a worry and a frustration we will probably feel up until the moment of Rapture. They really have no idea how selfish it is to not believe because of the pain it causes us. And really they don't care.

We are not going to Heaven to grieve or be sad or spend anymore time worrying about those left behind. I have no doubt about that at all.....

cocopea9052, RR 45 Comments [5/3/2009 2:42:21 PM]
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Quote# 61921

I was taking a walk with my next door neighbor this morning, passing through the adjacent neighborhood as we always do during our walks. My neighbor and I were having "lady talk", discussing current events, and, walking our dogs in addition. Suddenly, as I stopped to untwist the leash that had gotten caught under my dog's leg, I began to peer around a noticed a rather peculiar sight.....THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD WAS EMPTY!!!!!! And while I turned out to be incorrect, I thought for quite sometime that the rapture could have occurred without us even knowing it!!!! Alas , it was simply a false alarm, as I once again got excited over nothing, though it made me realize just how excited I am to experience it!!!!

KarenWaits4Him, Rapture Ready 103 Comments [5/3/2009 8:54:20 AM]
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Submitted By: Jonathan

Quote# 61854

(Do atheists confront other religions besides Christianity?)

No, not at all in fact, atheist openly sponsor Muslims and their hatred of America; see: liberal.

100knight, rapture ready 88 Comments [5/3/2009 12:17:05 AM]
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Quote# 61918

The following pagan / satanic feast days centered around the "Swine flu pandemic" are:

April 19: Day of Sacrifice to Baal/Moloch (day the outbreak began)

April 24: St. Marks Eve (News of Swine flu breaks in the USA)

April 26 - May 1: Corpus De Baal (body of Baal)

April 30: Beltane. Satanic High Feast of Walpurgis

May 1: May Day Satanic New Year's Day

So if they call level 6 on May 1-5 (Iā€™m betting on the 1st) ā€¦ Know your enemy ...Watch the signs

ElectSake, ThEndTimes 58 Comments [5/2/2009 6:19:37 PM]
Fundie Index: 60

Quote# 61894

I believe strongly that homosexuality is nothing but choice. I cannot be convinced that God would allow a genetic trait to be born into a person, then throw them into hell for it. Alcoholism is fully a choice. You do not crave the alcohol until you have consumed a large quantity of it for quite some time. One drink does not an alcoholic make.

Even if you are predisposed to alcoholism, you must first drink it on more than one occasion! Alcoholism is like drug addiction, or cigarette addiction: It is by choice. So is homosexuality. It is a spirit, no doubt, but hereditary? No way.

Theophilus, ThEndTimes 74 Comments [5/2/2009 6:01:20 PM]
Fundie Index: 45

Quote# 61883

I've already graduated one child from homeschool, and if this Cr*p intensifies on the removal of parental rights, etc, I'm going to give my 12-year old an early GED, pass her and graduate her from home school early.

I've already experienced "parental exclusion" when enrolling my son in early college program. My underage son was invited into the career counselor's office and I was told that I needed my son's PERMISSION to sit in the office.

This infuriates me. I have a feeling if the rapture doesn't happen soon, some of us are going to be begging for His return!

RRuth, RR 79 Comments [5/2/2009 5:57:40 PM]
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Quote# 61885

Matthew Shepard was involved in behavior which Romans 1:32 says made him worthy of death, but that does not in any way justify his murder or the mocking of his family at this time. On the other hand, liberal media and the sexual anarchists have been holding candle light vigils to honor him. It may fairly be asked, What are they honoring? Has the word taken on new meaning? Are they honoring him for being murdered while seeking to commit lewd acts with his assailants? Are they honoring him because he was involved in sexual perversion to such a depth that he was apparently willing to engage in vile acts with two men at the spur of the moment?

No, let me tell you why they are honoring Matthew Shepard. They are honoring him because his death will suit their purposes far more than his life. Beyond that, they are honoring him because they are just like him; and in honoring Matthew Shepard, they are paying homage to themselves, which is something they must do to sear their own consciences and enable them to continue on in a life of rebellion and perversion with the help of America's civil government and a fair number of her churches. I fervently hope Matthew Shepard repented before he perished. I pray God will use his death to change the lives of others and bring them to the cross of Jesus Christ before it is too late for them as well. Christ is the only hope for mankind, the way, the truth, and the life.

