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Quote# 64877

(This quote is from a long discussion on young earth vrs. old earth creationism. Gotta love when fundies fight, it just proves the ridiculous nature of the buy-bull.)

I myself have on very many occasions controlled the weather, controlled flocks of birds, controlled infestations of insects, controlled the earth itself, and overridden the 'laws' of physics. My personal experiences align with what Jesus said in a literal way, therefore I know that Creation must be a living thing able to obey me. That is just one more reason I don't buy the 'science' you are trying to sell. It does not allow for Creation to manifest a will of it's own, which will Jesus attested to and faith activates.

webmaster (WM), www.brojed.org/newboard/BulletinBoard.html 68 Comments [8/15/2009 4:31:23 AM]
Fundie Index: 80
Submitted By: ME

Quote# 64856

Anheuser-Busch may be the most aggressivly pro-homosexual beer company in the world. They not only spend a fortune on advertising in homosexual publications, but they fund so-called “gay pride” events and political organizations that are lobbying to legalize so-called “gay marriages.”

While some people believe Anheuser-Busch is just trying to make an extra buck, others believe their efforts to promote homosexual activities go beyond an appropriate quest for profits — to greed.

Exploiting people by encouraging vile and deadly perversions in a quest for greater profits is immoral. This website is an appeal to Anheuser-Busch to stop. Until they do, we’re asking their customers to tell them they’ve had enough!

Family Policy Network, gaybeer.com 60 Comments [8/15/2009 4:28:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 35

Quote# 64848

[When asked what President Obama and the Joker have in common]

They are both evil beyond reproach, and homicidal maniacs. Before you scratch your head, Hitler didn't kill anybody either.

Nick M, Theology Online 64 Comments [8/15/2009 4:26:09 AM]
Fundie Index: 62
Submitted By: Egbert

Quote# 64838

[The OP wants his fiancee to give up her medical career to homeschool their future children]

Jessica, with all due respect, your focus is on the desires of the wife rather than godliness. Two things. She is to submit to her husband. He is to love her and live with her with understanding. If his convictions dictate that his children be taught at home and hers dictate that she pursues a career then she is blatantly disobeying God and distorting her priorities. If he sees a way to faithfully train their children without compromise and still provide for her to pursue being a doctor then great. But if he leads she must follow. And submission leaves absolutely no room for resentment in the heart of the wife. If she is resentful then she is resentful toward God.

Wannabee, Puritan Board 51 Comments [8/15/2009 4:23:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 99

Quote# 64832

The gay lifestyle is a lonely and isolated one, but not primarily because of discrimination and intolerance. Even in San Francisco, easily the most gay-friendly city of this country, the gay life is not a happy one. Rather, it is a lifestyle of either shallow or short-lived relationships; brief, noncommittal and often violent sexual encounters; sexually transmitted disease; normative promiscuity, and gay vs. gay violence. In the final analysis, the gay life is a short life. Our study of over 7,000 gay and lesbian obituaries, published last year in Omega (4), indicates clearly that gay males are dying on average at age 42 in this country, over 30 years sooner than average married heterosexual males. The same holds for lesbians, who are dying on average at age 44. How can we discriminate against smokers because of the medical risks and not do the same for homosexuality? The last thing we need to do is to encourage a lifestyle that is so self-destructive and dangerous to its participants.

Family Research Institute, Family Research Institute 64 Comments [8/15/2009 4:21:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 51
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 64810

In 1978, a couple of guys searching for fossils and arrowheads stumbled upon a treasure of bones sticking out of a creek bed near Waco, Texas. It was later discovered that what they found was a family of Columbian mammoths, along with camels, saber-toothed tigers, and a variety of animals yet to be uncovered.

For thirty years it's been questioned what brought this variety of animals so close together in one site. Today, paleontologists suggest the herd was in the midst of disaster -- "trapped by flood waters and entombed by a mudslide." They say the placement of the bones show that adults were trying to "juveniles up out of the muck when the wall around them collapsed"; Creationists call this even more evidence for God's Word and the Flood in the days of Noah.

Skeptics have long scoffed at the idea of a worldwide Flood, suggesting it was merely a local one. God's Word, however, is clear, stating that "the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered".

