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Quote# 63452

[The whole page is just a load of fun; this is just the first two sentences.]

The Bible is not a science book, yet it is scientifically accurate. We are not aware of any scientific evidence that contradicts the Bible.

Clarifying Christianity, Clarifying Christianity 91 Comments [6/23/2009 1:59:43 PM]
Fundie Index: 82

Quote# 63433

As I said, if God put women to work in the trenches & put
Adam in the home with a pink apron on, they'de of been
whining and moaning that they didn't have the cushy
house job and take that over instead.

Either side wouldn't be ok for us and that's becuz it's
put into our nature that we want what the man has.

Nadiine, Christian Forums 71 Comments [6/23/2009 1:58:39 PM]
Fundie Index: 60

Quote# 63431

agreed. lets legalize marijuana so all our pilots, bus drivers, train conductors, homeland security, military personell can all be stoned! id feel REALLY safe then...

prisonersetfree, RR 76 Comments [6/23/2009 1:58:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 22

Quote# 63398

[Excerpt from a booklet explaining how owning slaves is biblically sound]

The abolitionists maintained that slave-owning was inherently immoral under any circumstance. But in this matter, the Christians who owned slaves in the South were on firm scriptural ground. May a Christian own slaves, even when this makes him a part of a larger pagan system which is not fully scriptural, or perhaps not scriptural at all? Provided he owns them in conformity to Christ’s laws for such situations, the Bible is clear that Christians may own slaves.

Steve Wilkins/Douglas Wilson, Southern Slavery As It Was 54 Comments [6/23/2009 1:54:41 PM]
Fundie Index: 47
Submitted By: ausador

Quote# 63390

There is no such thing as overpopulation.
There is, though, overpopulated cities!

Think about it. When you ride an airplane and you look down, do you see the ground full of cities or open areas? The world is not even close to overpopulation. People just like to be where other are and therefore we get overpopulated cities.

To us Christians, the first commandment in the Bible says: "Be fruitful and multiply" (Gen 1:28). God commands us to multiply. He would not have given us a place where He'd think we would not fit.

Enmanuel, Y! answers 80 Comments [6/23/2009 1:53:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 51

Quote# 63430

yea i know... I remember being in school and never wanting to be a "homosexual"... haha! Yea now walking around in a changing room playing football one has to watch so to speak... "duck n' cover"? nowadays?

I'd hate to be in public school now with open homosexuals looking me up and down in 9th grade. I'm sure I'd get hauled in for some kinda "hate" crime...

Neosin, RF 70 Comments [6/22/2009 8:47:49 PM]
Fundie Index: 39

Quote# 63429

In my opinion a woman who has an aborion should be locked up in prison with all other murderers. A prison where there are no men present.
This would assure that she wouldnt get pregnant again and that she would not have another abortion.

AverageWhiteGuy, topix 69 Comments [6/22/2009 8:47:16 PM]
Fundie Index: 63
Submitted By: Carole

Quote# 63432

Of course we know that millions of wasted parents will be responsible enough to keep their "legal" joints away from their kids, right? We all know how much Barney wants to protect children so there should be no problem with a new generation being damaged by his brilliant idea.

Imagine a young mother too stoned to react to a fire in her baby's room. Imagine the type of men she'll expose her children to. But who am I to trample on that woman's constitutional rights. Maybe I should watch the hate speech, eh?

BarbT, RR 90 Comments [6/22/2009 1:28:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 40

Quote# 63423

Let's say you have a family living next door to you. The man is a widower and has a 16 year old daughter, who, let's just say is close to your own daughter if you have one.

Would it be okay if that man, the girl's father, fell into sexual love with his 16 year old daughter, asked to have her emancipated so that he was free to marry her and have children with her? I mean, after all, he always had a desire to have a daughter to marry, he was born that way.

Why isn't that okay? Shouldn't incest be okay too? If everyone wants to fight for it to be okay for a man and a man to hug and kiss and do whatever, why isn't it okay for parents to marry their children? Don't they have rights?

See where I'm going? God made the rules. Homosexuality, incest, beastiality, lying, murdering, cheating, stealing are SINS. They are NOT allowed under any circumstance (and I'm not talking about stumbling, or our natural sinful old flesh, that's not what I'm referring to).

So, why is this so hard to understand? I say this in a curious way and not a hateful way... I just don't get why people fight against their creator and the rules He created.