Pastor Ralph Ovadal, Pilgrims Covenant Church 82 Comments [5/1/2009 7:30:58 PM]
Fundie Index: 48

Quote# 61882

I have and still scoff at the notion that there is water on Mars. I also think its hilarious that Evolutionists are the ones trying to prove water on other planets 'as if' they need only do that and they can presume Evolution has happened there too.
I had a huge laugh when, desperately trying to hype the public into giving up tax money, Mars rover people suddenly declared Canyons on Mars and then insisted that was a sure sign of huge floods...
....OH DAMN.... woops... they just conceded to the Genesis people back here on Earth lol.
In their moment of greed they didn't realize they were admitting Kent Hovind was right all along lol!

OriginalBigWhite, IMDB 87 Comments [5/1/2009 7:29:20 PM]
Fundie Index: 76
Submitted By: giz80

Quote# 61880

WarrioroftheFather: "I'm thinking about leaving some Bible tracts all around my area.
I wanna put them in people's mail boxes at midnight when no one can see me."

[a poster replies: "Although it's a nice thought, you cannot put tracts into mailboxes because it's against the law. Mailboxes are designated for United States Postal Service Mail & that's it.]

WarrioroftheFather: "Wow... Your going to let Man's law get in the way of God's Salvation for others. [shocked smiley]"

WarrioroftheFather, RR 87 Comments [5/1/2009 6:55:09 PM]
Fundie Index: 51

Quote# 61876

I imagine a scenario where we learn that those who weren't saved weren't "real". What I mean is that I view the world as a kind of tester/simulator. The elect are put into the simulator to develop and test their souls. Those around us that are not saved are part of the simulation. They seem real to us, but in the end they turn out not to be.

Nothing in scripture supports this, but this is how I took the verses about the potter creating vessels for ignoble purposes and some for noble purposes.

ClarionCall, RR 106 Comments [5/1/2009 9:51:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 65

Quote# 61862

(in a thread referencing Obama's leaving war crimes prosecutions open to possibility)

This is very, very disturbing to me. These government officials kept us safe by utilizing unconventional methods of interrogation on enemy combatants. These accusations of "torture" are coming from the fringe left who are rabid in their hatred for the Bush administration. They're not seeking justice; they're seeking revenge. God, give us strength. We're witnessing the demise of America on every level.

BrideOfChrist, Rapture Ready 78 Comments [5/1/2009 9:39:21 AM]
Fundie Index: 37
Submitted By: schism

Quote# 61817


More evidence that vegetables are evil can be found in the Book of Daniel:

"Daniel then said to the guard whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah, 'Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.' So he agreed to this and tested them for ten days.
At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food."
ā€” Daniel 1:11-15 (NIV translation)

On the surface, this passage might look like an endorsement of vegetarianism. But take a closer look. Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were God's chosen representatives during the Babylonian exile. The point of this passage was to show that God would sustain their health because of their servitude to Him, even if their diet would not normally sustain them. They didn't become healthy because of the vegetables they ate, they became healty in spite of their vegetarian diet!

"Okay," I hear the Christians cry, "But those books were in the Old Testament. The ancient dietary laws were done away with when Jesus came along. Surely, vegetables are no longer evil in the New Testament!" Oh no? Take a look at Paul's letter to the Romans:

"One man's faith allows him to eat everything, but another man, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables."
ā€” Romans 14:2 (NIV translation)

Not only are vegetables still looked down upon in the New Testament, they are a sign of weak faith! If that isn't Biblical proof that vegetables are evil, I don't know what is.

Roger M. Wilcox, Vegetable-Free Living 75 Comments [5/1/2009 9:35:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 73
Submitted By: The WWHHAAAAAMM Burglar

Quote# 61874

I was shocked last summer when we were in Wisconsin Dells at a MAJOR indoor water park-filled with toddlers and school-aged kids on a hot summer's day-they played that song "I Kissed a Girl" right out on the outside loudspeakers going loud and clear through the entire outdoor pool area.
I was so upset that I wrote to the hotel resort management and complained...I couldn't help but believe that the catchy tune and beat were deliberately made to be SO attractive to innocent children and teenagers-of COURSE they know what they are doing-this has bothered me so much, that they are targetting our children to accept this as completely normal.

forbygrace, Rapture Ready 76 Comments [5/1/2009 7:29:28 AM]
Fundie Index: 66
Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 61864

That's the point, they want to indoctrinate chilren as young as possible. The government is working on three things right now: hate crimes legislation to prevent Christians from speaking out against homosexuality, trying to abolish a parents right to home school their children, and brainwash them into thinking homosexuality is an acceptible, legitimate lifestyle.

drjoshua, RR 58 Comments [5/1/2009 4:43:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 55
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