If the Bible is correct about a Flood which covered everything, then evidences like these should be found. This recent discovery is just more proof that Noah's Flood exceeded his"known land," even beyond Waco, Texas.

We can argue many more proofs for a worldwide Flood. Check out our Debate #7 on The Genesis Flood, to see Dr. Hovind engage a preacher-turned-atheist on this very subject. As you watch, you'll find that the evidence for God's Word is compelling

Eric Hovind (?), Creation Science Evangelism 46 Comments [8/15/2009 4:19:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 40

Quote# 64806

If man has been on earth for thousands of years and homosexuality has been with man and animal from the beginning. Wouldnt homosexuals evolve a vegans in? were there ass is. Just one more prove that evolution is a lie. No disrespect to gay people some of you are cool

davidgran1967, Youtube 76 Comments [8/15/2009 4:17:59 AM]
Fundie Index: 80

Quote# 64750

I hate muslims, I really do. Filthy, arrogant, big nosed, pube-bearded, scimitar-waving, alalala screeching monkeys, I hope they all die miserable deaths and rot in hell.

Steve, Moonbattery 84 Comments [8/14/2009 10:42:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 120
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 64831

You, i think, have misunderstood. Being resistant to malaria IS beneficial, however it is NOT a beneficial mutation.

Clouds & Spikes, Bible Database 73 Comments [8/13/2009 8:56:24 PM]
Fundie Index: 85

Quote# 64812

Sodomites don't care if the one they rape is a male homosexual or not... they are out of their minds with lust searching for what they consider to be a virgin, a man with no anal intercourse experience.
The more they can defile and shame, the better they can feel about themselves

IMHO, they need to be quarantined within a place with only themselves to abuse.

bareford101, Free Republic 75 Comments [8/13/2009 8:53:14 PM]
Fundie Index: 89
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 64808

Dr. Kent Hovind is now persecuted because he is repeatedly winning debates against evolutionists. Many of those lost his debates gathered on one purpose to get rid of Dr. Hovind. They filed law suits that have nothing to do with his debates in order to get him out of the scene. Their conspiracy against him was to stop him from all his debates that showed the silliness of their "religion" which they call revolution just in order to have their posts and get paid for it. None have ever prooved him wrong. Even in what he clearly state as his theories are as acceptable as the evolutionary equivilant, if not more. All this just prooves his correctness.

CDP, Fark 62 Comments [8/13/2009 8:51:47 PM]
Fundie Index: 57

Quote# 64786

Hitler was a type of Anti-Christ.

So is Obama IMHO. NOT THE AC....but someone that we can see quite plainly as a man who the blind will follow quite easily. Watching the masses cheer him on and faint and practically bow to him was a shock to me. I saw through him immediately (long before the election) as I know many others did. But Obama's speeches and promises and appeal to the masses is eerily similar to what Hitler enjoyed.

And trust me - Hitler didn't come out with his evil plans from the starting gate. It took years for his 'true' intentions to come forth. As IMHO - we are seeing with Obama.

I think that men like Hitler and Obama are examples of just how easily the masses can and will be swayed by one man. The true evil in their intent comes later - when it is too late and the indoctrination has been fully in place. The AC will come out as a man of peace and the world will embrace him, only to find out his evil intentions years later........when he is in full power and practically unstoppable.

Chicken5516, RaptureReady 50 Comments [8/13/2009 8:48:04 PM]
Fundie Index: 35

Quote# 64700

I agree with Mark Downey 100% and he is correct about what the word of GOD says about the sin, and abomination of race mixing, and interracial marriage. GOD condemns that evil, and anybody doing it, or giving it their approval are also partakers with them in their sins, and abominations. It's not about hating people of another race, it's about what is right, and what GODS commands pertaining to it. Any preacher teaching that it is ok is not a man of GOD, but a false prophet. Every race is to stay to their own kind, for GOD has the kind after kind laws, and you can not justify the evil by crying that it's the human kind though. You do not see Polar bears breeding with black bears unless it is forced upon them. You do not see red birds mating with blue birds. You do not see a rattle snake mating with a copperhead, nor do you see a dove mating with a crow. The human race has different species of humans, like the yellow, red, black, brown, and white, and common sense should tell you that you should stay to your own kind. People might not want to believe it, but it's true, GOD is a segregationist. Why do you think he set boundries for the races? Because he did not want them mixing, and interbreeding, but old satan lied to the people and whispered it's ok, go ahead and do it. It's the same old satanic inspired liberal lie, that if it feels good do it. The only conclusion I have came to on that evil, and that is, those that do it, or promote it must be children of the devil, and doomed to the second death.