Joybo218, rapture ready 82 Comments [6/22/2009 1:18:35 PM]
Fundie Index: 77
Submitted By: Carole

Quote# 63393

[On the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act which does not, in any way, protect pedophiles.]

Last opportunity for 'hate crimes' letter campaign
Hundreds of thousands delivered in opposition to 'Pedophile Protection Act'

Hundreds of thousands of letters have been delivered to members of the U.S. Senate in opposition to what critics have dubbed the "Pedophile Protection Act," but with reports that a vote on the issue is imminent, the hours of opportunity to protest the plan are dwindling quickly.

The campaign to defeat the proposal, also known as the "hate crimes" bill, already has generated some 625,000 individual letters sent by Fed Ex to all 100 U.S. senators. The effort, organized by WND columnist Janet Porter, who also heads the Faith2Action Christian ministry, permits activists to send individually addressed letters to all 100 senators over their own "signature" for only $10.95.

Here is what the body of the letter says:

"I am writing to urge you to do all in your power to oppose passage of S.909, also known as 'The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act.'

"Passage of this bill by the U.S. Senate would be reckless and irresponsible not only because of the 'chilling effect' it would have on First Amendment-guaranteed rights to free speech, but also because it would provide, for the first time ever, special legal protections for pedophiles and other sexual offenders.

"This bill would more appropriately be called 'The Pedophile Protection Act.'

"The evidence for this extraordinary statement comes directly from debate in the House, when a simple amendment to exempt pedophiles from the protections offered by the bill were rejected.

"I write to warn you that those who support it, or allow it to become the law of the land without a fight, will be held accountable at election time.

"If there was ever a time for the Senate to stand and fight with a filibuster, that time is now. We are calling for members of the Senate, Republicans and Democrats alike, to stop S. 909.

"Stop 'The Pedophile Protection Act' dead in its tracks – now.

"Please respond to me in writing as to whether you intend to oppose this dangerous bill – including by filibuster if necessary."

Janet Porter, World Net Daily, World Net Daily 50 Comments [6/22/2009 1:04:23 PM]
Fundie Index: 43
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 63392

(in response to news that Hillary Clinton had fell and fractured her elbow)

Maybe God was trying to tell her something?

Breadfish, rapture ready 60 Comments [6/22/2009 7:19:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 45
Submitted By: Carole

Quote# 63386

They will say that the bible is not the infallible word of God, or that some of it is, or that there are errors in the bible or that scientists know more than God does, etc. None of those beliefs can be backed up by scripture so they are false teachings.

peace4ever, Christian Forums 52 Comments [6/22/2009 7:19:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 81
Submitted By: Orlor

Quote# 63391

One of the reasons the liberals are pushing so fast to get legislation thru before people can study and be outraged by it, And there is SO much of it, what we do learn is soon swallowed by the enormity of the next outrage. How many are still talking about pedophiles protected in the hate crimes bill?

They are going this fast for a reason. Persecution may show up hidden in a Bill, or an amendment. When it happens it will be swift.
There is far too much easily obtained evidence in my life to convict me of any crimes of faith.

MrMannn, RR 43 Comments [6/22/2009 6:00:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 37

Quote# 63385

The Bible does not endorse any of those things. Find me the verse where it says, kill all non-believers, own lots of slaves, and on and on. Your perversion of the message of the Bible is a push to get people to fall away from the Bible, it isn't a real account of what the Bible says.

Also, you have proof that there was never a Garden of Eden, world-wide flood, or exodus?

Also, the Bible claims that the world is spherical in nature, not flat. Believers of Christianity in old ages =/= the word of the Bible. They were wrong, in that instance.

How am I basking in ignorance by believing in God? Wouldn't it be ignorant to say that I am absolutely positively wrong beyond a doubt? Maybe I'm not understanding what it means to be ignorant...

Targeros, WoW Offtopic 37 Comments [6/22/2009 6:00:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 29
Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 63387

Because the best athletes in all sports are Christians. They're the best football players, the best hockey players, and the best track and field athletes. Do you remember Evander Holyfield vs Mike Tyson? The muslim tried to win by biting the Christian's ear off. It's in the Bible: "Fight the good fight.", not fight the dirtiest, sleaziest fight. Other faiths don't know how to fight the good fight, and so they never make it to the top. That's why good athletes like to show the cross.

JJ Joseph, Yahoo! Answers 58 Comments [6/22/2009 2:00:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 64

Quote# 63384

The parent of a role-playing gamer or any gamer who is concerned for his spiritual health is well-advised to consider the power of role-playing as a behavior modification tool. If you pretend to be heroic long enough, eventually you can become heroic. The danger of pretending to be an atheist or pretending to be an evil character should be obvious and should be avoided.

Conservapedia, Conservapedia 90 Comments [6/21/2009 1:09:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 61
Submitted By: M.M.

Quote# 63382

I welcome the nuclear attack..............just means I will be starting my eternity in heaven.

sahopper, Rapture Ready 73 Comments [6/21/2009 1:07:39 PM]
Fundie Index: 93
Submitted By: Telamon

Quote# 63374

No "Gay" in "Team"
Football is like the army -- it's a battle field. In war you have to trust the guy that's next to you. Now, if a teammate has different views about what they're attracted to in the showers it's going to affect the team. It'll destroy the oneness.

Men are going to be more comfortable with other heterosexuals. It's like having a woman on the team or having a woman in the shower. How can you keep your mind on the game when you're thinking about running back to the showers? It would have a tremendous effect. It would be safer for the team and the individual if they didn't come out.

When you have a team worth millions and millions of dollars anything that would mess with the oneness must be removed from the team. Homosexuality is a very divisive issue -- it would affect the camaraderie.

It's not a civil rights issue like with racism -- there's no comparison. That's not even apples and oranges, that's like comparing apples to Chevys. Has a homosexual ever been considered 3/5ths of a person? Has a homosexual ever had to sit at the back of the bus? Has a homosexual ever had to use a different bathroom? I can't change being black... but there are a lot of people, especially in our churches, that have changed being gay.

I do think some players will come out sooner or later and everyone is going to be surprised about what the results are going to be. I remember when I was with Dallas and this one girl tried out for the team. She wasn't treated very well, but if you want to come and play for the team you're going to be treated like one of the boys. She only made it one day.

NFL teams are more about winning than anyone wants to admit. I don't care how great the player is, if he's bringing attention to the team he'll be let go. It is the same as players going to a club and shooting it up. They create a distraction to the oneness.

What if a guy went out for the girl's volleyball team? It's just commonsense... but I don't know why they call it commonsense anymore because it's not very common.

Kenneth Hutcherson, Washington Post 75 Comments [6/21/2009 1:01:45 PM]
Fundie Index: 54
Submitted By: jsonitsac

Quote# 63372

I think we should pick up our guns....we are long overdue. [Gays] gave us AIDS and we did nothing. Now they have come for our children....Johnny get your gun!

Morgana, Free Republic 65 Comments [6/21/2009 1:00:31 PM]
Fundie Index: 80
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 63363

We also were flipping through channels and all I heard was him calling Bush a retard, etc...when I immediately told my son to turn it NOW. It is very sad of all the trash we try to protect or kids from...from the embarrassing store fronts at the Mall, to songs telling about "girls kissing girls" to TV. Then, my Junior daughter in college who is majoring in teaching High school English, is taking a mandatory class on Adolescent literature. You would think she'd be reading classics, but two books she is required to read are "Diary of a Teenage Girl" about a 15yr old. girl who keeps a diary about her sexual relationship with her mother's 40+ boyfriend (a Pedophile) and how she likes it...also contains drawings that are graphic showing genitals of the male, etc...drawings of another girl leaning over her touching her breast, etc...! The second book is called,
"Boy Meets Boy", (I believe that is the title)..and you can guess by the title what that book is about!! I think my daughter is beginning to wish she had gone to a private Christian College! So....be AWARE OF THE READING LIST OF YOUR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BECAUSE THESE ARE TWO BOOKS THAT THEIR FUTURE TEACHERS ARE BEING REQUIRED TO READ! My daugher plans to confront her liberal Prof. We'll see how that goe

jar, RR 50 Comments [6/21/2009 12:59:11 PM]
Fundie Index: 37
Submitted By: night

Quote# 63353

This is a recurring argument of atheists/agnostics. You don't have to prove God to be true, God is already proved by your sheer existence, your breathing, your being alive. What keeps you alive? Your heart pumping fresh blood to all parts of your body. What keeps your heart beating? Each day the average heart "beats" (or expands and contracts) 100,000 times and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood. In a 70-year lifetime, an average human heart beats more than 2.5 billion times. It never stops beating until it fails and the result is usually death if it is not restarted quickly. The source of energy for the heart, like all other tissues is ATP or adenosine triphosphate. But keeps this ATP in existence? The food you digest. What makes you digesting food? It is definitely not YOU, since you can't control the process of digestion, you were never taught "how to digest food properly", and still your body does it without further commands. You need no further evidence, but you can go on like this, ask a thousand more question, and will finally come to the same question: what is the Source of Being? You cannot answer that question on an atheist / agnostic prejudice.