Craigushka, RSTDT Comments 67 Comments [8/13/2009 8:44:31 PM]
Fundie Index: 77

Quote# 64690

[Just a small sample from this extremely lulzy proof of god's existence.]
Looking back again to Noah's Ark, God told Noah to make the Ark 300 cubits long and 50 cubits wide. Using Ezekiel's formula to convert cubits to inches, we find 300 cubits times 24 inches per cubit is 7200 inches in length. 50 cubits times 24 inches per cubit equals 1200 cubits in width. To find the area, we multiply the length times the width. 7200 inches in length times 1200 inches in width 8,640,000 square inches. Remember the diameter of the sun was 864,000 miles.

Proof of the Creator, The Firmament 58 Comments [8/13/2009 8:43:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 44
Submitted By: atrasicarius

Quote# 64835

(Squeaky Fromme being released from prison)

They should have fried her 34 years ago. I personally think all liberals should be rounded up and put in concentration camps. We'd have a much better country and wouldn't have stories like this anymore.

Brendan-525730, Newsvine 56 Comments [8/13/2009 4:10:00 PM]
Fundie Index: 63

Quote# 64842

I felt like I was kicked in the stomach when Obama said he was against torture of our enemies.....what does he think babies go through, as they are burned to death by a saline solution, and have their brains scrambled with an instrument until they die? Water boarding doesn't sound like that kind of torture, does it, and certainly doesn't kill like abortion does! And these innocent babies aren't even our enemies!

Daisy, Regular Folks United 49 Comments [8/13/2009 3:43:45 PM]
Fundie Index: 58

Quote# 64813

Gays are one of many anti-Christian (anti-Truth) spearhead.

Look at all the policies of the left - they are all inherently anti-family. The family is the target.

0bama’s “science czar” is his most blatant anti-family and anti-human appointment.

MrB, Free Republic 35 Comments [8/13/2009 2:37:58 PM]
Fundie Index: 37
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain

Quote# 64797

(Waiting4Jesus bought a "Jesus Freak" T-shirt)

Okay, then I went into a McDonald's and that's when it dawned on me just how SUPERB an "evangelizing tool" this t-shirt is, particularly for the faint-of-heart, shy crowd. As I was walking out the door after my meal, some woman sitting in a booth said. "Ooooh, so you're a Jesus Freak, huh?" I grinned broadly and said, "Yes."

Then I guess the Holy Spirit took hold of my tongue because COMPLETELY w/o warning, didn't even KNOW I was gonna say it beforehand, I just said, "Do you know that Jesus is coming back very soon?"

And we struck up a brief conversation. It was brief because I was "preaching to the choir," she said she already KNEW Jesus is coming soon.

I was soooooooo encouraged by this!!! It was just as easy as pie! The t-shirt "speaks" FOR you, so that others will approach YOU instead of YOU approaching them.

For all you shy folks, I urge you to get one!!!!!!!! It's amazing! The time is short and we need to spread the word!! I got mine at Books-a-Million but I am sure there are many places online where you could get one, if interested.

I came home feeling totally exhilarated that I had the guts to tell someone He is coming (instead of just plastering SIGNS everywhere & on my car, LOL). It felt incredibly good, intoxicating even, for speaking out to be THAT EASY & NATURAL.

Waiting4Jesus, RaptureReady 66 Comments [8/13/2009 1:36:41 PM]
Fundie Index: 34

Quote# 64798

(discussing mandatory "end-of-life" care for seniors)

(Originally Posted by RuntheRace:
Thanks. I'll read some more when I get a chance.
From what I read of the bill you posted, it is not sinister. Advanced directive counselling is quite common in many health care organizations and allows you to state what kind of care/how agressive care if and when you cannot speak for yourself. I still plan on reading the section you recommended ReasonandHope to see what other "loopholes" are in there.)