On the other hand, God is not proved by theoretical arguments, it is proved by human life experience. Jesus wasn't preaching about the "existence of God", he told us that he brought good news, he healed the sick people, sick in mind or body. He brought love where there was hatred, he brought certainty where there was shakiness. He made miracles, where miracles were needed. With a simple but profound touch, Jesus broke down barriers, challenges customs and laws that alienate, and embodied his convictions about the inclusive meaning of the Reign of God. Moreover Jesus didn't care about proving the existence of God to men, since it is blatantly obvious, he meant to bring the power of God to the people.

Ho'oponopono, twcenter.net 53 Comments [6/21/2009 12:53:37 PM]
Fundie Index: 35
Submitted By: giz80

Quote# 63352

Are prayers sometimes answered with miracles? I had my heart set on a young girl who was 14 years my junior. I never said anything to her because of the age difference and thought I should at least wait until she was 18. I prayerfully waited for 8 years only to be let down when a young man got her pregnant then married her later. At that stage I was about 33 years old

Alan Clarke, Pharyngula 108 Comments [6/21/2009 12:52:08 PM]
Fundie Index: 115
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 63348

Sexual issues with demons are more common than you might think.

pinetree, Ministering Deliverance 62 Comments [6/21/2009 12:50:41 PM]
Fundie Index: 39
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 63334

Women are in the unique and privileged role to be able to love. As Jesus tells us, it's easy to love those who love us, even sinners to that. Real love is the ability to love one's enemies or love people who do not treat us well.

And that's the role that women were assigned. Men have to literally toil in the work place, protect themselves from those who want to devour them. So instead of envying the role of men and competing with them, we are in the wonderful position of loving them at home so they can fulfill their roles and have some comfort at home.

But there is no self-glory in love because love is self-less. So sadly, many women are opting out of wanting to love their husbands to compete with them instead. This has led to:

1) Women wearing men's clothes
2) Women cutting their hair short like a man
3) Gender identity confusion
4) Divorce
5) Career battles between men and women
6) Affairs in the work place
7) Children being raised by day-care workers
8) A divided family instead of a cohesive family where the mother binds everyone together
9) Promiscuity
10) Middle-aged women spending thousands of dollars wanting to look like their teen-age daughters to entice younger men
11) Adultery
12) Not knowing the difference between a husband and wife
13) Not knowing the difference between a mother and fathers' role (when fathers stay at home so the mother can work)
14) Alienation between mothers and children when mothers work
15) Increase in income in 2 income families so they can "keep up with the Jones's" and make it hard for one-income families to stay afloat.
16) Desire not to have children if it interferes with the mother's career
17) Lack of support in neighborhoods of stay-at-home moms
18) Fast food meals that have actually increased obesity in the world rather than decreased it
19) Woman "body-builders" who want to look more like men than women
20) Killing their unborn child if it interferes with a woman's career

And on and on and on. Those are the repercussions for women "opting" not to stay at home and love their husbands rather than compete with them. And all for what? Because "I get to do what I want" just like a 6 year old child says in a tantrum. in fact, "I get to do what I want" is the role model we are teaching our children. But it fits with the popular song of the 70's: "What's Love Got To Do With It? Absolutely Nothin'."

Then people wonder why our children are committing mass murder today.

peace4ever, Christian Forums 60 Comments [6/21/2009 12:48:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 66

Quote# 63325

This is the problem with this kind of discussion. Those that want to justify the liberated woman and "equal rights" point out the relatively few that are abused. They take the exception and want to rebuild the system to repair it.

We who say the system is good, look at it from the perspective of the "perfect world". In the perfect world the biblical family works perfectly. In an abusive home or one parent household the system falls short. The system does not fail, it was just meant for the "God Fearing".

Equal rights in the work place should not be an issue. Women should be home nurturing and men providing. But the world is not perfect and my wife must work and I cannot keep a job. The excuse of working moms in order to provide "more" for the kids is bogus. The kids need mom, not the latest sneaker.

timlamb, Christian Forums 38 Comments [6/21/2009 12:47:49 PM]
Fundie Index: 28
Submitted By: Amanda D.
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