Counseling may be normal in normal situations, but with Obamabots in charge?
I'm betting there will be a LOT of forgeries on the assisted suicide permission sheets.

MrMannn, RaptureReady 44 Comments [8/13/2009 11:50:49 AM]
Fundie Index: 31

Quote# 64757

[Excerpt from a work of fiction "presented to stimulate thought and assist Christian families in homeschooling their children"]

One day while Father was away at work, a knock came at the door of the family's home. Mother opened the door and found a stern man with sharp teeth and a very pointy nose standing on the doorstep.

"May I help you?" Mother asked.
"I am here," snarled the man, "to inspect your home and your children."
Mother was surprised. "Whatever for?" she asked.

"It has been reported," snapped Mr. Pointy Nose, "that you do not institutionalize your children, as is the norm. It has been reported that you spend an abnormal amount of time with your children, and you have been seen laughing with them, and they with you. It has been reported that your teen child is not embarrassed to be seen with you and that she smiles while working in your garden and hanging laundry. I will have to inspect your house and ask you some questions."

Mother invited Mr. Pointy Nose in and offered him a cup of tea. Mr. Pointy Nose pulled a great pile of papers from his briefcase and began asking important questions: "How many television sets do you own, how often do you dine out, why do you have so many books, what do you have against institutions, why do you grow your own food, do your children know who Madonna is, how about Beavis and Butthead?"

Tammy Drennan, Homeschool Christian 89 Comments [8/13/2009 11:25:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 89

Quote# 64734

[Talking about a man who was sent to prison for 25 years, for killing his daughter by praying she'd get better rather than taking her to a hospital]

Its a shame noone believes in God anymore. If people really had faith in Him she would have gotten up and walked away. But in the same way if it is God's will for her to die then it is her time to meet Him in heaven. All you people who don't believe...it is truely a shame that religion has become so looked down upon. This country was founded on it and the reason we are failing is because we are pulling so far away form God that we deserve every bit that is happening to us. Because we are not being good loving servants to the CREATOR OF EVERYTHING. This man did what he believed was right to do and trusted God. It is a shame that there are only a few left of those kind of people.

Yankeefan83, AOL News 71 Comments [8/13/2009 11:23:55 AM]
Fundie Index: 68
Submitted By: Noah ((Mech610))

Quote# 64762

The flood caused the loss of the canopy which once protected life from intense sunlight and gamma and x-rat radiation. The earth's desserts are all only thousands of? years old. We know this from their rate of growth and historical record (ancient literature) which tells us places that were abundant with trees and plantlife in the past are now dessert. The polar caps have tropical plant fossils under thier ice sheets. This has been discovered by scientists.

[You realize that if the atmosphere were? thick enough to block x-rays and gamma radiation, no sunlight would reach Earth at all?]

It? was Ice above the atmosphere.

NephilimFree, YouTube 101 Comments [8/12/2009 6:08:47 AM]
Fundie Index: 57

Quote# 64708

Christians are the best vampire hunters and witch finders. Us Christians (I haven't been inside of a church or prayed in a long time but I was raised as a Christian) pretty much exterminated the vampires and if that ain't virtue I'll kiss your ass AND I'll eat my hat.

Sir Saladin, Taleworlds 87 Comments [8/11/2009 5:07:59 PM]
Fundie Index: 71
Submitted By: Yoshiboy

Quote# 64616

[Thread title: "Jesus went to the dentist with me!"]

I had to have dental work this morning and I was really, really dreading that shot! I was sitting in the waiting room, thinking how nice it will be to get back home and recover from the anesthetic. Well, guess what? I didn't need it! Doc just drilled away and I felt fine! Guess Jesus upped my pain threshold. Thank you, God! You are just super!

Sundial, Rapture Ready 81 Comments [8/11/2009 12:47:03 PM]
Fundie Index: 60
Submitted By: Telamon

Quote# 64598

On January 1st, 1802, Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Danbury Baptist Association, stating that the First Amendment has erected a wall of separation between Church and State, but that the wall is a one-directional wall. It keeps the government from running the Church, but makes sure that Christian principles will always stay in government.

David Barton, America's Godly Heritage 72 Comments [8/11/2009 12:45:44 PM]
Fundie Index: 103
Submitted By: DevilsChaplain
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